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5th 6th East Monthly Update

Our Current Unit:

Who We Are Focus on Colorado Communities

Central Idea: Relationships with different groups, cultures, and individuals form communities Line of Inquiry #1: Identify how political and cultural groups affect the development of a region Line of Inquiry #2: Interactions among people and cultures Line of Inquiry #3: Various individuals and groups influence the way an issue affecting the state is viewed The Prince and the Pauper and resolved We are just buzzing about the students’ success in their production of The Prince and the Pauper. Even as late as the dress rehearsal, we harbored doubts that it would come together. Delightfully, in the magical spirit of theater, the final presentation was spectacular! All of the students worked very hard on this production and it paid off. Theater is such a valuable experience for children. The process fostered a stronger sense of community as it required the entire class to work cooperatively. Additionally, each student grew in attempting various personas and thinking through how to demonstrate different emotions through their voice and body language. The class should be very proud of the hard work that they put into their production. Unit of Inquiry Students are currently working in their Who We Are unit in which they are exploring Colorado communities. For this unit, they are working in their own small communities to research the formation and interaction of different communities in Colorado between the

February 26, 2012

years of 1880 and 1920. Students are looking into the Hispanic communities, African-American communities, Asian-American communities, and the Women Suffragist communities. They have done most of the research for this and are compiling their research into Prezi presentations. Prezi is software that makes very cool multi-media presentations; it is similar to PowerPoint but far, far cooler. Students will share these presentations on Thursday, March 8. Parents are invited and welcome to attend. Reading In this unit, the students have read consistently out of their Colorado textbook. These reading assignments are intended to give the students the opportunity to complete informational reading, practice taking notes, and also practice taking short quizzes. Additionally, students read Nothing Here But Stones, the fictionalized story of an actual group of Russian Jews who immigrated to Colorado. Finally, this week, students will begin reading Little Britches. This is the autobiography of a boy whose family moved to a homestead in the Littleton area in 1908. Exhibition The Exhibition students are nearing completion of their first line of inquiry. They have been exploring global water resources and are writing research papers demonstrating what they have learned. These papers are due on Wednesday. Students will then regroup and begin working on their second line of inquiry in which they will work collaboratively in small groups to research a water related topic and create a visual-multimedia presentation.

Marquee of Coming attractions: Tuesday, February 28 Fieldtrip to the Colorado State Capitol Wednesday, February 29 Exhibition Research paper due Thursday, March 1: Fieldtrip to Boulder for Mackintosh Boulder production of King Arthur Friday, March 2 Fieldtrip to Black American West Museum Thursday, March 8: In-class: Colorado Community PreziFest Presentation and parent open-house. Friday, March 9: End of second trimester and half-day for students Wednesday, March 21: Field trip to International Town Wednesday, April 4: Fieldtrip to Chicano Humanities and Arts Council

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February Newsletter

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