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2nd Grade Weekly Newsletter - March 9th, 2012 Unit of Inquiry Updates Weekly Highlights This week we kicked off our studies with an exploration of the watercycle, looking at the processes of evaporation, transpiration, and precipitation through which water is “recycled” by the earth. We also continued to discuss the importance of stewarding our local and global water resources, while also considering some of our competing commitments (e.g. providing access to water to those living in dryer climates). Mid-week, students explored water issues through their own individual research in books and group video research using YouTube (with strong teacher guidance and monitoring). Through the video research that they conducted, students discovered that over 1 billion people in the world without access to drinking-quality water, and that water-born disease is a harsh reality in the lives of many. Students were glad to learn, however, that there are several organizations working to build wells and on other clean-water projects throughout the world. In support of water advocacy taking place at a more local level, students began writing letters to Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar asking him to help better steward our water resources from the Colorado river. It was a powerful week of learning with our minds and hearts!

Junior Passport Program This week Maya’s parents came in to present on India where they are from and where Maya was born. They wore beautiful traditional clothing to show the class different styles of dress. They also showed photos of native tribes in India to link the conversation to our previous unit on Native Americans. Students were full of questions about who rules India, where it is located, how many people live there, what schools are like, and many more. The Natarajans answered all the questions with their experience from India as well as a vast knowledge base about the country. Maya’s mother, Aparna, cooked a yummy Indian treat for the students to taste with rice and an Indian sauce. They also brought in sugar covered fennel seeds which look like sprinkles and are a popular candy among children in India. Turns out it is also a popular treat among our students! Thanks Aparna and Mohan!

Thanks to Noah and Gabrielle for a fantastic presentation on the Jewish holiday of Purim this week : )

Read All About it.... Green Math: In the green math group this week, we began to explore the concepts in "grouping" which will lead the students to foundational understanding of multiplication and division. Students worked to develop various grouping strategies while looking at the concept in a variety of visual formats. Next week, we will be reviewing as well as our subtraction with borrowing.

problems and figuring out which strategies to use to best solve them. I am also seeing a lot of growth in our ability to show our mathematical thinking on paper and share verbally with the class. Next week we will delve into a unit that will help students develop strategies for learning multiplication facts.

Red math group: This week the Red Math Group synthesized and applied knowledge they have gained in mapping coordinates, measuring length, mass and area, and using data tables and graphing to solving word problems. I am impressed with students efforts and gains in reading through

Date to Remember March 26-30 Spring Break

Mackintosh Boulder 2nd Grade Newsletter  

Mackintosh Boulder 2nd Grade Newsletter