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==== ==== E-Cookbook for Gluten Free Food ==== ====

So your doctor told you that you can't eat gluten anymore? Have any idea what you're going to cook tonight for dinner? Probably not. Let's take a look at what you need to know about your options. A number of websites now exist that contain gluten free recipes and tips. To make homemade bread, more products are required than using wheat but it is still cheaper than store-bought bread which can run between $6 and $9 a loaf. A bread machine is a very helpful addition as can a crock pot. Cross contamination in the kitchen at home becomes a challenge. The easiest method of dealing with the threat is to completely rid the kitchen of gluten containing products. Otherwise, careful steps must be taken to keep gluten products separate from non-gluten products. Peanut butter, usually gluten free, cannot have a knife put in it, spread on wheat bread and then redipped. That can set up a gluten sensitive person for a horrible experience. Pastas have to be cooked in separate pots and separate cooking utensils have to be used with care taken to not get them mixed up. Separate snack shelves have to be maintained to avoid confusion. It is easier for the whole family to adapt especially if they aren't made aware that they are eating gluten free until after a few successful meals. Rice flour is a wonderful breading for foods. Thickening agents for gravies can be any of the alternative flours but usually require more flour to achieve the thickening of wheat flour. Potato starch, however, thickens with just a small amount; usually a heaping teaspoon dissolved in cold water and then added to hot liquid thickens sufficiently and rapidly. Cooking without gluten quickly becomes rewarding. As with any kind of cooking, there will be some triumphs and an occasional flop. Keep trying. In the store, don't be shy, speak up. Ask stores to carry gluten free items and when they do, find the manager and say "thank you". Call companies that are vague on their ingredients and ask specific questions as to the ingredients. Gluten free cooking will quickly become a way of life. It is empowering to personally be able to improve your own health or the health of someone you love.

Frances Somerset writes articles to help people live happily on a gluten free diet. You can read more information and tips about a gluten free diet at her site.

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==== ==== E-Cookbook for Gluten Free Food ==== ====

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