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design PORTFOLIO michael bruny-groth 7086 W. KL. Ave. apt #6, Kalamazoo, MI 49009 269.783.6771

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pport 5 Swiu ll power Typography II, Fall 2010


Excuses is a custom solitaire game created to map my morning routine.

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ABAI 2013 Convention, Minneapolis

In this system for the Association for Behavior Analysis International’s 2013 convention in Minneapolis Minnesota a wooden model was photographed with items representing popular landmarks in the city. Intern I, Fall 2011

Reaction & Response

The Dada movement was a reaction to the horrors of WWI. The Dadaists responded socially and politically. Cultural Context of Graphic Design, Spring 2011

Schreiber Conference

Identity and system for the Alzheimer’s Association’s Great Lakes Chapter’s Schreiber Conference. The conference focuses on caregiving and professional support. Intern II, Spring 2012

National Audubon Society Field Guide Covers

These covers for the Audubon Field Guides reduces the expansive wilderness the books capture to its most intimate level, as intimate as the care taken in creating the guides. Design Applications, Spring 2011

Knight Watch Inc.

In my two year internship with Knight Watch Inc. I rebranded the company, and designed materials including business systems, sales materials, online forms, and vehicle decals. Knight Watch Inc, 2011

KWI Technologies Brand

This brand was developed for a subsidiary of Knight Watch Inc., KWI Technologies. The company develops installs and maintains Integrated building automation systems. Knight Watch Inc, 2010



R3M’s machines come in three different colors, each of which are vibrant and attractive to consumers. The colors, yellow-green, white, and gold symbolize the three R’s in R3M’s tagline, recycle, redeem, and reward respectively.

ecoATM Rebrand

This project is a semester long rebrand of an environmentally sustainable company. Intensive research and a differential study were employed to enhance the sustainable aspects of the company’s brand. Advanced Problems, Fall 2011


CEO Tom Tullie

ento Pkwy 10515 Vista Sorr fornia 92121 San Diego, Cali

p: 650.743.0870

rento Pkwy 10515 Vista Sor 92121 San Diego, CA


February 2, 2011 Tom Tullie ecoATM 10515 Vista Sorrento Parkway San Diego, CA 92121 Dear Tom Tullie: Over the past four months I have studied your company and its brand. I am smitten with your service and the innovation your company brings to eWaste management and the green movement as a whole. I strongly believe in your company and its goals. Because I believe so strongly in ecoATM, I have spent 15 weeks assessing your brand. Firstly, such an amazing machine that provides the invaluable service that the ecoATM offers should be everywhere. ecoATMs should be in every town, city, and state across the nation. An expanding brand needs a strong mission and an equally strong visual identity. The brand I have created promotes a mission that is forever; ending the wasteful life-cycle of consumer electronics forever, making reducing eWaste sustainable, convenient, and rewarding forever, and expanding the enterprise for consumers, manufacturers, and the environment, forever. ecoATM is an incredibly green company. With that being said a company does not to be painted green to communicate that identity. Greenness is essential to the brand, but so is the technological aspect of your company. My brand proposal for your company communicates the company’s sustainable practices through its name R3M. The acronym stands for the three R’s of recycling and the M stands for machine. The tag line of the new brand (recycle: redeem rewards) exclaims that if a consumer use our service, not only will they be recycling but they will also be rewarded for doing so. I believe this message is pivotal to the company’s essence. Its appeal is that everyone benefits. Even if the average consumer is not green-savvy, they understand rewards. The brand communicates the advanced technology ecoATM employs and develops through its forms. The customized typeface I have developed communicates a bold permanent technological force, while the name illustrates the companies sustainable essence and goals.

R3M’s mission is

I deeply respect your company and hope that this brand proposal will enhance your company’s success.



end the wasteful life-cycle of consumer electronics

Michael Bruny-Groth

ento Pkwy 10515 Vista Sorr fornia 92121 San Diego, Cali R3M.COM

p: 650.743.0870 f: 650.821.0447

make reducing eWaste sustainable, convenient, and rewarding expand our enterprise for consumers, manufacturers, and the environment

Publication: 21v1

These two spreads are for a self published class magazine about the first decade of the new millennium. Typography III, Spring 2011

Differential Tuition Interactive Infographic

An informative interactive animation created in Adobe Flash with Actionscript 3.0 to explain differential tuition in the College of Fine Arts at Western Michigan University. Special Topics New Media, Fall 2011


Weighing Desisions, Finding Solutions

Justified was the senior BFA exhibition for graphic design students at Western Michigan University. I created the Initial concept, and was lead exhibition designer, planner, and installation designer. Graduation Presentation, Spring 2012




Intographics merge the information landscapes of infographics with the interactivity of a videogame by placing user controlled avatars into infographics. Senior Projects, Spring 2012

Traditional non-interactive infographics require that the user remain engaged over a long visual distance. I propose completely emerging the user in the information through a new form of interactive infographic, called intographics. Intographics merge the information landscapes of infographics with the interactivity of a videogame by placing user controlled avatars into infographics.

design PORTFOLIO michael bruny-groth 7086 W. KL. Ave. apt #6, Kalamazoo, MI 49009 269.783.6771

Michael Bruny-Groth Graphic Design Portfolio  

Professional graphic design portfolio.