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We can do better. Joseph E. Lowery Blvd

Bankhead MARTA

Average unemployment for 16+ population

31% 52%

Vacant residential structures

Population > 27,000 Impact > $2 billion Average SAT score = 2105

Georgia Institute of Technology

Annual Guests > 1 million Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy

Capacity > 70,000 Cost > $1 billion


Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd

Bethune Elementary School WASHINGTON Georgia World PARK Congress Center Kennedy Middle School

Population > 35,500 Impact > $1.5 billion

Joseph E. Boone Blvd

Average households with an income under $35,000 annually

Northside Dr




Food stamp recipients per square mile


E.R. Carter *Vacant

Ashby MARTA Martin Luther King Dr

1265 = Average SAT score

Washington High School

Vine City MARTA

New Falcons Stadium

Georgia State University

Atlanta University Consortium

The WCA has the potential to draw in faculty, staff, and students from institutes of higher education; community residents and partners; public and private agencies; and funders. In it’s full capacity and programming, the WCA seeks to unite all stakeholders of the Westside into a coherent vision of the area’s future and aid in facilitating a participatory development by leveraging existing assets and resources toward common values and community development goals.

Population > 11,000

WCA Metropolitan Opportunity Map  
WCA Metropolitan Opportunity Map  

Created solely in Powerpoint as a visual aid for a Ford Foundation proposal.