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Why Social  Media  for  BFP  and  Selecta?   •

Currently:   o YouTube-­‐  BFP  TV   § BFPTV  emails,  in  the  last  year,  has  an  opening  rate  of  47.31%!  There  are  about  6900  emails  on  that  list  alone!   • Breakdown  of  last  5  BFP  TV  released  videos:   o 6/24/2016-­‐Cabaret  (vid90)-­‐  488  views  (48%  open  rate)   o 6/29/2016-­‐  MixMasters(vid91)-­‐478  views  (43%  open  rate)   o 7/6/2016-­‐  MegaCopa  (vid93)-­‐390  views  (41%  open  rate)   o 7/11/2016-­‐  Conga  (vid94)-­‐  326  views  (34%  open  rate)   o 7/21/2016-­‐  Bee  Alive  (vid  95)-­‐  265  views  (33%  open  rate)   • Opportunity:  Release  Secret  Selfie   o Kris  Carlsson  doing  selfie  videos  highlighting  products  in  a  fun  and  relatable  way   o Facebook-­‐  Ball  FloraPlant   § BFP-­‐853  likes   • Opportunity  to  improve!   o Promotion-­‐  work  with  ball  seed  cares  to  attract  likes   o Photographs  of  priority  products   o Work  with  growers  to  get  pictures  from  their  facilities   § Dummen  Orange-­‐  1,400  likes   § Ball  Seed  Cares-­‐1,978  likes   § Syngenta  flowers-­‐  92  likes   o Twitter:  Selecta  One   § 653  followers   • Opportunity  to  improve!   o Target  growers,  retailers  and  consumers  on  twitter   o Who  is  Dummen/Syngenta/Ball  Hort  following?  Should  we  follow  them?   o Pictures  of  products,  link  with  Instagram   o Use  effective  hashtags   o Stay  on  trend  with  industry  and  outside  of  industry   § Dummen  Orange-­‐  52  followers   • Engagement:   o Posting  pictures  of  product,  Staff,  very  modern  look   o Post  about  every  other  day(new  Social  media-­‐  only  20  tweets),  use  hashtags,  tags  people/growers/universities   they  have  product  at  


Syngenta flowers-­‐    207  followers   • Engagement:   o Low  posting,  utilizes  retweets,  posts  product  and  stuff   § Ball  Horticultural-­‐  3,864  followers   • Engagement:   o High  posting  of  overall  company  activities   Instagram:  Selecta  One-­‐  created  7/23/2016   § 16  followers  in  2  days   § First  post-­‐  10  likes,  2  comments   § Second  post-­‐  7  likes   § Third  post-­‐  8  likes,  2  comments   § Fourth  post-­‐  13  likes,  1  comment   § Customer  day:  A  grower  said  they  saw  the  vertical  wall  on  Instagram!   • Opportunity  to  improve!   o Follow  growers  from  around  the  nation   o Ask  growers  to  send  us  pictures  of  product  to  highlight  on  Instagram  (linked  with  twitter),  this  is  advertisement  for   the  grower  (big  plus!)  and  advertisement  for  our  product!   o Effective  use  of  hashtags,  people  will  go  onto  Instagram  and  search  hashtags  to  find  product,  get  ideas  and  find   others  who  are  interested  in  similar  things   § #nightskypetunia  has  over  200  posts  pinned  to  that  alone!   § #greenhouse  has  over  671,800  posts   § #garden  has  over  19,676,300  posts   • Dummen  Orange:   o Instagram  engagement:   § Bright  Colors,  Product  and  people,  modern,  using  their  marketing  content  on  Instagram   § Average  about  25  likes  per  post,  good  use  of  hashtags   §


Where can  Social  Media  take  BFP  and  Selecta?   •

Greenhouse Grower  magazine  recently  conducted  a  survey  to  understand  their  use  of  online  media.  Out  of  10,000  that  received  the  survey,  315   responded.  Key  take  aways:   o Growers  have  an  increasing  dependence  for  different  information  sources     o 83%  of  respondents  were  involved  in  purchase  decision   o Respondents  average  age  54  years  old-­‐  “typical  grower”   o Increased  use  of  enewsletters  and  websites,  larger  growers  preferred  digital  media   o 82%  of  respondents  said  they  hunt  online  for  product  information  


ALL growers  reported  watching  video  for  work  in  2015   § 34.6%  watch  video  weekly   § 48.3%  use  social  media  for  work  weekly   • Social  media  for  work  continues  to  increase   o To  maximize  advertising  towards  growers,  companies  need  to  invest  in  a  multi-­‐media  approach  (print  and  website,  but  also  focus  on  video,   enewsletters  and  social  media)   o Digital  media  needs  to  be  a  top  priority  because  the  larger  growers  and  the  next  generation  put  value  in  social  media  and  videos  compared  to   the  average  grower   Social  media  will  continue  to  rise  so  we  should  be  on  the  front  end  of  the  movement  to  build  our  audience.     o Growers  lag  behind,  but  we  can  be  there  beside  them  to  teach  them  how  it  can  benefit  their  business   o Although  today,  growers  don’t  put  a  large  emphasis  on  Social  Media,  we  can  look  at  that  as  an  opportunity  to  grow  this  market     § Work  with  growers  to  promote  their  business  on  our  social  media   § Encourage  them  to  create  a  social  media  platform  for  people  to  see   § Effective  use  of  hashtags   § Provide  retailers  with  content  for  programs  that  growers  can  use  on  their  social  media  as  well   § Use  twitter  to  spread  the  word  fast  to  growers  and  consumers  about  new  and  exciting  products   § Use  Pinterest  to  promote  outdoor  DIY  projects  highlighting  our  products  that  growers  can  use   § Use  Instagram  to  visually  appeal  to  growers  and  consumers  to  show  product  in  garden,  trials,  other  growers,  ect  so  they  can  really   see  our  product,  not  how  it  is  displayed  in  our  catalog   § Use  YouTube  to  explain  products  in  a  relatable  and  fun  way,  people  will  watch  and  keep  watching  if  we  keep  it  consistent     This  is  an  opportunity  to  put  time  into  developing  a  social  media  plan,  executing,  obtain  digital  analytics,  research  the  social  media  market,  and   capitalize  on  acting  early  on  the  social  media  push  in  our  industry  before  Dummen,  Syngenta  flowers  or  Proven  Winners  does!   o




Social media proposal for ball floraplant and selecta one  
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