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Acrostic Poem Musical Awkward Charming Keen Euphoric Needy Zealous Icy Errant Limerick: And Girth There was an ex boyfriend of mine Who thought he could consume wine It occurred to me That his ego could be A bit stronger than his spine Renga: Image/Imagination colors do take hold rampant imagination pretty sight unfold run run with the quick white rabbits leap with the graceful cheetah explore the contours of your able mind see what images it stores swim swim with the feathered ducks snap your bill with platypus Ghazal: Space To Breathe give me space to breathe grab me space to breathe love and space to breathe hate has space to breathe you have space to breathe there's no space to breathe i'll give space to breathe myself space to breathe

Haikus: Beach Sequence Sand jewels and things found in little grains of light brown small shells on the ground Towels/Umbrellas stripes and polka dots go on for miles on the sand color in snapshot Boats a white triangle stand out in front of the blue the ropes they tangle Ocean opal waves against the horizon reaches out splash upon your waist


A collection of my poems.