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Fall 2013

Achieving Community Health Together

Health District News Message from the Board of Directors Since 1947, the Peninsula Health Care District has been committed to its vision that residents of the District enjoy optimal health through education, prevention, and access to needed health care services. Governed by an independently elected, fivemember District Board of Directors, PHCD protects the community’s investment in land, buildings, and equipment as it carries out its role as landlord, real estate manager, and health advocate, leader, and supporter.

improve the quality of life for San Mateo County residents. The following health priorities have shaped PHCD’s Community Health Investment program, and District partnerships and initiatives:

• • • •

Access to basic health care and mental health services

Senior services that promote quality of life and independence while living in the community

Recruitment and training of health care professionals

Childhood obesity and nutrition Reduction of health risks through education and prevention

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We invite you to learn more about our identified health priorities in this newsletter, and how we are making investments today that will ensure quality health care is accessible for future generations of Peninsula residents. To read the full Community Health Needs Assessment, please visit www.plsinfo.org/healthysmc.

PHCD has identified five District health priorities, which have been influenced by San Mateo County’s Community Health Needs Assessment. The Community Health Needs Assessment is designed to serve as a tool for guiding policy and planning efforts, and formulating strategies to


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PHCD Health Priority: Access to Basic Health Care and Mental Health Services

The Peninsula Health Care District is committed to ensuring that District residents have access to basic health care services. PHCD invests in initiatives that address gaps in health services for our residents and does so in partnership with other qualified providers. Two examples are the launching of a new Apple Tree Center for Dental Health and support of the San Mateo County Access and Care Continued on page 2 for Everyone (ACE) program.

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Apple Tree Center for Dental Health The Apple Tree Center for Dental Health is one of PHCD’s new initiatives. At its regularly scheduled board meeting on August 22, the PHCD Board of Directors approved $2 million in funding to launch an Apple Tree Center for Dental Health on District-owned property at 430 N. El Camino Real in San Mateo. According to the 2013 San Mateo County Health Needs Assessment, the prevalence of community members without dental coverage has increased significantly since the 1998 survey, and among those without dental insurance, 34.3 percent report that they or a family member have dental problems which they cannot take care of because of a lack of insurance. The Apple Tree model of care removes barriers to access and will provide basic oral hygiene and dental services to underserved populations in the San Mateo County service area. The model uses mobile outreach units and tele-dentistry to reach the institutionalized frail elderly and disabled. PHCD will lease its building to Apple Tree Dental for 10 years, assist with financing the tenant improvements and purchase of equipment, and provide operating capital for the launch. Continued on page 4

PHCD Health Priority: Senior Services

To meet the needs of an active and aging population, PHCD is moving forward with a new assisted living and memory care community, projected to open in 2016 on Peninsula Health Care District-owned property at 1600 Trousdale Drive, at the corner of Magnolia Avenue. During the initial planning and strategy development phase, PHCD solicited Gerontological Services, Inc. to conduct a market assessment in 10 Peninsula cities. The report found that by 2017, almost 16 percent of the population will be age 65+ and the number of people age 85+ will continue to increase over the next five years, increasing the value and importance of having local facilities and support in place. The new Assisted Living and Memory Care Community will feature:

• A convenient, central location in the heart of the Peninsula • Proximity to shopping, restaurants, physician offices and

• 124 spacious apartments; studio, one-and two-bedroom

floor plan options with kitchenettes

• Accommodating design with nationally acclaimed Livable

Design features

• Choice of restaurant-style dining or fresh-express bistro • Fitness and wellness offerings focused on strength-based

2013 PHCD Community Health Investments

Mills-Peninsula Medical Center

training and lifestyle management

• Lifelong learning classes and social events • Transportation to shopping and appointments • Dawn of a New Day memory care program • Beautiful walkways and patios on multiple floors—even a

rooftop garden

To learn more about the Assisted Living and Memory Care Community, visit www.peninsulahealthcaredistrict.org.

New memory care and assisted living community coming to 1600 Trousdale Drive in 2016.

Care Access $3,782,000 • Primary Childhood Obesity & Nutrition $1,555,000 • Senior Services • Health Education & Prevention $712,500 $85,000 • Health Care Professionals $305,000 •


PHCD Health Priorities: Education & Prevention, Childhood Obesity & Nutrition According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, obesity now affects 17 percent of all children and adolescents in the United States—triple the rate from just one generation ago. Research has shown that school health programs can reduce the prevalence of health risk behaviors among young people and have a positive effect on academic performance. To combat the rising rate of childhood obesity and establish healthy behaviors during childhood, the Peninsula Health Care District established a groundbreaking three-year partnership with four Peninsula school districts in July 2012, allocating $4 million for health and wellness programs in 39 K-8 schools. The 39 K-8 schools in the Burlingame, Hillsborough, Millbrae, San Bruno and San Mateo/Foster City school districts serve 20,000 students, and with current budget constraints there are “many missed opportunities for health education that could impact a child’s health for the rest of his/her life,” according to Danielle Beres, Healthy Schools project manager. The $4 million grant supports school wellness coordinators, nurses, counselors, PE instructors, and a school-based health clinic. In addition to providing access to health care, the Healthy Schools Initiative supports physical education programs and nutritional counseling. Taking into account that the majority of a child’s day is spent in school, the Healthy Schools Initiative is an opportunity to instill good knowledge and habits today that will contribute to healthy habits throughout life. After just one year, examples of the positive impact of this funding include:

• 1,318 students in the Millbrae School District benefitted

• The San Mateo/Foster City School District saw a 60 percent

reduction in suspension and a 90 percent reduction in expulsion rates due to increased counseling services.

• 53 families received referrals for insurance enrollment, vaccination clinics, and counseling services in the Health Clinic established in the San Bruno Park School District.

from PE programs covering skill development and application, good sportsmanship, and healthy choices.

To learn more about the Healthy Schools Initiative, visit www.peninsulahealthcaredistrict.org.

District Board Meetings

Recently Released PHCD Reports

2013 2014

All meetings begin at 5:45 PM December 12—Millbrae City Hall Council Chambers Save the Date! January 23, 2014 Community Partners and 2014 Grant Recipients February 27 March 27 April 24 For meeting locations and additional information, please visit www.peninsulahealthcaredistrict.org.

The Peninsula Health Care District encourages all residents to read three recently released reports, now available on the District’s website: the Peninsula Health Care District Long Term Financial Policy Review, the San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury Report, and the Board’s Response to the Grand Jury. These reports define the District, detail what it does and how it is funded, and describes the broad range of programs supported by the District to improve the health of our community. To learn more please visit www.peninsulahealthcaredistrict.org.


1600 Trousdale Drive, Suite 1210, Burlingame, CA 94010

telephone (650) 697-6900







email info@peninsulahealthcaredistrict.org

Board Of Directors Daniel J. Ullyot, M.D. Chairman Rick Navarro, M.D. Vice Chair

Presorted U.S. Postage PAID Permit 222 San Jose, CA

visit www.peninsulahealthcaredistrict.org

Vision That all residents of the District enjoy optimal health through education, prevention, and access to needed health care services.


Helen C. Galligan, R.N. Secretary

Leadership, public education, personal responsibility, inclusion, stewardship and transparency.

Lawrence W. Cappel, Ph.D. Treasurer


Joseph Goethals, Esq. Director Chief Executive Officer Cheryl A. Fama, MPA, BSN

To ensure Mills-Peninsula Medical Center provides needed core services, to support programs that share our vision, and to do so in collaboration with other providers and qualified members of our community.

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ACE Program The ACE Program is one of the many examples of PHCD partnering with the County Health System. ACE is San Mateo County’s solution for providing comprehensive and coordinated health care coverage to its indigent residents. Funded through a combination of federal and county dollars, ACE provides a set of health benefits for more than 24,800 uninsured adult residents, age 19 and older, and provides comprehensive services including: doctor visits, medical supplies, health education, prescription drugs, hospital services, vision services, physical and speech therapies, and emergency services.

to cover all health care services for more than 900 District residents. Funding was contingent upon meeting specific, mutually agreed upon performance benchmarks. In March 2013, Dr. Susan Ehrlich, CEO of San Mateo Medical Center, provided the PHCD Board with a mid-year progress report. She stated that all of the performance goals were not only met, but exceeded. The Board looks forward to Dr. Erhlich’s next progress report in spring 2014.

In July 2012, the PHCD Board approved a special two-year $4.6 million funding initiative with the County Health System

To learn more about the Apple Tree Center for Dental Health, please visit www.peninsulahealthcaredistrict.org.


To learn more about the ACE program, please visit www.smcchi.org/individual-adults/ace-program.

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Health District News Fall 2013  

Peninsula Health Care District's quarterly newsletter.

Health District News Fall 2013  

Peninsula Health Care District's quarterly newsletter.