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FESTIVAL Of Respect Celebration Booklet

Broken Hill Domestic Violence Committee

2013 – 2014

“Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision with action can change the world.� - Nelson Mandela


Festival of Respect Celebration Booklet Editors: Tracey Willow & Jen Mitchell Festival of Respect Photos: Meg Kelly, Eliza Hull, Donna Kennedy, Jen Mitchell, Heidi Hendry & the BDT Design & Production: Josh Cowdrey, General Manager, Mackenzie Business Centre Published by Far West Community Legal Centre Inc. Contact 08 8088 2020 / / Copyright 2014 Far West Community Legal Centre Inc. All rights reserved.

The Festival of Respect acknowledges the Elders and Aboriginal Nations, who are the traditional owners of this land, and all of the other Nations who have worked, lived and contributed to our culture in Far West NSW.

The Power of Conversation & Collaboration in a Rural Community Can you imagine a small rural and remote community organising a community inspired festival that showcased sixteen separate and different social justice events over a five month period? The Far West NSW did just that with creativity, passion and the good will of individuals and organisations from Broken Hill, Wilcannia, and Menindee. The Festival of Respect aimed to inspire and empower our communities, promote messages of respect, kindness, pride, inclusion, safety and hope for all, and record positive stories and conversations through photography and social media.

The photos and messages and wishes come from real people and 4-legged friends. We encourage other rural and remote and regional communities to bring to life a Festival of Respect in your community. This is a grass-roots strategy that invites and encourages communities to share their skills, talents and resources. This is our story.

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What are the Letters of Respect? These are people’s wishes and messages for people they know or for the community as a whole. They are messages about respect,safety, hope, love, kindness and happiness. Who can fill in a postcard? Anyone – please ask your friends, family members, co-workers, neighbours to share a message or a wish. What will happen to my postcard? They will become part of an exhibition at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery in February 2014. They may also be selected for the Letters of Respect Booklet – to be launched 29 March 2013

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Post boxes are located · Pepe’s Milk Bar, Patton Street · Miani’s Deli, McCulloch Street · Red Robin Deli, Gypsum Street · Far West Community Legal Centre, Town Square · Transaction Centre in Menindee · All Festival events

of Respect

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Drop your complete Respect d Letter into one of of these locations

Pepe’s milk Bar in Patton Miani’s Deli St Red Robin in McCulloch St Deli Far West Communi in Gypsum St ty Legal Centre in the Town Office Square Or you can




post it to:

PO Box Broken Hill, 399 NSW For more


informatio n please call (08) 8088 2020





Warra-Warra Legal Service

Broken Hill Domestic Violence Committee

The message goes out to other survivors. I would like to share the message of hope. My story is similar to everyone’s. I escaped domestic violence and have changed my life dramatically. If I can do it, anyone can. I am now in a loving one and have peaceful daughters. And my life is amazing. After leaving hell in a putrid relationship I was in, I am now in a loving one and have peaceful daughters. And my life is amazing. Every woman should be shown respect, happiness and love but if someone is still abusing you, it is not love. Please get out now!

Letters of Respect

Lani Brennan xxx


I respect my son who went to Canada. I love him and miss him, but envy his drive and enthusiasm for life. Mum xx

Reclaim the Nigh t March & Rally 25 October 2013

Life is for living. Life needs light to grow, so don’t hide in the dark You are worthy of being seen in your fullness, so move out and grow into what you want to be. In all that may be.

Pink Breakfast 31 October 2013

Dear Mum... I love you and you need to know I have always appreciated everything you do for me. I think of you daily and I hope we talk soon. Love Jaymie

Paws in the Park 24 November 2013

Dear Broken Hill, Be kind to your 4-legged mates after all they give us... it’s an easy ask.

White Ribbon Day Broken Hill & Wilcannia 25 November 2013

Respect each other. love makes the world go round To Anger and Destruction say


To Respect and Love say






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Photography, Andrew Gosling

Paint the Town Red for World AIDS Day 30 November 2013

Courage Heart Spirit xxx

International Day of Persons with Disabilities 3 December 2013

I want happiness... + Kindness + Respect + Love Cos shouldn’t we all!

Give the Gift of Kindness Day 5 December 2013

Livia Lee My ‘Precious Baby Girl’ It has always just been the two of us, and I can’t remember life without you You saved me, you gave me life I promise to always love you I promise to always care I promise to always protect you I promise to help you grow I promise to help you learn I hope you always love me as I will you Mummy Kelli xx

Broken Hill Christmas Pageant 7 December 2013

Hi there... To appreciate each other with the respect and honour that we personally would expect. Merry Christmas

Human Righ ts Day 10 December 2013

Anniversar y of A pology to the Stolen Generations 13 February 2014

I’m proud to be who I am as an Aboriginal woman I’m proud to speak up for my rights I’m proud to acknowledge my culture & represent my people.

Healing Our People With Empowerment

One Billion Women Rising 14 February 2014

I wish you could have realised how your brick wall and closed heart impacted on me. I am strong now and you are but a distant and fading memory‌.

World Social Justice Day “The Power of Conversation” 20 February 2014

Be kind to one another + pay it forward!

Drive the Rainbow GLB T I Tour 22 February 2014

People shouldn’t judge others on who they fall in love with Because one day it could be them being the one who is judged Respect other people’s choices!

International Women’s Day Brunch 8 March 2014

To the lovely women and men in the community of Broken Hill Who have the strength, power and drive to stand up for domestic violence and human rights You have shown us the love and passion you all have in making the people in your community and all around, feel safe and not afraid to speak up You are all so friendly and kind You give me hope for a safer and happier life!

We acknowledge all of our communities in the Far West NSW that have provided financial and inkind support to the Festival of Respect. We sincerely thank: Special Recognition: 2BH/HILL FM (Sponsor) Broken Hill Art Exchange Cr. Darriea Turley Dionne Devlin Far West Community Legal Centre Far West Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service Far West Cooperative Legal Service Delivery Program Jen Mitchell & Michelle Hasking ‘our engaged couple’ Josh Cowdrey, General Manager, Mackenzie Business Centre Lynne Dalrymple Prue Sulicich Warra Warra Legal Centre Contributors: ACON Amelia Yarwood, Menindee Central School Ben Crompton & Ruth Haywood, knowmore Legal Service Brad Scanlan, Steve Dohnt, Mick Stoltenberg & Tanya Lindfield, Barrier Local Command Broken Hill Domestic Violence Committee Broken Hill Local Court Broken Hill Pet Rescue Inc. & Farmer Dave Broken Hill, Wilcannia & Menindee Communities Drive the Rainbow Tour Drivers & Car Loaners

Karen Nash, Department of Family and Community Services I Ageing Disability & Home Care Kerri Baker & the Broken Hill Breast Cancer Support Group Lifeline Broken Hill Maari Ma Medicare Local Mission Australia St. Johns First Aid Volunteers Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Tanya Clifton, Jo Lenton, Jane Davies & Local Health District YMCA YMen Speakers & Performers: Anthony Hayward Broken Hill Art Exchange Broken Hill Community Voices Lani Brennan Synitta Adams Georgie Blore Kate Osman Media: ABC Broken Hill BDT For Real Magazine SBS Southern Cross Australia

Businesses: Broken Hill City Council Fabric Closet Lifeline Broken Hill Op Shop Jason King & Bells Milk Bar John Wren, Silver City Cinema Miani’s Deli Mrs. Elliott Catering Outback Pharmacy Paul & Kay Lewis, Browsers Pepe’s Milk Bar Red Robin Deli Robert Moroney & Top End Meats St Vincent de Paul Op Shop Thom, Dick & Harry Transaction Centre, Menindee Traci-Lee Powles & Duke of Cornwell Turley’s Trucks Hotels: Alma Hotel Black Lion Inn The Junction Hotel The Palace Hotel Tydvil Hotel

Stand proud, to love + be loved, never give up!

Festival Of Respect Celebration Booklet 2013 - 2014  

A booklet celebrating the life and colour of the Festival Of Respect events held throughout 2013 and 2014.