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Newsletter No. 4 | Friday 24th February 2012 Dear Parents The report of the Federal Government’s review into school funding was released last Monday 20th February. The Gonski Report, named after the head of the review team, essentially states that Australian Governments are not spending enough on education – especially on the students who are disadvantaged by socio economic circumstances, disability, or ethnicity. The report recommends that around an additional $5 billion needs to be spent. Like many other reports commissioned by government, it makes what appears to be sound recommendations. For example, it suggests that a base figure of funding should be established for funding of schools across all sectors. This is referred to as the National School Resource Standard (NSRS). The level of funding provided to private schools would continue to be based on a measure of what parents in each school are determined to be able to contribute. This will be on a new measure replacing the current SES model. Just how the capacity of parents to contribute to the cost of education in private schools is to be calculated is of concern. The report recommends that additional funds be committed to those students who are identified as being more disadvantaged. It is of particular note that the Report recommends that students with disabilities get the full amount of the NSRS regardless of the type of school in which they are enrolled. This would see a significant increase in the money available at MCC to assist students with disabilities. On initial reading the report seems to make a number of very sound recommendations. There is no doubt that government in Australia need to spend a much higher percentage of their budgets on education. The Gonski Report supports this conclusion. Unfortunately many very good, well intentioned reports commissioned by government end up having few if any, of their recommendations implemented. The real outcome of the Gonski review will lie in what the Federal Government decides to do with it. Now is an excellent time to be writing to your local member, senators, and anyone else you know in political office, and telling them that more money needs to be spent on education in this country – but not by taking money away from low fee private schools like MCC to give it to state schools. This debate will heat up as the next Federal Election draws nearer. Mackay, just like many similar communities around the country, has great schools. Great State schools, great Catholic schools, and great Independent schools. Students in all of our schools deserve the very best that governments can give them. While we are always grateful for the funding support we receive from government, at MCC we acknowledge that our trust is in God. He has never let us down, and He is not about to start now. Yours in Christ

Pastor Dr Craig Murison PRINCIPAL

What a glorious day God provided for our Swimming Carnival last Friday. Beautiful sunshine with just a hint of chill in the breeze – perfect conditions for House Families to challenge one another in the pool. It was also great to see the House Families dress up in their House Family colours and add this splash of colour to a very competitive day. Final Results: Young = 526 Averill = 451

Dennis = 490 Evans = 420

CONGRATULATIONS YOUNG!!!! Young is hot to go, H-O-T-T-O-G-O!

smartphone use – it is not ‘personal and private’ until your child turns 18! Children really do appreciate parental guidance and wisdom – we are not their friends but their loving mentors and guides. Friendship comes later when our children are mature adults and see the world with greater understanding. If your child is accessing social networking sites and then telling you they feel attacked or bullied, then it is your responsibility to take action either by contacting the parents of the bully or by contacting the Police. MCC does not get involved with off-site interactions unless they spill over onto the College campus. Any network access at MCC is supervised and filtered. Students accessing ‘illegal’ sites while using the MCC network are breaching their Computer Network User Agreement and will have their computer privilege removed for a period of time.

CLEAR Technology @ MCC is when you

In the last College Newsletter, I wrote about bullying. The reality is that we will never eliminate bullying while human selfishness exists. What we can do is investigate allegations of bullying, and when found to be true, give appropriate consequences that will help train our children to think before acting next time. It is important that students tell someone if they feel they are being bullied – it serves little purpose when a parent tells me that their child has been bullied for the past three years and the College has done nothing. My first question will be, ‘When was the bullying first reported to the College?’ Until a situation is reported and investigated, the College can take no action against individual students. Another way to assist students to deal with bullying is to provide strategies that will grow resilience. An excellent book is ‘Bully Blocking’ by Evelyn M. Field. In this very readable book, many suggestions are made for helping students to resist bullies and become more resilient to bullying behaviour. As our children mature and grow in self confidence, they will become more adept at responding appropriately to potential bullying situations. It’s helpful to listen to your child’s stories, not become over-reactive, and suggest ways they may respond next time. I have found role-playing works very well, so that children are not ‘caught off guard’.

MCC has a values based technology program called CLEAR Technology @MCC. It is not the technology itself that can harm our children, but the heart attitude with which the technology is used. Parents should supervise their children’s computer and

C – Care for your computer L – Leave a lovely digital footprint E – Enjoy the e-adventure with excellence A – Always avoid danger R – Reliable resources rule!

At MCC, we highly value the Word of God found in the Christian Bible. God’s Word gives guidance in all situations and reveals the ultimate plan of God – to redeem us back to a close relationship with Him. You may not know God very well today, but He is waiting to meet you with an open heart and loving arms. Every student in Year 6-12 was given a Biblical Timeline card today (Friday). This year, we are continuing to focus on the overall structure and timeline of the Bible from Genesis through to Revelation. There is a timeline in the Student Diary which highlights some of the main events of the Old Testament, while the Biblical Timeline card lists the books of the Bible. From start to finish, it is a fascinating story of God’s consistent love for people. We can all be a part of this great love story – and we can start by talking with God. He knows us better than anyone. After all – He created each one of us! May you and your family be richly blessed. Mrs Lesley Tunnah Deputy Principal

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a two day workshop looking at what is important in today’s classrooms. Over the past few months I have had many quality professional discussions around the value and validity of having fun in the classroom - this actually provides a wonderful context for learning and student retention rates of new knowledge is increased. There are many wonderful experts in the field of learning today and Tony Ryan is one. I have heard this inspirational educator speak several times and his most endearing factor is his belief that he is and always will be a learner. Below I have summarised some of Tony’s underpinning beliefs about learning - values we understand can change learning outcomes for all. 1. The Law Of Purpose Clarify the purpose for the learning. Why are we doing this? Where are we going with this learning? 2. The Law Of Ownership To learn effectively, the learner must own (at least part of) the process. How have we been involved in the initial construction of this learning process? How will we monitor our own performance during and after the learning experience? 3. The Law Of Association Effective learning occurs when the learner makes connections with what he/she already knows. 4. The Law Of Relevance The learning must have meaning within the learner’s own life. Will it be relevant to what we do each day? How will we put it into practice? 5. The Law Of Memory To remember what we learn is patently an obvious factor. Watch for what is called primacy (the first thing you hear), and recency (the last thing you hear). How do we commit what we’ve learnt to our memory? How do we best access it later when we need it? 6. The Law Of Modalities Each learner has his/her preferred modes of learning. Some learners are more auditory than others, some are kinaesthetic, some prefer text, others would rather talk about it. What’s our most effective mode? 7. The Law Of Motivation Internal motivators are more powerful than external motivators for most adult learners. What inspires us to succeed? What do we most want to learn in our life? Or at least, what do we most want to learn here in this session today? 8. The Law Of Interaction Learners must be immersed in the task; they have to engage with the experience. This can include direct practice; team dynamics; competitive roleplays; movement; visual reinforcement; ongoing professional dialogue. How do we each like to best interact? 9. The Law of Thinking Critical and creative thinking are equally important, as are the questions and connections we develop as a result of our thinking. Synthesizing what we learn leads to depth of understanding. How really do

we think? What do we think about during the learning? How does that help our learning? 10. The Law Of Repetition Remember the 10,000 hour rule (it takes that many hours to become an expert in most things!). For learning to become embedded, it must be practised over and over, in a variety of contexts. How prepared are we each to practise? What strategies help us to persevere with the repetitions? 11. The Law Of Narrative When the presenter tells a story, it creates a context for the learning. And an entertaining (and even emotional) one at that, if we’re lucky. Stories create stronger brain maps. How much more effective is our own learning if we get to hear contextual stories? What are our favourite stories, and why? 12. The Law Of Challenge Think Goldilocks. Not too cold, not too hot. If the learning is too easy, then it’s boring. If it’s too complex for the learner, then he/she won’t relate to it. Do we learn more effectively with low or high challenge? How open are we to extreme intellectual provocation? Where are the very limits with our own Challenge Zone? ( These values and beliefs are pivotal to bringing learning to life for our students. I look forward to ongoing growth in our College as we implement Tony’s Laws of Learning. Visit Tony Ryan’s website for more information Junior School: The Reading Room is nearly up and running. Mrs Sharryn Westbrook in collaboration with Mrs Robyn Hopper has done a marvellous job pulling this great resource room together. Mrs Westbrook is now beginning to develop schedules and timetables that will assist teachers as they plan and implement lessons. Diagnostic Assessment in Literacy and Numeracy is well underway and the teachers are deep into their units of work - the most exciting part of the term. Middle School: Some very exciting times are coming up for our Year 9 students with their camp next week. Camps are a great opportunity not only for personal challenge and growth, but also for the development of strong and long term friendships. Thanks to Mr Tunnah and his team for the huge amount of work that goes into preparation for such an event. Senior School: A reminder about the upcoming Information Evening for parents of Senior students on Tuesday March 6th at 6:30pm in the Faith Centre. We will discuss predominantly the QCS (Queensland Core Skills) test, but will touch on the QCE and the Senior years in general – so parents of any Senior year level (Year 10-12) students are welcome. Please remember to encourage your child to refer to the student diary for valuable information on study skills and assignment writing. Thank you again as we partner together to develop life long learners. Mrs Robyn Hair Head of Teaching & Learning

In Week 3, 84 Year 12 students ventured to Action Challenge for a 4 day leadership camp. Under clear skies, students undertook various adventurous activities including low and high rope courses, flying fox, giant swing, the famous ‘Leap of Faith’ and an extreme bushwalk. There were also plenty of laughs as the students strutted their stuff at the annual MCC Year 12 Oscars Night in the Bush. I would like to thank the Year 12 cohort for their excellent participation, attitude and trust in each other during the week. They are a fantastic group of students and have certainly begun the year in great fashion. One particular highlight of camp for me was seeing students encouraging each other when faced with various challenges on the rope courses. Many of these students hardly knew each other before camp and some managed to put past differences behind them to work for a common goal. It is our hope and prayer that students will take these strategies with them not only through the year ahead, but into the rest of their lives. On one of the nights, Pastor David & Mrs Sharon Westbrook visited the camp to participate in a forum. Students were allowed to ask our guests ‘difficult questions’ about life that they were still looking for a suitable answer to. Students posed a variety of great questions such as…  Why do bad things happen to good people?  When babies die, do they go to heaven or hell?  Why does God encourage people to keep sex for

marriage? Thankyou to Pastor David & Mrs Sharon Westbrook for your honestly and willingness to share valuable insights with our Year 12 students. Thank you also to Noel & Sandra Cowan at Action Challenge, Hay Point for hosting us.

Attended by more than 150 students throughout the district our students were inspired by the speakers. College Vice Captain Nicholas Buttle said the conference had shown him a positive way to lead. ‘A leader is someone who can inspire other people.’ he said. ‘I also found that to be a good leader, students need to recognise that there is no one way to perform an activity. It was good to hear from the guest speakers and professional leaders.’ When asked What makes a good leader?, Megan Notnagel commented ‘Commitment. Leaders should always be striving to do their best and also encourage others. My role model is Cathy Freeman.’

In Chapel this year students have been exposed to the first stages of the greatest story ever told. Throughout the year we will be going through the major turning points through the whole Bible that will give students a fascinating understanding of the ‘Bigger Picture’ of God’s plan for each and every person. Previously we have heard: Week 2: Creation by Pastor Dr Craig Murison Week 3: Sin and it’s Consequences by Mrs Robyn Hopper Week 4: The Flood by Pastor Peter Lister This week: Week 5: Gods Covenant with Noah by EVANS House Family Chapel is a very important part of our College life where students can share their faith, be challenged in what they believe and have an opportunity to hear some fantastic presentations. Just like any other part of the school week, Chapel is a compulsory part of life at Mackay Christian College and we look forward to seeing every student attend. God bless!

This week, the College Captains, House Family Captains and Blood Bank Ambassadors attended the IMPACT Leadership Forum conducted by Australia’s premier student leadership training organization. The seminar was designed to be practical, interactive and focus on the skill required for student leadership.

Pastor Peter Lister Head of Senior School College Chaplain

Hi all. The term now is in full swing and we have most students in correct uniform most days. We still need to remind students and parents that the uniform policy is clearly stated in the Diary and that is has been addressed at Assembly several times. Students are aware that they will be given a consequence if they are in incorrect uniform without a note to explain why. The College diary is an important source of information for both students and parents. If you are concerned about homework, please check the diary to see if the subjects are written down and the homework recorded beside it. If there is no homework, the teacher can initial this if requested to do so by the student. Assessment Calendars are now available on bright paper. Relevant dates can be highlighted and/or added to the diary. We will send home letters if assessment is not submitted by the due date.

Student owned Notebooks need to be brought to the College every day, fully charged, ready for use. Students should know how to report a fault if it is not working correctly. The Portal is a useful source of information for both parents and students, so check it out and feel free to request additional information if it is not available. The Year 9 Camp is on next week from Wednesday 29th February until Friday 2nd March. For the first time we are having gender specific camps for the boys and girls. Please read the equipment list carefully. It can be found on the Portal under Middle Earth. Students will return to the College on Friday afternoon at 2:30pm and can be collected before 3pm to avoid congestion with the buses. If you cannot collect them at this time they can wait until 3pm. Students will not use the Front Office to call you to collect them. We have over 75 students attending the camps and are very excited about the learning opportunities that the students will be exposed to. I hope they have some great stories and photos to share with you when they return. Mr Alun Tunnah Head of Middle School Head of Faculty Science & Innovation

Year 9 Camp ............................................................. Wednesday 29th - Friday 2nd March

Senior Information Evening ........................................................................... Tuesday 6th Sports Camp ............................................................................... Thursday 8th - Friday 9th Interschool Theatre Sports ........................................................................ Thursday 15th Twilight Concert ........................................................................................... Tuesday 20th KMEIA Choral Festival .................................................................................. Tuesday 27th Prep-Year 5 Fun Run .................................................................................. Thursday 29th Year 6 -12 Cross Country ................................................................................ Friday 30th Last Day of Term 1 .......................................................................................... Friday 30th

We are now half way into the first term of our new school year. This means that parents have now had at least one conversation with the College staff who are working with your child/children and you are starting to get to know them a little more than you did at the start of the year. These conversations can be by email, phone or face to face. Remember, we can make a bigger difference in your child’s life when you and the staff at the College work in partnership together. Please feel welcome to talk to us, and with us, as often as you need to. We are happy to discuss both the good and the bad news. We need your feedback and we trust that you find our feedback equally helpful as you seek to raise your child to ‘Become all God wants them to be’.

School commences at 8:30am for ALL students in PrepYear 5. We ring a bell at 8:25am each morning to remind students to go to the toilet, wash their hands and begin to line up outside their classroom. A second bell rings at 8:30am to signify the START of the school day. Students who arrive AFTER the 8:30am bell has sounded are LATE for school and are required to get a late pass from the Junior School Reception Area before proceeding to their classroom. At 8:30am – 8:45am we have now commenced holding Village Assemblies and soon will commence House Family Group meetings and activities. If your child arrives AFTER 8:30am they will be missing out on these special events in our College. If you haven’t visited a Chapel or Assembly yet, then please feel welcome to do so.

Just a reminder that our students break for:


SNACK time from 9:30-9:45am….fruit, vegetables and water only MORNING TEA from 10:45 – 11:10am…..short break. LUNCH from 1:10 - 2:00pm…..longer (big) lunch break.

We love to have parents join in with us at these events. You can sit with your child, or sit with other parents, we really don’t mind. We just love having you here!

Please consider these time frames when packing or purchasing your child’s food for the day so that they are able to eat all of the food you have provided within the timeframe as listed above.

A great time of celebration was enjoyed last Friday 17th February as Special Guests, Parents, Staff and children joined together for the Official Opening of the Mackay Christian College Pre-Prep Learning Centre. A big thank you to Mr Tim Mulherin MP the Member for Mackay who opened the Centre. Congratulations to our wonderful Pre-Prep Teachers who led the children in a special performance.

Mrs Alison Bannister Head of Junior Campus

We were all blessed with a fantastic day of fun and competition at the 2012 MCC Swimming Carnival last Friday. Participation was great with many talented swimmers in the water and enthusiastic House Families cheering from the pool side. Special thanks must go to all involved who made this a very enjoyable day to be had by all. Congratulations to the following record breakers: Record Breakers 13yrs Boys Butterfly 14yrs Girls Butterfly 15yrs Boys Butterfly 13yrs Boys Breaststroke 14yrs Girls Breaststroke

D Heaney C Nixon N Heaney D Heaney L Crathorne

39.78 34.26 36.43 44.65 43.32

Congratulations to the following Age Champions: 11yrs 12yrs 13yrs 14yrs 15yrs 16yrs OPEN

Shelby Rochford Thea Crathorne Elizabeth McCredie Clare Nixon Kayla Hall Jordon Probert Marnie Harding

Hugh Lanser Tristan Lanser Declan Heaney Dion Buttle Nathan Heaney Jacob McCredie Jack Barbi Bradley Nichols

House Family Points: Averill – 451 Dennis – 490 Evans – 420 Young – 526

Netball 11 & 12 yr girls Basketball 11 & 12 yr boys & girls Please nominate to Miss Hazell by Wednesday 29th February.

Middle & Senior School Rugby Union: Friday 16th March UF4 (@ 2nd Break) Basketball: Monday 27th February Meeting Place (@ 1st & 2nd Break) Junior School Basketball Monday 5th March Providence Campus

The Sports Camps are being held on Thursday 8th and Friday 9th March. This year the Sports which are on offer are Rugby Union, Basketball, Netball, Soccer, Tennis and Table Tennis.

Mackay Basketball will be hosting and conducting numerous coaching courses and education sessions for all volunteer coaches from beginners right through to experienced representative coaches. The first is coming up soon with the Basketball QLD Level 0 introductory coaching course being conducted free to all attending. All interested people are encouraged to come along. Registration forms are available online at EVENT: WHEN: PHONE:

Level 0 Introductory Coaching Course Saturday 17th March 12pm – 4pm 4957 5543 Mackay Basketball

Netball Grading Carnival – Saturday 3rd March Cross Country – Friday 30th March Thank you to all our Staff and Parents for all the hard work, support and encouragement throughout the swimming carnival, we look forward to an exciting and competitive year ahead. Under 11 Girls Breaststroke Final 1st Shelby Rochford 2nd Charlotte Alford 3rd Jazlyn Bamford

Ms Ulla Hansson Head of Faculty HPE

Hello from the Libraries Remember our Daily Mercury Sponsor is Mr Jeff Richardson, from the Andergrove Convenience Store on Bedford Road. He always has a few boxes of specials and marked down snacks, chocs and drinks near the counter. Please support this business that supports us.

Please remember to use the Library Virtual Classroom for resources and good web links when researching. Simply go to the MCC web page and students can sign into the Portal. The Library is one of the choices in My Classes tab.

Have you returned any overdue Library books? Here is a story from the US where it only took half a century for a student to return two overdue library books. ‘A package containing the two books arrived at Camelback High School on 3 November baffling Librarian Georgette Bordine. Along with the package, which had no return address, was a money order for $1000 and a note. The sender wrote that the money should cover overdue fees and a little extra in case the overdue rates had changed. The writer calculated that 2 cents per day for 51 years equalled $745 in late fees for the two books. The Librarian believes that it says a lot about the past students of the school as they don't forget their early mistakes and they try to correct them.’ Of course we don't charge late or overdue fees. However we do send a letter home if the books are not returned and then bill families for the cost of the book. If the book subsequently turns up we of course return the money. So start hunting for any of those overdue books and return them to your Library but please don't wait 50 years!! Happy Reading Mrs Robyn Hopper Head of Libraries

Just a reminder that Issue 1 of Koorong Kids is due on Friday 9th March. We have spare brochures in the Libraries if you missed out.

Practice your spelling with this free online game. Even the wordsmiths among us can struggle with spelling. Spell Check dares players not only to identify the misspelled word within a list of four choices, but to spell it correctly. Several sets of words are offered in each round of the game. Choose from the easy and hard levels, and ‘bee’ ready for a challenge.

Tuition for both English and Mathematics for Year 8 – 12 students is available if your child is seeking to improve their general skills or wanting assistance with an assignment or assessment piece. Tuition is free and is held by MCC teachers in the Lloyd Averill Information & Resource Centre (King’s Park Library) on the following days: Maths Tutoring: Wednesday & Thursday 3:15pm to 4:00pm English Tutoring: Thursday 3:30pm to 4:15pm

We have vacancies for voice lessons with Mrs Jones. She is a well-known, highly regarded singing teacher from Mackay with 27 years experience as an award winning vocalist. Mrs Jones is a qualified registered teacher (Bachelor of Learning Management CQU) and practitioner of voice (AMusA AMEB).

We are looking for a Strings teacher who can teach Violin, Viola, Cello and Double Bass. The position is part-time and hours are somewhat flexible and would involve either a three hour timeslot or 1 day of teaching.

Both music timetables and upcoming events will be put on the Portal under My Classes. This is to keep you informed at all times of what events your student will need to perform in.

Mrs Jones has been teaching singing for over 12 years with excellent results. In 2012, she is continuing further study in teaching singing through Qld Conservatorium of Music. Mrs Jones currently directs a large private studio and three choirs as well as offering singing lessons through the MCC Creative Academy. If anyone would like to commence voice lessons please contact Mrs Thomas on or at the College on 4963 1100 for an enrolment form.

To help reduce the number of interruptions to your classroom we have placed certain restrictions on our teachers. The restrictions are listed below. As students get older more of the responsibility rests on the student.

If you wish to hire an instrument please contact Mrs Thomas to get a Hire Form. The cost of hiring is $70.00 per semester. (We do not hire acoustic guitars as it is cheaper to buy one.)

The current policy does not now allow us to call students to remind them of their lesson. All students have been given a timetable and a copy is on the board in the lesson room. Students in Year 8-12 should be responsible enough to check their music timetables and remember their lesson times. This is valuable training in personal time-management.

Students have been allocated to ensembles within the first two weeks of school and notified of rehearsals. Our ensemble rehearsals are in TLE7 and times are listed below: String Ensemble Bel Canto Band Wind Ensemble Jazz Ensemble Flute Ensemble Percussion Ensemble

Mondays arrive 7:30am Tuesdays arrive 7:30am Wednesdays arrive 7:20am Wednesdays 3:15-4:15pm Friday Lunchtimes TBA

Due to rising photocopying costs we will be asking parents to pay a levy of $10 a semester per child or $18 a year per child that is in an ensemble. This levy is only paid once no matter how many ensembles a student is involved in. If a student only has a lesson and is in no ensemble then this levy would not apply.

Missed or forgotten Lessons: Year 6/7 students can be called till the end of Term 1 then no ringing Year 8 (especially new students to the school) can ring from Week 3-6 (4 weeks) then no ringing Year 9-12 can ring from Week 3-4 then no ringing

We are issuing all students in Year 8-12 with a ‘Music Lesson Pass’ to identify them as having lessons. This can be shown to teachers if asked and should be kept in a safe place like a student’s diary or pencil case. If a student is at school and they simply forget to attend their lesson, no refund will be given. If the student realises their tardiness, they may ask if a makeup lesson is possible. Once the no ring period starts we email the parents to let them know that their child did not attended their lesson. If a student is absent from school and the College is informed before 8:30am, music teachers will endeavour to do a makeup lesson or you will be given a credit. Please make sure that the College always has your current email address for our records. Looking forward to another great year!

Most families should now have received their invoices through email. If you haven’t, or have any queries regarding this please contact Mrs Denise Thomas. The discount period to take advantage of the discount we offer for Creative Academy lessons will end on 9th March.

Creating in Christ Mr Earl Winterstein Head of Faculty Creative Academy

The Trade Training Centre has lots of community engagements I would like to fill you in on this week.

Tec NQ is a registered training organisation based in Townsville. They started out as an Australian Technical College the precursor to the Trade Training Centres. In Townsville they run a Senior Secondary School and a Registered Training Organisation. We have been working with them to establish their Registered Training Organisation business in Mackay to deal with some shortfalls in the provision of training for Electrical and Plumbing apprentices. This year and next they are leasing the Blue Room from us to run their training.

At present my Senior Construction students are fitting out the space and in the next few weeks you will see some signage go up to show they are here. We all expect that they will outgrow this space and will in time, need to move to their own facility. This year they already have 40 weeks of training booked. This involvement is benefiting past students who have been returning to the College to complete their apprentice training. Part of the agreement will provide some electrical training to a select number of our TTC students. If you have any questions about Tec NQ and what they can offer please get in touch with me.

Training Centre by coming over every week for Industrial Technology classes in the Trade Training Centre. For Semester 1 we are being visited by their Year 7 - 8 students and Semester 2 the Year 9 - 10 students will be here. We are delighted to have them on board and be partnering with them to deliver this part of their educational program.

Our relationship with WAS continues from last year. With two of their students graduating from our Engineering program last year and one leaving school to take up a full time apprenticeship, we are off to a fresh start this year. One Year 11 boarder has joined our Engineering program so far this year. He comes to all our early starts in exchange for a study lesson at school. WAS provides a great opportunity for out of town students like this young man to access the Trade Training Centre.

Work Experience application forms were handed out to all Year 11 - 12 students last Thursday. Our Senior Work Experience will take place on the 14th – 18th May. Please have a conversation with your child about this placement. Forms are due back next Friday 2nd March. Remember work experience is a compulsory part of our College program. It is fundamentally aimed at exposing students to the world of work. We are working with employers for students to gain exposure to a range of employment environments and build their experience and employability. If you have any questions please make contact with me or one of my staff through the College Office on 4963 1100 or by emailing me directly at Until next time Mr Peter Hopper Director Trade Training Centre Head of Faculty IVL

The other exciting area of community connection this year is with Carlyle Christian College. This year they are taking advantage of their partnership with us in the Trade

For those of you who are on Facebook, we have an MCC Facebook page for all current and past parents, students and staff. We will be keeping this page updated on events that are happening in the College along with sharing photos and video presentations that people may like to view. This will be an important communication tool between College and parents so to keep informed simply logon to Facebook, search for the ‘Mackay Christian College’ page and hit the Like button!

Welcome to a year of excitement, fun, and lots of opportunities for our students to develop their creative gifts and talents.

Miss Howard would like to invite you to come along to this year’s Inter-School Theatre-Sports competition. This year we have two Year 12 Drama teams entered. The night is jam packed, full of laughs, games and entertaining skits. What's even better is that it is only a gold coin donation. Everyone from every age is invited - so come support our dynamic teams. It will be held at Pioneer High School Drama Theatre, second gate to the left off Bedford Road at 6pm on Thursday 15th March.

Please note the early morning start. All new members are required to return the permission slip at the bottom of the information letter. The Year 4/5 & Year 6/7 Choirs have started practising with Miss Smith and we look forward to their performances at the KMEIA Choral Festival on Tuesday 27th March at the Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre. Tickets are $15 and are available from the MECC. Students involved in this concert will receive an information letter soon. Thank you for your continued support in all these exciting activities. Yours in Christ Mrs Danielle Smith Head of Faculty Creative Arts Head of Faculty English

Our Year 8-12 Choir, MCC Singers, will commence rehearsals with Mrs Penfold and Miss Beckmann on Friday 2nd March at 7.30am in UF4.

For your information, the time has come for another review of the College’s SES score which is used in determining funding levels. The Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations (DEEWR) has requested the College to provide them with the following information:  Student residential addresses (NOT student names)  Student level of education (ie. Primary or Secondary)  Student boarding school status (ie. Boarding or Day students).

This information is used in the purpose of administering funding to non-government schools and to determine payments of Australian Government Assistance. DEEWR is bound by the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 and will not disclose information provided by the College other than in accordance with the Privacy Act. The information provided may be disclosed to contractors working for DEEWR for the purpose of verifying the information. The contractors will not use the information for any other purpose. DEEWR may also provide information to the Australian Curriculum Assessment & Reporting Authority (ACARA) for use in developing and evaluating Index of Community Socio-Educational Advantage (ICSEA) formulas & school values. In other instances no information will be disclosed without your consent unless authorised or required by law.

If you are interested, or know someone who is interested in working in Childcare, MCC OSHCare are looking for casual staff. Requirements for employment include:  Qualifications in a child related field (eg. Education, Child care etc) or a

willingness to study in this field in the near future

 A current Working with Children Blue Card or the eligibility for one  Regular attendance at a local church

For further information, please contact the MCC OSHCare Director, Mrs Katie Campbell on 0415 271 579.


27th February


5th March


27th February


5th March


27th February


5th March


27th February


5th March


27th February


5th March


27th February

English: Running record + comprehension & Role Plays SOSE/English: Writing of historical narrative (draft) Maths: Converting Units of Measurement & Operations English: Running Record continued, role plays & listening test SOSE/English: Polishing of historical narrative (final) Maths: Probabilities

English: Written reflections on novel study – In class

Drama: Responding Task

Music: Theory Assessment

SOSE (EMc): Multimedia Presentation

Home Ec (MP): Assignment

Year 9 Camp: 27th Feb - 2nd Mar SOSE (KP): Persuasive Speech

BES: Debate PreVoc Maths: World Travel Assignment

Drama: Presenting task

Home Economics: Research Visual Art: Written Response

Film & TV: Storyboards Agriculture: Journal/Report Science 21: ERT Model & Report SOS: Stimulus Exam Visual Art: Minor Folio Visual Art Studies: Minor Folio


5th March

Biology: Exam Modern History: Research Journal Drama: Forming Task English Com: Draft Magazine Presentation


27th February

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5th March

Biology: Exam Modern History: Research Journal Early Childhood: Draft Assignment Graphics: Built Environment and Production test

Science 21: ERT Model & Report SOS: Stimulus Exam Visual Art: Minor Folio

What an exciting week we have had with the launch of our new OSHCare Centre for our Year 2 and upwards group, in our designated rooms in the Year 5 classroom block. With the split of the two age groups MCC OSHCare 1 (Pre-Prep to Year 1) and MCC OSHCare2 (Year 2 and upwards) we are able to run fantastic programs purposefully designed to appropriately meet your child’s developmental, educational and social needs. Please make sure you have provided your Centrelink Customer Reference Numbers (CRN) and registered with the Centrelink Family Assistance Office so you can claim your rebate. Please make sure you have provided the centre with your immunisation records, as this is a legal requirement. Until next time Mrs Katie Campbell MCC OSHCare Director

MCF is a place where YOU are welcome! We believe God’s plan for you includes being actively involved in the body of Christ, His church. We invite you to be a part of our loving family every Sunday and also throughout the week as we meet in the community. We pray you have a blessed week! MCF is now meeting in the Powerhouse Auditorium. Powerhouse is the Multipurpose Hall on MCC’s Junior School Campus at 143 Evans Ave North, North Mackay. February 25

Financial Excellence Seminar – Shane Willard 9.00 – 11.30am Powerhouse RSVP to Ps Tim Spark in Church Office

February 26

Celebration Services @ Powerhouse 9.30am with Shane Willard 6.00pm with Shane Willard

March 4

Celebration Services @ Powerhouse 9.30am with Ps Tim Spark 6.00pm with Ps Craig Murison

MCF has a weekly Prayer Meeting at 5.00pm on Sunday afternoons before our evening services. This Prayer Meeting is open to everyone and we would love to see you there.

Revolution Youth Ministry is the teenage ministry of Mackay Christian Family Church. RevLive roars to life Friday nights from 7pm - 9pm at the Faith Centre: 9 Quarry Street, North Mackay for Year 8 - 12 . With passionate praise and worship, relevant and real preaching, and a crazy good atmosphere to hang... Come and get Reved! If you want any more information on Revolution Youth call Ps Chris Campbell on 4963 1155 during office hours or check us out on Facebook for the latest news. Miss Katharine MacDonald Mackay Christian Family Church Manager

The lost property bin is overflowing with items which were unclaimed from Year 12 Camp and also from the recent Swimming Carnival. If your child has lost any items please get them to check the bin or feel free to come and take a look yourself. Thank you to all the parents who are utilising the 24 hour Hotline number 4963 1199 and the email address to notify us of their child’s absence. It may be helpful for you to store the hotline number in your mobile phone so you have it on hand when needed. We really appreciate you using these methods of contacting us. However, we still accept the late/absentee slips, if this is your preferred method of notifying us. Please send your child to the office if you require more slips which you can store in the glove box of your car. Just a reminder that if you are notifying the College via email please use the ‘away’ email address preferably to the generic mcc email address. Absentee email: Absentee hotline: 4963 1199 Mrs Sue Scranton Administration Team Leader

Nearly new student Notebook. Selling for $500 ono. Please phone Joy-Ellen on 0413 585 062. 3/4 Yamaha Nylon String Guitar. Excellent condition. Soft Case . $110.00 - contact Wendy on 0419 004 918.

Sean W Smith will be performing live during his ‘Fully Connected’ concert to be held in Powerhouse, Mackay Christian College on Tuesday 27th March at 11am. Go to for all the details.

Casual Monday-Friday work delivering catalogues and local papers in the Northern Beaches area. Age 11+ with access to a car. Get paid weekly and exercise too. Call Karen on 0414 773 639.

Ladybird & Dragonflies Child-minding Service are an Award Winning Mobile Child-minding Service for Weddings, Nannying Services, Pre-labour, Group Care, Home or Accommodation Child-minding. For more details contact Kirsten or Suzanne on 0459 323 958 or email them at

North Mackay Little Athletics for girls and boys aged 3 to 17 to ‘have a go’ in developing their athletic skills in a fun and social environment. Sign on/Try-out days from Sunday 4th March 9am-12pm at Pioneer High School Oval, Celeber Drive Andergrove. No experience needed. More information at or phone on 0428 213 293.

Boys turning 12 years old this year interested in signing up with Brothers Rugby League please contact Jo King on 0428 492 097. Training is close to MCC.

One of our Year 12 students is seeking accommodation for the remainder of 2012. His parents are moving to Sydney and he would like to complete his final year of schooling at MCC. If you can help with possible accommodation for all or part of the year, please contact the College Office for more information.

The Mackay Rugby Union Holiday Program for 6-13 year olds is designed to teach your child the fundamental skills of Rugby in a fun, interactive and safe environment over the 3 day rugby clinic Monday 2nd - Wednesday 4th April from 8.30am to 3pm at Mackay Rugby Union grounds, Quarry Street (across the road from the Senior Campus). Cost is $30 for 1 day, $50 for 2 days or $60 for 3 days. Please phone Ryan Dunnett on 0427 176 797 to book or email

Gympie State High, Queensland’s oldest high school, will celebrate its centenary from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th March 2012. Saturday will give chance for long lost friends to revisit the days of their youth and yarn. The planning committee wish to contact as many as possible of the past students and teachers. For further details email: or online registration go to

The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) provides education and military training for the future leaders in Australia’s Navy, Army and Air Force. The program combines a degree from UNSW with military training & leadership development. Parents and friends are welcome to attend an Information Session 6.00pm, Tuesday 27th March at Komiatum Barracks, 400 Shakespeare Street Mackay. Call 4726 0226 by Wednesday 21st March.

The Student Festival of Fashion is on again Saturday 11th August at MECC. The theme is 150 years of fashion so make a design that reflects the style from a specific era over the past 150 years (this is optional). There are categories for everyone from fashion illustration, masks/ headwear, wearable art, sewn designs; and guys, we have a special category for you. For all the details go to For enquiries phone Rosemary on 0414 354 920.

Females & Males of all ages from 5 years and up who would like to play softball come along and join our fun, social & mixed Hawks Club. Sign Up on Sunday 11th March 2pm - 4pm at John Breen Park, Malcomson Street, North Mackay. Games on Saturday afternoons. Phone Cheryl for more details on 4959 8559.

Mrs Cheree Harvey Junior School Accounts

Mrs Faye Horwell e-Coach Assistant

Mr Geof Greentree Junior Maintenance Dept

Miss Kym Wood Pre-Prep 2B Assistant

Miss Hannah Greer OSHCare Group Leader

Miss Rachel McConnell OSHCare Assistant

Miss Bobbi-Jo Tass OSHCare Assistant

Miss Kate Neal Creative Arts Assistant

Mrs Ainsley McGregor First Aid/Admin

Mrs Brenda Wilson Sports Coordinator

Mrs Leah Heaney Scientific Assistant

Mrs Nadine Pace Scientific Assistant

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