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Newsletter No. 15 | Friday 30th August 2013 Dear Parent I had the honour and privilege to attend the funeral of Peter Booth-Jones in Sydney last week. Peter was the father of Pastor Rob Booth-Jones, the founding Chairman of Mackay Christian College. Mr Booth-Jones Snr was a Spitfire Pilot during World War II. He was Acting Squadron Commander of 76th Squadron by the age of 24. Among the medals awarded to Mr Booth-Jones Snr was the Distinguished Flying Cross. The Australian Airforce sent a number of serving men to form an honour guard in recognition of his service to our nation. This included two young men who were around the same age as Mr Booth-Jones Senior was when he was flying. Members of the Returned Servicemen’s League also stood in the honour guard. The Australian Airforce had also scheduled a spectacular fly past of F14 fighter jets. Three jets passed over our location and then did another pass in the ‘missing man’ formation. I felt very proud of the way in which our nation honours the men and women who answered the call to fight for their country. Mr & Mrs Booth Jones’ four grandchildren each spoke about their memories of their Grandfather. They spoke of a kind, generous, honourable man who was, and still is, their hero. Pastor Rob took the service. His father had asked him if he would do so some time ago. Candace and I were at a church meeting in 1984 when Peter and June Booth-Jones were visiting Ps Rob and Denise. They came to the meeting and responded to the Gospel message that was presented. There was a strong sense of celebration which shone through the grief of losing a loved one at the service. The key Scripture Pastor Rob referred to was Hebrews 11:4, ‘Even though he is dead He still speaks.’ Both Candace and I, as I am sure many who were there did, reflected how we hoped that we could leave a legacy like the one left by Peter Booth-Jones. His example still speaks to so many even though he is no longer here.


Our congratulations goes to Tenille Tonga who graduated from MCC last year. Tenille was recently awarded the 2012 Australian Vocational Student Prize and the Prime Minister’s Award for Skills Excellence in School. These awards recognise Tenille’s determination and commitment in achieving outstanding outcomes whilst completing her qualification in the Manufacturing Industry, along with her involvement in the community, and her leadership qualities. Tenille was one of only 18 recipients of the Prime Minister’s Award Australia wide. It is the second time an MCC student has received the Prime Minister’s Award. God Bless you

Pastor Dr Craig Murison PRINCIPAL

How Prepared are You for Your Future?

This is the question I posed to our staff at a recent morning devotion. As humans, we can choose to reflect and think in different time zones. Each zone is useful in its own way and serves different life purposes. We can focus on the now, and deal with each situation as it arises, responding appropriately (or sometimes inappropriately) depending upon our wisdom and experience. In unfamiliar ‘now’ situations, it’s a good idea to ask others for their advice and ideas, especially if they have walked the path before you. Young parents may ask their parents to share strategies that helped them – grandparents have a wealth of experience in child-raising that you can draw upon. Young teachers are usually mentored by more experienced teachers who can also give much rich wisdom to the inexperienced. Our students can learn much about appropriate responses to life by watching the reactions of mature adults and learning from them. With time and experience, we can learn what works and what doesn’t in our daily routines. But humans are also able to visualise what may lie ahead. And in this arena, we are able to think, predict and plan so that we are better able to cope and succeed with what life may bring. Being prepared for the future includes seeking the advice of ‘experts’. If you are planning financial security, you employ the services of a Financial Planner. If you are considering subject choices, then you discuss possible options with a Careers Advisor and research the university or employer requirements.

If you want to get a driver’s licence, then you ask what skills, knowledge and experience you will have to demonstrate. These tasks all need people to think ahead and prepare for the future. Our Recreational Studies students are currently preparing for an overnight hike. To glean greatest enjoyment from this opportunity, it is vital for students to think ahead, list their probable needs and pack accordingly. It could be a cold, wet, hungry, disappointed student who fails to consider their future needs and prepares inappropriately! Humans also have the past to educate them. We can reflect upon our past experiences and learn valuable lessons from them. Being humble and open to others’ suggestions is a great way to not fall into the same traps again! Quite often it is our own stubbornness that leads us to repeat unwise behaviours and so we suffer again – and blame others for their inconsiderate behaviours rather than change our own. We are complicated creatures! I then asked staff to think about their long-term future… have they considered their life after death? This is a very personal issue and one which we must all tackle at some stage. Some choose to not think about it at all until it comes upon them, either in old age or as a result of incurable disease. God has given us much information about our eternal existence. It begins by believing in the promises for eternal life spoken about by Jesus and written in the Bible. From my perspective, I can rest, sound in my faith that what Jesus spoke of is truth. I am prepared for my eternal future. May you and your family be richly blessed Mrs Lesley Tunnah Deputy Principal

SCHOOL DENTIST Our Junior School students can access Queensland Health School Dental Services even when the Dental Van is not parked on our site. To access the School Dental Service at any time of the year, parents should phone the clinic on 4951 4241 to arrange an appointment. This is an excellent way to promote oral health, hygiene and nutrition, have a general dental check-up and they can also take care of any dental emergencies.


QCS Test . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tuesday 3rd - Wednesday 4th September Vaccinations (Year 8 Students & Year 10 Boys) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Friday 6th September Grandparent’s Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Friday 13th September Trade Training Centre Work Experience . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Monday 16th - Friday 20th September Year 8 Sports Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wednesday 18th September Missions Market Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thursday 19th September Term Break . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Saturday 21st September - Sunday 6th October Year 7 Canberra Trip . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sunday 6th October - Friday 11th October

Well it has been a very busy month for curriculum. Student Subject Choice and preferences are coming in with Year 10 Student’s choices being due this week on Tuesday 27th August and Year 7 and 8 student preferences being done on line by Monday 2nd September. Please contact Mrs Jacqueline Greentree if you are experiencing difficulties with the process. As a parent this time of year brings a number of challenges and stresses, as we are all seeking the best for our child. As students investigate and reflect about their future, it is important to have conversations with them about their goals and aspirations for the future. At the same time it is important not to overwhelm them with our own thoughts and questions. Will these choices prepare my child for an ever changing world where we don’t know what jobs they will be doing? Or our personal preference for a possible goal to enter University or the workforce. Following the Subject Choice Night, our Year 10 students were given the opportunity to attend the Mackay Regional Careers Expo held at the MECC. Where students were given opportunity to speak with representatives from business, industry and further education facilities about the next step in achieving their goals. At Mackay Christian College our facilitating of student learning is focused on preparing students to be active and contributing citizens who are spiritual and respectful in life choices. Preparing them to follow the rules and laws and to be the best worker they can be whether a professional, trade, volunteer or occupation of love is their chosen path.

Attention to Year 12 students

Tuesday 3rd September and Wednesday 4th September about 50 MCC students will be sitting the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test along with about 30,000 Year 12 students across the state. For many students this is a key milestone in their year indicating the year and their schooling is almost finished.

What is the purpose of the QCS Test?

The QCS Test is the tool used to compare the achievements of OP-eligible students studying different subjects at different schools across Queensland for tertiary entrance. It also provides an individual result for each student. While this information is useful, it is important to remember your child’s focus and effort in their studies during Year 11 & 12 is the clearest route to success.

What is tested?

Particular knowledge of specific subjects is not tested. Instead, the QCS Test assesses generic skills that students work with across their Senior Subjects, such as using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, calculating, analysing and hypothesising to name a few.

This means that students are preparing for the QCS Test all the time and in every subject.

Getting ready in mind and body

The best way is to think positively. Believe you will do your best, then make it happen. If you are prepared for the test, you will be able to keep any anxiety under control. Being a little anxious can actually help improve your performance but if you worry too much, you will go into the test with a negative attitude. A poor attitude can exhaust you before you begin. It can undermine your ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand. If you assume the worst will happen, you will not do your best. In the days before the test, spend a few hours reviewing basic arithmetical operations, sample items, solutions and explanations. Hours of intense work the night before will not significantly improve your performance on the test and might even make you feel more anxious. On the day or evening before the test, check your equipment, double-check the starting time and venue and organise your transport. After that, relax. Focus yourself on the task ahead. Above all, get a good night’s sleep!

qtac -

Queensland Tertiary Admissions into Universities around the state. Year 12 students will be provided a Senior CLEAR class on Friday 6th September to receive assistance in accessing and logging QTAC applications. You should apply by Friday 27th September 2013 as higher application fees apply after this date. The major offer round for most courses commencing Semester 1, 2014 is Thursday 16th January 2014. The due date to apply for 16th January offer round is Wednesday 11th December 2013. Let us continue to run the race alongside our student. Miss Lynn Morrison Head of Teaching & Learning

Every new day comes with its own challenges. TS Elliot said ‘if you’re not in over your head how do you know how tall you are.’ Our children face challenges and learn to overcome them through both success and failure. Robert Heinlein said ‘Don’t handicap your children by making their lives easy.’ Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, whether its assessment, sport or dealing with the consequences of their actions. Often the best thing we can do for our children is offer advice and be there for them as they go through the challenge rather than enable them to avoid it.

qcs test next week

Next week, Tuesday & Wednesday, the Queensland Core Skills Test (QCS) is being held across the state. Many of our Year 12 students will be taking this test, which will be both a challenge and an opportunity for them. Year 12 students not sitting for the QCS Test may choose to stay at home on Tuesday & Wednesday. They may use this time for exam preparation or assignment work. If they attend the College on these days, they will be placed with corresponding Year 11 classes. Students who are sitting the QCS test are not permitted to leave the campus between sessions.

Hi all, thanks for taking the time to read our Newsletter. This is one way of getting information to our wider College community. More often you get news via your child who will bring stories home about what happened at school today. Some of these stories are funny, some are scary, some are even true. I remember my child’s Preschool Teacher telling us at our first teacher meeting that ‘If you don’t believe every story that comes home from school, then she wouldn’t believe every story our child tells her about what happens at home.’ When I talk with parents about their child’s choices, behaviours and consequences the common responses are - yes they are just like that at home too, or my child has a personality clash with their teacher. In over 35 years of teaching I have found very few students who change their values and behaviours dramatically from home to school. I have also concluded that ‘personality clash’ is student talk for ‘issues with authority.’ During the Middle Years of schooling, students are growing and maturing at different rates and trying to find their place in their social group.

Students are to arrive at the Test Room (Faith Centre) 20 minutes before the test begins to be placed at their desk and to check equipment.

graduation & mystery tour

Organisation is now well under way for two other important events for Year 12 families, Graduation Dinner and the postgrad Mystery Tour. The cost for these two events will be approximately $280 and payments should begin by the end of Term 3. Students may already be well underway in budgeting for these 2 events and if so, great! If not, the College gives them an opportunity to raise money to cover their individual ticket costs by selling chocolates. Whatever money is raised by an individual through the sale of chocolates goes directly to contributing to their ticket costs. We would hate to see anyone miss out because they failed to plan their budget. To purchase chocolates for sale, please contact the PR & E Department. While these events are all for the Year 12 students, Year 10 &11 students and their families can look on and observe both the challenge and the celebration of successfully completing studies at MCC, knowing that their turn will come over the next one or two years. Mr Warwick Drew Head of Senior School

Some choose to attract attention to themselves by being silly, others by being the class clown others by trying to create the best impression they can. The stories they tell you that include their behaviour most often put them in the best light and omit some of the detail that may negate this. If you hear stories that concern you, please contact the College and speak to the relevant person to get a more balanced view or allow us to investigate the incident and collect information that your child did not have. The underlying point is that we have to trust each other to search out the truth. Despite what some students think, teachers do not plot against them to make their life miserable, but they will challenge them to think with a more Christlike attitude which will benefit them in the longer term. Students who do not want to accept a challenge to grow in maturity will have lifelong personality clashes with co-workers, employers or their spouses. This is a challenge we will not back away from and appreciate your support as we work together as a team to provide every opportunity we can to allow the children to become all that God wants them to be. Mr Alun Tunnah Head of Middle School Head of Faculty Science & Innovation

With only three weeks left of this term we are really looking forward to: Year 1 Learn to Swim lessons, Grandparents Day and Missions Market Day. If you need any further details about these events, please do not hesitate to contact the College Office on 4963 1100.


Friday 13th September 9:00am – 11:15am is our annual Grandparent’s Day. The day will commence with a concert in the Powerhouse building at 9am and conclude with a morning tea in the foyer of the Powerhouse building at 10:30am. Grandparents will also be given the opportunity to take a tour of the Junior Campus, visit the Library and donate a ‘book for the future’, as well as visit the classrooms of Junior School grandchildren. It should be a great morning, so why don’t you come along as well? Please RSVP by Monday 2nd September on 4963 1100.


Please remember that the College day STARTS when the 8:30am bell has sounded. If you arrive after this bell then you will require a late slip from the Junior School Reception.


Term 3 School Reports will be posted to the mailing address you have supplied to the College. These reports will be posted during the final days of this school term. Please contact the College if you have changed these contact details.

LEARN TO SWIM Year 1 & 3

Year One Learn to Swim Lessons are being conducted at Marlins Swim School, 1 Old Eimeo Road, Eimeo. All children need to bring: Swimmers, towel, goggles and a plastic bag. Children change into their swimwear at school and back into their school clothes at the Swim School. The plastic bag will be used to take wet swimwear back home. Please label the plastic bag with your child’s name. Year 3 Learn to Swim lessons will be conducted next term.


Thursday 19th September from 10am – 1pm on the verandah of Powerhouse building (on the Tuckshop side). If you come along, you will find a variety of Market stalls designed to raise both money and awareness for Missions. Each Pre-Prep - Year 5 class will be setting up a Market Day stall and all children will be given an opportunity to visit the Market stalls and purchase products throughout the day. This year the money raised will be used to support our two sponsor children in Indonesia. THERE WILL BE NO TUCKSHOP AVAILABLE ON MISSIONS MARKET DAY. However, there will be a special lunchtime only meal deal special so watch your child’s school bag for further information.


If you are interested and available to help us cook and serve the BBQ lunch on Mission Market Day on Thursday 19th September, please contact the College Office on 4963 1100 to volunteer. We would love to have some help on the day. Have a really great week Mrs Alison Bannister Head of Junior Campus

INTENTION FORMS FOR 2014 Family Intention Forms for 2014 were sent home with your child in July. If you have not already done so, please complete this form and return it to the College as soon as possible to secure your child’s place for next year. If you have extra children you would like to enrol you will also need to complete an Enrolment Contract. This is available from the College Office, Junior School Reception or the College Website. If you have lost your form or you did not receive one, please contact the College on 4963 1100. If at any stage your circumstance change and you find out you are not returning to the College for 2014 please notify us straight away as we are expecting to have waiting lists for some year levels. Please remember that until we receive your withdrawal in wirting you will continue to be charged fees.

direct debit payments Next year we will be streamlining our accounts to reduce operating costs. All School Fees will need to be paid by Direct Debit. Direct Debit allows the College to deduct from your account or Credit Card an agreed amount each month, on a date nominated by you, with a frequency that is suitable such as weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Not only does this change save the College money and help keep our fees down, it also makes the payment of fees much easier. It will enable you to spread the cost of your School Fees over the year to suit your budget, and you will no longer have to worry about falling behind in your School Fee payments. The benefits are: the transmission occurs automatically, it is secure, and there is no charge for this service. Thank you to all our families that are already choosing to pay their fees in this way. You can take advantage of this service now by requesting a Direct Debit Form from the College Office or you can notify us if you would like one emailed or mailed to you. All families will receive a Direct Debit Form in our Information Pack that is sent out at the commencement of the new year. Mrs Tracy Swadling Accounts Manager

would you like to come to nepal?

We are currently seeking expressions of interest from staff and students in a proposed Missions trip to Nepal next year.

the badi girls

Between 7,000 and 12,000 young girls, aged between 9-16 years, are trafficked each year from Nepal, mainly to India. According to Nepal Monitor/Online Journal 2007, there are more than 200,000 Nepaliese girls in Indian brothels. The Dalits (untouchables) are the lowest level in Hindu society, and the Badi community, in Western Nepal, are the lowest of the low. As a displaced hungry people group, the Badi community has made sexual subservience a way of life.

Large groups of girls are taken across the border with many police and government officials being in collusion with traffickers and brothel owners. Traffickers and related criminals are often protected by political parties, and if arrested, are freed using political power. As a result, there is an underlying distrust of police that has led people not to file cases against traffickers. Domestic action involves activities of NGO’s and other volunteer groups. These groups are playing a major role to address girltrafficking and sex slave issues. Some NGO’s are playing a very important role to improve the situation. From creating social awareness to rescuing and rehabilitation, they are providing services (and relief) to those that need it the most – the likely victims as well as the rescued ones. The Lighthouse Foundation is one of these.

Young girls from this group ‘serve’ other groups. This has become a tradition and means of livelihood. Many girls, even when they are unwilling, are forced to serve as sex slaves. Family members knowingly sell their daughters to traffickers. Though prostitution is illegal in Nepal, the industry reportedly has links with highly ranked officials and political leaders.

Approx Cost: $3000 all inclusive (including travel, meals, accommodation, & activities) When: Friday 4th - Saturday 26th April 2014 (2 weeks of Easter Break and 1st week of Term 2). Who: Staff, Year 11 & 12 Students and wider College Community. All applicants must be connected to a local church. What will we be doing: Assisting ‘Educate Nepal’ rehabilitate girls rescued from the sex slavery trade through education, practical service activities and raising awareness back home. Encouraging Educate Nepal staff who have committed long, medium and short term. For more information about Educate Nepal please check out

IPRG Invitation

To parents of Indigenous students across all the schools on the Northside. You are invited to the next meeting of the Northside Indigenous Education Parent Reference Group. Together let’s build a strong voice for our children and their education! When Friday 6th September 2013 Where Andergrove State School (Conference Room – Hall) Time 1.30 - 2.30pm RSVP by Wednesday 4th September 2013 to Bianca Toby (Project Officer) by phone 4967 1024 , mobile 0421 619 291 or email Pastor Peter Lister Head of Missions College Chaplain

Reflections of Multimedia Camp

This generation often gets a bad rap. Unfortunately, there is truth in the things that are said about them. Things such as how lazy they are, how they are always playing video games instead of studying, and how they only socialise online. Nevertheless, when we do find young people who are motivated, work hard, complete their homework and assignments, and honour their parents and teachers, we need to acknowledge and praise them. I was privileged to have such a group during this year’s Multimedia Camp 2013. Ever since Pastor Peter Lister and I started this annual camp nine years ago, I can honestly say that we’ve had a good camp every year. This year, however, was special. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a group of young people work as a team and get so much accomplished so quickly. Being teenagers, there was of course a fair amount of discipling on my part to keep them in line but as young adults, they received my discipline with great attitudes and I can honestly say that we all grew close to each other over our 10 days. Our vision has always been to use Multimedia Camp to reach out to others in some form with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For nine years, I have told each group that we must not view ministry as only preaching in the pulpit. While preaching is indeed ‘ministry’, ‘to minister’ in the Greek means ‘to serve.’ For example, in the Australian Government, there is a Prime Minister, Minister for Schools, Minister for Defence, etc. So, with whatever gift that God has given us, we are to minister for Him and His Kingdom. For years I have drilled into our Multimedia Production Campers the Kingdom principles of living a life of holiness and prayer because we are ministering to those who will watch the productions that we create.

best clips from each presentation and edited them in high definition video for the web. Our camp bloggers then uploaded these clips along with other video and written blogs so that students in the schools where we presented could ‘review’ our presentations. These review clips include topics on digital technology such as ‘Digital Footprint’, ‘Legal Issues’, ‘Digital Dementia’, ‘FOMO & Nomophobia’, and much more. If you would like to see the results from this year’s camp, we invite you visit and http://mccmmc. Sergeant Dalton and I would like to thank Subway Restaurant for helping our efforts by giving away 15,000 cookies. Students at each school received a card with the web address where the video clips can be viewed and when they purchase a sub, they get a free cookie over the next several months. I also want to thank my good friend and colleague, Ms Lindy McQuaker for all the hard work she does throughout the year to make this camp a success. I also want to express my love and appreciation to Ps Craig Murison and Mrs Lesley Tunnah for their continued friendship and dedication to this camp.

student reflections

This year’s Multimedia Camp has been a great experience. I built on skills I learnt last year and even picked up and developed new ones. Being able to work with Ps Brad and the other students to create broadcast able, professional video, and content to be loaded to both the blog and has been a great learning curb in further developing my skill sets that I may use in later life. Getting feedback on my work with the set-up of the set, lights, sound and camera equipment has been a brilliant aid in expanding my knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes. I plan on attending this camp for my next two years at Mackay Christian College, to assist and learn more in the Multimedia Industry and production scenes. ~ Dion Buttle, Year 10

I am very happy to report that this vision of being ‘Ministers of Multimedia’ has indeed been transferred to our students. Several times when I’ve asked them to pray, I have heard prayers petitioning God to help us create content that will bless our viewers and cause His Kingdom to spread. Nothing can be more gratifying for a teacher (I am also a Minister of the Gospel so I am doubly thrilled and gratified). This year’s vision of outreach was to be a blessing and influence to the other Christian and State Schools in the Mackay region. Because I will be traveling to various parts of the world, this outreach will ultimately extend far beyond Mackay. Let me explain. Through MCC’s Adopt-a-Cop Sergeant Nigel Dalton, I was hired by the Queensland Police for seven days to travel around the Mackay Region with Sergeant Dalton and present Cyber Safety and Digital Brain Management presentations in State and Christian Schools as well as at Parent & Teacher meetings. In those seven days, we spoke 24 times in 16 schools to almost 3000 students and 190 teachers and parents. During three of these presentations, I grabbed former Multimedia Camper Spencer Radford and current camper Angus Dalton and had them professionally video tape these sessions with multiple cameras. Our campers then took the

Multimedia Camp has been an absolutely great opportunity for myself and others to learn from Ps Brad Huddleston and to learn how to get all our videos to the professional standard. Multimedia Camp is a place where you are put into the professional world and work as if you are getting paid for what you are producing. I encourage people who are interested in audio, video, video editing and all these kinds of things to join the camp next year if they want to work hard and get in to a professional environment. ~ Zeke Foxon , Year 10

Mob competition

It was a great weekend with 37 ensembles organised to perform. MCC had the most ensembles with 6 and we are very proud of all their performances.

first platinum award for mcc

We received our first M.O.B. Platinum Award since its introduction 3 years ago. The award is presented for the Most Outstanding performance for a High School/Middle Ensemble over the weekend. The whole College would like to extend a special congratulations to the members of the Wind Ensemble and their conductor Mrs Helen Williams.

mob results

IMportant dates 13th September – Grandparent’s Day SBP & Jazz Ensemble at Powerhouse (time TBA) 15th October - Eisteddfod All Ensembles, at MECC (times TBA) 22nd October - Gala Twilight Concert Faith Centre, 6:30pm 1st November - Proposed trip to Brisbane’s Music Fest Jazz Ensemble 12th November - Senior School Celebration Night Wind & Jazz Ensembles, at Powerhouse (times TBA) 26th November - Middle School Celebration Night Bel Canto Band, String & Jazz Ensembles, at Powerhouse (times TBA)

String Ensemble – Mrs Helen Williams - SILVER Junior Ensemble – Mrs Helen Williams - SILVER

3rd December - Junior School Celebration Night Scholarship Band & Junior String Ensemble, at Powerhouse

Scholarship Band – Mr Earl Winterstein – GOLD Bel Canto Band – Mr Earl Winterstein - GOLD

Please mark these dates into your diaries and let us know well in advance if there are any valid reasons why a student cannot be there.

Jazz Ensemble – Mr Earl Winterstein - SILVER Wind Ensemble – Mrs Helen Williams - GOLD MCC WIND ENSEMBLE - PLATIUM AWARD – Outstanding performance for High School Ensembles I would also like to give a very big thank you to all the parents and students who helped out over the weekend. It is very much appreciated.

Creating in Christ Mr Earl Winterstein Head of Creative Academy

M.O.b. competition


On Thursday 15th & Friday 16th August a team of students from MCC Middle & Senior Schools attended the Mackay District Athletics Carnival. A great two days from our athletes with 8 students being selected for Capricornia Regional Trials at Rockhampton. Well done to all students and good luck to those competing in Rockhampton.


This past week our Year 11 & 12 Recreation Studies students hiked up to the High Street lookout in preparation for their overnight hiking trip to Eungella National Park coming up in Week 9. They also learnt how to cook with Trangia Stoves and made pizza and vegetable pasta.


The 2013 Mackay Junior Rugby Union season kicks off on Friday 30th August and will run for 10 weeks with a three week break over the September Term Break. Sign on was held on 21st & 28th August at Quarry Hill. You can contact the club at and stay up to date with news on the 2013 season by liking them on Facebook, search ‘Mackay District Junior Rugby Union’, or visit their website for information about the club and links to other rugby sites


Year 8 Sports Day will be held on Wednesday 18th September. Please remember to return your Permission/Medical Form.


Our U12 Boys and our U18 Boys Blizzard Team both finished 6th on the ladder and did not make finals but our U18 Inferno Team finished 1st on the ladder and they played semi finals against Mack Magic Blue on Wednesday 28th August.


Our four Netball Teams did not make the finals but our 11D MCC Roadrunners and our 13B MCC Eagles came close both placing 5th. This was a great effort from our Roadrunner Team as most of these girls had not played Netball before. Well done girls.


As some Sports have now finished for the season, could we please have the uniforms returned. Thank you. Ms Ulla Hanson Head of Faculty HPE

from the front office VACCINATIONS NEXT WEEK

On Friday 6th September 2013 we are combining vaccinations for ALL Year 8 students and ALL Year 10 boys. The Year 8 students will be getting their Hepatitis B – Dose 2 and HPV – Dose 3. The Year 10 boys will be getting their HPV – Dose 3.


There are many items currently in the Lost Property Basket, some of which are from the Year 8 Camp. If your child has lost any items of clothing please ask them to check the Lost Property Basket. All named items are returned to their rightful owner. All unnamed, unclaimed items will be washed and given to the Second Hand Uniform Shop or to charity. Please make a point of coming to check the basket before the end of term.


Just a reminder to all parents that you can phone the Absentee Hotline to inform us that your child/children will be absent. We would really appreciate you using the hotline number whenever possible. The Absentee Hotline number is 4963 1199. For your convenience we also have the facility on our College Website for you to advise us if your child/children are away. This is located at Just fill in the details of the dates away and a brief explanation. Mrs Carol Sorrenson Office Supervisor


Some exciting news this week! Congratulations Tenille Tonga one of our graduates from 2012 who this week was announced as an Australian Vocational Student Prize winner.

Secondary years.

The Australian Vocational Student Prize (AVSP) recognises students who have demonstrated outstanding skills while completing vocational training in Senior

It is national recognition of Tenille’s achievements in Vocational Training completed in Senior School education. Tenille is one of only 500 recipients across Australia from a record number of nominations. But there is more – Tenille also received a Prime Minister’s Award as the best nomination in the Indigenous category. If you would like to read about Tenille’s nomination go to au/2012-prime-ministers-awardwinners. Tenille and her brother Dylan have both featured in an article which is part of the 2012 DEEWR Trade Training Centre report to Australian Federal Parliament. It is great to see graduates doing well and representing us so well. Tenille is now employed by Hastings Deering.

colouring-in is educational and fun

Colouring-in for children (and adults) can be a form of self-expression. Colouring-in allows for artistic and creativity abilities to develop. A child explores different topics, subject matters or imaginary pictures. Colouring-in serves an education purpose. It teaches colour recognition, shape identification, colour mixing, pencil hold, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, focus, concentration and decision making. Colouring-in can help a child practise patience and self-control. The child colouring-in should be encouraged to colour within the boundary lines and colour an area with the pencil strokes going in the same direction where possible. These are early handwriting skills.

Work Experience for Trade Pathway Students

This has been making our space busy again. I would like to say thank you to parents who have become actively involved in assisting students into placement. There is no doubt this will help you child achieve a placement in the current climate. Particularly for students wishing to graduate into employment in 2014, they will need to work all the relationships they can. They will need a happy to help attitude, and a determination to persevere. This is very hard to do without the support of a family and in particular the support of family and community networks. It is an old adage but it is true. It is always about who you know.

Farewell Mr Leon

At the end of next week we will have to say a sad farewell to Mr Kevin Leon. He is leaving us to pursue a full time role as an Indigenous Mentor. Mr Leon will be missed and I want to take this opportunity to thank him for his contribution to the IVL Faculty and in particular the establishment of the Trade Training Centre. His personal interest in students and their achievement has been a blessing to many during his time with us. Mr Bevan Little will be stepping up to take on his role with Year 12 Engineering, a role Mr Leon has mentored him in for over the last year or so. Until next time Mr Peter Hopper Director Trade Training Centre Head of Industrial & Vocational Learning

We often joke in the Learning Enrichment Centre that any colouring-in Teacher Aides are required to do is good therapy. There is truth in this, as colouring-in can be calming and allows for feelings to be expressed. Besides the educational and expressive benefits of colouringin, colouring-in is simply fun to do. Take time to colour-in with your child. Talk about ways you are colouring-in and, most importantly, give encouragement. Next time you are shopping, or looking for a present for a child, consider buying a colouring-in book and coloured pencils. There are also colouring-in pages that can be downloaded free from the Internet. In addition, there are iPad Apps that allow for colouring-in practice and skill development. Ms Donna Maurer Learning Enrichment Centre Manager

Children’s Book Week 2013 ‘Read Across the Universe’

Last week was Book Week across Australia. At MCC Junior Campus, this is a big deal for us. In the weeks leading up to Book Week, I read the 6 shortlisted books in each of the Early Childhood and Picture Books categories, and discuss and read excerpts from the Younger Readers (chapter books) group. We also purchase most of the 6 shortlisted books in the Information Books category, and some of the titles in the Older Readers section (depending on their suitability with our College values and standards). Students voted for which book they thought should win and be runners up in each category and then we waited to compare our results with the official judges’ results. Each class also selected one of the shortlisted books to make a display for, and these went on show in the Junior Library. Combining art, research, comprehension, craft and creativity, each book came to life and the students and their teachers are very proud of their efforts.

We finished the week with a Dress Up Day. With a theme of Storybook or Space Character, the children eagerly began plotting and planning their costumes. On Friday morning, each Village held a special Assembly so that all students could introduce and parade their costumes. A selection from each Village was chosen to model their ensemble at the Grande Book Week Assembly in the afternoon. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to all the parents, grandparents, family members, neighbours and friends who invested thought and effort to make this possible. The students were so excited and proud. We even had a Dad accompany a very small Pre-Prep Batman to school, dressed as The Joker!! An added bonus for the day was that the staff also came in costume, much to the children’s delight!!! All week, Ms Michelle Gray ran activities in the Library, assisted by her band of willing helpers. Congratulations to Bryn Henson (1A) who was the first to correctly guess that there were 103 frogs in the jar. We love books, imagination and creativity and delight to see this reflected in our students. Happy Reading Mrs Robyn Hopper Head of Libraries

junior school book week

more book week photos on the back page >

WEEK 1 Monday 23rd Sept

Tuesday 24th Sept

Wednesday 25th Sept

Thursday 26th Sept

Free Flower arranging workshop by




Starcut Flowers

(Prep and up only*)

($10 added to day charge)

(Bring along your ride of choice, helmets must be worn)

Gardening Workshop Yes you can take your bunch home!


Glass Vases Wooden Animals Flower Pressing

Friendly Fun

Bug Hunt/Bush Walk

Outside ‘n’ Active Various Sports & Games

(All age groups)

($10 added to day charge)

WET PLAY DAY Bring Togs & towel All Day Inflatables

Botanical Gardens

Playground, Picnic, Nature and Snow Cones


Grass Heads Butterfly Mobile Clay Pots

Friendly Fun Kite Workshop

Outside ‘n’ Active Various Sports & Games

With Special Guest Plant our OSHCare Garden


CD Scarecrow Mobile Garden Wind Catchers Critter Creations

Friendly Fun

Homemade Ice-cream!

Outside ‘n’ Active Various Sports & Games

Friday 27th Sept

Make your own Café ready for a special Afternoon Tea



Crafty Club

Crafty Club

Sun Catcher Butterflies Plaster Bugs Bug Gliders

Friendly Fun

Paper Making Workshop

Outside ‘n’ Active Various Sports & Games

Spin Art Froggy Post It Button Flowers

Friendly Fun Flower Cupcakes

Outside ‘n’ Active Various Sports & Games

* In instances where Pre-Prep or younger children can’t participate, other fun activities will be organised. Please see note in Important Information Page.

WEEK 2 Monday 30th Sept

Tuesday 1st Oct

Wednesday 2nd Oct

Thursday 3rd Oct





(Prep and up only*)

($10 added to day charge)

Harbour Park Compete in your Tribes, Walk the plank challenge, Crocodile lake swing and so much more

Sand castles, playgrounds and slushies



Crafty Club

Crafty Club

Tribal Bandannas/Flags Totem Poles Tribal Necklaces

Treasure Maps Nature Mobiles Natural Treasure Box

Friendly Fun

Friendly Fun

Jacket Potatoes

Outside ‘n’ Active Various Sports & Games

Tent Workshop

Outside ‘n’ Active Various Sports & Games

(Bring along your ride of

choice, must wear helmets)


Build huts, find water, hunt for food


Sand Art Stick Pencil Holder Rope Bracelets

Friendly Fun Make Damper

Outside ‘n’ Active Various Sports & Games

(All age groups)

($10 added to day charge)



Friday 4th Oct Dress as a pirate for the WORLD’S GREATEST TREASURE HUNT

Special visit by our

& Jumping Castle for the littlies ELECTIVES Crafty Club

Mini Raft Building Catapults Pool Noodle Shooters

Friendly Fun Woodwork

Outside ‘n’ Active Various Sports & Games

State Emergency Service with Basic First Aid Training


Treasure Making Pirate Hats & Swords Treasure Chests

Friendly Fun

DIY Mini First Aid Kit

Outside ‘n’ Active Various Sports & Games

m a c k aY christian

f a m i ly church

love .hop fe.H OM E

MACKAY CHRISTIAN FAMILY CHURCH LIFT UP YOUR EYES...! MCF is a place where YOU are welcome! We believe God’s plan for you includes being actively involved in the Body of Christ, His Church. We invite you to be a part of our loving family every Sunday and also throughout the week as we meet in the community. We pray you have a blessed week! MCF meets in the Powerhouse Auditorium. Powerhouse is the Multipurpose Hall on MCC’s Junior School Campus at 143 Evans Avenue North, North Mackay.

Coming Up at Mackay Christian Family Church: September 1st Celebration Services @ Powerhouse 9.30 am with Ps David Westbrook 5.30 pm Car Park Cricket (no 5pm Prayer Meeting) September 8th Celebration Services @ Powerhouse 9.30 am with Ps David Westbrook 6.00 pm with Spiritual Disciplines Panel MCF has a weekly Prayer Meeting at 5pm on Sunday afternoons before our Evening Services. This Prayer Meeting is open to everyone and we would love to see you there. If you want to know more about the vision of MCF or want more information about our Ministries and Life Groups please call the Church Office on 4963 1155 or email


Office: The Cottage 9 Quarry Street

Ph: Fax:

07 4963 1155 07 4942 5003

Postal: PO Box 3215 North Mackay QLD 4740

Email: Web:

Mackay Christian Family Church has Celebration Services to reach people and welcome them home, Training Courses to restore people and create hope, Small Groups to raise people and to do life together, and Ministry Teams to release people to demonstrate love.


Revolution Youth and REV67’s are the Youth Ministry of Mackay Christian Family Church. REV67’s as the name suggests is for children in Year 6 – 7. Held from 3:30pm – 5pm every Friday, $5 per person includes afternoon tea. Revolution Youth for Year 8 and above is held from 7pm – 9pm also every Friday. With crazy challenges, live music and great preaching from the Bible, Rev is where it’s at!

high tea luncheon - discovering aspergers

Mackay Turf Club, Sunday 27th October, 11:30am - 4pm. Tickets $75 per person. Purchase tickets via with special guest Prof Tony Attwood.


School holiday fun for Primary School aged children at Mackay Gymnastics: Wednesday 25th September & 2nd October 2013 at Swayne St, North Mackay 9.30 – 11am. Cost only $15 per child. A great way to get children active and out of the house. Numbers are limited so please book. Contact Mackay Gymnastics or phone 4953 1425.

Give Away your kids this term break!

How does 2 weeks of kid free holidays sound? Drop off your kids in the morning, fill your day, and pick them up at the end! It’s as simple as that. The Fruittion Tuition Holiday Program will consist of daily tutoring and break-out session full of FUN and entertainment! You have the options of half day or full day stays, it’s entirely up to you! Call today to book your preferred days and times before the program fills up. Call 1300 884 846 and enter our postcode, 4740. We have 2 locations for your convenience!


Milo In2cricket – 5 to 8 year olds. 7 week program at Magpies Sporting Complex Starting: Monday 16th September, 4.15pm to 5.15pm. Register online at: or at first session. U10 Cricket – 8 or 9 year olds Commencing Friday 11th October, 6pm. Visit Club website to register - mccm.qld.

healthy chemistry display

Being healthy is a matter of good chemistry. A myriad of simple and complex chemicals interact and react within your body constantly. A travelling exhibition brought to you by The Royal Australian Chemical Institute and sponsored by the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Questacon. On display at Mackay City Library from Wednesday 7th August to Monday 2nd September.

car maintenance 101 - the workshop for ever driver

You’re invited to ‘Car Maintenance 101’ the workshop for every driver! Car Maintenance 101 is a workshop designed to teach basic vehicle maintenance to any driver wishing to learn. It’s a free community event implemented by North Jacklin, a local car dealer in Mackay for 50 years. There are no silly questions and all mechanical jargon, which can often be confusing, is banned. Tuesday 10th September, from 5:30pm-7:00pm. Numbers are limited and bookings are essential. Please call us on 4963 2200.

IAssist Safety App

IAssist Safety App helps children learn protective behaviours. Using a hand IAssistSafety allows a child to identify 5 adults who they could ask for help if feeling unsafe. The hand assists children to remember their safe people. These 5 adults will help the child to be safe if they are scared, worried, sad or just need help. This App helps to give your child a voice in keeping themselves safe. Available in Google Play or the Apple Store.

Student discount app


Family Relationship Centre (Centacare) can offer families a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner to assist separated families to develop ‘Parenting Plans’ which outline the care and control of their children. As this service is largely funded by the Commonwealth Government only a small fee applies (relative to your yearly income). Please call 1300 783 544 for future information.

A new Student Discount App, known as the Feed is now available for download on both the App and Android store.The Feed, brings students a range of discounts from the region and is FREE to download. Download today to receive discounts at gyms, restaurants, mechanical, medical and a range of other local businesses. Go to to download. The Feed is proudly sponsored by Study Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday and BMC.


Do you want to be a TV star? Would you like to read Prime Time news? Improve your confidence, speaking and communication skills at Media Potential School Holiday Programs - 23rd & 24 September at the Channel 7 Studios. For students aged 13 to 17. Ph 3511 3455 or visit for more information.

Kidz Life operates as a not-for-profit business partnering with New Life Church supporting local and international community projects including missions. The Play Centre is located at 75 Evans Avenue North Mackay and is available for Birthday Party bookings. For opening hours and prices, you can visit or phone them on 4953 5575.

mackay christian college Grandparent’s day is a wonderful event to honour all our mcc grandparents We invite you to be a part of our morning service and enjoy special presentations by our students, interact in Junior School classrooms and experience our Junior School Campus.






Junior School students from Pre-Prep (Kindy) to Year 5 will be present at the service. This will be followed by a lovely morning tea for our grandparents in the Powerhouse foyer. Collins Booksellers are once again giving you an opportunity to purchase and donate childrens books to our Junior Library. Your purchase will be labelled with a dedication to your grandchildren.

FRIDAY 13th SEPTEMBER 9:00am-11:30am Mackay Christian College, Junior School Campus Powerhouse Auditorium

143 Evans Avenue North, North Mackay

rsvp by monday 9th september 07 4963 1100 |

Grandparents, DON’T FORGET TO Bring your camera!

book week

Issue 15 30 August 2013  
Issue 15 30 August 2013  

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