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Newsletter No. 14

Dear Parents The 2011 Open Day was fantastic! For those of you who did not get to see me do battle with Brad Huddleston on the slippery pole and in sumo suits you can go to the link

and v=9KDML0l_64o. They are very funny!

Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make the day such a special time of celebration of the wonderful College community we have at MCC. Some people are acknowledged by name within this newsletter, but there really were just too many people to name all of the people who contributed to making it such a great day. Two pages of names were registered at the information desk of parents who were interested in getting further information about enrolling their children in the College. The Junior Campus provided a wonderful location for Open Day. Some displays were set up in the foyer of Powerhouse (our Primary School Multi Purpose Hall) and the main auditorium was used to showcase the talents of our wonderful choirs and musical ensembles. I felt very proud of the students who participated in the various activities and of those who came along to enjoy the day.

Yours in Christ

Pastor Dr Craig Murison PRINCIPAL

Friday 8 August 2011

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Open Day

From the Deputy Principal MORE NEiTA AWARDS! I am very excited to congratulate three more of our staff on being nominated for National Excellence in Teaching Awards for 2011. Mr Michael Nettlefold (English, Humanities, Science), Mrs Mariette Pienaar (Home Economics) and Miss Amanda Howard (Drama).

We are very privileged to have a wonderful staff at MCC who care for your children on a daily basis – both supporting them and challenging them as necessary. APPRENTICES ON SITE Through association with the Trade Training Centre, MCC is hosting a training facility for a number of Mackay apprentices. Working on site with their trainer from Townsville, the apprentices are completing competencies for plumbing and electrical trades. In order to restrict interaction between our students and the apprentices, we have organised different start and finish times for their day, and different break times. Some of our TTC students now, may be apprentices training with us in the future. Thank you to Mr Peter Hopper for organising this important College - Community connection. MOVIE RATINGS Thank you to parents who have contacted the College to clarify our movie rating policy. All movies shown to students without parental permission are to have no higher than a PG rating. If a teacher selects a movie of a higher rating, eg. M15+, then a letter to notify parents is to be sent home. If, as a parent, you would prefer your child not to view the movie, please return the reply slip attached to the notification letter, to your child‟s teacher. LEAVING THE COLLEGE GROUNDS DURING COLLEGE HOURS King‟s Park Campus students were reminded again at Assembly on Thursday about the College policy for leaving the College grounds during the day. Unless accompanied by a parent or a teacher, students DO NOT have the College‟s permission to leave the grounds between 8am and 3pm. Students are not to drive their cars throughout the College day and are not to transport other students as passengers in their cars during the day. If a student driver travels in their own car to the College, or brings another student with them in their car, they need to complete a „Student Driver Notification‟ form advising us of this. This form is to be handed to the Head of Senior School, Mr Peter Lister. Our aim is to keep our students as safe as necessary while attending the College.

HOUSE FAMILY POINTS Following a very successful Open Day, where the students‟ bottle stall donations contributed to their House Family points, the points tally now stands at: Averill = 2494

Dennis = 2439

Evans = 1955

Young = 2265

Congratulations to all our House Families for their support of the Open Day stalls. The Student Leaders were also busy on the day manning both the Mini-Tuckshop snacks stall and the „Mrs Dunbaven‟s wonderful Eat-Treats‟ stall. Well done all!

May God bless your family richly Mrs Lesley Tunnah Deputy Principal N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 4

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OPEN DAY - Thank you We would like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to all the people who helped make Open Day a success:  Mrs Jill Dunbavan  North Mackay Host Lions Club  Rio Tinto Hail Creek Mine  B & T Amusements  Capricornia Camels  Mr Fireworks  Xpresso Mobile Coffee  Churros Mackay  Dippin Dots Ice-cream  Cruizinaroundpizzas  Red Frogs  Tracey Iki from Learning Ladder  Tamara Smith & Jabin Mills  Peppi Tucci  MCC Missions Team  Creative Arts Team  Creative Academy  Senior School Student Council  Middle School Student Council  Our amazing Maintenance team who are the engine that keep the College running  Parents and students who just turned up and volunteered to help  The incredible teachers and staff of MCC  And finally - Mrs Jacinta Kliese who makes it all happen! We also want to thank parents and students who donated approximately 2000 filled bottles for our Bottle Stall and ingredients for Mrs Dunbavan's baked goods. Between the Bottle stall and the Home Baked items you helped to raise over $3000 for the College - Well done!

Important Dates AUGUST Year 10 Work Experience ............................................................ Monday 8th - Friday 12th Careers Market Expo ................................................................................ Wednesday 10th Year 8 Camp ........................................................................ Wednesday 10th - Friday 12th ICAS Maths Test .................................................................................................. Tuesday 16th Senior School Subject Information Night ....................................................... Tuesday 16th Middle School Subject Information Night.................................................... Wednesday 17th MCC Theatre Sports ...................................................................................... Wednesday 24th QCS Test ................................................................................ Tuesday 30th - Wednesday 31st

N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 4

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From the Head of Studies “It is well to think well. It is divine to ACT well.” ~Horace Mann~

This week I had the privilege of attending a presentation by an inspirational leader who originates from Victoria. He challenged me to think outside the box when it comes to teaching and learning. I have often wondered why we seem content to do things the way they have always been done – just because. Sometimes that is OK because it is working. But when it isn‟t working we must question ourselves as to why - and find possible alternatives. Over the past few months our teachers have been working hard to implement some of the „harder‟ strategies our children need to perfect if they are to become confident and competent readers. We have implemented our “Reading is Thinking” program, where we are helping students refine comprehension strategies to help them improve their reading. Sitting in one of the Prep classes recently I was so excited to hear one young man talking about what his brain does while he reads. He informed me that he was playing picture movies or „visualising‟ in his head while he read or listened to the words of a story. Our teachers are doing a great job. On the next page of the newsletter are a series of photos - I will be sharing these with students at assemblies this week - Ask your children to „infer’ what this story is telling us? There are some very important things happening around the traps in the coming weeks. Here is a reminder:QCS TEST (Year 12) - August 30th and 31st Students need to be seeking every opportunity to prepare themselves for these tests. There are many ways in which to do this. Visit the Senior Lounge for practice tests and power points on key learning areas. Visit the Library and borrow a variety of “QCS Retrospectives”. Attend tutoring or above all else, commit to doing their absolute best in all assessments this term. Ensure that you are using the opportunity to submit drafts and receive feedback from teachers to be able to achieve great results. PROJECT WEEK PREP - YEAR 7 In Week 7 students will enjoy a time for some collaborative and adventurous learning. Be on the lookout for some information from class teachers and I am sure some exciting reports from your children as they begin that fantastic learning opportunity. SUBJECT INFORMATION NIGHTS These evenings are a vital way of parents and students being informed about the subjects they will be selecting for the next few years. I encourage all Year 7, 8 & 10 families to make a special effort to attend.

Tuesday 16th August 6:30 - 9pm - Subject selection for Senior Learning Year 11 & 12 in 2012/2113 (Our current Year 10 students) Wednesday 17th August 6:30 - 8:00pm - Subject selection for Year 8, 9/10, 2012 (Our current Year 7 & 8 students) Mrs Robyn Hair Head of Studies N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 4

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From the Head of Studies cont‌.

A Story Without Words! Start

N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 4

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From the Junior School WE ARE SO BLESSED….. in Junior school! We have just appointed the first batch of 2011 Junior school Student Leaders who have volunteered to help maintain the CLEAR values of the College. Junior School Student Leaders need to consistently demonstrate the CLEAR values of the College. They should aim to be a role model for their peers and younger students, and consistently: C: Act in a Christlike manner L: Demonstrate diligence in application to studies and classwork, Learning to the best of their ability E: Demonstrate Excellence in presentation with their uniform and attendance A: Demonstrate an Attitude in keeping with College values (courteous, co-operative and punctual) R: Maintain an appropriate, positive and Respectful relationship with peers and adults. At our Assembly on Friday these young leaders were introduced to Mr Alun Tunnah, Head of Middle School who presented them with their official Student Leader Badges. Since then they have enthusiastically taken on the role of demonstrating the CLEAR values of the College to the remaining student body. BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL PICKUPS Our traffic congestion is beginning to ease….however, I again appeal to parents to KEEP THE TRAFFIC MOVING by: Using this area to STOP, PICKUP or DROP OFF and GO. NOT PARKING in the drop off and pick up zones. If you do need to park, PLEASE use the carpark provided. Not parking in the roundabout area as this prevents other cars from moving freely through the area. Driving to the far end of the pick up zone before encouraging your child to board your vehicle. This will ensure the maximum number of cars are able to use this area. Mrs Alison Bannister Head of Junior Campus

School Crossing - King’s Park Campus It has been reported that some parents are not observing the NO STANDING areas on either side of the school crossing at King‟s Park Campus. This is not just a school requirement but is set as a standard by Queensland Transport. It is ILLEGAL to stop in a No Standing zone. It also puts the lives of our students using the crossing in danger. Please also note that stopping in the bus zone between 8.00am - 4.00pm incurs fines. Remember our children are precious and we should be setting an example for them by obeying the road rules.

N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 4

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From the Library Hi All We have had a great reading start to Term 3. MS READATHON Thank you to the students who registered and read to raise much needed funds for people throughout Australia living with multiple sclerosis. Students read for 1 month and collect sponsor for their reading. It is not too late to start as there is still August to go in the Readathon. Adults can also participate. For more information check out their website POSTPONING RADICAL READING CHALLENGE Because of the very busy start we have had to this term and the events still to come we have decided to hold the Radical Reading Challenge at the beginning of Term 4. We will give out more information closer to this time. SCHOOL REPORTS Thank you for your support in ensuring your child returns or pays for overdue Library items. The number of school reports still being held at the Library has reduced dramatically since the term started. Please continue with us to help our students learn this responsibility. If you have any queries or concerns, please contact us. PRINTING COSTS Please check with your Senior students to see if they have any unpaid printing costs from last term. Students need to pay for any printing that they do in the Library at the time of printing, with no IOU‟s occurring anymore. Year 9 & 11 still have quite a few outstanding amounts. ONE WORLD MANY STORIES Week 7 is Children‟s Book Week throughout Australia. This year the theme is One World Many Stories . With help, the Prep – Year 7 classes make displays for shortlisted books to help us decorate the Library in the World theme. This will all culminate in Children‟s Book Week (22nd-26th August) with lots of activities and fun to mark the announcement of the winners of each category of children‟s books. OPEN DAY Thank you to those who came and visited the Library on Open Day. It was great to be able to show off our new Junior Campus Library. Happy Reading Mrs Robyn Hopper Teacher Librarian

N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 4

Daily Mercury - A big thank you to Jeff at Andergrove Convenience Store for sponsoring our Library newspaper.

F R I D A Y 8 A U G U S T 20 1 1

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From Creative Arts DRAMA NEWS OPEN DAY: Thank you to the students who performed on Open Day. Your commitment to the team and advancing in your skills is commendable. Also a warm thank you to the friends and family that came to watch, it has been a pleasure being able to meet a lot of new faces. Something that warms my heart is how many parents are so encouraging when supporting their children in the drama field. Now that we know the space and acoustic areas at Providence, we will ensure that microphones and more seating is a priority. Thank you again, and if I have not met you yet please feel free to come and say hello‌. A HUGE CLEAN OUT: If you have ever had a fancy dress party, had children in theatre or dance competitions, and have clothes/ wigs/ beads/ glasses/hats/ wedding dresses etc lying around the house and are having a clean out‌...then please feel free to donate them to our ever expanding Drama room. We would love to look after and enjoy them here! With many blessings Miss Amanda Howard Drama Teacher COLLECTION OF ART WORK All Year 8 students from Term 1 and 2 please come to the Art Room after school to collect your symbolic journey pictures, book's and pottery. You have until the 31st of August. Any past Year 12 students from 2010 please come to the Art Room and collect your art work. Yours in His service Mrs Danielle Smith Head of Faculty Creative Arts

Netbook News ***IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL ACER STUDENT NETBOOK OWNERS*** Please be advised that all ACER 1410 model Netbooks purchased in late 2009/early 2010 your insurance will expire in Oct/Nov 2011. You have the opportunity to purchase another year insurance at the cost of $55.00. If you have purchased your Netbook this year and wish to extend your insurance for a 3rd year the cost is also $55.00. To purchase another year worth of insurance with the following details: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 4


Name the Netbook is insured under Address SNID (Serial Number) Email address Contact Phone Number

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Happy Clicking! The ICT Team Page 8

From Public Relations & Events GRANDPARENT’S ADDRESSES REQUIRED FOR GRANDPARENTS DAY 2011 Grandparents Day is coming up at the end of this term on Wednesday 14th September 2011 and we would love for all our College Grandparents to join us. This year Grandparents Day will be held on the Junior School Campus in Powerhouse. Invitations will be sent out to all Grandparents we are given addresses for. Address update forms will be sent home with the youngest in the family this week or will be available from either the College Office or Junior School Reception. Please fill these out and return to either of the College Campuses as soon as possible so that we can ensure all our VIP Grandparents receive an invite! PREP-YEAR 7 STUDENT PHOTOS If you placed an order you should have now received your child‟s photos. Photos were distributed this week to students. A reminder that if you have any issues or questions regarding your photo orders, or you would like to re-order, please contact the photographer directly: Advancedlife Photography – 40518611 between 8.30am-4.30pm. SPORTING AND CULTURAL PHOTOS All photos of our College Captains, sporting teams, bands and other extra-curricular groups can now be viewed in the Library at both Campuses. Order forms will be available at the Library and orders can be placed through the College Office. COLES & WOOLWORTHS SHOPPING RECEIPTS Our College is registered to participate in two promotions which are currently running. Coles - Sports for Schools: Coles is continuing it‟s commitment to encouraging active, healthy lifestyles for Australian kids, so are once again conducting the Sports for Schools promotion. From August 11th thru to October 18th, parents can collect vouchers by shopping at any Coles, Coles Online, Pick n‟ Pay or BI-LO supermarket. Collecting vouchers is easy! The more vouchers our College collects, the more sports gear we receive! Woolworths Earn & Learn: From July 18th to September 18th 2011 Woolworths Earn & Learn points can be earned for every $10 spent at Woolworths (excluding Woolworths Online or Caltex Woolworths co-branded fuel outlets). Points automatically appear on your shopping dockets, which you simply bring in to the College Office. When the 9-week program ends our College are able to redeem points against a choice of more than 7,000 educational resources including Library books, classroom equipment, art & craft materials and much more. Vouchers/receipts can be handed in to the College Office or the Junior School Reception. FACEBOOK For those of you who are into the Facebook craze, we have a new MCC Facebook page for all current and past parents, students and staff. We will endeavour as time goes on to keep this page updated on events that are happening in the College along with sharing photos and video presentations that people may like to view. This will be an important communication tool between College and parents so to keep informed simply logon to Facebook, search for the “Mackay Christian College” page and hit the „Like‟ button! Mrs Jacinta Kliese PR & Events Coordinator

N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 4

F R I D A Y 8 A U G U S T 20 1 1

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Assessment Calendar Year 8 Assessments due week beginning: 8 August

Metalwork - Rectangle Tin/Workbook Woodwork - Cutting Board/Workbook

Home Ec (PL) - Design Work SOSE(KP) - Draft Science - Test

15 August

Music - Exam

AG - Test

Year 9 Assessments due week beginning: 8 August

SOSE (KP) - Draft Science - Test

English (MN/LD) - Draft

15 August

BES - Assignment A English (MN/LD) - Oral Presentation

English (MN/CW) - Exam

Year 10 Assessments due week beginning: 8 August

AG - Prac Assessment Science - Test

Multitech – Storyboard

15 August

DRAMA - Draft English (TM) - Exam

English (LD, SH, CW) - Draft

Year 11 Assessments due week beginning: 8 August

Engineer1 - Project

Construction - Saw Stool

15 August

AG -Draft Science 21 - Lab Report

Clear (AH) - Draft

Year 12 Assessments due week beginning: 8 August

English - Analytical Exposition Maths A - Assignment Ind. Graphics - Kitchen

Pre Voc Maths - Assignment Clear (PrL/LM) - Writing Task

15 August

ECS - Draft Chemistry - Assignment

Maths B - Assignment/ICAS exam Graphics - Assessment

Intention Form 2012 Thank you to all parents who have returned the Student Intention form for 2012. If you have not yet returned your form would you please complete it and return it to the College Office or the Junior School Reception as soon as possible. If you did not receive a form or have misplaced it you can collect another one from the College Office.

Tuition Tuition for both English and Mathematics for Year 8 - 12 students is available if your child is seeking to improve their general skills or wanting assistance with an assignment or assessment piece. Tuition is held in the Information & Resource Centre (King‟s Park Library) on the following days: Maths Tutoring Wednesday & Thursday 3:15pm – 4:00pm N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 4

F R I D A Y 8 A U G U S T 20 1 1

English Tutoring Thursday 3:30pm – 4:15pm Page 10

From the Creative Academy “Where every student is a star”

URBAN BEAT TRIP By now all families would have received emails regarding final payment for this trip.

Those families who haven‟t made contact with Mr Earl Winterstein, you need to do so as we need to finalise this as soon as possible. A letter and an email have been sent home containing contact information, and arrival times and departure times. ALL ENSEMBLES This year‟s M.O.B. (Mackay‟s Orchestra‟s & Bands) will be on the weekend of 19 th, 20th and 21st August 2011 at the CQU Conservatorium of Music. Jazz Ensemble: Wind Ensemble: Scholarship Band: Bel Canto Band: String Ensemble:

Friday at the Conservatorium Saturday at MCC Sunday at Conservatorium Sunday at Conservatorium Sunday at Conservatorium

Arrive: 6:35pm Arrive: 6:45pm Arrive: 12:50pm Arrive: 2:30pm Arrive: 3:55pm

OPEN DAY Congratulations to everyone who participated and helped in any way at Open Day!!!!!! It was a huge success and the fireworks ended the evening beautifully. REHEARSALS - PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE FOR THE WIND AND STRING ENSEMBLES All Jazz, Bel Canto and Scholarship Band rehearsals will continue at the usual time. FOR ALL WIND ENSEMBLE MEMBERS GOING TO BRISBANE THERE WILL BE A REHEARSAL MONDAY 8TH AUGUST AT 7:30AM. THERE WILL BE A MORNING 7:30AM.


STRINGS REHEARSAL HAS BEEN CHANGED FOR THIS WEEK ONLY. IT WILL BE ON MONDAY MORNING 8TH AUGUST AT 7:30AM. IMPORTANT AMEB EXAMS All students should be well into practice through the term. Please continue the good work. FREE aural help is being provided by Mr Winterstein on Monday and Friday mornings starting at 8am until the exams. Please make sure to arrange your accompanist. Mrs Smith is very happy to provide this service. Just a reminder: STUDENTS ARE NOT TO LEAVE THEIR INSTRUMENTS AND FOLDERS IN CREATIVE ACADEMY BLOCK OR THEIR CLASSROOMS. Creating in Christ Mr Earl Winterstein Head of Creative Academy N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 4

F R I D A Y 8 A U G U S T 20 1 1

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Kite Surfer

N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 4

F R I D A Y 8 A U G U S T 20 1 1

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Kite Surfer

N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 4

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Mackay Christian Family Church MCF is a place where YOU are welcome! We believe God’s plan for you includes being actively involved in the body of Christ, His church. We invite you to be a part of our loving family every Sunday and also throughout the week as we meet in the community. We pray you have a blessed week! COMING UP AT MACKAY CHRISTIAN FAMILY This week MCF commences our first meetings in the Powerhouse Auditorium. Powerhouse is the Multipurpose Hall on MCC‟s Junior Primary Campus at 143 Evans Ave North, North Mackay August 5th - 7th - Healing Meetings with Ps John Mellor Powerhouse Auditorium - MCC Junior Primary Campus, 143 Evans Ave North, North Mackay. Friday 5th @ 7.30pm - Healing Meeting Saturday 6th @ 1.30-5.30pm - Healing Seminar, Register at MCF Office. Cost: $20 (pay at the door) Sunday 7th @ 9.30am & 6pm - Healing Meetings August 14th - Celebration Services @ Powerhouse 9.30am with Andrew Ironside 5.00pm – Powerhouse Prayer Meeting 6.00pm with Ps David Westbrook Revolution Youth Revolution Youth meets every Friday night from 7-9pm here in Faith Centre. Come check it out! You will have a great time meeting new friends and discovering God. August 5th - Combined with MCF at Powerhouse Healing Meeting with Ps John Mellor : 7.30pm August 12 “Rampage” at Faith Centre 7.00pm If you want any more information on Revolution Youth call Tim Spark on 4963 1155 during office hours… or check us out on Facebook for the latest news. PROVIDENCE PARK There are 6 available blocks remaining in North Mackay‟s Premier New Land Release “Providence Park”. Land prices start at $174,000. This estate is close to schools, shops, parks and other amenities. Please contact David Westbrook on 0414 577 292 or via email if you are interested in getting more information on these blocks.

N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 4

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Bits & Pieces HOUSE FOR RENT Private House for Rent – Royal Sands, Bucasia 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 car lockup, powered shed & a/c. Please phone Joanne for details 0439 257 702. CQ UNIVERSITY OPEN DAY SUNDAY 7th AUGUST 10am - 2pm Whether you are about to finish school, want to progress your chosen career or are looking for a new direction, CQUniversity Mackay‟s Open Day is the perfect opportunity to seek advice and uncover everything you want and need to know about your future study options. Attend an information session, book an appointment with a careers advisor, check out our facilities, meet staff and current students and have your questions answered. Enjoy a family day out with entertainment, food and children‟s activities. Explore CQUniversity at Open Day and let us help you be what you want to be. For an event program and more details visit or call 13 27 86. PCYC BLUE LIGHT ROLLER DISCO Mackay PCYC is holding a Blue Light Roller Disco on 12th August from 6.30pm 9.00pm. This event is for Primary and Secondary school age children only. It is a drug and alcohol free event. Buses are available for pick up and drop off (bookings essential). Bring your own skates, scooters, ripsticks and skateboards. Heaps of prizes to be won. Please call PCYC on 4942 3496 for more information and bus bookings. MACKAY DISTRICT CRICKET Mackay District Cricket trials are being held on Thursday 11th August at Harrup Park. Players are required to be at the venue at 9:30 am for a 10:00am start. Interested players need to register their intent with Ms Ulla Hansson as soon as possible.

N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 4

BECOME A WEP HOST FAMILY (WEP) Open your door to an international exchange student and expand your knowledge of other countries, cultures, languages and cuisines! WEP is looking for volunteer host families for international students arriving in February 2012. Our students from Italy, France, Belgium, Chile, Japan and The Netherlands are looking forward to experiencing life in Australia, making new friends and becoming a member of an Australian family. Contact . Phone: 1300 884 73. Email: or visit for a free info pack. It‟s easier than you think and a fantastic experience for all! SOUTHERN CROSS CULTURAL EXCHANGE Give your children the wonderful opportunity to have an international big brother or big sister by hosting one of our exceptional international students arriving in Australia in February 2012 for their 5 or 10 month programs. Our international students from France, Germany, Italy, Austria Japan, the U.S.A and Canada will live as a local, attend a local Secondary school, arrive with their own spending money and comprehensive insurance cover – all arranged by Southern Cross Cultural Exchange. Visit us at, email or call us toll free on 1800 500 501 to request a booklet of international student profiles, and capture the spirit of family and friendship! 2012 SISTER CITY SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM This program provides students in Year 10, 11 & 12 with a $1000 scholarship to be used towards the cost of travel on a two week student group visit to Japan, including a 6 day home stay in Matsuura. The group will be accompanied by 2 chaperones. Applications must be received by 24th October 2011. For further information please contact Mackay Regional Council on 1300 622 529.

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