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Newsletter No. 14 | Friday 16th August 2013

Dear Parent We have had two very full weeks at the College. Andrew Ironside, a much recorded and travelled musician, returned to MCC to work with a number of our emerging musicians. Andrew spent a day inspiring and encouraging a number of young musicians and singers to continue to develop their talents. Andrew draws on his extensive experience in the music industry to show students how they can use their musical talents to bless others. Bible Bob, from the Bible Society, was our guest at the Chapel on the Junior Campus. I was blessed to be there for much of his presentation. Bob uses music and humour to present a message of hope and values. It was great fun too! Brad Huddleston has been working with our Multimedia students in the Multimedia Camp for 2013. This is the ninth year Brad has been with us for this camp. The students develop some amazing video and photographic materials. Their work can be followed on the Multimedia Camp blog at We also had two Subject Choice Nights for our Year 7, Year 8 & Year 11 students to assist them to make decisions about their curriculum pathways for next year. Both evenings were well attended and lots of questions were answered for parents and students. As students progress through Secondary School year levels their subject selections become progressively more significant. Choosing or not choosing some subjects can open or close doors to career pathways. The Teaching & Learning Team at MCC seeks to guide students in the choices they make. Miss Lynn Morrison and Mrs Jacqueline Greentree provide excellent information and advice to students to help them make the best choices for their future. One of the highlights of the Senior Subject Choice Night was the enthusiasm injected by the English Faculty by both Mr Holmes and Mr Le Petit turning up in full Shakespearian costume and staying in character as much as possible. At MCC we are glad to be able to provide a range of possible career pathways for our students. Our excellent Academic track record, Apprenticeship and Employment success are an encouragement to all our students that they can ‘become all God wants them to be’. Yours in Christ

Pastor Dr Craig Murison PRINCIPAL

I feel as though I’m touching my toes into two different worlds of operation at the moment. In one world, I am still in 2013, teaching Biology and preparing and marking assessment tasks, and attending the wonderful variety of events available this year for our students and parents. The other world is 2014 and further, as I organise next year’s staffing and timetable, and collate ideas for MCC’s goals for the next Strategic Plan. So let’s begin with what’s happening in the 2013 world!


To celebrate the ninth anniversary of the annual MultiMedia Camp, where we have been visited by Ps Brad Huddleston, a television producer from the USA, Ms Lindy McQuaker organised a stunning evening of festivity and film on Saturday 10th August. The evening showcased the quality and high standard of video productions by MCC students from past years. The program selections included animation, movie trailers, music videos and short films. I love the movies, so it was a great opportunity to dressup, add lots of bling, and have my photo taken on the ‘Hollywood’ red carpet. With 2014 being the 10th anniversary, I am looking forward to an even bigger, more glamorous event. Thank you very much, Ms McQuaker!


Under the direction of our Music teacher, Mr Ryaed Owens, approximately 15 of our students were able to attend a Praise & Worship Workshop run by Ps Andrew Ironside. Andrew is a very well-known Christian recording artist and songwriter, so we were very priveleged to have access to his advice and experience.


During this past week, Year 10 & Year 7 & 8 students have been given an opportunity to look at future subject choice pathways. There are so many possibilities available! Thank you to all the staff who spent time organising video clips of their subject areas and then setting up and manning displays on each evening. My suggestion for choosing subjects? 1. Pray and listen. 2. Reflect on your gifts and talents. 3. What subjects do you REALLY enjoy? Choosing these will lead you to a job you will enjoy. Thank you to Miss Lynn Morrison, Head of Teaching &Learning and Mrs Jacqueline Greentree our Learning Pathways Coordinator, for overseeing this event.


Now to dip my toe in the world of 2014 and beyond! Thank you very much to the 76 students and 67 parents who responded to the Feedback Survey recently posted on the MCC website. Your responses will be used to help design the next 2014 – 2016 MCC Strategic Plan.

please read and enjoy the top responses to each question listed below: PARENTS: Q.3. What are some of the reasons for why you enrolled your child at MCC? 43% - Christian values 42% - Quality, Christian education 28% - Safe, friendly environment with good discipline standards 21% - Good community reputation 19% - Caring, Christian teachers Q.5. What do you fear in our College? 25% - nothing 22% - bullying 9% - fee increases, financial hardship 7% - large class size 7% - over-emphasis on Christian input Q.6. What do you fear in our society? 24% - poor values, standards 18% - drugs, alcohol, abuse 12% - self-absorbed society 10% - unable to protect children Q.7. Some of your favourite College activities? 46% - Open Day 19% - Musical performances 19% - Swimming, Sports Carnivals 9% - Volunteer, Missions events 9% - extra-curricular activities Q.9. Two things you would change? 22% - home communication 16% - parking, trees, grounds 13% - more sports facilities 10% - Learning Support screening 9% - more consistent discipline Q.10. Two things you would keep? 43% - Christian influence, Chapel, CLEAR 39% - Great Christian teachers and staff 8% - House Family Groups 7% - Extracurricular activities, camps, bands 6% - affordable fees

STUDENTS: Q.3. Why do you come to MCC? 59% - Good education, teachers 38% - friends 21% - I have to 16% - Subject choices, career opportunities 13% - relationship building Q.5. What do you fear in our College? 31% - Nothing 14% - peer pressure, bullying 11% - detention, behavioural expectations 9% - failure to pass subjects 7% - rejection Q.6. What do you fear in our society? 26% - nothing 18% - judgement, rejection, bullying 17% - kidnappers, murderers, rapists 8% - don’t know 8% - failing society, homelessness Q.7. Some of your favourite College activities? 43% - Subject Choice 21% - Carnivals 19% - extra-curricular activities, Bands 17% - Camps, Excursions 11% - Open Day Q.9. Two things you would change? 29% - less strict uniform 17% - shorter Chapel 16% - shorter sessions, subjects 14% - less homework, lower workload 14% - more relaxed discipline Q.10. Two things you would keep? 30% - the teachers 17% - friendly atmosphere 15% - House Family Groups, Senior Mentors 13% - subject, career choices 9% - Chapel, Christian atmosphere and values. May you and your family be blessed Mrs Lesley Tunnah Deputy Principal


Mackay Orchestras & Bands (M.O.B.) Competition . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th August Children’s Book Week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Monday 19th - Friday 23rd August QCS Test . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tuesday 3rd - Wednesday 4th September Grandparent’s Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Friday 13th September Missions Market Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thursday 19th September Year 8 Sports Day . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Wednesday 18th September

WOW..... It has been an amazing week with the show casing of subjects and the choice of learning pathways available to students at the College as they identify how to move forward in their learning journey. These evenings give example of our commitment to offering students the opportunity to participate in a variety of learning plans and pathways which provide them with learning activities designed to help them reach their unique individual potential. Some significant highlights of these evenings were: • The creative and innovative subject and faculty displays, and the media clips • The commitment and passion that the great staff of the College are prepared to action to model excellence - thank you Mr LePetit and Mr Holmes for the Shakespearian orators on Tuesday Night.

The format of the evenings was designed to open up subject choice conversations between parents and their children about the choice and diversity available regarding their future careers, learning focuses and preferred futures. As these conversations continue some guidelines to help in choosing subjects are: • work from student’s strengths • challenge students to make the most of their capabilities • select subjects that are manageable and that students enjoy • consider student’s previous achievements in helping them make decisions • subjects that students have done well in, and prepare to consider taking risks with subjects they have not done so well in • What the achievements tell them about their strengths and abilities (eg mechanical aptitude, creative talents, linguistic ability, etc), commitment and enthusiasm. • For students moving into Year 11, factors of Career Aspirations and further learning requirements should also be considered.

deadlines for choices

All Year 11 2014 Student Education & Training Plan with Subject Choices identified are due back at the College by Tuesday 27th August. Individual Subject Choice chats will be held across the next 6-8 weeks. All Year 8 & 9 2014 student preferences should be registered Online by Monday 2nd September. Please ensure that students order their preferences for all elective subjects. If you have any questions or enquiries about the subject choices your child needs to make, don’t hesitate to contact the Learning Pathways Coordinator, Mrs Jacqueline Greentree or relevant subject teacher through the College Office or via email at • The involvement of students across both nights. Thank you to our College Captains Jan Deysel, Jade Young, Kyla Ranger and Ray Kerr and our Drama students as representatives of Drama - Cheryl Fiedler and Sam Turner on Tuesday Night; Clara Tomkinson and Max Griffin on Wednesday Night. As well as the student leaders who became tour guides on Wednesday night.

If you would like to communicate feedback about these Subject Choice Nights, please email through your thoughts, ideas, suggestions for improvement and your experience of the nights to me at

curriculum events coming

Student Senior School Subject Choice Passport winner - Daniel Noack. Well done Daniel!

Tuesday 3rd September & Wednesday 4th September. In just over 2 weeks our Senior Students, along with their state counterparts, will be sitting the Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test. It is a battle against nerves, distractions and the clock and it’s a battle the College’s Year 12 students have been preparing for, to be confident and do the best that they can on those days. More information will be coming out regarding this event through letters across the next 2 weeks.

Middle School Subject Choice Treasure Tag winner - Samuel Brooks. Enjoy your date with your parent Samuel!

Miss Lynn Morrison Head of Teaching & Learning

• The engagement, fervour and energy that parents and their students brought to the evenings as they embarked on their journeys collecting information and discovering new learning opportunities.

The Senior Subject Choice Night this week was a well planned and well received evening for both parents and students currently in Year 10. Thank you to Miss Morrison and Mrs Greentree for their work in coordinating the event. The College Captains were very articulate Masters of Ceremony and thanks also go to Sam Turner and Cheryl Fiedler for serving on the Creative Arts Information Stand.

Year 12 students and their families are at the other end of this experience, just three weeks out from the Queensland Core Skills Test on 3rd & 4th September. The combination of ongoing learning of the common curriculum elements in the school subjects as well as the fine tuning in core skills preparation and practice has prepared them as fully as possible. I strongly encourage parents and carers to read the ‘QCST - a guide for parents and carers’ on the QSA website. This information includes the items students will require for the test. Families can assist by gathering all the items each student will require for the Queensland Core Skills Test.

The Year 10 students have been preparing for the evening in their CLEAR lessons studying careers and working on their Senior Education & Training (SET) plans. They have also just completed their Work Experience week. Subject choices need to be made thoughtfully and with consideration of all relevant factors, such as interest, gifting and goals. Students and parents can find useful information to help with final decisions on the Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre (QTAC) and the Queensland Studies Authority (QSA) websites and by contacting the Learning Pathways Coordinator, Mrs Greentree.

Year 11 students are beginning to take on a greater leadership role in the College. Around 30 Year 11 Student Mentors attended the Year 8 Camp along with Year 11 Coordinator, Mr Graham. This was a valuable service opportunity for the Senior Students and a great blessing to the Year 8’s. A number of Year 11 students also served as Student Ambassadors on the Middle School Subject Choice Night. These opportunities will increase for those students that are seeking them, and I encourage all Year 11’s to take these on. Mr Warwick Drew Head of Senior School

grandparents day - addresses required Grandparents Day will be held on the Junior Campus on Friday 13th September and we would love for all our College Grandparents to join us! Invitations will be sent out to all Grandparents we are given addresses for. Please send us the postal addresses for your Grandparents via email or Update Form before Friday 23rd August so that we can make sure your Grandparents are invited to this special event! Email: Send the Names and Postal Addresses of your Grandparents to before Friday 23rd August (please make sure you include the names of your children or grandchildren) OR Update Form: Address Update Forms will be sent home with all Junior School students and are also available from either the College Front Office or Junior School Reception. Please complete these fomrs and return them to either of the College Campuses as soon as possible so that we can include your Grandparent’s on our list!

junior school photo orders All students in Junior School should now have received their 2013 Student photo orders via their class rolls. A reminder that if you have any issues or questions regarding these photo orders, or you would like to re-order, please contact Advancedlife Photography directly at: Advancedlife Photography – 4051 8611. Advanced Life office hours are Monday to Friday 8.30-4.30pm - please ask for Michelle, she is more than happy to help!

sporting and cultural group photo orders All photos of our College Captains, sporting teams, bands and other extra-curricular groups can now be viewed in the Library on King’s Park Campus and in the Reception Area of Providence Campus. Order forms are available at both of these locations and orders can be placed until the end of this term. Correct money is required for orders, payment can be made via cheque and cash. Orders must be in by the end of Term 3 and will be received mid-term in Term 4. From the PR&E Team

Hi all, this has been a very busy week behind the scenes for the Staff of the College as they have been preparing for Subject Choice Nights and the College Yearbook. The best part about preparing for both of these projects is that it reminds us of the many and varied opportunities that exist at the College and how well our students represent themselves, their families and the College. I have been printing photos of students doing their normal classroom activities, and it is great to see their levels of engagement and enjoyment in what they are doing and how well they relate with their teachers. Mrs Tunnah spoke to the parents and students at the Senior Subject Choice Night about all of the different pathways to success. This is also relevant to our Middle School students so I will paraphrase her message here for you. All students are unique with special gifts and talents. Some will pursue academic subjects with a view to gaining University qualifications, others will travel through the Trade Training Centre and use their talents to obtain trades, others will develop their sporting talents to become coaches, or travel to gain sporting scholarships while others will continue with their Cultural interests in Music or Drama. Regardless of which pathway a student follows, it must be built on a firm foundation of good character. Character is built on our everyday actions that are based on our beliefs and values. This is why many of our conversations with students are about developing their character. Success in life is less about what they do, but more about who they are.


Sometimes our students baulk at our processes, but they have all been well thought through to reinforce our stand on Christian character development. When students graduate they look back and recognise when they were challenged to grow through hard experiences, and appreciate our input. I pray that you are still excited about the possibilities for your children at our College - we are! Mr Alun Tunnah Head of Middle School Head of Faculty Science & Innovation

extended periods of time before and after school.

We welcome Mr Will Doble to our staff as our Prep - Year 5 HPE teacher. Mr Doble will be teaching your young ones HPE for the remainder of this year and brings with him a wealth of teaching experience.

We will supervise your children FROM 8am in the morning and UNTIL 3:15pm in the afternoon.

Please take some time to meet, greet and welcome him to our MCC Junior Campus.

If you need supervision for your child outside of these hours, please contact Mrs Katioe Campbell at the MCC Outside School Hours Care (OSHCare)program on 4963 1100.

supervision of students on the junior campus

Please be advised that it is not the responsibility of the College to provide free child minding services for students for

We WILL NOT supervise your children BEFORE 8am in the morning and AFTER 3:15pm in the afternoon.

Have a really great week Mrs Alison Bannister Head of Junior Campus

bikes for africa

We have been busy raising funds for the ‘Bikes for Africa’ project through Sausage Sizzles on a Friday.


2013: Thailand Exposure Trip (December) 2014: Nepal Exposure Trip (Easter) & Indigenous Australia Outreach (June/July) The College offers ‘Missions Exposure’ trips which expose students to various cultures, Mission endeavours, practical ways to serve others less fortunate than ourselves and the opportunity to reflect on how we can make a difference. The College also offers an opportunity for students to be personally involved in ministry through participating in the Indigenous Outreach Trip where they will be working alongside the local church to evangelise, worship and disciple others through various acts of service.


Joh Knijnenburg, otherwise known as ‘Bible Joh’, is a professional communicator, who has presented shows to over 1000 different schools and churches, recently spoke in Junior and Middle/Senior School Chapel. Joh brought a Christian message of laughter and hope which was an encouragement... and challenge for students. We have also been blessed by a number of students groups performing songs each week. If you would like more information about how to participate in these Missions Adventures or contribute financially to the ‘Bikes for Africa’ project, please contact me through the College Office on 4963 1100. Pastor Peter Lister Head of Missions College Chaplain

thank you from foundation for cross-cultural education The College recently received this letter from the Foundation for Cross Cultural Education in Africa expressing their thanks to the Mackay Christian College Africa Exposure Team after their Easter visit. Dear Peter & Team The Koti ni Eden family hereby want to share our appreciation and thankfulness towards your team. You poured out so much of yourself as individuals and also as a team to bless us in so many different ways. Thank you so much for your effort, you servant hearts, you friendliness and humility. We were blessed by your testimonies and message on Easter Friday and all the worship and fellowship together. We thank you also for the sacrifice you’ve made to be away from your families for so long. Please send our greetings and blessings to them as well. We trust that you enjoyed the time here in Zambia and that the Lord had a special appointment with each one of you. We pray that you will have a safe journey back to Australia, may you have a good rest and be refreshed as you unite with your families again. May the Lord’s love and favour go before you as you continue the journey with Him. We appreciate you all! FCE Family Koti ni Eden Training Centre

complete learning initiative order forms due back soon Don’t miss your chance to order software from the Complete Learning Initiative. • 46 titles up to 95% off • Incredible value bundles from $19.95 • Complete, consolidate or update your collection • Fun learning for your child • Free 3 month ZooWhiz Premium subscription for each child The CLI leaflets were recently distributed to the College community for children in Prep to Year 5. Leaflets were also placed in the Pre-Prep Learning centre as well as in the King’s Park Campus Front Office and are available for any family, particularly from Year 6 to 9 (limited number available). The closing date for orders is Friday 16th August. Please return your orders to the Front Office or your classroom Teacher (Junior Campus) so that we can send them off. *Late orders must be lodged directly with EdAlive and will incur extra postage and handling charges.

Mob competition

The Mackay’s Orchestra & Band Competition is being held this weekend 17th & 18th August. The arrival and performance times are below:

ameb exams

Those students doing AMEB exams please make sure you have organised your accompanist. Arrive 15-30 minutes before your scheduled time. Good luck on the day.

other dates

13th September – Grandparents Day – WE and/or JE

Saturday 17th August

MCC – Faith Centre - King’s Park Campus Jazz Ensemble Arrive at 1pm - Perform at 2pm - Cultural Uniform Wind Ensemble Arrive 2pm - Perform at 3pm - Cultural Uniform

15th October – Eisteddfod – All Ensembles MECC, times TBA 22nd October – Gala Twilight Concert – Faith Centre 6:30pm 1st November – Proposed trip by Jazz Ensemble to Brisbane’s Music Fest 12th November – Senior Celebration Night – Powerhouse WE & JE

Sunday 18th August

The Conservatorium of Music Scholarship Band Arrive 12:pm - Perform at 1:00pm - Formal College Uniform Bel Canto Band Arrive 3pm - Perform at 4pm - Cultural Uniform Junior String Ensemble Arrive 3:40pm - Perform at 4:40pm - Formal College Uniform

26th November – Middle School Celebration Night – Powerhouse – BCB, SE & JE 3rd December – Junior School Celebration Night – Powerhouse – SBP & JSE Please mark these dates into your diaries and let us know well in advance if there are any valid reasons why a student cannot be there. Creating in Christ

String Ensemble Arrive 5pm - Perform at 6pm - Cultural Uniform The Conservatorium of Music address is: Boundary Road, Planlands Mackay Qld Ph. 4940 7800. Please let me know if there are any problems.

Mr Earl Winterstein Head of Faculty Creative Academy

STUDENT Festival of Fashion success The creativity of our young designers Shane Bartels, Dana Aitchison, Shannai Beale, Maddison Braak, Rebecca Couter, Meg Dunbavan, Ndanji Nangoyi, Charlotte Sellar and Joleigh Sutton was on display at the Student Festival of Fashion last Saturday night. Meg Dunbavan came first in the Fashion Illustration category and won a scholarship to the Whitehouse School of Design in Melbourne. These budding designers did themselves and the College proud with their garments. Congratulations and well done girls!




You can contact the club at and stay up to date with news on the 2013 season by liking them on Facebook, search ‘Mackay District Junior Rugby Union’, or visit their website for information about the club and links to other rugby sites

On Thursday 15th & Friday 16th August a team of our students from MCC Middle & Senior School attended the Mackay District Athletics Carnival. This was held at Mackay North High School.

Our Year 10 girls had their first Touch Football game on Monday at Norris Park. The team performed very well, considering a number of the girls had never played before. The girls showed a lot of potential and had a great time. The season will run until Week 4 of Term 4, every Monday afternoon. Training will be on Friday afternoon from 3:15 to 4:00pm. We look forward to supporting the girls as they develop their skills and continue in this school-based competition.

The 2013 Mackay Junior Rugby Union season kicks off on Friday 30th August and will run for 10 weeks with a 3 week break over the September Term Break. Sign on is at 5pm til 6pm on 21st & 28th August at Quarry Hill.


On Monday afternoons for the next 7 weeks some of our Year 9 and 10 boys are playing in an Interschool Basketball Competition held at Mercy College. They played their first game this week and although some of the boys have not played before a great afternoon was had by the team.


This week in Recreational Studies we went on a hike to the Kommo Toera Trial in North Mackay in preparation for our overnight hike to Eungella National Park in Week 9. We also learnt how to cook with Trangia Stoves and made pizza and vegetable pasta.


Year 8 Sports Day will be held on Wednesday 18th September. Ms Ulla Hanson Head of Faculty HPE

direct debit payments Next year we will be streamlining our accounts to reduce operating costs. All School Fees will need to be paid by Direct Debit. Direct Debit allows the College to deduct from your account or Credit Card an agreed amount each month, on a date nominated by you, with a frequency that is suitable such as weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Not only does this change save the College money and help keep our fees down, it also makes the payment of fees much easier. It will enable you to spread the cost of your School Fees over the year to suit your budget, and you will no longer have to worry about falling behind in your School Fee payments. The benefits are: the transmission occurs automatically, it is secure, and there is no charge for this service. Thank you to all our families that are already choosing to pay their fees in this way. You can take advantage of this service now by requesting a Direct Debit Form from the College Office or you can notify us if you would like one emailed or mailed to you. All families will receive a Direct Debit Form in our Information Pack that is sent out at the commencement of the new year. Mrs Tracy Swadling Accounts Manager

half way through term 3 and subject CHOICE time

In case you were unable to make it or you did not catch up with us when you were here, there were a couple of key messages we wanted to get across at Subject Choice Night this year so at the risk of repeating myself I am going to write them here.

trade training centre for 2014

There are two ways to participate in the Trade Training Centre - as a Trade Pathway Student or as a Single Subject Student. Trade Pathway is for students who know already that they want to work in an Engineering or Construction trade after Year 12. There are two steps to joining the TTC as a Trade Pathway student. - Step 1 is to select Trade Training Centre on lines 3, 4 & 5 on your Subject Choice Form. - Step 2 is to complete an Expression of Interest Form. These two steps will trigger the TTC enrolment process. Entrance into the TTC is not automatic. Students and at least one of their parents/ carers will need to attend an interview prior to them being accepted. These interviews will start toward the end of this term and run into next term. Single Subject Pathway is a good choice for someone who wants to add some practical training to their preparation for university programs in Built Environment like Building Designer or Engineering. Or students may choose it just to gain some practical skills to help them in life. Whatever the reason you are most welcome, however there are some positive and negative challenges you must be aware of.

Firstly on the positive Single Subject Pathway TTC can be selected by indicating Trade Training Centre of any line on your Subject Choice Form (other than line 1 & 2 – you must do a Maths and an English). On the down side to do this subject you must start school at 7am two days a week. This subject is offered before the rest of school starts. On the plus side when the line you chose TTC on occurs in your timetable, you will have a class where you have time to work on other assignments and classwork. Single Subject Pathway students will need to choose to do Engineering or Construction.

subject choices for YEAr 8, 9 & 10

Students entering Year 8 will need to choose 4 subjects that they will do for a Semester each. Students entering Year 9 will need to select three subjects they will undertake in Year 9 & 10. MCC will encourage students to choose subjects they will enjoy. The great news is that the TTC offers a one stop shop for students in Year 9 & 10 with three great subjects we teach because we enjoy them - Woodwork, Metalwork and Graphics. So just number them one, two, three and your subject choices are done. That is not quite true as you do need to number your preferences right through to 10. We enjoy our subjects and we don’t understand why everyone else wouldn’t too! Remember if you have any questions please contact the Trade Training Centre and speak to one of our staff members. They would be more than happy to talk to you about their passion. Until next time Mr Peter Hopper Director Trade Training Centre Head of Industrial & Vocational Learning

birth certificates A big thank you to all those parents who have already supplied their child’s Birth Certificate to the College. We are continuing to contact parents who have not yet submitted this document. If you have not yet supplied your child’s Birth Certificate, please have a look in your cupboards or files to locate it. You can either drop it in to the College Office at King’s Park Campus on Quarry Street or Providence Campus on Evan’s Avenue North. Alternativley, if it is more convenient for you, you can scan and email the document to the College at We appreciate your support in providing this information.

INTENTION FORMS FOR 2014 By now you will have received your Family Intention Form for 2014. Please complete this form and return it to the College as soon as possible to secure your child’s place for next year. If you have extra children you would like to enrol you will also need to complete an Enrolment Contract. This is available from the College Office, Junior School Reception or the College Website. If you have lost your form or you did not receive one, please contact the College on 4963 1100. If at any stage your circumstance change and you find out you are not returning to the College for 2014 please notify us straight away as we are expecting to have waiting lists for some year levels. Please remember that until we receive your withdrawal in wirting you will continue to be charged fees.

library bags for yEAr 1 students

Nearly all our Year 1 students are making good use of their new Library Bags and are regularly borrowing books. They were invited to come up on stage during Assembly and be presented with their Library Licenses, showing that they are responsible borrowers.

koorong kids

We have moved the due date for the return of Koorong Kids orders to Friday 30th August. This is to ensure that the orders are processed and returned to the College before the end of Term3. So, you have 2 weeks to get them in to the Library.

read across the universE

Next week (Week 7) is Book Week across Australia. Our Junior Library has been transformed into Outer Space. Each class has also added a visual creation to display the shortlisted books. These displays are fantastic and the students are ssoooo proud of them. Please come in and have a look.

dress up for book week

Next Friday 23rd August, students in the Junior School are encouraged to come dressed as a book character. They will parade their costumes during their Village Meetings first thing in the morning, and a selection will model their characters at our Book Week Grande Assembly in the afternoon.

boost learning power

I avoid any conversation arguing which came first: The chicken or the egg. But when it comes to how eggs should be cooked, I have an opinion. Eggs can be served as: Scrambled eggs, Fried eggs, Microwave eggs, Poached eggs, Hard boiled eggs, Soft boiled eggs, Boiled eggs, Devilled eggs or Curried eggs. Can you add to this egg-serving list? As well as how eggs can be served, there are pasture-raised, cage free, free-range, organic, non-organic, vegetarian, standard cage, and omega-free fatty acid eggs. There are brown eggs or white eggs. There are Grades of eggs: AA, A, B. Eggs are sized: jumbo, large, medium, small and peewee. We eat fish eggs [caviar] and bird eggs: hen, duck, goose, quail. As well as how eggs should be cooked, some people say that eggs are ‘brain food’. Multiple studies have shown that eggs are a good addition to a healthy, balanced diet.

Online resources

Don’t forget to use our Online Encyclopedia, World Book, when working on assignments. It is located on the College Portal, left-hand column, bottom of the list.

daily mercury

Thanks to Jeff, from Andergrove Convenience Store for donating the Daily Mercury to the Library and Trade Training Centre each day. Please drop in to his shop (next to Alcorn’s Bakery and Frescos Meat) on Bedford Road, as he not only has all the basics, but yummy treats on special.

subject CHOICE nights

What a privilege to see the displays of student work which were set up in the Senior Library this week as part of the Subject Choice Nights. We have some very talented students and staff in our College.

scholastic book club Open Day

For those interested in ordering from the latest Scholastic Book Club brochures (Issue 6), they are available from the Junior Library. This Book Club is made available to interested parents, but not promoted as a whole school program, as we do not endorse all the titles on offer, but rely on parental discretion when they order. The Library orders a selection that are in keeping with our College values. Happy Reading Mrs Robyn Hopper Head of Libraries

Eggs have nutrients that can assist children’s growth and development. Take care with allergies to eggs, along with other common food allergies from nuts, milk, fish, shellfish, soya, wheat. Good nutritional habits can help a child’s brain functioning, memory and boost learning. Helping children make healthy food choices can have a positive influence on their learning and well-being. Other ways to boost learning can be by establishing expectations and routines and providing opportunities to develop: thinking, reasoning, problem solving, critical thinking, risk taking, exploring, processing and understanding. Caring interactions with family, friends and others can also help a child reach their potential. Having said all this, secretly I cannot resist fried eggs (softcentred, of course!), bacon and buttery toast on a weekend wintery morning. Better get cracking… Ms Donna Maurer Learning Enrichment Centre Manager

ISSUE 6 -2013


clear technology in the orange VILLAGE How does the Orange Village reinforce the CLEAR Technology values in the classroom? In the Orange Village, CLEAR Technology values are reinforced whenever technology is used in all curriculum areas. The technology tools we have are interactive whiteboards, touchscreen computers, laptops and teacher ipads. We talk about how to care for our computers by using cleans hands, having a gentle touch and holding the IWB pen properly to avoid damage. We leave a lovely digital footprint by being respectful to our peers and if our friend leaves an account logged in we log out for them. We enjoy the e-adventure with excellence by taking turns throughout a variety of activities, including reading eggs, study ladder and the use of the Interactive White Board. We know to avoid danger by logging out and not accessing different programs that we shouldn’t be on. We are careful about what our ‘little eyes’ see and ask for permission to view websites. We know we can use information gathered by other classes and can share our resources we have made.

What are some of the activities that engage our students in the Orange Village with technology as the tool in the learning process? Some of the activities that we engage our students with are study ladder, reading eggs, maths in a box, interactive flipcharts related to curriculum, educational online games, touchscreen computers and headphones. We use teacher laptops and teacher ipads to engage students with these activities while also teaching themthem how to explicitly use these technologies.

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For all the new families joining MCC this term we would like to let you know a little about OSHCare (Outside School Hours Care). We operate a fantastic service for Before & After School Care as well as Vacation Care. This service is fully licenced and rebate approved and runs a safe and fun program for all children in our care. Please check out the College Website or visit us for more information.


As always we have had a great couple of weeks. With this gorgeous weather our kids have been thriving in the great outdoors. Bushwalks, creek talks, mud pies and cardboard box slides have been some of the fun activities that your children have initiated. Because of this our programing has tried to incorporate a lot more outdoor open ended activities. We have continued this term with our Active After School Care program doing Hockey and Rugby. Over the last two weeks, for the first time, we have included our Preps and Pre-Preps in our program and both groups have loved their participation. For the younger kids they have been given a chance to be active and learn some fantastic skills to hopefully inspire them into community sports in the future.

For our older kids, on top of learning skills themselves, they have loved helping the younger ones and buddy up with them, helping them learn new things. It has made me very proud to see them develop their leadership skills and encourage others. Please feel free to stay and play with your children any afternoon!

spring cleaning?

If you are doing a spring clean and have any toys, books, dress ups, craft supplies, unused Office equipment or anything else that could be useful then OSHCare may be able to use it. Anything donated that is not useful will be taken to the Salvation Army.


We are constantly adding to your children’s OSHCare Learning Files or Scrapbooks. These contain photos of your children at OSHCare, some of the arts and crafts they have made and stories of learning experiences your children have had during their times at OSHCare.

Community News

Do any of our OSHCare families have a local business or know of community events that could be of interest to our families? If so, perhaps you could bring along business cards and/or brochures to share with all our OSHCare families. Mrs Katie Campbell Director OSHCARE

m a c k aY christian

f a m i ly church

love .hop fe.H OM E

MACKAY CHRISTIAN FAMILY CHURCH LIFT UP YOUR EYES...! MCF is a place where YOU are welcome! We believe God’s plan for you includes being actively involved in the Body of Christ, His Church. We invite you to be a part of our loving family every Sunday and also throughout the week as we meet in the community. We pray you have a blessed week! MCF meets in the Powerhouse Auditorium. Powerhouse is the Multipurpose Hall on MCC’s Junior School Campus at 143 Evans Avenue North, North Mackay.

Coming Up at Mackay Christian Family Church: Commencing this coming week we are preaching on ‘Successful Marriages’, this is not just for those people who are married, but will include wisdom for singles, dating couples, engaged couples and for those that are married….

August 18th Celebration Services @ Powerhouse 9.30 am with Ps Rob Booth-Jones 6.00 pm Water Baptism Party August 25th Celebration Services @ Powerhouse 9.30 am Ps Craig Murison 6.00 pm Ps Chris Campbell MCF has a weekly Prayer Meeting at 5pm on Sunday afternoons before our Evening Services. This Prayer Meeting is open to everyone and we would love to see you there. If you want to know more about the vision of MCF or want more information about our Ministries and Life Groups please call the Church Office on 4963 1155 or email


Office: The Cottage 9 Quarry Street

Ph: Fax:

07 4963 1155 07 4942 5003

Postal: PO Box 3215 North Mackay QLD 4740

Email: Web:

Mackay Christian Family Church has Celebration Services to reach people and welcome them home, Training Courses to restore people and create hope, Small Groups to raise people and to do life together, and Ministry Teams to release people to demonstrate love.


Revolution Youth and REV67’s are the Youth Ministry of Mackay Christian Family Church. REV67’s as the name suggests is for children in Year 6 – 7. Held from 3:30pm – 5pm every Friday, $5 per person includes afternoon tea. Revolution Youth for Year 8 and above is held from 7pm – 9pm also every Friday. With crazy challenges, live music and great preaching from the Bible, Rev is where it’s at!

car maintenance 101 - the workshop for ever driver

You’re invited to ‘Car Maintenance 101’ the workshop for every driver! Car Maintenance 101 is a workshop designed to teach basic vehicle maintenance to any driver wishing to learn. It’s a free community event implemented by North Jacklin, a local car dealer in Mackay for 50 years. There are no silly questions and all mechanical jargon, which can often be confusing, is banned. Tuesday 10th September, from 5:30pm-7:00pm. Numbers are limited and bookings are essential. Please call us on 4963 2200.

IAssist Safety App

IAssist Safety App helps children learn protective behaviours. Using a hand IAssistSafety allows a child to identify 5 adults who they could ask for help if feeling unsafe. The hand assists children to remember their safe people. These 5 adults will help the child to be safe if they are scared, worried, sad or just need help. This App helps to give your child a voice in keeping themselves safe. Available in Google Play or the Apple Store.

Student discount app

A new Student Discount App, known as the Feed is now available for download on both the App and Android store. The Feed, brings students a range of discounts from the region and is FREE to download. Download today to receive discounts at gyms, restaurants, mechanical, medical and a range of other local businesses. Go to to download. The Feed is proudly sponsored by Study MackayIsaac-Whitsunday and BMC.

healthy chemistry display

Being healthy is a matter of good chemistry. A myriad of simple and complex chemicals interact and react within your body constantly. A travelling exhibition brought to you by The Royal Australian Chemical Institute and sponsored by the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research Questacon. On display at Mackay City Library from Wednesday 7th August to Monday 2nd September.

southern cross cultural exchange

Volunteer to host an International High School student arriving into Australia in February 2014 through Southern Cross Cultural Exchange. Carefully selected students will arrive in February for one term, one semester or two semesters from France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the U.S.A, South America and Japan. Visit us at our website, email scceaust@ or call us toll free on 1800 500 501, request our international student profiles, and capture the spirit of family and friendship.

new to mackay?

The Welcome to Mackay Centre offers information on everything you might need to know about setting up and adjusting to life in the Mackay region. We would like to invite you on a FREE Welcome to Mackay Bus tour so you can get to know a bit more about Mackay and the local community. When: Sunday 25th August 2013 Time: 10.30am for an 11am departure Duration: 2 hours Where: The bus departs from the Old Town Hall on Sydney Street at 11am and returns at 1.30pm. Cost: It’s FREE! There are limited seats available so booking is essential! Please contact the Welcome to Mackay Centre on 4957 7757 or email to reserve your seat. Children are welcome.


Family Relationship Centre (Centacare) can offer families a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner to assist separated families to develop ‘Parenting Plans’ which outline the care and control of their children. As this service is largely funded by the Commonwealth Government only a small fee applies (relative to your yearly income). Please call 1300 783 544 for future information.


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