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Newsletter No. 10 Friday 27 May 2011

Dear Parents There used to be an American television show called ―Kids say the darndest things.‖ Bill Cosby hosted this comedy show from 1998 until 2000. It was based on Art Linkletter‘s radio show and television series. In this very funny show kids were shown responding to questions with some hilarious answers, delivered with the innocence that only a child can present conclusively. I have included just the type of thing kids come up with below (I sourced this one from the web address listed after it). A little girl was talking to her teacher about whales. The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small. The little girl stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale. Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible. The little girl said, "When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah." The teacher asked, "What if Jonah went to hell?" The little girl replied, "Then you ask him." Having been an educator for nearly three decades I have, as you might imagine, heard some very funny statements come from children. Some of the funniest have been excuses about why homework or assignments have not been completed. The main point here is that kids do say the darndest things. They sometimes tell teachers quite a lot about what happens at home and they sometimes tell their parents quite a lot about what happens at school. Unfortunately what they say is not always the truth, or the whole truth, or it is a version of the truth from their own often limited perspective. Teachers learn quite early in their careers, that some things they hear about home need to be taken with a grain of salt or need to be treated with great suspicion until confirmed by parents. As most parents gain experience in the parenting role they also learn that some of what their children tell them needs to be taken with a grain of salt or more information needs to be gathered before any response is initiated.

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From the Principal cont... Unfortunately some parents choose to believe their child‘s version of events at school without seeking any additional information from the school. They may even accept the confirmation of other students, or other parents, as solid factual supporting evidence to their child‘s version of a story. Once some parents have reached a conclusion that their child has been wronged, perhaps by other students or a teacher, they sometimes simply refuse to accept that any other version of what has taken place might be true. Once this has happened it is almost impossible for a school to help those parents or their child. If your child comes home from school with a story of injustice against them it is important to listen to them. Ask them who else might have seen or heard what took place (this can help the school to get to the bottom of what has happened later). Remember, while what they are telling you may be the truth as they have experienced it, there will often be a bigger picture. Your child may not be lying about what happened. However, they may well be repeating events selectively. Sometimes this is just because they have a limited perspective. Sometimes, however, it can be quite deliberate in order to show themselves in the best possible light. Yours in Christ

Pastor Dr Craig Murison PRINCIPAL

Important Notice Junior School Photo Day and Sporting, Cultural & Leadership Photo Day

Monday 30th May 2011 Please ensure that the students either wear or bring with them the relevant uniforms required for their photos (i.e. Formal uniforms for all Prep to Year 5 students; Sports, Creative Academy or for all other group photos. Team coaches will supply team uniforms for the day.

Tuition Tuition is held in the Information & Resource Centre (Library) on the following days for Year 8 - 12 students: Maths Tutoring Wednesday & Thursday 3:15pm – 4:00pm N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 0

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English Tutoring Thursday 3:15pm – 4:00pm Page 2

Assessment Calendar Year 8 Assessments due week beginning: 6th June 13th


AG - Portfolio/Practical SOSE(TM) - Research Project Home Ec - Practical Exam Metalwork- Egg Flip/Workbook Woodwork - Mug Tree/Workbook

Drama - Presentations SOSE (MN) - Report Maths - Chance Test SOSE (KP) - Assignment

Music - Research Poster HPE - Exam Art- Folio

Year 9 Assessments due week beginning: 6th June

13th June

Business - Argumentative Speech Drama - Review HPE - Exam SOSE(LM) - Reflective Journal Music - Performance Science - Test SOSE(KP) - Persuasive Speech SOSE(SH) - Multimodal Presentation English (LD/MN) – Sonnets Maths - Exam Home Ec - Practical Metalwork - Prac/Workbook AG - Portfolio Graphics - Folio Woodwork - Stool/Workbook Art (DG,LD) - Folio Multitech- Assignment English (AH,KP) - Literacy Circles Folio

Year 10 Assessments due week beginning: 6th June

AG - Poultry Trial Report SOSE(PL) - Assignment Multitech - Assignment English (LD) - Assignment

Business - Test Music - Composition Maths B - Exam

Drama - Presentation Science- Exam Pre Voc Maths - Exam

13th June

Graphics - Folio and Item Metalwork - Spanner/Workbook Woodwork - Cabinet/Workbook

Art - Major Piece/Folio Maths A - Exam Home Ec - Practical Bright Sparks - Project English (LD,SH,BA,TM) - Feature Article

Year 11 Assessments due week beginning:

6th June

Early Childhood - Case Study CLEAR(BA,UH) - Assignment English Comm - Advert/Survey CLEAR(LD) - Personal Portfolio Mod Hist - Research Assignment Pre Voc Maths - Assignment Home Ec - Garment/Practical

Biology - Exam ICT - Project FTV - Assignment Maths A /B - Paper A Legal Studies - Exam Music Studies- Analysis

AG - Report SOR - Exam PE - Exam Science 21 - ERT Biology - Test Rec Studies.- Exam

13th June

CLEAR(PL) - Performance Graphics - Assignment Maths A/B - Paper B English - Dramatic Monologue AG - Portfolio Drama - Response Vis Art Studies - Major Piece Ind Graphics - Assignment Engineering (TPW/SPW) - Project/Journal Construction (TPW,SPW) - Building Project

Year 12 Assessments due week beginning:

6th June

Mod Hist - Research Essay Music Studies - Analysis English Com - Assignment Early Childhood - Report Home Ec - Research Assignment

MSS - Exam SOR - Exam Chemistry - Practical ICT - Assignment

Rec Studies - Exam Maths A/B - Paper A CLEAR - Portfolio Legal Studies - Exam

13th June

Biology - Essay Maths A/B - Paper B

Drama - Response PE - Exam

FTV - Assignment Vis Art - Minor Piece

Please Note: Year 9 ENGLISH (LD) - Draft due 2nd June

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From the Deputy Principal OPPORTUNITY! What a great word! It implies an adventure not yet experienced, but something that offers the possibility of personal challenge and growth. It may be the chance to join a sporting team, to play in an ensemble public performance, to serve with the Student Council, or to practise Maths problems at MCC tutoring sessions with the aim of finally achieving a C grade! However, many students fail to recognise an opportunity when it presents itself and so miss valuable gems for their life. Mackay Christian College offers many opportunities to students every day. Through our CLEAR values we offer students the challenge of growing their personal heart character through obedience, respect, an unselfish heart and striving not just for mediocrity, but for excellence! Through team experiences (not just on the sporting field, but with the instrumental ensembles, Chess, Drama Club, Student Council, Festival of Fashion, Design Projects, Building Projects, Robotics, Aero Club, service tasks, House Family Leadership,...), students have the opportunity to learn about sharing with others and to see that their own opinion is not the only right one. In the classroom, students have the opportunity to learn, think, discuss, question, practise, research ... to find out all they can about the world in which they live and the systems that govern our lifestyle. (Yes – Maths IS vital - how will you know how to spend or save your pay if you don‘t know about numbers!) I THANK GOD FOR OUR DEDICATED TEACHERS! These people direct our students to different opportunities and encourage them to have a go. It then remains the student‘s choice as to what they will do with the opportunities offered. As they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink! When parents begin to blame teachers for their children‘s poor behaviour in class or their low academic results, I suggest they pause and ask their children - are you making the most of the opportunities being offered to you? Unfortunately children (and adults) cannot see into their own future, and so may not fully grasp what an opportunity looks like. This is where parents, past students and teachers who have life experience need to assist students to build a vision of what an opportunity may offer for the future eg. School reports with sound results and good behaviour comments are more likely to attract an employer than a report that reflects a disobedient student lacking in selfcontrol. As another old saying goes: You choose the behaviour, you choose the consequence. If students personally take responsibility for their response to the educational opportunities offered to them, they will discover that they are more ready for the challenges of their adult life. Successful adults are grown from children who recognise the value of trying their best in all the arenas offered to them. They have a go even when it may bring embarrassment, just to see whether they may in fact, be very successful. I encourage all our students to actively watch for opportunities.

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From the Deputy Principal cont…. Mackay Christian College has strategically developed many programs for students to have a wide variety of opportunities made available. The Bible states: ‗For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.’ (Ephesians 2:10) But how will we know what God has prepared in advance for us to do if we don‘t take the opportunities that are placed before us every day? What we learn today, God will be able to use today and on into tomorrow for His good purposes. So students, do not hover in the wings waiting for someone to force you into an opportunity. Instead, step up with courage and take hold with both hands the opportunities offered to you every day. This may include doing your homework, organising a regular study plan for your subjects, training with your sports team, practising with your music ensemble, volunteering your own time with service projects, controlling your temper tantrums when a teacher instructs you to be quiet in class, learning not to listen to gossip but to seek out the original source of information and ask what they really said – all of these choices help to grow you into a successful person, both now and into the future. May God bless you as you rise to the challenge of taking opportunities as they are presented – and then giving them all you‘ve got to see what you are really capable of! You may discover that each opportunity is actually a springboard into new opportunities where you can continue to grow and enjoy discovering who you really are and what you are capable of. May you and your family be richly blessed and may you understand how much God loves you and is interested in your life – every day! Yours in Christ Mrs Lesley Tunnah Deputy Principal

Important Dates MAY Junior School, Sporting, Cultural & Leadership Photo Day .................................................................. Monday 30th JUNE MACH IV ................................................................................................... Saturday 4th ICAS Science Test .................................................................................Wednesday 8th Pioneer Valley Cattle Show ........................................................................ Sunday 19th ICAS Spelling & Writing Test ................................................................... Tuesday 21st Year 4—12 Athletics Carnival................................... Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd

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From the Head of Studies BREAKTHROUGH Family means so much to all of us and I am no different. When I married I travelled to Darwin with my husband to serve in the mission field. Although living 5000km away from my family, I still established close relationships and connections with the lives of my mum, sister, brother and their families. I spent 20 hours last weekend in the Blue Mountains - very cold but very much fun - scrapbooking my mother‘s early life with my sister, sister-in-law and some friends. We had a great time remembering her life and laughing at numerous fashion faux pas, but also being in awe of her beauty and love of family. Even though our mother‘s dress sense was questionable this photo is our favourite. It captures our personalities and character very well. My sister is a strong protective woman who is my best friend - it is her I turn to when I need a shoulder or an ear! My brother is a quiet man of great integrity, and although he has travelled his troubled road is an honourable man of God. And me - well I‘m just cute! What I find amazing is that although I have not lived in the same state as my sister for over 20 years, it is said that we are remarkably alike. Not only in looks but funnily enough mannerisms. I struggled to believe this until at my niece‘s wedding 2 years ago, we performed a poem called ―I love you‖ together. When I saw the photographs of us doing this, I was shocked to see just how alike we not only look but behave. This photograph is one of many that show us at our finest - our husbands just roll their eyes! We can call it genes, we can call it nurture or maybe we can call it ridiculous, but whatever the reason, it makes me think of the importance of relationship - whether with blood relatives or others we may call family. We are created for relationship and meant to dwell in relationships of various kinds. I am daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, councillor, colleague - one day maybe mother-in-law (ARRGGHH!) and grandmother (double ARRGGHH!). All these are, and will be special and important relationships that make me who I am. Relationship is what we value and nurture here at MCC. I love wandering around both campuses to calls of ―Good morning Mrs Hair‖ and ―You came to my class yesterday.‖ I love that we can share our lives in so many ways. But the thing I am most proud of is that our teachers, our auxiliary staff, our maintenance staff, and our tuckshop staff - everyone who works here knows that relationship is what is important. Stories of our Year 10 camp last week have begun to filter in - stories of challenges, lessons learnt, relationships strengthened, relationships built, commitments made. What a privilege it was for a number of our staff to join with over 70 Year 10 students on a life changing camp. Thanks to Ms Hansson, Mr Hair, Miss Morrison, Mr Gilbank, Ms McQuaker, Mrs Delanty, Mr Price and Mr Smith for their hard work and dedication to building relationships and strengthening character.

Work Experience week, although quiet in the hallways of the College, is a busy week for our teachers who visit and encourage all our ‗workers‘ in their endeavours as they experience the working life. Many thanks to Mrs Greentree, Miss Turner and Mr Hopper for the outstanding effort of organising placements and visits for our Year 11 & 12 students.

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From the Head of Studies cont…. I had to giggle on Wednesday night when my worker claimed that he thought he would be more tired after working from 7am to 6pm and that he ―could do this.‖ That was after three days - I will keep you informed how he is faring after 1 year! This week we have been privileged to have Mr Tony Deans and Mrs Debbie Deans from Riverside Christian College, near Maryborough visiting with our Prep to Year 6 teachers. I have had the honour of working closely with these two educators over the past 3 years as we have been on a journey of discovery in Literacy. We have all been heavily involved in a funded project supported by Independent Schools Queensland, learning to analyse, plan and teach with precision and purpose. This week Tony and Debbie visited classrooms and our Prep to Year 6 teachers participated in some coaching sessions and professional conversations about how the explicit teaching of reading comprehension strategies are important in helping our children decode what they read and develop understanding. Over the next few newsletters I hope to be sharing some great stories of what we call ―High Yield Strategies.‖ These strategies will make a huge difference to the literacy confidence and abilities of all our students. Below are some photos from our Year 6 classrooms where we are discovering why reading is thinking. We have commenced a program in the Prep to Year 6 classrooms called ―First 20 days of Reading‖ which will create a common language and understanding across our College around literacy. This is so much more than NAPLAN - we aim to develop readers, writers and speakers of magnificent stature and poise. Congratulations to our teaching staff who are motivated and inspired to help your children become all that God plans for them to be through a love of learning and strong, valuable relationships.

Ways we choose books

Our thinking as we read

Choosing a ‘Just right’ book

I encourage you to talk to your children about what they are learning. As you read with them at night, ask questions and nurture their learning. A final reminder about the upcoming“PORTAL JOURNEY” workshop on Tuesday evening May 31st at 5:30pm in the King’s Park Campus Library. Remember to bring your child and/or their password. This will be a short interactive session that will open your eyes to what is available online. Until next we meet…….. Mrs Robyn Hair Head of Studies

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From the Junior School What do you get when a grannie falls down a flight of stairs! Yes, you get a broken foot in a lovely pink cast for the rest of the school term! I have been hobbling around the College and your children have been very kindly opening doors and taking really good care of me. Thank you for all your wonderful training at home about caring for others. I am experiencing it first hand for myself. We are now well into Term 2 on our beautiful new campus and you can see the improvements being made every week. Turf has been laid, fences are now being installed and gates put in all of the right places as the College continues to provide wonderful facilities for all of our Junior School students. This term we have already held our Parent-teacher interviews as well as conducted the NAPLAN tests with our Year 3 & 5 students. Our Prep students held an Afternoon Tea for our wonderful mums and our choir performed at the Twilight Concert held just this week. All of that in just the FIRST half of the term. Coming up we have our Junior School photo day on Monday 30th. On Tuesday morning you will see a group of school leaders visiting our new site for an Independent Schools of Queensland meeting. Yet to come this term is a visit from children‘s author Phil Kettle and, of course you will be receiving an end of Semester 1 written report for your child/children at the close of this very busy term. I trust you and your family are now starting to feel at home on our new campus. It was a great pleasure to meet many of you at our Parent-teacher interviews and I look forward to continuing to get to know you and your precious children as the year continues. Mrs Alison Bannister Head of Junior Campus

From the College Office Thank you to all our parents who are utilising the ‗away‘ email address and/or the absentee hotline to notify us of your child‘s absence. Just a reminder that if you are notifying the College via email please use the ‗away‘ email address preferably to the generic mcc email address. Absentee email: Absentee hotline: 4963 1199 N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 0

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From the Library Hi All THANKYOU! THANKYOU! THANKYOU! Our Scholastic Bookfair was a huge success!!! Our families spent more than $5000 at the recent book fair. This means that we got a commission of $1700 to spend on books and resources for MCC. On behalf of our students and their families, we once again are able to bless another school in need. This year we will donate to one of the schools affected by the floods or cyclone earlier this year. Well done MCC families. MS READATHON June and July are the months to be reading for the MS Readathon. For those students who would like to register, collect sponsors, earn rewards through happily reading, please see Mrs Hopper in the Library for details of how to register online. A guest speaker spoke to our students during assembly this week and all information can be collected from the Library. All money raised goes to researching the cause and cure and also the care of Multiple Sclerosis sufferers. Each year our College raises about $1000 through the MS Readathon. Primary students are able to use the books read through our Radical Reading Challenge next term to count towards the MS Readathon. More about that in the next newsletter. See details below. Students are being invited to join in the 32nd MS Readathon to help change the lives of people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Student’s who register can read and raise funds for people living with MS. There is an added bonus for schools this year too! Not only do students receive reading rewards to say thank you for their efforts they also help their school be rewarded too! Eligible schools have a chance to win up to $10,000 in Apple products and receive 10% of the amount raised by students at their school returned to them in Target gift cards. Go to for more information, terms and conditions. So why not get involved and raise funds!! Here’s how… Register online & read for 30 days in June and July. Collect sponsorship from friends and family. Be rewarded for your reading and help your school! Visit or call 1300 677 323 for more details.

WHITSUNDAY VOICES This year the Whitsunday Voices Youth Literature Festival will be in Week 1 of Term 3 (14 th -18th July). Our Junior College is booked in to see four of the authors on Friday 15 th July. Year 1-3 will be listening to Glenda Millard (Kingdom of Silk series, Isabella’s Garden, Applesauce and the Christmas Miracle) and then Ursula Dubosarsky (Word Spy, Terrible Plop, Rex). Year 4-5 are going to see Pat Flynn (Adventures of Danny series, Toilet Kid, Tuckshop Kid, Trophy Kid) and then Justin D‘Arth (Extreme Adventures series). Booking forms for students wishing to attend either of these sessions will be sent to the Junior Campus classes next week with all details included. The cost will cover the bus and 2 authors. Places are limited. YEAR ONE TO BEGIN BORROWING!! Year One students have the opportunity to begin independent borrowing from the Library from Term 3. In order to do this, they will have to earn a ―borrowing licence‖ which states that they know about the care of books and the correct borrowing and returning procedures. They must also have a MCC Library bag before they are permitted to borrow. These bags can be purchased from the College Office or from the Junior Campus Library. They are a very sturdy, waterproof bag, with the College logo printed on them. The cost will be $9.00. The bags have a 10 year warranty so will probably see several children through their primary years. Happy Reading Mrs Robyn Hopper Teacher Librarian

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Industrial & Vocational Learning WORK EXPERIENCE Last week Year 11 & 12 students were on Work Experience. Thank you to parents for supporting us and making this week such a success. We received great feedback from most workplaces so thank you to students who represented the College so well. We are now following up on a number of school based opportunities for students and have a sign up with a local engineering firm on Wednesday for three of our students. Congratulations to these students for their exceptional work in creating these opportunities. Next week we will be handing out forms to Year 10 for Work Experience. These forms will be due back on Friday 10 June and students will do work experience from 8th-12th August. Work experience is a compulsory part of our school program and we can link our excellent student employability record to this learning activity. Students will be required to list three preferences in different industry areas. If you have contacts with an employer in an area that your child is interested in we are happy for you to prearrange this placement. If you do not have contacts in the relevant industry areas we will have Mackay Region School Industry Links Scheme (MRSILS) contact relevant employers and make the placement. We try to ensure that students receive a placement in one of the three industry areas. Sometimes this cannot occur for a range of reasons and we will work with the student to come up with a placement that will work for the student. Even though students may not receive their first option it does not reduce the value of the placement for students to develop the ability to work as part of a new team in an unfamiliar environment. BBQ TABLES The Year 11 Construction class has been building BBQ tables again this year. If you would like to add one of these outdoor master pieces to your dĂŠcor while supporting the MCCTTC please contact the Trade Training Centre. They are 1500mm long and could be yours for just $300. INDUSTRY SUPPORT Prochem Agencies have supported our Trade Training Program with the provision of safety glasses for all Year 9 & 10 Woodwork and Metalwork students. Students will be expected to bring their safety glasses to every lesson. If they lose or damage their glasses students will be expected to replace them at their own cost. We will have glasses for sale from the MCCTTC office for $5. Students who do not bring the glasses may not be able to participate to practical classes. Prochem Agencies also supplied the Trade Training Centre with two spill kits. A big thanks to Prochem for their continued support, it is much appreciated. Until next time Mr Peter Hopper Director Trade Training Centre Head of Faculty Industrial & Vocational Learning

Advanced Notice SFD Add this date to your calendars! Due to staff Professional Development, there will be an extra Student Free Day on Friday 24th June 2011 (last day of Term 2).

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From the Creative Academy URBAN BEAT INFORMATION An important email went out on Wednesday to all WE and JE members and your response is due back on Monday 30th May. If you did not receive one please contact Mr Winterstein at the College on 4963 1100. BAND PHOTOS - MONDAY MAY 30th The Scholarship Band’s photo‘s will be taken at 8:15am at Providence Campus (Junior College) in the Powerhouse opposite the administration building. Everyone is to be in their College uniform and also bring their instrument. Arrangements have now been made for students in Years 6 & 7, who need transport to be transported from one campus to another. The Bel Canto Band will be at 2:10pm, String Ensemble at 2:25pm, Jazz Ensemble 2:35pm and the Wind Ensemble at 2:45pm. These photos will be taken at King’s Park Campus (Senior College) in the Faith Centre. All students will need to be in their Cultural Uniform and with their instruments. Please make sure you have clean shoes and also black socks. CHANGE OF DATE - MYO CONCERT WITH WIND ENSEMBLE WE: The MYO Concert date has been changed. It is now on MONDAY 6th June in the Faith Centre NOT 20th June as previously advertised. WE to arrive at 5:30pm. Concert is from 6.00 to 7.00pm. THANK YOU!!! To everyone who helped with the hugely successful sausage sizzle on the 14 th May at Bunning‘s. All funds raised will be put towards the Urban Beat trip in August. A wonderful night was had by all on Tuesday evening at the Twilight Concert. Our Bands, String Ensemble and Year 4/5 choir were exceptional. It is lovely to see our students performing so well. DATES TO REMEMBER Day of Thanksgiving is to be held on Saturday 28th May at the front of the Council Chambers. Our ensembles are playing from 10:30am - 11:30pm. Please arrive by 10am. PARENT CONCERTS By now your student would have brought a note home to let you know which night they will be performing. It is good for the students to play in front of an audience as this builds their confidence. Dress is neat casual. Mrs Beth Higham: Monday 30th May or Tuesday 31st May “Where every student is a star” Mr Chris Lang: Monday 30th May or Thursday 2nd June Mr Earl Winterstein and Mrs Helen Williams Brass, Woodwind or Percussion: Tuesday 31st May or Wednesday 1st June Mrs Jill Pronger: Thursday 2nd June Mrs Sally Eales: Wednesday 1st June Mrs Vicki Jones: Thursday 2nd June Mrs Helen Williams and Miss Tamara Smith Strings: Thursday 2nd June Mr Cameron Murison: Wednesday 1st June Creating in Christ Mr Earl Winterstein Head of Creative Academy N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 0

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From the HPE Department At the Mackay Basketball Junior Representative Event, our very own Mackay Christian College senior, Chantal Thomas received the following awards for her hard work and commitment to her sport: Club Commitment Award; Outstanding Junior Female Achievement & Under 18 Meteorettes MVP. Chantel has displayed dedication and commitment at Mackay Christian College as well as in athletics throughout the Queensland area. Congratulations to Chantel on her accomplishments and we wish her the best in her future endeavours. We are proud to have you represent our College CHESS CLUB NEWS Congratulations to all of the Mackay Christian College Chess players who participated in the Mackay/ Whitsunday Primary-High School Tournament. We had the biggest team on the day. Special mention too our Chess participants who received the following places out of 88 competitors: Daniel Noack placed 5th, Rodan Prinsloo - placed 14th, Dylan Stam - placed 21st, Adam Reeves - placed 23rd and Jason Snyders - placed 27th. Our secondary team comprising of Daniel Noack, Rodan Prinsloo, Jason Synders and Beau Vines placed 3rd overall. Well done boys! Coaches Mr McCann, Mrs Bobongie and parent-helper Mrs Noack were smiling from ear to ear watching the fantastic performances of all our chess players. The next tournament will be held Monday 22th of August.

MACH IV The MACH IV is being held on Saturday 4th June at Kinchant Dam starting at 7.45 am. Forms and payment need to be returned by Wednesday 1st June. The MACH IV is proudly supported by:

Ms Ulla Hansson Head of Faculty HPE

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Netbook News We have had students bring in their Netbooks for repairs without backing up their home drive first. Please ensure that all important documents, music etc. are backed up before bringing Netbooks in for repairs. It is often necessary for us to reload the software on the Netbooks to correct software glitches. During this process the computer is completely wiped and returned to a fully working copy, without any additional files such as music, documents or extra programs. If students have a backup of important documents etc, they are able to load them back onto the Netbook after it has had the software reloaded. This will ensure students can avoid losing important documents or music. As we do not know what files are important for students, they need to do a backup of the files they need to keep before checking their Netbook in for repairs. Please ask your children when the last time was that they backed up their important files? This may serve as a reminder for them and avoid the work and frustration involved with files going missing. This is a good practice for students to be familiar with, when they reach the workforce. We are consistently advising students to save their work on their USB‘s drives (part of the book list) as well as the Netbook. There are incidents that can occur from computer error or human error (student accidentally chooses the wrong button) that can result in deleting a document, instead of saving the document. The USB Stick is a useful tool for the students, providing a convenient place where they save their homework as well as on the home drive of the Netbook (2 places). The USB stick then holds their backup. If you are wanting to ensure the students have all the files backed up, it may be a good idea to purchase an external hard drive to back up their entire Home drive data on a regular basis such as weekly. You can purchase an 300Gb (or bigger) external Hard drive from WOW, Dick Smith, Tandy, Harvey Norman or most other major Stores ranging from $60 - $120. Below is a guideline on how to do a Back Up of student data on a Windows 7-based computer: Transfer files and settings to an External Hard drive or another Windows 7-based computer Windows Easy Transfer enables you to back up all user account files and settings, and then restore those accounts and all the users' files and settings to a new computer or hard drive. To start Windows Easy Transfer, follow these steps: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Turn on the Netbook and log into the home drive. Plug in the external hard drive and wait until it appears as another drive under My Computer. Click Start. Type ―windows easy transfer‖ in the Start Search box, and when the ―Windows Easy Transfer ―program appears in the Programs list above the search box click it. Follow the instructions to transfer your files and settings to ―An external hard disk or USB flash drive‖ Choose ―This is my old computer‖, then let it scan. (You only use ―This is my new computer‖ to put back files from the backup). We suggest you leave the password blank as we are regularly resetting students passwords they can‘t remember. Double Click on the external hard drive or USB drive and then click save to save the backup to the drive. Done.

Happy Clicking ICT Team N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 0

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Database Update Have you recently: Moved house? Changed your email address? Bought a new mobile phone? Changed jobs? Had a change of family circumstances? Do you need to update your emergency contacts? If so then you need to complete a Family Details Update Form which is available from the College Office. These forms ensure that information about you and your child/ren is current and correct for the safety and well being of the College Community.

ICAS Competition Maths ICAS Students from Year 6 - Year 12 are invited to participate in the ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) Mathematics Competition. Each student who participates will earn one point for their House Family. Entry Fee is $7.70 Competition date is Tuesday 16th August. More information including practice questions can be found on the following website: If students would like to participate in this competition, please obtain an envelope from the College Office. The envelope, with fee enclosed, needs to be returned to the College Office before the closing date of Friday 24th June (last day of Term 2). Please note that all Year 10 Prep Maths B, Year 11 Maths B and Year 12 Maths B students have already been entered in the competition and the fees have been paid by the College.

Tuckshop TUCKSHOP HELPERS Our tuckshop needs helpers for our Providence Campus Tuckshop which is due to open in Term 3. If you would like to be a part of this great team, please fill in the form below and hand it in to the College Office. ———————————————————————————————————————————————— Name: ____________________ Phone: ____________ Mobile: ______________ Please indicate which day and how often you are available: Monday






My child be attends:



King‘s Park Campus (Middle/Senior School) Providence Campus (Junior School)

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Mackay Christian Family Church Mackay Christian Family Church - A Church Without Walls! MCF is a place where YOU are welcome! We believe God’s plan for you includes being actively involved in the body of Christ, His church. We invite you to be a part of our loving family every Sunday and also throughout the week as we meet in the community. We pray you have a blessed week! Coming Up at Mackay Christian Family May 29 Celebration Service 9.30am - followed by tea & coffee Sunday Night Celebration Service 6.00pm Prayer Meeting at 5pm June 5 Celebration Service 9.30am with Ps Faylene Sparkes - followed by tea & coffee Sunday Night Celebration 6pm with Ps Faylene Sparkes - Prayer Meeting at 5pm Revolution Youth Revolution Youth meets every Friday night from 7-9pm here in Faith Centre. Come check it out! You will have a great time meeting new friends and discovering God. May 27

“Battle of the Sexes Event”

June 3 ACTIV8 Groups Come join a group… everyone is welcome. These are the best nights to get to know some new people. If you want any more information on Revolution Youth call Tim Spark on 4963 1155 during office hours…or check us out on Facebook for the latest news. N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 0

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Bits & Pieces ANDERGROVE KANGAROO’S AFL Would you like to be part of one of Mackay‘s fastest growing AFL Clubs. The Andergrove Kangaroo‘s is looking for players from Under 9 years through to Seniors. Although the season has started, if you would like to be part of our club, now is the time to join. Enquiries please email or Noel on 0409588454 / Paul on 0438795791. ‗Go The Roos!‘ PUPPIES FOR SALE American Bulldog/Border Collie X pups for sale. Please phone 4956 6100. Border Collie/Kelpie X pups for sale. $300 each. Please phone 4955 6119. FITNESS & DANCE Mackay Fitness & Dance Studios presents Dance for Kids Charity Display. An event filled with fun and energetic performances. Perfect for a family outing. Great entertainment. Invite all of your family and friends to come along and watch students perform their wonderful routines for 2011 on Saturday 4th June at Mercy College Hall, corner of Juliet & Penn Street, South Mackay. Performances start at 10.30am. Gold coin donation on entry. BOOTCAMP FOR WOMEN Red E Personal Training is launching a new service aimed at Women and Mums, to take some time out for themselves. Look and feel great in just 4 weeks. A special offer for mothers of students at Mackay Christian College: 2 x free 9.00am Bootcamp sessions. After the free trial, if you wish to continue on with the Bootcamp For Women Program, Red E will offer $20.00 off the standard price AND donate $20.00 per person back to the College. Please call 4953 3134 for more information and to register for your free sessions. More information at H2OZ CAREERS IN WATER For career ideas to do with water go to N E W S L E T T E R N O. 1 0

MACKAY & DISTRICT CAREERS MARKET EXPO The 2011 Mackay & District Careers Market Expo hosted once again by JADE Corporate and Community Development on Wednesday, 10th August, 2pm - 6pm at Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre. Students are encouraged to take their parents outside school hours. SKI & SNOWBOARD INSTRUCTOR INTERNSHIP PROGRAMS Only 12 spots remain on our ‗Ski & Snowboard Instructor Internship Programs‘ in North America. This is a fantastic opportunity for school leavers because it gives them an opportunity to obtain paid employment in Canada and complete an internationally recognised ski or snowboard instructing qualification. Interested students should contact us directly for access to our online instructor starter kit by emailing TERTIARY STUDIES EXPO - TSXPO Free Admission. Exhibition Building RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane 16th & 17th July. For further information go documents/TSXPOposter2011.pdf. STUDENT FESTIVAL OF FASHION “OUTER SPACE” We are counting down the weeks until blast off for the presentation of the fantastic design that students are creating for the SFF. Students should check for hints e.g. make sure your outfit is complete from top to toe (hair, make-up, footwear and accessories). Guys - we are hoping for a few more t-shirt designs from you this year. Don‘t let the girls dominate this event of local talent - we KNOW guys have talent too. Sponsorship opportunities to help navigate these stars on their way are still available for this year. For more information regarding the promotion you could receive by being a part of this ―Outer Space‖ event please contact Rosemary

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Issue 10 - 27 May 2011  
Issue 10 - 27 May 2011  

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