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Summary Swatches. Color wheels. Paint Chips. More swatches. Finishes. Sanding. Measuring. Taping. Floor Covering. Priming. Painting. Drying. Painting. Drying. Touch-ups. Drying.

Painting is a hassle. There’s no ignoring it. People procrastinate re-doing kitchens, bedrooms, and family rooms for years because they don’t want to face reality. Painting is a necessary evil… … When you’re painting walls. Painting can be spontaneous. Inspiring. Exhilarating. When it’s the right type of project – a small one. It’s time to change the perceptions of painting. To make it exciting. To focus on the small projects that have huge outcomes.

We’re the ones with the new ideas. The ones who aren’t afraid to be different.

The projects that allow people to be brilliant.

Having a vision means seeking beyond the ordinary, even if you have to break the rules.

Random Acts of Brilliance start at Walmart.

No one has ever changed the world by being the same as everybody else... We are Black Sheep Advertising.




454 316 Surveys

One-on-one interviews

72 3

Diary Entries

Focus Groups


Oh, segments.

Demographics suck. Why does it matter how old you are or how much you make per year? You’re just as likely to buy a can of paint as the next guy. Female Millennials. Young Families. Baby Boomers. These aren’t segments. These are people. Limiting Glidden Brilliance to a specific age group leads to just bad advertising. You’re going to hear a lot about how these so-called “segments” are going through “huge life transitions” and how Glidden Brilliance is going to make these transitions so much easier. But it doesn’t work like that. Glidden Brilliance is paint. Not therapy. It’s time to ditch the segments - to actually add some personality to painting. Sound revolutionary? It shouldn’t. This is just the beginning. Talk about these people in a way that actually makes sense. They are...

Impulsive The

They try new things that have quick results.

When it comes to painting? They immediately think “long-term project.” They’re annoyed. Bored. Not invested. They hate it. When painting is associated with something as stressful as going through a “huge life transition,” it shouldn’t be surprising that they don’t want to do it.


Percentage of respondents who choose not to paint because they are satisfied with their current décor


Percentage of respondents who paint to replace wallpaper or worn out paint


Percentage of respondents considered their lack of skill to be a barrier to painting projects


Percentage of respondents who go to home improvement stores for paint supplies


Who They Are

Painting is such a hassle that people would much rather live with a mediocre paint job than go to the trouble of re-painting. They don’t want to do a project. They feel like they have to. But, say they get shoved into a painting project. Yes. Shoved. They go to Lowe’s and Home Depot. Not Walmart. They want 1000+ options and paint-specializing employees to ease their stress. They have the preconceived notion that painting has to be difficult. So, they go to the stores that cater to complicated projects.

f “I’d most likely go to a Lowe’s or Home Depot to get the paint for my project because I feel like the stocking and shelving of the paint selection is better organized than at Walmart.”

ff Amy, 22

“If I was pressed for time and didn’t really care about color selection quality, then I would get my paint at Walmart.” Kristin, 24

“When I think of buying paint, I think of Lowe’s or Menards first.” Melissa, 36


The paint brands at Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware thrive off of “complicated.” Glidden Brilliance? Not so much. When people are shoved into painting projects, they spend months thinking about them. They talk to dozens of employees. They pick up hundreds of swatches. They make situations as high-involvement as possible. Glidden Brilliance doesn’t have a chance when people have already considered doing a painting project. So, why try and even compete with other paint brands?


The Key Insight

Glidden Brilliance can’t compete in a high-involvement scenario. It’s time to put Glidden Brilliance in a niche. One that other paint brands can’t own. A niche that catches The Impulsive before they even get the idea to paint. A niche that pushes people to do small projects because of the quick rewards. A niche that values everyday random acts. So, the real competition? It isn’t Behr. Or Olympic. Or Benjamin Moore. It’s those on-a-whim decisions you make every day. Like going bowling. Reading a book. Baking a cake. Make Glidden Brilliance something better than a mediocre solution to peeling wallpaper. Brilliance isn’t planned. It isn’t initiated by huge life changes. It’s initiated by motivation. By inspiration. By spontaneity. Give people a reason to feel excited about painting.


It’s time to mean something. To ditch the clichÊs. To change perceptions of painting. Random Acts of Brilliance energizes, motivates, and inspires. Be spontaneous. Paint because you want to. Not because you have to. Paint to find excitement. Make a big impact with a small project.




To be successful, this campaign needs to start strong. With smart executions, Glidden Brilliance will show The Impulsive how rewarding painting can be. Getting the attention of these people before they have even decided to paint will result in a long-term brand loyalty to Glidden Brilliance for any painting project. Big or Small. Walls or window-sills.


Invest Headlines: Highlight a relatable problem while suggesting that a small change can provide an unexpected solution.

The Impulsive vary in what they are reading, but what ties them together is their loyalty to specific publications. Glidden Brilliance will place creative print ads in the magazines these people read on a regular basis.

Visuals: Simple images bring small paint projects to life.

Why: Out of all young families, 43.2% read women magazines. 35.8% of female millennials read People, and 34.3% read Cosmopolitan. 47.1% of baby boomers read 9 or more magazines per month.

Logo: The original logo is used, with a slight modification to brand Glidden Brilliance as its own line.

Now the only challenge is finding your charger.

Random Acts of Brilliance Start at Walmart

Random Acts of Brilliance Start at Walmart

Random Acts of Brilliance Start at Walmart

Because Internet usage is growing among all generations, Glidden Brilliance will take over web pages in creative, eye-catching ways.

Whether headed to work, to school, to pick up the kids, or to visit family, these people are always on the go. Spontaneous, out-of-home placements will inspire them to think brilliantly, even on the road.

The streetlight: Painting the streetlight in “Very Berry” creates a game for the driver and builds recall of Glidden Brilliance, while associating “random fun” with the brand.

Why: 25.3% of baby boomers use Yahoo! Mail. 29.9% of female millennials are on the Internet 21.1 or more hours a week. 47.7% of young families spend 9.3 or more hours on the Internet a week, with 23.7% on the Internet for more than 21.1 hours a week.

Why: 44.9% of young families, 42.1% of baby boomers, and 39.5% of female millennials have driven 200 or more miles in the past week.

Headline: Because July is National Anti-Boredom Month, the classic kids game “I Spy” will be incorporated into Glidden Brilliance’s billboard advertising. The series of billboards will include the name of one of Glidden Brilliance’s 282 colors.





The Brilliant Among Us

To find the most brilliant people out there, Glidden Brilliance will effectively engage The Impulsive through Twitter and Facebook. Using 140 characters and the hashtag #IAmBrilliant, contestants can tweet at Glidden Brilliance to tell their stories. Glidden Brilliance will then select 10 of their favorite brilliant acts, feature them on Facebook, and enter each winner into a drawing for a spontaneous prize.


The Brilliance Blog

Glidden will create a Brilliance Blog to document each random act of brilliance on one platform. It will feature famous guest bloggers, post unique inspirations, and tell stories of individual accomplishments.

Good Things Come To Those Who Are Random

Glidden Brilliance will feature usersubmitted videos of admirable people and organizations that could use an act of brilliance in their lives. After a Vimeo campaign, Glidden Brilliance will arrive at their doors of the most deserving of people to complete small, unexpected projects that they are unable to do themselves. This will demonstrate how one small act of brilliance can have a big impact. When: June 2014 - August 2014

Provided Inspiration

When users first visit the Glidden Brilliance page, they will be greeted with a calendar of the month in which they are visiting. This calendar will be made up of a Glidden paint chip color palette. Each day will have a unique small project catered to the color chip of that day. For

example, if the chip of the day was “Pink Carnation,� the calendar would include instructions on how to paint your new hanging flower box. This enforces the idea that each day gives way for a new, spontaneous project.

To spark spontaneity, Glidden Brilliance inspiration packages will be sent to households in our Walmart-dense counties. This package will include a sample of Glidden Brilliance along with an unfinished wooden picture frame. Presenting people with an opportunity to do something random will encourage trial of Glidden Brilliance and inspire them to do other small projects around the house.


Pin Down Brilliance

People procrastinate home décor projects and ideas because of the lack of time, supplies, and motivation. Through Pinterest, Glidden Brilliance will encourage users to begin small home renovations or projects. The Glidden Brilliance Pinterest board will include 6 categories of rooms typically found in a home family room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, office, and bedroom. Each board will feature pictures of unique, small projects related to that room. Every week, a picture will be chosen at random, and those who repinned that picture will get a chance for Glidden Brilliance to sponsor their small project.


Buzzfeed is a perfect outlet for taking the complexity out of a painting project - it shows The Impulsive a more humorous side to painting: the mishaps, accidents and fails.Through Buzzfeed, Glidden Brilliance will sponsor these comical mistakes, calling the article “Epic Paint Fails.” The lightheartedness of this article emphasizes that anyone can paint; you don’t have to be perfect to love painting.

Spotify Playlist Takeover

Spotify allows Glidden Brilliance to reach customers and invite them to not only to do spontaneous projects, but also enjoy them. Guest bloggers will create branded Spotify “painting” playlists. To show off the unique playlist, Glidden Brilliance will have a full homepage takeover on Spotify. Homepage Takeover: June 2014


From Old to Brilliant

Glidden Brilliance will span trucks throughout the entire country and spend the month of June scouting garage sales for old furniture being sold or even thrown away. The old furniture will be refurbished and then distributed to local charities. The process will be documented on social media, showing that it is possible to transform older furniture to new in just a few hours.

A Brilliant Lineup

During minor league, summer baseball games, 282 Glidden Brilliance-sponsored seat cushions will be randomly distributed to baseball fans who have the Glidden Brilliance logo on their tickets. The cushions will each be a unique Glidden Brilliance paint color with the phrase “Random Acts of Brilliance” and the logo on the back. This guerilla marketing tactic is an unexpected experience with Glidden Brilliance that leaves a lasting impression.

Walmart Spontaneity

In celebration of July’s National Anti-Boredom month, Glidden Brilliance will inspire random acts of brilliance throughout Walmart. From paint chip hopscotch to tic-tac-toe, Glidden Brilliance will show The Impulisve that spontaneity can be found anywhere.


The Color Run

The Color Run is the nation’s largest 5k series that tours the country promoting happiness and individuality. Glidden Brilliance wants to add to it. At the end of each run, Glidden Brilliance will sponsor a large white wall where spectators and participants can leave their mark - be it a name, handprint, or drawing. The hashtag #BrilliantColors will be used to spread the word of their accomplishments throughout social media.

Bringing Brilliance to Recycling Many people do not know how to get rid of paint, and in some states, it is considered a hazardous waste. Glidden Brilliance wants to bring awareness to this issue by partnering with Earth 911 to host paint recycling programs in Walmarts across the country. Throughout the campaign, people are encouraged to bring old paint cans to Walmart to be disposed of properly. Glidden Brilliance will use the recycled paint cans to make decorative art for the community.

“Why Wait?” Summer

Burst of Brilliance

In run-down areas across the nation, onlookers are encouraged to help turn multiple 7” x 12” blank canvases into brilliant works of art. Rather than a brush, participants will be handed darts to pop

paint-filled balloons. The explosion of color will brighten up these previously dull areas, showing that painting can really be exciting. When: May 2014

To associate Glidden Brilliance with quick rewards, “Why Wait? Summer” will allow 282 people the opportunity to check something off their bucket lists. In order to enter into this drawing, bucket lists will be submitted to Facebook and voted on by the public. The people with the most popular bucket lists will get the chance to go somewhere or do something they had only imagined themselves doing. When: May - September 2014



The Glidden Brilliance Bucket App The Glidden Bucket is an ongoing feed of inspiring project ideas from social sites such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Users will be able to click on projects as they scroll and add them to their “bucket.” These projects will be saved for when inspiration hits them, and Glidden Brilliance will be the paint of choice to complete the project.

Charitable Inspirations

Glidden Brilliance will be associated with fun, while also being philanthropic. Each month, a random paint chip will be paired with a charity. For example, Candy Apple Red will be associated with The Salvation Army. When chosen, profits from that paint chip will be donated to the designated charity, resulting in The Impulsive feeling brilliant before the project has even begun.

“Comes in 282 Colors”

Glidden Brilliance will inspire The Impulsive to paint small pieces of furniture before they even take it out of Walmart. Next to each piece of furniture at Walmart will be the Glidden Brilliance logo with the phrase, “This piece comes in 282 brilliant colors,” driving these newly inspired shoppers to the paint section.

16 ”I mean, why not... If the project is only going to take an hour and it’ll make whatever it is look better, then I don’t see why not.” -Julia, 19

Quick Projects

Inspiration comes from anywhere. By putting timely, easy-to-do project ideas next to timeoriented items in Walmart, consumers will realize that only a few hours are needed for a simple, rewarding project.

Paint and Products

Glidden Brilliance will take advantage of the convenience of Walmart by placing its paint swatches next to their real-life products - allowing an easy paint-swatch grab. So whenever and wherever brilliance strikes, Glidden Brilliance paint swatches will be within reach.

Painted Carts

Brightly colored carts will catch the attention of The Impulsive as soon as they walk into Walmart. They will direct these shoppers to the paint section where more unexpected inspiration can be found.



Impress Mix-It-Yourself

Waiting in line is a hassle, and Glidden Brilliance recognizes this. To keep The Impulsive inspired throughout the painting process, Mix-It-Yourself stations will be available in Walmarts across the nation. With the QR code on the back of each paint chip, the machine will open the can of white paint and seamlessly mix in the perfect amount of brilliant color.

Brilliant Compliments

Walmart is full of motion-activated kiosks, but Glidden Brilliance wants to take advantage of them in a unique way. Instead of the machine talking about product features, it will say paintrelated compliments as people walk by, such as, “That color looks really good on you.�

Virtual Pinterest Board

Glidden Brilliance wants The Impulsive to be able to imagine its colors on all sorts of small projects. While they are looking through paint swatches, a virtual Pinterest board will be located next to the Glidden Brilliance display. This will give them plenty of new inspirations while also allowing them to share these ideas on their own Pinterest boards.





Reactions and


ggg ”Random Acts of Brilliance makes me feel like painting doesn’t have to be a dreadful thing.” Brian, 52

“Some of my most favorite times are the times when I decided to do something random and it turned out great.” Jordan, 22

“This campaign definitely makes me think of painting in a whole new way. It makes me excited.” Sarah, 34

That’s A Wrap Random Acts of Brilliance redefines the painting experience, putting Glidden Brilliance in a category of its own - one where its competition is going for a jog or organizing that overflowing junk-drawer. A category where painting isn’t a mundane pick-your-nose and peel-the-wallpaper task... With Random Acts of Brilliance, Glidden becomes the paint you choose to add a little fun to your life. Unplanned. Inspired. Brilliant. Glidden Brilliance, brought to life at Walmart.

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