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Tower Crane

Tower Crane

Working Procedure How does a Tower Crane Work

Tower cranes are really hard to miss. We usually see them at all the major construction site. With a height of hundreds of feet in the air they are nearly touching the sky. The construction crew uses the tower crane for lifting steel, concrete, large tools and some other building materials.

Tower Crane parts:

Base: The base is bolted to a consrete pad supporting the crane.

Mast/ Tower: – The base is connected to the mass or the tower which gives tower crane its height.

Slewing unit: On the top of the mass is attached the slewing unitthat allows the crane to rotate.

JIB: The Jib is attached on the slewing unis. Here is also attached the machinery arm , the operators cab and the counterweights.

Tower Crane parts:

Tower Crane parts:

The first element of the tower crane is the base. The base is made of large concrete pad, that is prepared several weeks before the tower crane comes to the construction place. The pad is usually 30 feet by 4 feet, like 10x10x1.3 meters and it weights more that 400,000 pounds. The mass is lattice structure, typically 10 feet square. That is like 3.2 meters. The trianglated cross-members structure gives the mast the strength to remain upright.

How Do They Grow?

The tower crane arrive at the construction site on a 10 to 12 tractor trailer rings. The crew uses a mobile crane to assemble a 40 foot mast that consist of two vertical mass section and the slewing gear.Then the jib and the machinery sections are assembled. The mobile crane then places these horizontal members on the preassembled mast sections.The counterweights are then added.

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