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There is 50-year history of forging industry in China. With the development of industry, forging machine tool plays an increasingly significant part in the national production, whose products types is also becoming more and more. Especially in recent 10 years, our country emerged a large number of private forging enterprises, mainly concentrated in Jiangsu and Anhui province. Punching machine, bending machine and shearing machine are the most important tools in the forging machines. Along with recent years’development, forging machine also has an explosive growth. But there is big defect in the product quality inspection and production management, besides serious excess capacity and uneven product quality problems. The arrival of the 2008 financial crisis hit the production enterprise, as well as the forging industry. Numerous forging small businesses were closed. Therefore, there is no doubt that those large enterprises should make use of integrating resources optimization and improve the competitiveness of the forging enterprise in the future.

General Induction of Forging Industry