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Laser-Jet 1512 • 2512 /


Maximum cutting efficiency in stainless steel, aluminum, copper alloys, and other high-reflectivity metals Equipped with fiber lasers with various beam powers. Lowest operating cost due to highest efficiency.

Made in Germany

• Laser beam is guided in a flexible fiberoptic cable, eliminating the requirement to clean beam travel optics • Cutting lens is protected by an easy to replace protective glass lens • Virtually maintenance-free laser operation • Automatic cutting process guide, height sensing, toggle valve for selection of gas type, as described on page 15

Tandem cutting system with cutting drawers (optional)

• Large plates can be easily moved through the cutting system and then cut section-wise • System includes two cutting drawers and can be equipped for half-duplex operation (optional) • For tube maching, a turning unit can be integrated into the work surface (optional) • Labeling of cut parts with the same cutter head

Work surface area for turning unit

High cutting quality, complex contours

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Cutting-Eroding Knuth Catalog 2014  
Cutting-Eroding Knuth Catalog 2014  

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