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Water-jet Cutting System

Hydro-Jet 2010 Versatile water-jet cutting system for complex cutting tasks • extra rigid stainless steel tank with high load bearing capacity • additional catch grid catches small parts • CNC-controlled water pressure • CNC-controlled abrasive material supply (the abrasive sand is precisely metered and fed without pressure) • very easy programming of PC control via graphic user interface

• bilaterally driven and guided gantry • DC servo motors with zero-backlash gears and precise linear guides on all three axes • water tank and guide machine are set up as stand-alone units • fine tuned drive system with helical gears on X- and Y-axis ensures high precision and reliability • guideways and drive elements are reliably protected from spray water and contamination

Ecotron 40.37 High-Pressure Pump • 37 kW motor rating • 3.8 l/min flow rate (max.) • 4000 bar max. operating relief pressure • max. 3800 bar continuous operating pressure Specifications cutting capacity mm Z axis travel mm table load capacity kg/m2 abrasive / pure-water cutting tank is isolated from the guide machine drive type Feed max. feed mm/min Accuracy positioning accuracy mm repeatability mm Dimensions / Weight dimensions mm weight (total) kg Part No.


Hydro-Jet 2010 2000 x 1000 250 600 yes yes gear rack 16000 (across 500) ± 0.1 (across 500) ± 0.05 3360 x 2250 x 4000 3150 180 711

Shown with optional pump housing

Standard Equipment: CNC control GPlus 450 Cut with TFT monitor, electronic hand-wheel, control panel, GPlus 450 Cut cutting software, grid nesting, high-pressure pump ECOTRON 40.37, proportional valve, check valve, high-pressure filter at the cutter head, abrasive cutter head, abrasives container (1000 kg), abrasives conveyor, automatic Z axis with collision guard, settling tank, operating and programming instructions Options starter kit pump enclosure for BHDT 40.37 oil / air cooler for ECOTRON 40.37 laser pointer abrasive mud vacuum system light curtains on 2 sides

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Part No. 166 213 180 769 250 755 180 828 180 728 180 333

Cutting-Eroding Knuth Catalog 2014  

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