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Chapter 9 Exploring the Evidence Many abductees have adjusted well to the abduction phenomenon and are able to lead their lives free from the disruption that these experiences can cause. A few abductees feel that in some way they have been enlightened and even prepared for some future benevolent purpose. Some, who have not investigated their experiences, have successfully integrated the barely remembered events into their daily belief structure whether it is religious, New Age, or pragmatic (“Don’t strange things happen to all people?”), and the experiences become little more than a psychological irritant. For other abductees, however, the effects of abductions can be terribly traumatic and destructive. Once these victims bring the memories to consciousness through hypnosis or unaided recall, and once they understand what has happened to them, they find little positive in the events. The experience does not improve their lives, give them mystical powers, or put them in touch with Universal Truth. They wish their abductions had never happened and are fearful that they will occur again. Their problems are compounded because few people will believe them when they confide their stories to them. They can produce no hard evidence to prove their contentions. So far, the strongest evidence presented is the myriad of abduction reports that have surfaced, with the congruence of narrative and the richness of exact detail. “Hard” evidence has been slow in coming, but it is increasing. Now that we know what to look for, the eventual discovery of evidence constituting irrefutable proof might be much closer than ever. In the long run, the hard evidence may be the most important supportive evidence, but currently it is the physiological and psychological effects of abductions that provide many of our strongest clues to the abduction mystery.

RESIDUE FROM THE OBJECT Physical evidence for abductions is difficult to come by. Returning home with an artifact from the UFO is virtually impossible. It would mean having the physical ability and mental acumen to take something surreptitiously, hiding it while naked, keeping the theft a secret from the aliens, and then remembering where the artifact came from after the abduction. In spite of this predicament, UFO researchers have found some physical signs to support abduction claims. For example, from time to time people will say that they were abducted into an object resting in their backyard. When the area is investigated, a flattened or burned circle can be seen where the UFO rested. Budd Hopkins reported in Intruders that he found a circular ring and a forty-foot streak in the backyard in which the soil had been altered to such a degree that for several years nothing grew there. Even stranger, someone might expel a tiny metallic ball from their nasal passage, although this has not happened to the abductees I have worked with. In all but a few of the cases the artifact has been lost or discarded. In the cases where they have been recovered, analyses have so far been inconclusive about their origin, or the analysis has not yet been completed. CAT scans, MRIs, and X-rays have been employed to detect supposed implants. In a few of these, a small, unusual mass has been detected in the upper nasal passages where abductees have indicated that an implant might be lodged. To date, no operations have been performed to remove the suspicious masses because the risks and problems inherent in surgery outweigh recovery considerations, or the object mysteriously disappears.

Stains In early 1987 Melissa Bucknell called to say she thought something may have happened the night before because she found marks on her back and “blood” on her nightshirt. But, when examined, the stain on her nightshirt did not appear to be blood: It was not encrusted or oxidized, and it did not have the familiar dark-brown color; rather, it was a dark orange. Its location on her garment did not correspond to the area of her body that she said had been touched. The marks on her shoulder were not puncture or scratch marks, and there was no scab or apparent blood on her skin. Soon afterward Karen Morgan also came forward with a nightshirt that had a puzzling darkorange stain on it. The stain had not come out in the wash, and she had even gone to the trouble of smearing makeup, coffee, and other substances near the stain to try to duplicate it, but with no success. Sometimes the stains are not on a garment. For instance, Janet Demerest sleeps in the same bed with her six-year-old daughter, Hillary. One night when they woke up after an apparent abduction experience, the little girl complained about pains in her arm and elsewhere. When Janet examined her daughter, she was horrified to find that Hillary’s genitals were red, swollen, and leaking a clear fluid. She had a brown substance painted between her thighs. Janet went into a panic and frantically began to wipe the substance off. As she did, she noticed that the substance simply dried up, turned white, and then “evaporated” until none was left. She found some flakes and a possible stain on the sheet. She stored the flakes in an airtight jar in the freezer, but within a few days they also had evaporated. A month later the same thing happened again to Hillary. Once again she woke up with the brown liquid painted between her legs. This time Janet peeled off all the material that she could and put it in the freezer. Then she took some toilet paper and wiped the rest of it off. Once again, however, the

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David jacobs secret life firsthand accounts of ufo abductions  
David jacobs secret life firsthand accounts of ufo abductions