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Mach 10 November 2013

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TIPS TO GET THE PERFECT ABS Lets face it you've been working out and eating clean but you still have not developed the covenant six pack that you desire. Well I have done some research in different magazine and websites to compile this list of tips that might help you achieve the sexy, toned lean stomach you desire. Keep in mind there is no quick fix and you won't go to bed and wake up with an ultimate six pack. Although that'd be nice the reality is it's just not going to happen like that. Before I share with you my list of tips I will share with you my exercise routine. I work out in the gym twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. I do squats, presses, deadlifts, sit ups and push ups. I make sure to work my arms, legs, chest, biceps, triceps, and so forth. I have one rest day out of the week and that day is usually Wednesday for me. Right after each work out I consume a protein shake. I have a clean diet with good fats. This diet is made up of things like olive oil, fish, poultry, grain like whole wheat spaghetti and bread and things that provide protein such as eggs. Things like that. And I train hard. This routine works for me and keeps me lean and tones. Plus it fuels my body and gives me the energy I need to keep going. Maybe in trying what I do will work for you. Now that I have shared my personal experiences I will share with you my research on the topic. The first link I consulted was WebMD.Upon consulting a fitness expert Web MD provided Six top tips on achieving abs. The two that stood out to me the most was: Improve your posture. This makes sense because when you slouch your stomach pooches out. That obviously doesn't look good or help in tightening those muscles. The second one that stood out from this link was don't isolate toning one part of your body or as they state "think whole body exercise.

One should concentrate on whole body fitness. I know from my personal expirence I work on my whole body when I work out. I personally don't have particular days that I just concentrate on one body part. Although most people do I do not and I find that my routine works perfectly well for me. If you would like to read all six tips provided by the fitness experts from web MD feel free to visit this link. A next resource I consulted was I read some great tips there that I don't think people realize. The main thing that stood out to me was that sit ups or a regular routine does not reduce body fat around the abdominal area. It only conditions the abs under all the belly fat. So in reality you have to lose the belly fat. Heres the tips he lists: To sum up what he says you have to add resistance to your abs. Not just sit ups. There are three main exercises good for this. I will list them for you and I will name the one I personally use because its easier for me to achieve the correct form. - The first one is Cable crunches. Truthfully this one is the most effective work out but very few people actually get the form correct and to be totally honest if the correct form is not achieved then the work out is pointless. But I will tell you how to do them should you want to try this work out. 1.Kneel below a high pulley that contains a rope attachment. 2.Grasp cable rope attachment and lower the rope until your hands are placed next to your face.

3.Flex your hips slightly and allow the weight to hyperextend the lower back. This will be your starting position. 4.With the hips stationary, flex the waist as you contract the abs so that the elbows travel towards the middle of the thighs. Exhale as you perform this portion of the movement and hold the contraction for a second. 5.Slowly return to the starting position as you inhale. Tip: Make sure that you keep constant tension on the abs throughout the movement. Also, do not choose a weight so heavy that the lower back handles the brunt of the work. 6.Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions. Variations: You can perform this exercise with a handle instead so that you can concentrate on each side of the abs separately by performing the exercise to the side.

-The next exercise is weighted leg raises. These are simple to do. And even though they are effective they are not as effective as the cable crunches. Here is how to do the weighted leg raises correctly. 1.Hang from a chin-up bar with both arms extended at arms length in top of you using either a wide grip or a medium grip. The legs should be straight down with the pelvis rolled slightly backwards. This will be your starting position. 2.Raise your legs until the torso makes a 90-degree angle with the legs. Exhale as you perform this movement and hold the contraction for a second or so. 3.Go back slowly to the starting position as you breathe in. 4.Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Caution: Perform this exercise slowly and deliberately as it takes some getting used to. Also, do not be hasty and try to use weights on the first time; you'll have enough in your hands by holding your weight and also learning how to balance yourself so that you avoid swinging your torso. As you get more advanced you can hold a dumbbell in between your feet. However, you have to be very careful when adding weight to this exercise as if you add too much too quickly you could get a hernia. Variations: This exercise can also be performed using a vertical bench that makes the exercise easier by supporting your upper back in place and by allowing you to hold yourself by placing your elbows and arms on the side pads. -The third exercise is called a decline crunch. This is also effective in isolating your abdominal area. This is a simple exercise and can be performed by doing the following: 1. Secure your legs at the end of the decline bench and lie down. 2. Now place your hands lightly on either side of your head keeping your elbows in. Tip: Don't lock your fingers behind your head. 3. While pushing the small of your back down in the bench to better isolate your abdominal muscles, begin to roll your shoulders off it. 4. Continue to push down as hard as you can with your lower back as you contract your abdominals and exhale. Your shoulders should come up off the bench only about four inches, and your lower back should remain on the bench. At the top of the movement, contract your abdominals hard and keep the contraction for a second. Tip: Focus on slow, controlled movement - don't cheat yourself by using momentum.

5. After the one second contraction, begin to come down slowly again to the starting position as you inhale. 6. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions. Variations: There are many variations for the crunch. You can perform the exercise with weights, or on top of an exercise ball or on a flat bench. The next tip given says to eat small meals more frequent. Some finds this works and others prefer intermintant fasting where you eat a light lunch at say one and then dinner at maybe eight. Ive done both. Just find what works for you is my suggestion and whenever you choose to eat make sure you eat the right stuff like proteins. There is one thing he does state that I will agree with is drink plenty of water. Water is good for you. You'd be surprised at how much just drinking a good amount of water will help you in shedding body fat. The next tip is to eat breakfast. Unless you are intermitent fasting you should eat breakfast. It helps you through out the day and if you eat thirty minutes after you wake up you jump start your metabolism by twenty to thirty percent. Next tip is don't forget the cardiovascular exercises.The beauty of cardiovascular exercise is that most of the energy that you burn during cardiovascular exercise is fat (70-90%). Fat can only be burned through aerobic processes in the body. This basically means that your body only burns fat when enough oxygen is available. Heavy weight lifting will also burn a lot of calories. You can essentially burn the same amount of calories doing a few sets of squats as you would if you spent 30 minutes doing low intensity cardiovascular exercise. It is a good idea to attempt to train all the large muscle groups to turn your body into a calorie burning machine.

This means doing all the lifts that many people tend to shy away from like squats and deadlifts.

The last one is sleep. He had this listed and i agree with him since lack of sleep causes the body to release the stress hormone called cortisle. Cortisle creates belly fat and then makes those abdominals hard to be seen. So make sure that you get adequate amounts of rest and sleep.

If you would like to read the full article on the site. The link is http://

Those are a few things that i personally found beneficial when sculpting the perfect set of abdominals. I hope that you were able to find this helpful and that you've been pointed in the right direction.

Recreating Bar Code by Using Photoshop Step 1 Create a new document sized 500Ă—300 pixels and fill it with white color. Then use the Rectangular Marquee Tool to create selection similar to mine on the picture below and fill it with black color on the new layer.

Step 2 Press Ctrl+D to deselect chosen area, then apply Filter > Noise > Add Noise with similar settings to these:

Now we have effect like this:

Step 3 After that select Single Row Marque Tool to create selection about 1 pixel height.

Step 4 Press Ctrl+T to transform selected area like on my screenshot which you can see below.

Step 5 Remove selection with Ctrl+D again and move to the next step. Now we need to cut off some lines on the bottom to add the numbers. Use Rectangular Marquee Tool to create selection again and press Delete button to clean selected area.

Step 6 Remove selection with Select > Deselect. Get out the Horizontal Type Tool to add the numbers with black color to our bar code area. Before you start typing the numbers just go to Window > Character and set up following presets for the text:

Step 7 After that type your text line:

Step 8 Merge text layer with previous one with Ctrl+E. We are done with creating bar code. Now we can add it to some goods. I found this picture to work with. Open up it and copy to our main canvas under the layer with bar code. Go to bar code layer again and apply Edit > Free Transform to reduce code a little bit and rotate it.

Step 9 Then apply Edit > Transform > Warp to make right perspective for code on the lemon surface.

Step 10 Then change layer mode to Multiply for current layer and apply Sharpen Tool a little bit:

We are done on this step. It was easy but very useful, isn’t it? Hope, you have the same good results as me. If you have done similar technique with this post, feel free to post the link in the comment form.

SPOTLIGHT MODEL FEATURING RIVER WOLF I'm not exactly sure what encouraged me to start modeling. I'd love to say that there was some epic story connected or even some deep meaning behind it all. My name is River Wolf and I am a model. Ever since that first shoot, I became hooked. My friend and roommate at the time told me she was going to a photo shoot and it automatically grabbed my attention. I accompanied her with no intention to have my picture taken, but she encouraged me to join her in several shots. Waiting to see the final result was a little nerve wracking, but I was also convinced I looked stupid and didn't care. But when the pictures were sent to us, I was shocked by the result. I loved them. I always thought you had to already be rich and famous to become something like a model. I always thought, "who would want to see pictures of me? I'm nothing special". Even taking pictures growing up was a chore. So my friend, who shall remain unnamed, took me under her wing for a while and taught me what she knew. And granted, she was much prettier than I am, but I didn't care. She awakened ideas in me. On top of that, I found out that my boyfriend at the time was related to ANTM Allison Harvard. As I had never watched any of the America's Next Top Model seasons, it really didn't mean anything to me at first. But after seeing family pictures compared to her modeling pictures, curiosity got the better of me and I researched her story. I found out that she was just like everyone else, like you and me. Her gorgeous eyes became such a curiosity that she became well known on the internet and eventually ended up in ANTM. And

even though she landed a wonderful spot in the modeling society, her ultimate love is art. By this point, my model friend had decided to move to another state and decided to not keep in touch. But with Allison Harvard's story and photos to inspire me, I became determined that I would do the impossible: I would become a model. And even with life being an obstacle (work and bills), I have stuck with it. Am I famous? No. But I am doing what I love. I will prove that everyone is different, everyone is special, and anyone can become a model. This has been our spotlight model of the month. If you would like to be considered for spotlight model in our publication please contact us by visiting our website or liking us on facebook. Photography by Dirty South Customs River Wolf’s portfolio Dirty South Customs page

Visit facebook and like both pages to contact both of these talented and Wonderful people for any future work or projects you may have. And also to receive updates from them.


DO invest in eye-catching outerwear.

Statement-making outerwear manifested itself in a bevy of ways this season (think bold furs, oversize parkas, and cool leathers).

DON'T be afraid to experiment with various colors, lengths, and textures.

DO consider the rest of your outfit when rocking these coats. Keep everything else simple.

DON'T forget a super-cute hat.

DO remember this motto: When in doubt, put a beanie on it!

DON'T forget the other types of hats you can wear this season. Fedoras, floppy knits, and even baseball caps are at your disposal.

DO embrace classic prints.

Sick of the floral and kaleidoscope prints from spring? Well, say hello to classic prints like houndstooth for fall.

DON'T shy away from this print for the office. Menswear fabrics lend a chic and professional touch to your outfits.

DO keep in mind that houndstooth goes with everything! As we once said, it's basically a neutral.

DON'T put away your leopard print just yet.

Yes, you read that correctly. One of fall 2013's hottest trends is already in your closet.

DO play with different colors of leopard this season. Classic brown and black will always be in style, so have a little bit of fun and choose a pink or red version instead.

DON'T overdo it. A little leopard can go a long way, so stick to one piece featuring the cat print.

DO pick up an emerald green piece.

Pantone chose the shade as its top color for 2013, so it's no wonder that it was spotted all over the fall 2013 runways.

DON'T ignore how cute emerald green can look when paired with other jewel tones, such as garnet, amethyst, and sapphire.

DO look for different ways to incorporate the shade into your wardrobe. A structured bag or high heels in this vibrant hue is like an exclamation point at the end of your ensemble.

DON'T shy away from layering.

Take a cue from BCBG and add interest to your fall outfit choices by piling on a few extra pieces.

DO mix textures with your pants, skirts, and tops. A sheer dress over leather pants allows you to layer without looking bulky.

DON'T go crazy with colors or patterns when layering pieces. An outfit with many components should look as

streamlined as possible.

DO take a chance on winter white.

When the temperature's low, we all have a tendency to reach for dark colors, but why not grab a winter white piece instead?

DON'T think you can wear winter white only for a night out. A chic coat fits in at the office, and denim works for the weekend.

DO save your flouncy pieces for spring. Choose weather-appropriate staples such as chunky knits, jeans, and jackets that make sense in autumn.

DON'T bail on the peplum.

It's the trend that won't die, so hop on the bandwagon if you haven't already! DO find the right peplum for you. Where it's placed on a dress, shirt, or skirt can determine just how good you look. DON'T underestimate how flattering a peplum can be. It can help define your waist or add curves to a boyish figure. Continued on page 29




DO rethink your leather pieces.

Leather can be sporty, edgy, or downright womanly depending on how it's styled.

DO go for a colored leather piece every once in a while. Style it as you would a regular knit.

DON'T try an all-leather outfit—unless you're into that whole biker-babe trend.


Don’t have a hair piece pictured in step one? Simply take a pair of socks put one inside the other cut out the toe and roll down to make a donut. No use in buying an expensive piece when you can quickly and effectively use the tools at your disposal.



Mach 10 november 2013  
Mach 10 november 2013