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Mach 10 June2014

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Caption This A healthy twist on Fast Food

Exert from 40 Page Guide to Ripped Abs By Joe’l Ash

So its summer time and you look at yourself in the mirror and realize that you want to obtain great defined abs like me model Joe’l Ash in the above photo. You do at least a thousand crunches a day but seem to have no results. You’ve wasted money on thousands of ab machines only to still find great disappoint when you look in the mirror and see no definition. So after two kids what is the secret to my success? Well the answer may simply surprise you. What I have written here in this book is the personal methods and instructions I have used to obtain my tightly toned and sculpted abdominal muscles. Forget your machines, diet pills, and countless sit– ups. Obtaining the covetous six pack abs is easier then you think. Now I’m telling you that you will wake up over night after following this with a flawless six pack. But following the proper steps I will list in this book you will be well on your way. Now I am that person that can eat for three and work out for about 45 minutes a day and still maintain my small frame of a size one standing at roughly 5’2. I’m sure everyone knows someone like that and after giving birth to two children

dren who are now school age I find a lot of females get disgusted by the fact that I look like a child has never been inside of my body. Even though genetics plays a big roll in a persons body type and health problems may incur and cause exercise Issues I am here to say that if I can do it as person that has hypothyroidism from absolutely no thyroid then you can most certainly obtain your goal. So firstly I will start by busting a few myths that a lot of people have when it comes to obtaining your wash board abs. MYTH ONE: You can eat all you want and just do a 1000 crunches and you will have a wash board You can do 100– 5000 crunches a day but you will not see those envious wash boards if your diet is lousy. You are literally what you eat so if you eat garbage you will look and feel like that. The best thing is to eat clean and in moderation. So if you have a bad diet then no matter how many crunches or sit-ups you do you’re abs will not be visible unless you clean up what you eat.

MYTH TWO: Carbs are the enemy I’m sure that we’ve all heard a person or maybe you’ve even done it yourself go on this no carb diet because they feel that carbs destroy abs. The truth is carbs are an essential nutrient that your body needs. Now fast digesting carbs, however, like the ones found in bread, sports drinks, and potatoes can cause insulin spikes that can aid in the increase of belly fat so its best to consume these carbs post work out. Those will help aid in the recovery of you muscles. Instead get your good carbs from veggies, fruits, whole grain items, oatmeal, and beans. And a good general rule of thumb I follow is if you can’t pronounce it don't consume it. I always like to know what’s going into my body.

MYTH THREE: Sit-ups and Crunches are the only way to work the abs While sit-ups and crunches are the most popular exercises to be performed they are not the only exercises to target abs for a strong core. Abs are just like any other muscle. They need strength and resistance to get stronger. I will cover a list of exercises that will build a stronger core as you progress further in to this book.

MYTH FOUR: Let me take a supplement “ Oh I failed my diet I will just swallow a fat burner and it will all go away.� If you have that mind set you are wrong. All though there are great belly fat burning agents out there they don't seek and destroy immediately making up for any short comings you may have had while training to get your six pack. There is no instant fix for hard work and dedication. The only way to get your abs to show through is by less body fat and more muscle.

MYTH FIVE: Slow reps verses Fast reps Some will say slow reps are better. Others will say fast reps are better. I say mix it up. Slow reps can focus on good form. Take it slow work it out. While fast reps can increase heart rate and allow for weight loss. Plus if you mix things up you will not fall into the dreaded Plateau .

MYTH SIX: Train your abs daily Your abs are just like any other muscle of your body so if you have a day that you train a particular muscle do this with your abs. Although I train my abs on a

daily basis just because its harder for me to hold on to muscle mass so if you find yourself having a difficult time holding on to muscle mass then by all means train them everyday. I would say that it depends on your body. Keep in mind everyBody’s body make up is different. What works for one may not work for someone else. The best advice I can give you on this myth is find what works for your body.

MYTH SEVEN Running will reduce belly fat Running is actually the worst exercise to reduce belly fat and allow your abs to show through. Runners tend to be skinny fat or skinny skinny but lack the muscle tone and definition. Instead cut the ten mile run and sprint for 20 minutes or jump rope or do jumping jacks. Those are actually more beneficial in belly fat reduction.

MYTH EIGHT You need fancy gym equipment to work out on This is beyond false. There are several body weight exercises that can be performed to work your abs and other parts of your body so you do not need a heavy piece of equipment to help. Especially if you are just starting out. There are many other things you can do instead. I will cover those further into this book. Remember Abs are a body fat percentage game.

MYTH NINE: Add more sets Adding more sets and reps and killing yourself with sit ups is not going to burn off the extra calories from the apple pie you’ve just eaten . Spot reduction only occurs in dreams and in fairy tales. You can’t spot reduce your way to a per-

fect six pack no how. Instead add a little cardio in the mix of your strength train to minimize your belly fat. Follow a strict diet or cut your calorie intake by 100-200. MYTH TEN: Side bends will carve your abs This is false. All side bends with a weight in one hand will do is build your obliques which will make your waist appear wider and your shoulders narrower. Not what you want at all. And now it will not get rid of love handles if you have them. It will strengthen your core and trunk rotation if your in it for a sport.

Now that I have just busted ten common myths about building abs that you may or may not have known I will take the time to explain to you what your abdominals or abs actually are. Its no secret that a great mid section can attract the opposite sex so if that’s your goal you have to build your abs. Yes build and develop just like you would any other muscle. Do not be afraid of this because you won’t get a bulking mid section from building your abs since the rectus abdominis is a relatively flat muscle. It runs from the bottom of the rib cage to the pelvis and the lines or divisions that you see when your abs develop are from the tendons in that muscle. The abdominals are like an internal girdle and if properly train give you a tight toned mid section. There are actually three layers of the abdominal wall but what most people train is the rectus abdominis muscle which is the muscle mentioned in the first paragraph. The muscle is crossed by three tendinous intersections called the linae transversae. The rectus abdominis is enclosed in a thick sheath formed, as described above, by fibers from each of the three muscles of the lateral abdominal wall. They originate at the pubis bone, run up the abdomen on either side of the linea alba, and insert into the cartilages of the fifth, sixth, and seventh ribs. In the region of the groin, the inguinal canal, a passage through the layers. This gap is where the testes can drop through the wall and where the fibrous cord from the uterus in the female runs.

This a diagram of the rectus abdominis

Proper Diet and Exercise can allow this muscle to show through like mine.

Now that I have busted some common myths and explained to you as the reader what muscles you are actually toning I’m going to go over a few helpful tips that will aid in the process of achieving that great six pack… Exert taken from 40 Page Guide to Ripped Abs. Copyright 2014 written by Joe’l Ash

If you would like to read more from the book including tips and numerous successful workout routines then pick up this helpful book available on Amazon. There are multiple work out routines in this book that include free weights, therabands, and just plain body resistance exercises. These movements are simple and prove to be affective at toning tightening and helping to achieve the six pack that you desire. As with any new work out routine or diet it may not be suitable for all people. So even though there are exercises included on how to work your abs with a bad back please check with your physician before beginning any physical activity and find out which set of exercises would be most beneficial to you the reader in your current state. And this book or article is no way intended to treat or diagnosed any aliment.

SPOTLIGHT ON FITNESS Summer is right around the corner and a lot of models are getting ready to for competitions or bikini shoots. So if you are a model that does bikini shoots or competitions take the thirty day body transformation challenge with Model Joe’l Ash What will be done during this transformation challenge? Well its thirty days. Everyday you are to eat and train and sleep for eight hours. Hard core dedication. In the process not only will you find that through this you are transforming your body but you are also cleaning out while promoting self discipline and dedication. Train your body everyday. Follow a good diet that promotes muscle gain and proper strength training exercises. Take a photo everyday or yourself. It must be a three quarter body shot in work out clothing.

SPOTLIGHT ON FITNESS You can send your photos and strength training work out routine along with your first name to with body transformation challenge in the subject line. You can also like and post your photos directly to our facebook page if you desire at Like the page first and either message us your progress or post it directly to our wall. Don’t be afraid to show off your hard work and dedication. This is just not for the models out there but anyone could do. Just if you’re a model let us know. We are curious to see everyone’s out come thus far. Lets make this fun and great. Who is up for the challenge. Let us know. Maybe next time we will shine the spotlight on you

30 Day Transformation Challenge Selfies.

Show us your Day one fitness Selfie

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CREATE A BILLIARD BALL IN PHOTO SHOP Before you proceed, make you sure have the 3D option available in the version of Photoshop you are using. Also, some of the 3D functions used in this tutorial may differ or may not be available in older versions of Photoshop.

1) Open a new document the following settings:


2) Set the Foreground and Background color to light and dark blue, respectively

3) Select the Gradient tool. Drag your cursor vertically downwards on the image to form the background. 4) Go to Filter > Noise > Add noise and make the following changes:

5) Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and make the following changes:

6) Open a new layer and select the Rectangular Marquee Tool. Drag your cursor form the leftmost side of the document to the rightmost side to make a rectangular selection of height 4 inches. This rectangular selection should be created on the vertical center of the document. Check with the side rulers to ensure this. If you do not see the rulers, press CTRL+R.

7) Press SHIFT+F5 to open the Fill dialogue box. From the Use drop-down menu, choose Color and select the color Yellow. Click OK. Do not deselect the rectangular selection.

8) Open a new layer. Right click on your selection and choose Select Inverse. Press SHIFT+F5 andFill the selection with White. Deselect the selection (CTRL+D).

9) Open a new layer. Select the Elliptical Marquee tool and draw an ellipse right in center of the Yellow stripe. Fill this selection with White.

10) Select the Text Tool to type in the number ‘8’ as text. Ensure the following settings:

11) Select all of the four layers you have created, including the Text Layer.

12) Go to 3D > New shape from Layer > Sphere.

Your Billiard Ball is now ready. We are now going to add some effects to it. 13) Double click on the Layer thumbnail to open the 3D Panel. Click on Filter: by Materials. Click on the icon for Environment and select Load Texture.

I have used the picture shown to the side. You may select whatever picture you like.

14) Go back to the 3D Panel and click on the Environment icon and choose Open Texture.

15) Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Change the radius to 3.0px and click OK.

16) Now, go back to the original document and on the 3D Panel > Filter by: Materials, make the following changes.

17) On the 3D Panel, open Filter by: Lights and make the following changes to Infinite Light 1.

18) Then make the following change to Infinite Light 2:



A Healthy Twist on Fast Food

19) To get Infinite Light 3, you’ll need to create it. So click on the icon shown:

20) And now make the following changes for Infinite Light 3

20) Create an Image Based Light using the same option as before and then make the following changes:

Final Result:


Get your copy Now. Contains simple but delicious clean eating recipes for anyone with health problems or just looking to clean up their diet. Sold out on Amazon when listed the first Day. Sells for 12.00 plus S&H

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Features an excerpt from the new fitness book 40 page guide to ripped abs. Our ever so popular caption this and photoshp tutorial. Also ou...

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