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8 November, 2012

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Green at a Glance 8 November

Environmentalist Alanna Mitchell talks about her book “Sea Sick”!

11 November

Get Back to Nature Walk with the RBG

21 November

Sustainability: A Challenge With Mike Nickerson

We would like to thank everybody who came out to the MACgreen and Graduate Student’s Association hike in McMaster Forest! Look around the Greenvine to see some of the beautiful pictures taken! P.S…………… - Don’t forget to come out and see Alanna Mitchell tonight! Questions? Want to Volunteer? Or tell us you love Contact MACgreen at:

Tweet @MACgreenMSU

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Here is where you can get the lowdown on all of our cool campus events, including events from MOC, MAC Farm Stand, the Office of Sustainability, and many more! What:

Sustainability talk with Mike Nickerson When:

21 November (2:303:30pm) Where:

Room 318 MUSC

“Understanding the challenge, conceiving the necessary changes and enacting them to establish a lasting balance with the Earth is the task before us. Today's students will be in the vanguard. Mike welcomes opportunities to speak with young adults, whenever and wherever it is mutually convenient.”

Cook for a Change What:


29 November (6-9pm)


St. Paul's Hall (1140 King St. West) “Would you like to cook for a change and make a big difference in Hamilton? Join us to learn simple cooking techniques and come together to help out those in need in our local community. Funds from ticket sales, donations, and silent auction are being donated to the local United Way.” Tickets 10$ at Compass

What: Alanna Mitchell talks about her book “Sea Sick” When: November 8 (7:30pm) Where: Health Science Center 1A1 Author of "Sea Sick: The Global Ocean in Crisis" and environmentalist, Alanna Mitchell will discuss the state of our most precious resource and the action that will be required to save it.


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More Events for You! This is the place to find out about Hamilton-wide events. Updates and events from Environment Hamilton, Hamilton Conservation Authority, Bay Area Restoration Council, and many more!

Invasive Species Removal with RBG


RBG Get Back to Nature Walk






10 November


Nature Interpretive Centre, RBG Arboretum, Hamilton, 16 Old Guelph Rd Volunteer with RBG – help us protect our important interior forest ecosystems by extracting and destroying nonnative invasive plants. Dress for the weather and be prepared to get dirty. Gloves and equipment will be provided. Please wear closed toed shoes, bring a portable lunch and water bottle. Water and snacks will be



11 November (2-3pm) Princess Point

Come join the RBG team for a walk in beautiful Princess Point! Get a great view of Cootes Paradise in all of its glory before the leaves disappear! In the event of inclement weather, call our Program Update Line at 905-527-1158 ext. 404.

Be Active in Making the Great Lakes Great! 13 November (7-9pm)

Design Annex 118 James St N, Hamilton Where:

“Hamilton Conservation Authority is participating in an exciting event, with the Bay Area Restoration Council, Environment Hamilton, Environmental Defence and McMaster University, to celebrate the power of citizens to improve the health of the Great Lakes and the health of our communities! This event is focused on showing local citizens how you can be involved in making a difference! Come out on November 13th to learn how you, your neighbours and friends can BE ACTIVE in Making the Great Lakes Great! “ RSVP required Please RSVP at


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Featured Doc

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Green Business

Acid Test Acid test explores the recent and widespread phenomenon of ocean acidification. Brought on by global warming, ocean acidification has the potential to completely destroy Earth’s reefal systems Watch at:

The Global Village Market Located in Westdale Village, the Global Village Market is a great local market for organic and fair trade items. “Global Village Market is your destination for Organic Fair Trade Certified coffee and other alternative products from around the world. We shop for you to find the finest selection of quality foods which are both locally and globally produced.”

MACgreen Hello all! We’re looking for some volunteers to put together some Used But Not Bruised Notebooks! You will help our team put together notebooks one night a week. Snacks provided!

Email us at:

Read on for tips on how to do your part in mitigating waste! Party Smart! One way to party smart is to cut down consumption of plastic red cups! Try washing your cups after a party, or perhaps finding some reusable cups. Or you can just make sure to recycle them! Happy partying! Party smart!

Reusable Bottles One very important and very easy way to help the planet is to simply buy a reusable water bottle! You (yes you) can save a lot of money, and a lot of plastic from entering landfills and waterways.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Sustainability Tips

Did You Know?

Questions? Visit:

2/3 of the 13 billion plastic bottles in the United Kingdom were not recycled in 2008 [that’s 8,666,666,666 bottles] !- (Jones, 2010).


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“Hamilton could be healthier with better city design – says experts”

Union Market is now selling MACgreen's Used But Not Bruised notebooks! Pick yours up today for only $1! The Used But Not Bruised notebook campaign is a project coordinated by MACgreen volunteers.

Changes in Hamilton’s city planning and infrastructure may have the potential to mitigate emerging obesity rates. Through enhanced designs in city structure, coupled with better harnessing of Hamilton’s extensive waterfalls, the city could create a pedestrian friendly, green ecotourism sector. Transforming abandoned buildings into pedestrian corridors and destinations for city dwellers can add positive businesses and infrastructure to the city. Read the full article here:

Interested in volunteering for the program? Shoot us an email:

“New design creates more efficient wind turbines” A sailboat-sail inspired invention from Tunisia may be the next step in higher efficiency wind turbines. Lacking the traditional blades, this new design promises to greatly reduce deaths by flying animals (birds and bats), as well as reducing noise pollution from the rotating blades. These new bladeless turbines have been cited to capture up to 80% of the wind’s kinetic energy, 40% more than the conventional. Hooray for innovation! Dish It Out! A program designed to help make events waste free. The program can benefit YOU in two ways: 1. Environmental 2. Economic

Read the full article here:

This program only accrues a small fee for dishwashing costs. We have a large selection of dishes and cutlery that can be rented out for anything from large events to small meetings.



8 November

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MACgreen Greenvine  

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