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BEYOND How to make your smartphone photos stellar By Brock Kryton


Smartphone photography has really taken off, and the technology in those built-in cameras is improving all the time. Here are five quick and easy tips that will significantly improve your smartphone pics.

Go into the light A few years ago, I read The Digital Photography Book three-part series by Scott Kelby. I was struck by how Kelby encouraged his readers to think about light the way his friend and landscape photographer Bill Fortney does. Fortney says the single most important thing in a photo isn’t the subject, but the quality of light. Always find great light first—sunrises, sunsets, overcast days or through windows— and then start looking for your subject.



Get Close Combat photographer and photojournalist Robert Capa once said, “If your photos aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.” He died stepping on a landmine while documenting BEFORE

the Vietnam War, making the statement painfully ironic, but not untrue. Get closer. Don’t be shy. Follow your instincts. I did. This photo might look like a shot from an old western movie, but it’s actually two men in deep conversation at a McDonald’s restaurant. I wanted the image and I knew it would be perfect, but I couldn’t get the shot from where I was sitting—even using my zoom. So I got out of my chair and approached the table. They didn’t even notice until I approached them afterwards, and I was glad I made the extra effort.


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