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Business Consultant, Trainer and so much More With limitless energy and enthusiasm, Dune Nguyen is probably one of the most upbeat people you’ll ever meet. They call him Smiley, but after hearing his life story of incredible danger and strife, one has to wonder how Nguyen was ever able to smile again. But this MacEwan University Business Continuing Education and Corporate Learning trainer brings optimism and passion, along with a wealth of knowledge and experience, to the classroom. At age 13, Nguyen made the unbelievably courageous decision to leave war-torn Vietnam and make his way to a country thousands of miles away. His journey included seeking shelter in two Indonesian refugee camps as one of the “boat people” in the early 1980s. He learned early on what true hardship was and found a deep appreciation for each day of his new life in Canada. Looking back at Nguyen’s career path, you could tell at an early age he was focused and driven. In grade 10, he was already a paid computer programmer and continued on as a software developer until the mid ‘90s when he decided to move into corporate training, project management and business analysis. He worked with clients from all across North America and remembers his most exotic locale as Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2006, he founded his own leadership and management advisory firm based in Edmonton. Nguyen wasn’t always just working; he also accumulated an impressive list of credentials including a Master of Business Administration, a Project Management Certificate, an Advanced Graduate Diploma in Management and a Diploma in Computer Systems Technology. He is also a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), an Information Systems Professional (ISP) and a Project Management Professional (PMP). When asked what drove him to earn so many designations, Nguyen replied, “Everything I do, I go deep in there. I can’t live without constant learning and while I don’t believe credentials are everything, I do believe they are relevant. I just didn’t want a lack of certification or formal education to be limiting in any way.” In 2010, Nguyen was looking for more flexibility in his work schedule and the ability to reach more people. Teaching was a natural progression for him and he immersed himself completely as he had done with his previous career choices.

Dune Nguyen

“I am passionate about people,” states Nguyen, “and I love the diversity of the participants in my courses.” Nguyen found a way to inspire and impact more people by instructing many courses through MacEwan University Business Continuing Education. His vast knowledge and practical experience in leadership, project management and business analysis has allowed him to develop the curriculum for some courses. Nguyen also instructs for the new Business Analysis professional development certificate, a recent addition to Business Continuing Education department. Business Analysis is a relatively new discipline, but one that Nguyen fees very strongly about. “Organizations need to clearly understand their business requirements and priorities,” states Nguyen, “and business analysis is crucial. I am grateful that the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), established in 2003, has helped significantly advance the visibility and professionalism of business analysis throughout the world in just ten years.” Business Analysis professionals are proficient at defining business requirements, recommending solutions, and helping improve organizational effectiveness. “I predict that in ten years, there will be more Business Analysts than Project Managers.”

There’s no reason to doubt his prediction just as there’s no reason to doubt that in ten years Nguyen will still be the same highly motivated, personable, grateful person he is today. His teaching style is a reflection of his personality and one can’t help but be drawn into his circle of optimism. Nguyen’s former students can attest to his infectious enthusiasm. A Basics of Business Analysis student wrote: “Nguyen is extremely knowledgeable and highly focused! His teaching style is very professional and direct. He kept everyone captivated with his well-honed teaching skills.” So what does such a welledu¬cated businessman and instructor do in his spare time? Plays guitar of course. Nguyen can be seen at local venues strumming and humming tunes. With a constant desire to learn new skills in all areas of life, Nguyen has recently started writing and performing original songs. But that’s only when he’s not spending time with his wife and two sons. This busy, self-made businessman and teacher will always find time for the things that are most important to him; just as he always finds time to be grateful for the opportunities he’s been given.

MacEwan Alumni News Summer 2013

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