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Moving On is the official publication of the MacEwan Alumni Association. The Alumni Association Office provides Moving On three times a year for alumni and friends of the MacEwan Alumni Association. The editor reserves the right to select, edit, and position submitted copy. Views expressed in Moving On do not necessarily reflect those held by Grant MacEwan College.



Home Sweet Temporary Home A look back at the campuses of MacEwan. F E AT U R E S

All inquiries and correspondence should be directed to the Alumni Office at the above address or by calling (780) 497-4273. Alumni are welcome to visit our offices at: Room 7–105K, City Centre Campus, Grant MacEwan College 10700–104 Avenue, Edmonton Alberta, Canada



A message from Dr. Paul Byrne Allard Chair in Business 2003 Larry Anderson encourages students to “find their wings”.

DESIGN, LAYOUT & PRODUCTION CO-ORDINATION Halkier + Dutton Strategic Design CONTRIBUTORS Scott Rollans, Jana Clarke, James Schutz ADVERTISING & SALES For information on booking ad space, call (780) 497-5543


E-mail Etiquette with speaker Don McMann

CIRCULATION In excess of 28,000


Tuesday January 27, 2004 Dinner 5:30 p.m. / Speaker: 6:15 p.m. Room 6-313H, City Centre Campus RSVP: call 497-4273 or E-mail



D R .



Alumni Night at the Theatre

Sarah Edwards Executive Director

Insurance has been on the mind of many Albertans lately. I know we have had a number of inquiries from our alumni about getting quotes from Morgex Insurance. Quite a few of the inquiries have been from alumni wanting to possibly switch from their current insurance provider to Morgex. However some inquiries have been from alumni, currently insured through Morgex, who expressed concerns over increases in premiums and slow service. We want to assure you, our alumni, that as an association we have addressed these concerns with Morgex and they have taken measures to correct the situation. Your Alumni Association strives to offer you the best possible benefits. Please inform us if you have any concerns about any of the benefits and services we offer.

President Pat Wilson

The Boys from Syracuse Music by Richard Rodgers Lyrics by Larry Hart Book by George Abbott February 12, 2004

Association, held November 4th, was attended by alumni from a variety interesting and informative presentation by the college's president Dr. Paul Byrne on future directions of the college. The Alumni Association has a number of events planned for the upcoming year. I encourage you to mark your calendars and come out to any or all of the following events; a professional development session on Business Etiquette (January 27th), the Annual Alumni Night at the Theatre (February 12th) and Dressing for Success a professional development session (date TBA).

Presented in the John L. Haar Theatre, Centre for the Arts Campus Join other alumni for wine and cheese prior to the performance Free tickets to the first 100 alumni To reserve tickets through the alumni office, call 497-4273



From the


featuring the Musical

The Annual General Meeting of the Grant MacEwan College Alumni of programs.Those in atttendance enjoyed an excellent meal and the





his past year has brought changes that are altering the face of Grant MacEwan College. This fall we opened the Leslie Nielsen

School of Communications, celebrated the successful close of our capital fundraising campaign, announced plans for our new student residence, and worked to prepare for the passing of Bill 43. Bill 43 puts MacEwan one step closer to realizing our vision of offering nationally recognized undergraduate degree programs to help address our growing demand for post-secondary education. Amidst all this change, MacEwan continues to strive towards enhancing access to our quality career and degree programs. MacEwan’s strengths – a learner-centred environment focused on teaching excellence and personal interaction with outstanding faculty – continue to be our cornerstones. MacEwan will also continue to offer certificate, diploma and post-degree diploma programs as part of our comprehensive academic offering. By providing students with marketable credentials and a solid skill set, these career-related programs are current, relevant, focused, and maintain close contact with their fields.



One of the best ways to measure our success is to review the feedback we receive from our students, employers and the community at large. In 2002, 94 per cent of career program graduates were employed within six months of graduation. MacEwan has consistently achieved the highest transfer rate of all Alberta colleges offering university transfer programs, and in 2003, 94 per cent of students were satisfied with the quality of education they received at MacEwan. Grant MacEwan College continues to play an important role in our community. Our grads are a big

part of Alberta’s tireless workforce, contributing millions to the economy each year. Our programs are training students in areas of need, where skilled labour is short and demand is high. Our instructors are working to bring valuable, real-world experience into the classroom. Our renovations and new buildings are contributing to the development of our city and providing students increased access to post-secondary education. We are building Alberta’s future, one student at a time. DR. PAUL BYRNE


Keeping you up-to-date on what’s new on campus: new programs, courses, workshops, and camps.


External Relations

Raises Important Funds

Music alumni still making marvelous melodies at MacEwan Bomba, Corb Lund, Ann Vriend, Dianne Donovan are just a few of the varied and talented artists on MacEwan’s newest CD, Coming Home. The enhanced double CD showcases music program alumni and faculty.

now out on their own writing, recording and gigging. At the same time, it raises the profile of MacEwan’s renowned music program by showcasing the great artists that began their musical journey at MacEwan.

The CD’s title gets right to the heart of the project. “We wanted to bring past students back and get them involved with the college again in an interesting way,” says CD producer Marcel Hamel.

The project did indeed strike a chord with former students. “With the number and quality of submissions we were hearing, it became apparent that we were looking at a double CD,” says Hamel.

The project will serve as a co-promotion tool. It gives extra exposure to former music students—

As if that wasn’t enough value in one package, the CD will also be enhanced, meaning you can pop it into your computer’s CD Rom drive and access a whole host of extra content, including artist bios, pictures and links to their websites.

Design Grads Draw National Recognition

In January 2004, a one-time intake of MacEwan's Psychiatric Nursing diploma will take place in Edmonton. Although the program is normally offered only at Alberta Hospital Ponoka, MacEwan recently received Access Funding from Alberta Learning to give students a chance to become Registered Psychiatric Nurses without leaving Edmonton. With 100% employment and starting salaries around $45,000, the program is in great demand. Find out more at


DONATE an item to the silent auction For 18 straight years Grant MacEwan College’s Mad Hatter’s Ball has been raising funds for scholarships and bursaries for our students. Through the generous support of alumni, local business and volunteers, we have raised over $770,000.

All eight winners are members of the first graduating class from the new Design and Illustration specialization of the three-year Visual Communication Design Program. “This is the only student illustration competition in Canada” says Kim Kunitz, chair of the VCD prodiploma specializations are: Design and Illustration, Design and Digital Media, and Design and Visual Presentation. The program is one of four in the new Leslie Nielsen School of Communications.

All the talent, eclectic musical styles and extra content make this CD a great gift for any music fan. You can get your copy at any MacEwan Bookstore.

Psychiatric Nursing

How Can I Help?

Eight recent Visual Communication Design graduates received Illustration Awards in Applied Arts Magazine’s annual Photography & Illustration contest.

gram. “I am thrilled our students did so well, particularly against other four-year illustration programs in Canada and the United States. The MacEwan program is emerging as a dominant illustration school in North America.”

Applied Arts Magazine was launched in 1986 to showcase the work of Canadian visual communicators. Their annual Photography & Illustration contest receives entries from across North America. Published six times per year, the magazine covers design trends, technical and computer innovation, and highlights the work of the best Canadian photographers, illustrators and design firms.

With your support we can make this year’s Mad Hatter’s Ball the best ever. Let’s make a difference in the lives of MacEwan students.

VOLUNTEER to work the night of the event ATTEND the Mad Hatter’s Ball as a guest If you would like to help with the Mad Hatter’s Ball, please contact Sharon at 497-5052 or by e-mail at

By investing in the education of a Grant MacEwan College student, you INVEST IN THE FUTURE.

Reach out to future MacEwan Alumni Name: __________________________________________ Address: ________________________________________

The eight winners, all of whom graduated in April 2003, are: Geoff Cwiklewich, Sarah Jackson, Graham Johnson, David Landreth, Kristy Willcocks, Kelly Kotyk, Christy Choma, and Crystal Schwengler. Visual Communication Design comprises a prerequisite one-year (10-month) Design Foundations Certificate, leading to one of three two-year design diplomas. The


On Saturday, May 1, 2004, MacEwan will host it’s 19th Mad Hatter's Ball at the City Centre Campus.

There are four main categories: • Art • Sport and Leisure • Eat, Drink and Be Merry • There’s No Place Like Home


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from our Alumni Chapters.


Bulletin B

Capital City Savings Open for Business Speakers Series MacEwan Corporate Learning is pleased to announce the lineup for the 2004 Capital City Savings Open for Business Speakers Series. All seminars will be held in Muttart Hall at MacEwan's Alberta College Campus, 10050 MacDonald Drive. For more information, contact MacEwan Corporate Learning at 497-5207.

Meaning what you write — writing what you mean January 20, 8:30 -12 noon Strategies for avoiding circumlocution, eliminating obfuscation, and efficaciously transformating opacity into transparency in persuasive or informative written communication produced in the workplace environment. OR… How to write clearly, persuasively, and informatively at work. Presenter Don McMann is the director of MacEwan’s Leslie Nielsen School of Communications. His expertise extends to the publishing, communications, public relations, and advertising industries.

Ethical Leadership: Is it Really Black or White? February 24, 8:30 - 12 noon Ethical decision-making in business honors our corporate values and applies to all decisions we make on a daily basis. Learn how to check your own ethics, understand the power of ethics, and how to recognize 'unethical decisions'. The session will be facilitated by Linda Mau, an independent consultant in demand as a speaker to business groups across Canada.

What's Hot. What's Not. Market research and your business.

March 24, 8:30 -12 noon What are consumers — your clients — looking for now and how will that change in the future? The answers will prepare your business to adjust to — and take advantage — of these trends.


The session will be presented by Maureen McCaw, president of Criterion Research and past president of the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce.

E-Business Essentials April 13, 8:30 -12 noon Take your Internet presence to the next level. Learn how e-business can be applied to reduce costs, improve customer service, and improve operations. Trevor Poapst is the coordinator of The Business Link's E-Future Centre.






Alberta College Conservatory of Music SaxAlive! Saturday, January 24, 8 p.m., Muttart Hall, Alberta College Campus, Featuring the world premiere of a composition by Alberta College Conservatory of Music instructor, Dr. Charles Stolte.

Ian Parker, piano Thursday, May 6, 8:00 p.m., Muttart Hall, Alberta College Campus

Conservatory Resonance @ Winspear Wednesday, May 12, 8:00 p.m., Winspear Centre Showcasing the finest and most dedicated talents of Alberta College Conservatory of Music.

Spring Break “Action” Camp School may be out but your child needs to continue to be active and involved in our dynamic programs. Children participate in activities encouraging social interaction and physical fitness, create crafts, enjoy the pool and venture to off-campus activities.

21439 — Age 6-9 Mon-Fri, Mar 29- Apr 2 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. $125.00

Muttart Conservatory FREE Open House Weekends Last Sunday of every month beginning at 1:00 p.m. Students from Alberta College Conservatory of Music perform at the Muttart Conservatory on the last Sunday of every month. For




Dance Performances

Centre for the Arts

Mind shifting Body stirring

April 2 & 3

Music Performances

Centre for the Arts

Showcase Band Concert

January 9

8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. $125.00

Jazz Choir/Jazz Combo concert

March 7

Guitar Concert

March 14

Songwriter’s Concert

March 20

Percussion Concert

March 21

Composer’s Concert

March 27

Jazz Band Concert

April 5

Family Day Carnival Monday, February 16, 2-5 p.m. Come and see what is happening under the Big Top at MacEwan Centre. Meet Dizzy the clown, get your face painted, eat popcorn and enjoy plenty of other carnival games and activities. Regular facility rates apply. For information or to register, call 497-5300

Calling all 1994 Social Work Grads A reunion is being planned for April 24, 2004. If you are interested in getting involved call Patricia Feduk RSW at 455-9446 or email

Chapter Contacts Massage Therapy Program Charlotte Bowman Music Program Sue Stollings

Teacher Assistant Program E-mail Vickie Grafton c/o with subject line “Teacher Assistant Program.” Information Management & Library Technology Program Carol Fowler The Voluntary Sector Management Program The VSMP Alumni Chapter is trying to track down program graduates. Please send your address and phone number to VSMP Alumni c/o Grant MacEwan Alumni Association, Box 1796, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2P2 or e-mail alumni@ with the subject line VSMP Alumni.

Fine Arts Program Rose Clancy: Accounting and Strategic Measurement Program Allen McQueen: Therapist Assistant Program Brenda Heffernan: Students’ Association Brent Meyer: Human Resources Management Program Lisa Galloway:

Call (780) 497-5543 for more information.

Teacher Assistant Chapter Educational Assistant Conterence 2004 We are hosting a "Meet and Greet" at the Conference on Thursday, February 19, 2004.

Beat the rush — collect your conference package and join us for light refreshements, 6 - 8 p.m. Contact Vicki Grafton at


21440 — Age 10-12 Mon-Fri, Mar 29- Apr 2

DROP-OFF/PICK UP TIMES: We will provide supervision for 45 minutes prior to and following all camp programs. Drop off between: 7:45-8:30 a.m. and pickup between 4:30-5:15 p.m.

Alumni chapters are an excellent way to keep our alumni involved, and provide an opportunity for them to give back to the college. It also allows alumni to stay in contact with fellow graduates and together make an impact on their community. Call (780) 497-5543 for more information.

Theatre Performances

Centre for the Arts

Double Trouble By William Shakespeare

March 31 - April 4

A marriage of MacBeth and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Visual Arts Fine Arts Grad Show

April 24 - 29

Visual Communication Design Grad Show

April 5 - 10











Old Jasper Place Campus

Assumption Campus

A look back at the buildings of MacEwan


other current campuses. Moving On recently gathered personal stories of some of the college’s more memorable homes over the years.

CROMDALE CAMPUS: 1971–1993 MacEwan held its first classes in a converted Dominion grocery store, purchased for the princely sum of $400,000.

Millwoods Campus

Cromdale Campus

For more than a decade, Grant MacEwan College’s City Centre Campus has gracefully dominated the northwest corner of Edmonton’s downtown core. Likewise, the Centre for the Arts, the South Campus, and Alberta College all loom large on the local landscape. It’s hard to imagine an Edmonton without MacEwan, and it’s hard to imagine MacEwan without those buildings.


et that was the reality a little over three decades ago. In the spring of 1971, MacEwan was a college in name only. A core group of administrators, housed in the Canada Trust Building, scrambled to prepare for the first classes, scheduled to begin that September. In its early years of operations MacEwan leased and purchased existing buildings, converting them into classrooms and offices. “Our first president (John L. Haar) believed that you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money on fancy facilities to run good programs,” says Allen Watson, now MacEwan’s Interim Vice President, Resources. Many staff and faculty vividly remember life at MacEwan before City Centre—or any of the



“I remember walking into Cromdale Campus before anything had been done to it,” remembers Watson. “I said to myself, ‘Whoa, how are we going to turn this into an educational facility, the cornerstone of our new college?’ And we didn’t have much time to get it done, either. I started on May 1, 1971, and in September we had students on Cromdale Campus. It got done.” Watson remembers an early open house at Cromdale. The library had been built, but none of the books had yet arrived. “Some old fellow came with his toe rubbers on. He carried them into the building, saw all these empty shelves, and put his toe rubbers on them.” Some people found humour in the idea of an educational institution housed in a former grocery store. Peter Brown, who now runs ElderWeb, recalls, “I remember, the students used to laugh about whether they were in the produce department or the meat department.” “But once you were inside, it didn’t feel like a grocery store. It was nicely done, and modern for its day—beautiful colours, the avocado and the tangerine and the gold—typical 1970s colours.”

In those days, as today, campus life tended to spill over into the surrounding neighbourhood. “The Cromdale Hotel was an unofficial extension of the college,” laughs Brown. “I know a few instructors who spent more than their fair share of time over there with their students— instructing, I’m sure.”

OLD SCONA CAMPUS: 1971–1976 MacEwan’s other home that first year was Old Scona School, leased from the Edmonton Public School Board. Sharon Schnell, (Manager of Business Divisional Services), remembers the energy of transforming the old school into a new college. “Back then I was working with Dr. Chuck Day as his secretary. It’s a rare opportunity to be part of an educational institution from the very beginning, to go along for the ride and do your part,” she says. In the first years, Equine Studies played a large and colourful role in the college. “I remember, the faculty would drag in these horse legs from the equine centre down by Fox Drive,” recalls Schnell. This created some unconventional cleaning challenges for the custodians: “Sometimes, when you come in from the barn, you bring in more than just horse legs.” Though the job had its share of stress, that isn’t what Schnell remembers most. “I don’t recall having the sense of being overwhelmed with what had to be done, as much as ‘This is fun!’” Watson, too, has many fond memories of Old Scona. “It reminded me so much of the school I went to from grade one to six. You could open these great big windows and let the breeze blow through.”

ASSUMPTION CAMPUS: 1972–1977 By the spring of ’72, enrollment stood at 625— and growing. The college purchased L’Academie Assomption, a former Catholic convent and school at 107 Avenue and 98 Street, renaming it Assumption Campus. Life in a former convent had its advantages, recalls English instructor Dorothy Gray. “Most of the offices had a sink, because they may have


MacEwan Benefits:

been little bedrooms at one point. We could make coffee, or soup. You didn’t have to go down the hall. And the bathrooms had bathtubs.” The sinks may not have been the only leftovers from the convent. Laughs Brown, “There was a ghost in the elevator—everyone was thoroughly convinced of that. One of the old nuns.” Gray, who was new to Edmonton at the time, quickly made herself at home in the neighbourhood around Assumption. “I found some of the best shoemakers there,” she says. “Of course, there was the Italian Bakery, and I found a person who framed. All those craftsmen lived in that area. And the Army and Navy was around, of course, so I could shop there. It was a wonderful introduction to Edmonton.”

SEVENTH STREET PLAZA CAMPUS: 1986–1993 In the mid-’80s, planning was already well underway for the new City Centre Campus. In the meantime, though, enrollment continued to boom. As an interim measure, the college leased 15,000 square metres at the Seventh Street Plaza—MacEwan’s first major presence in the downtown core. Gray recalls a reception held to give faculty a chance to tour their future home.“I arrived quite early, taking the bus because I don’t have a car. Now, at 3:30 Cliff’s Towing came in. A lot

of the people who drove down didn’t know the protocol. They’re at the window looking at the view, and their cars are being towed away. Welcome to downtown!”

Benefits just for Alumni

It didn’t take long, however, for MacEwan staff to feel at home. “Lots of things happen on Jasper Avenue,” says Schnell. “When they had the Grey Cup parades, or Stanley Cup parades, we were right there. You really felt part of the community.” Brown adds that the building felt like a community inside as well. “You did get to know people. We were 30 feet away from anybody. You’d simply walk from your office to the elevator, go up or down, and then walk another 30 feet back to another office.”



certificate program, you are a member of the Alumni

Over the decades, MacEwan became more physically established with the addition of new campuses built from the ground up. The first was Mill Woods (now South Campus), which first opened its doors in 1976. “That was wonderful, to see something going up that was designed by us,” says Brown “We all had a great deal of input with the architects on the design of that building.” Thanks to a recent round of renovations, South Campus is now more vital than ever.

• run for any position on the board of directors and participate in the continued building of the association,

he Alumni Association provides opportunities

• form or guide the Alumni Chapter representing your MacEwan program or division, and keep in touch with your fellow graduates,

For further information, call Margaret Lariviere at (780) 497-5852.

Centre for Sport and Wellness

• enjoy the activities and privileges the MacEwan Alumni Association offers you.

Educational Advising

completed a MacEwan diploma, university transfer, or

Growth—however desirable and inevitable— does come at a cost, though. Many of the staffers from MacEwan’s early days miss the sense of intimacy and shared purpose. “We’re very compartmentalized now,” observes Brown, “and that’s a bit of a shame.”

Diploma Frames Specially designed frames with the MacEwan logo can be purchased at Convocation, through any campus bookstore, or by contacting the Alumni Association Office at (780) 497-5543.

Group Home and Auto Insurance Schnell feels the same way: “Certainly, having new buildings has been wonderful. I won’t negate that. But when you’re smaller, you can have more camaraderie. It’s just an evolution. As you grow, more systems come into play.”

Before renewing your current coverage, talk to Morgex at 1-800-272-8848. Great insurance rates are available to alumni through Morgex Insurance.

With the Facilities Master Plan in place (visit for details) MacEwan is on track for the next three decades. If they’re anything like the first three, it should be quite a ride.


Moving On To keep our alumni up to date on fellow graduates and college programs, the MacEwan Alumni Association sends out this newsletter three times a year. If you are interested in submitting an article that might interest our alumni, or you would like to be included in the "Whereabouts" section of the magazine, please contact the editor at (780) 497-5543 for more information.

the college and its communities. As a student who has

And when you speak of MacEwan vitality, of course, you can’t help but think of the Centre for the Arts, completed in 1980-81. When Schnell first moved into that building (then called Jasper Place), she felt swept along by the energy in the hallways and gallerias. “I loved having all that art around, and all the performers,” she recalls. “It was a neat mixture, having business students and faculty with the arts people.”

LRC Computer and Material Access MacEwan alumni who have graduated from a MacEwan program or have completed a two-year university transfer program have the option of purchasing a LRC card for a $60 per annum fee. Alumni can have borrowing privileges and access to computers (computer use after 4:00 p.m. weekdays and anytime on weekends).

for alumni to maintain an active affiliation with

Association and can be involved in several ways:

Then finally, in 1993, City Centre opened, and the days of converted grocery stores, office towers and former nunneries quickly faded into college legend.


preferred rates for home, auto, life, and health insurance, theatre discounts, and more.



Student Resource Centre Alumni have access to the following services: Job postings are now online at Check out the job postings by clicking on students, college resources, then MacEwan Job Board. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Postings are updated daily. If you are an alumnus who graduated in the past two years, you can take advantage of more personalized services, such as resume critiques (individual appointments to assist with resumes), interview preparation, and job search strategies.

If you are thinking about returning to school, MacEwan educational advisors can help MacEwan alumni. Call (780) 497-5064 for more information.

Access to College Facilities There are special facility rental rates for MacEwan alumni. Take advantage of reduced rental rates when holding meetings, workshops, seminars, public forums, conferences, or special activities at the college (John L. Haar Theatre, MacEwan Centre for Sport and Wellness, and Conservatory of Music excluded). Call (780) 497-5038 for information or to request a guide to facilities and services.

Discount memberships are available for MacEwan alumni. As well, alumni can see Griffin basketball games for half price. Call (780) 497-5300.

Manulife Financial The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife Financial), has been appointed the new underwriter of your Grant MacEwan College Alumni Association Life and Health Insurance group policy. Call 1-800-668-0195 for more information.

NEW Terwilliger Cruiseshipcentres Special vacation and cruise benefits are now available to MacEwan alumni. Call Colleen at (780) 822-9283 for more information.


A Glance

Where abouts

at alumni and college events.

Keeping track of MacEwan Alumni

Events in review


Annual General Meeting 2003

Board of Directors, elected November 4, 2003.

2003/2004 Board Members

Leslie Nielsen School of Communications

Past President Martine Baudot-Adams

In a ceremony on Tuesday, September 30, Grant MacEwan College honoured actor and producer Leslie Nielsen with the opening of the Leslie Nielsen School of Communications. The famous Canadian was on hand for the ceremony at the Centre for the Arts Campus.

Holistic Health 1999

President Pat Wilson Behavioral Sciences 1973

Vice-President Andrew Ross University Studies 1999

100 Years of Alberta College

Secretary Sue Stollings

On Friday, Oct. 3, 2003, MacEwan’s Alberta College Campus celebrated its 100th anniversary. Mayor Bill Smith proclaimed October 3 “Alberta College Day” while hundreds of MacEwan staff, students and community members looked on. Established in 1903, Alberta College is the province’s oldest college, predating both the City of Edmonton and the Province of Alberta. In fact, the college was the site of the official inauguration of the Province of Alberta.

Music 1998

Treasurer Richard Seidl Management Studies 1997

M E M B E R S - AT- L A R G E Rhonda From Advertising & Public Relations 1990

Jeff Wright

Happy Endings

Audiovisual Communications 1997

The MacEwan Campaign drew to a successful close on Oct. 9, with a circus-themed party at the City Centre Campus, complete with clowns, stilt-walkers, a fire eater and a ring master

Jennifer Weimann Management Studies 1997

’80s Lynda Rae Fraser Visual Display/Display 1987 Lynda is currently living in Edmonton. She has just started a new and exciting chapter of her life. She is now working full-time with the Alberta Burn Rehabilitation Society as a burn prevention education/presenter. Lynda is traveling Alberta teaching burn prevention to schools and seniors organizations. She uses her own experience as a burn survivor to help prevent injury to others.

Lorena Johnson Journalism 1988

Kevin Franchuk Journalism 1988 Both Lorena and Kevin work for the Calgary Sun, Kevin as a lifestyle editor and Lorena as a home-based food writer. Lorena and Kevin set-

tled in Calgary nine years ago and now have a 20-month old son, Kai, who loves to express his opinion at deadline time.

2000s Martin Mayer Music Performance 2001 Edmonton pianist and composer Martin Mayer, an alumnus of Grant MacEwan’s music program, is once again taking the world-wide music industry by storm. The 23-year-old, who released his new album this is who i am earlier this year, has spent the bulk of this year globetrotting to promote his music. Mayer performed in his native Czech Republic this fall on Prima TV's Good Journey (Eastern Europe's version of Regis & Kelly), and was a featured artist in the November issue of KVETY magazine (comparable to People). Between writing jingles for (the world's num-

ber one online radio station for smooth jazz) and promoting his music from his Edmonton-based production company, the young artist also managed to find time this past November to accept an invitation by the Government of Canada to perform at a two-week arts and cultural promotion event in Taiwan. Mayer is scheduled to be in Los Angeles in early 2004 to further promote his career and start working on a new disc for a record label in Asia. For more information, to listen to song samples, or to order this is who i am, visit

Jeffrey William Wright Audiovisual Communications 1997 Jeffrey is currently living in Edmonton and is employed at Vicom Media Productions as a production coordinator. He joined the alumni association board of directors as a member-at-large in November 2003.

Joseph Saad Information Technology & Library 2000

Highlights included college president Paul Byrne and board chair Janet Riopel ringing the bell on a striker and revealing that the campaign had surpassed its $15 million goal— one year ahead of schedule.

Patricia Feduk Social Work 1994

Ann Marie Thivierge Legal Assistant 1995


Events coming up: Business Etiquette Series: E-mail Etiquette Tuesday January 27, 2004 Speaker: Don McMann Dinner 5:30 p.m. Speaker: 6:15 p.m. Room 6-313H, City Centre Campus RSVP: call 497-4273 or E-mail


MacEwan Day February 12, 2004 Breakfast: 7:30 a.m. City Centre Campus

Alumni Night at the Theatre February 12, 2004 Reception: 7:00 p.m. Performance: 8:00 p.m. John L. Haar Theatre Centre for the Arts

University Transfer Program 2001

Professional Development Session: Dressing for Success

Mad Hatter’s Ball

March 2004 John L. Haar Theatre Centre for the Arts

Tournament of Aces

May 1, 2004 City Centre Campus

June 9, 2004 Derrick Golf and Winter Club

MacEwan Rocks with Big Rock March 26–28, 2004 Saville Sport Centre





Nestled in the heart of downtown Edmonton is one of Edmonton's best kept educational secrets –




University of Lethbridge @EDMONTON

Since 1996, the University of Lethbridge has maintained a campus in Edmonton and provided students who have approved college diplomas with the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Management degree in only two years, or 20 to 24 courses. The campus caters to “executive B.Mgt. students” and courses are offered in the evenings and on Saturdays to accommodate students’ work schedules. “The University of Lethbridge’s combination of expert instruction, small class sizes, and extensive student-teacher interaction provides students with the tools they need to succeed,” says third year Edmonton campus student, Brad Becker. “The result is an unparalleled university experience." Since its inception, the campus has grown from approximately 40 students to over 460 students. Today, approximately 20 percent of the University of Lethbridge Faculty of Management’s students are on the Edmonton campus. In 2003, more than 130

students graduated from the University of Lethbridge’s Edmonton campus. In addition to offering the Bachelor of Management degree via the diploma admission route, the Faculty of Management’s Office of Executive Programs also offers executive education in Edmonton. One of the current programs offered by Executive Programs in Edmonton is the Masters Certificate in Project Management, a joint educational partnership with York University’s Schulich School of Business. The Masters Certificate in Project Management encompasses all the fundamentals of the internationally accepted Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK™), and is wellsuited for any professional who is involved with project management functions in the organization. The 18-day certificate program is delivered in nine modules over four months, and is conveniently scheduled so as not to interfere with work schedules.



“This program is a hands-on program that delivers a total approach to project management instruction,” says Brett Humphries, Project Manager – Executive Programs. As well, Humphries is a recent graduate of the program. “You take something away from each module that you can immediately apply to the projects you are managing,” says Humphries. “Each module is followed by an assignment that integrates the whole program and the profession of project management together in a challenging final simulation.” Fall 2003 marked the second time the Masters Certificate in Project Management was offered in Alberta and 29 students from across the province were enrolled in the program. For more information on the Bachelor of Management Diploma Admission Route or the Edmonton Campus, please call 780-424-0425. More information on the Masters Certificate in Project Management is available at 403-329-2106.


ocus on community is one of Grant MacEwan College’s core strengths. MacEwan must maintain direct contact with the world of business to keep our curriculum on the cutting edge. The college must also remain in tune with the community, which understands our forward thinking and the value this gives our graduates. Almost two decades ago, Dr. Charles Allard, a prominent Alberta businessman and tremendous patron of Grant MacEwan College, established a program to bring Edmonton’s business community together with those training to be tomorrow’s leaders. The college created an honourary teaching position and offered it each year to a respected business leader.

This year’s Chair in Business lecture was extremely well received. Mr. Larry Anderson, President & CEO of the ManCap group of companies, was selected as this year’s Chair. On November 4 and 5, he imparted some of his considerable wisdom to our student body. His lecture, entitled “Find Your Wings”, was a profoundly personal look back at his own search for the secret to success in life. He urged students to find their focus and to dream their dreams—for dreams sometimes happen. Anderson is much more than a successful entrepreneur and business leader. He is also a motivational speaker and has delivered over 300 speeches. He is very involved in education and the arts, and has a deep passion for inspiring








young people to fulfill their potential. He founded the ManCap Foundation, with a mandate to foster entrepreneurship, develop leadership and promote education among Alberta youth. This foundation, in partnership with several community organizations, raises thousands of dollars to fund success experience programs and provide education grants—many of which have been gratefully received by our students. Anderson now limits his speaking engagements to pursue other interests including editor, columnist and songwriter. He’s currently writing and producing a CD of inspirational music and is the executive producer of a just released CD, Wings of Peace: a tribute to the Canadian soldier. Several MacEwan grads and current students are working with him on these projects. He’s also writing a book. We were extremely pleased to host Mr. Larry Anderson as this year’s Chair in Business, and look forward to another successful event next year. If you have any ideas for this program, or someone you wish to nominate for our Chair in Business program, please contact Jana Clarke, Marketing Manager at MacEwan at 497-4682 or




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