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Mace & Crown VOL. 52, ISSUE 4 | SEPTEMBER 22, 2010

Student newspaper of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, since 1930


Monarchs make statement against future CAA rival despite loss by

Matthew McCracken Staff Writer

In 1930, Old Dominion University was known as the Norfolk Division of the College of William & Mary. 80 years later, the Monarchs’ football program came out against the William and Mary Tribe to prove their own existence. Like a younger brother, ODU hasn’t been given the respect they deserve as a second year program. In a preview of what is sure to be a fierce matchup in the future the Tribe defeated the Monarchs 21-17. With the Tribe finishing fourth in the Football Championship Subdivision last year, the Monarchs were considered to be a four-score underdog. ODU came out aggressive even before the whistle blew. With altercations occurring after every blink of an eye, there was no doubt in anybody’s mind that these teams didn’t like each other. When asked about the altercations between the teams, Redshirt Sophomore Craig Wilkins

T.J. Cowart onlooking as the Tribe celebrates a 21-17 victory.

said “I guess that’s what happens when both teams are scrapping and fighting to win.” William & Mary’s head coach Jimmye Laycock had a different view on the fighting outside of

play. When asked about how he feels about ODU joining the CAA conference, Laycock said “If they understand what is considered good football, I’m ok with it. If they keep hit-

Sophomore Success

International Student Volunteers provides new travel opportunities ISV gives students chances to travel abroad on volunteer trips

Quidditch Team Proves Strong Against CNU By Chelsea DeAngio Arts & Entertainment Editor The Monarch Magic took on the Christopher Newport Captains of Crucio Sunday in a series of seasonopening games. With new recruits outnumbering returning players, team captain Matt Adams had his doubts. “I was nervous starting some of these guys,” he admitted. “They more than proved their worth, though.” Muggle Quidditch is played in a series of heats, as each game typically lasts between 10-20 minutes. The teams agreed to a best two out of three showdown. In the first game, the Monarch Magic was slow to warm up, but hit their stride as the competition heated up. Down 30-10 in the first ten minutes, they came back 60-80 when seeker James Markham caught the snitch, worth 30 extra points. This pushed the final score for game one 90-80. “The second game was kind of brutal,” said Adams. Returners Jerry Tate and George Abdelnaby tried to keep spirits high despite a heckling crowd. Game play reached an all-time frenzy as chaser Austin Lucas took no prisoners when he tackled, pushed and slammed his opponents to the ground. Despite the Magic being up 70-50, the Captains’ seeker snatched the snitch for a last minute game-changer. “Morale was low,” said Adams. The final game of the afternoon brought the day full circle, as newcomer Christian Ernst proved invaluable as keeper, stopping goal after goal despite injury. Chasers Michael Wajda, Austin Lucas and Kaitlyn Buswell epitomized teamwork in the face of the Captains’ tireless beaters. “Bludgers were just flying everywhere, and our guys were exhausted. It was just adding insult to injury after the previous loss.” When Markham finally returned with the winning

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown

ting after the whistle, I’m not. I’ll be honest with you.” Coming into the game, it was half expected that ODU would even be in the game. The Monarchs did what any team is taught to do: if not given respect, take it. “We stood toeto-toe with them, from the first minute to the 60th,” Coach Wilder said. The first play of the game was a 14-yard run by Redshirt Sophomore D.D. Williams of the Monarchs. After a couple of quick screens to versatile players like redshirt Sophomore wide receiver Nick Mayers and running back Mario Crawford, ODU was forced to punt to the Tribe after a failed attempt for a first on third and long. After a couple of runs from the Tribe’s Junior running back Jonathan Grimes,William & Mary made their first mistake of the game. With 7:49 left in the first quarter, Tribe senior quarterback Mike Callahan miscommunicated with his intended receiver as redshirt Sophomore Michael Williams intercepted the pass. As the Tribe failed to continue their nine

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown Keeper Christian Ernst deflects one of many tough shots.

golden snitch, the team dogpiled in relief. But the game was clearly won by the Magics’ great defense, keeping the final score to a low 50-20. “The teams were so evenly matched skill-wise,” said Adams. “But we were definitely the underdogs, with only 15 players to their 30. Our win today was a testament to the commitment of our returners and the enthusiasm of our new recruits.” Though many dismiss Quidditch as a “nerd” sport, the International Quidditch Association grows in popularity each year. ODU recently joined the new Virginia Quidditch League, which currently includes Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Richmond, Virginia Tech and more. Their next game will take place October 17 against senior team VCU Wizengamot. English exchange students Megan Shaw and Sophie Hopkinson also joined the team this fall, and described their first game as “absolutely amazing.” “The atmosphere was totally different than any other sporting event that I’ve ever been to, and being able to play was really fun,” said Shaw. “Winning in the first Quidditch match I’ve ever played was totally awesome.”

ISVONLINE.ORG Some ISV trips give class credit because of their educational purpose. by

Christian Ernst News Editor

Many students look for opportunities to study abroad, and International Student Volunteers provides such a chance. ISV is holding informational sessions on Thursday for students looking to travel for community service based in social community development or conservation. Although ISV provides many of the same opportunities afforded by a Study Abroad program, it offers many variations for those looking for a different experience. “I can’t put it into words. I will never forget what I learned, who I met, and experiences. This was the best experience of my life, everything and everyone were so professional accommodating and helpful,” said Jacquelyn Denker, a student at Arizona State University who participated in the trip.





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President Obama: handling pressure by Janah Stokes Contributing Writer

President, Barack Obama faces many challenges as Commander in Chief, including horrific unemployment, foreclosure, and bankruptcy rates without an end in sight. According to “Democracy Now’s” Amy Goodman he has begun a ten-week campaign around the nation. On Labor Day Barack Obama presented $50 billion in order to fund rebuilding roads, railways and runways. He recently spoke in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, “Today, I am announcing a new plan for rebuilding and modernizing America’s roads and rails and runways for the long term. I want America to have the best infrastructure in the world. We used to have the best infrastructure in the world. We can have it again.” Last Wednesday he went to Cleveland to unveil the 200 billion dollar tax break giving businesses opportunities to buy new equipment. President Obama feels in order for America to be strong the middle class has to have a strong infrastructure. Old Dominion University students were aware of his campaign because of the congressional elections, but unaware of the budgets he was granting. Sophomore Misha Gohlstin feels that Obama should give budget cuts to state universities such as ODU. She feels that if there’s extra money in the budget plan then why not give to universities first. “Old Dominion University can be better, we

need add-ons, such as more class times and teachers so students are able to take the classes they want regardless of the time. I also feel that if ODU had more money from the state then our tuition would not be so expensive.” ODU senior Walter Wilson has a contrasting view about Obama’s goals. “It’s positive that he’s giving budgets to all of these different states but at the end of the day, it’s not affecting our schools.” said Wilson, “He should give out money to help these cities in need of new roads, jobs, railways, etc. It’s not a bad idea.” When asked if state colleges should have first dibs on budget money granted to states, Wilson said. “Depending on what the university needs they should ask for more money to give to students who don’t receive substantial funds from financial aid to attend college comfortably. Thinking about the fact that each state is struggling with different needs, his campaign does affect us in a way. The more the city we live in and university we attend continue to grow, the higher our tuition is every year. Our university taxes are paying for the buildings, roads, light rail and railways. If he’s giving all this money for these particular things, then why are we paying extra money to attend school? It doesn’t affect me, but that’s more money that can be given to people who need more financial help then what they qualify for.”

Sateesh Kadiyala Website Designer

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Obama Administration facilitating 60 million dollar arms deal for Saudi Arabia by Siaga Johnson Contributing Writer

A recent report indicated that Saudi Arabia is making plans to enter a 60 million dollar arms deal from the United States government. This deal will include military equipment such as 154 fighter jets and aircraft, 108 helicopters, as well as missiles and an assortment of bombs, including a satellite guided bomb. CNN and the Washington Post have reported that this is the biggest foreign arms deal to date. Reports have stated that the U.S. government is ensuring effective and efficient protection from Iran and other potential threats to security. It was also reported that as many as 77,000 jobs would be put in use for this deal, indicating an economic advantage. This also implies an opportunity for job creation as these armaments are being assembled. Officials have remarked that this is an effort to strengthen the relationship between the United States and its Middle Eastern allies. Could this also be an opportunity to bolster U.S. gains in terms of oil? According to the Washington Post, Bret Funk, a representative for Senator Christopher Bond, indicated that “the deal is important to the country’s strategic, national interests in the Middle East.” The deal is also being made in an attempt to fill the economical void that has been created due to a decrease in demand for military equipment domestically. As stated by Loren Thompson, a defense industry analyst, “with domestic demand for weapons headed down, the big defense companies have been looking overseas to customers like Saudi Arabia to make up the difference. Those countries have money to spend at a time The arms deal with Saudi Arabia is the biggest arms deal to date.

when the U.S. government is in dire fiscal straits.” This therefore shows an economical advantage. However, this deal also carries with it some implications in terms of international politics. Although the deal will help the U.S. government and Saudi Arabia to join forces and fight the potential nuclear threat posed by Iran, this will cause more friction between Iran and the U.S. as well as Iran and Saudi Arabia. This also includes the risk of straining Iran’s relations with other Middle Eastern states as well as western superpowers that are allied with the United States government. This also has the potential to further isolate Iran from the United Nations Security Council, which has previously reprimanded the Iranian government for not meeting its nuclear requirements established by the International Atomic Energy Association. Re-


sistance between the U.S. government, the Iranian Government as well as international organizations is therefore a possible effect, which can cause uncomfortable situations for countries that are U.S. allies as well as members of international organizations. Once this deal has been proposed to Congress, production of these armaments is expected to take place over a five to ten year span. Talks between the U.S. government and Saudi Arabia also include the possibility of manufacturing even more missiles and bombs to increase Saudi Arabia’s capabilities against Iran and any other security threat. Implications on International Politics will become clear as this story progresses.


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What counts the most on campus Money Wise

By Janah Stokes Contributing Writer Speaking to freshmen Divine Franklyn, he expresses how feels the numbers signifying tuition matters more than any other statistic defying Old Domnion University calculations. His reason behind it explained the expensive rates that students can afford along with the student who can’t afford them. “The main reason this school is grounded points to the tuition we pay each year, so any other expenses we use come from the money from students’ tuitions. The question if ODU’s football team counts more than many programs on campus, received the same answer. Everyone said “no,” including some football players. Although the football team is bringing in a lot of money, ODU junior Jaye Parker confides that if it wasn’t for our tuition then we wouldn’t have a football team. “We’re paying for the football team; our tuition is what brought in the football team, not saying it’s a bad thing. This campus has funded unnecessary things though, for instance, the new water fountain by the quads. Also, it’s fun to have tailgating but in the long run, tailgating is not going to count for our future.” Parker understands that the university will fund aspects that will make

ISV features programs in seven areas, both in English and non-English speaking countries. ISV has programs in Australia, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Thailand and Africa. Travel periods range anywhere from two weeks to three months. Average trips are one month long according to ISV. This can prove beneficial, as many programs of similar structure can last as long as an entire year. Students travel with professional project and tour leaders. These leaders help students during the first two weeks in two distinct volunteer areas. Students can choose social community development or conservation based service. This is similar to study abroad programs lead by faculty of ODU and other universities. Students choosing social community development work in villages, improving living standards, teach English to chil- ODU’s high tuition rates are paying for new additions to campus and more.

campus life more enjoyable and prideful. ODU junior Katy Foster thinks it’s important to have the best faculty and staff. According to ODU’s campus facts, the student-to-faculty ratio

dren, and building houses for refugees, among other projects. Students choosing conservation can work with environmental education, ecosystem rehabilitation, and saving endangered species, including elephants, sea turtles and dolphins. During the second part of the trip, students participate in a cultural and adventure tour of whatever country they are working in. This can include jungle kayaking, white water rafting, waterfall repelling, and scuba diving. This gives students a chance to explore the area more fully. The mission of the organization is “to combine education, conservation and recreation into the most incredible experience of a lifetime, while giving back to the local communities in the countries in which we are traveling,” according to ISV. ISV is a not for profit organization. This allows students to offset their trip through community donations, which are tax


is 17 to 1. Don’t read in between the lines, she’s satisfied with the faculty/staff we have, “If our tuition is paying the teachers, then it’s a must that ODU hires the best and they have done so, I hope they continue. The parking is a problem and will always be a problem because not only is ODU growing but so is the entire city,” she said. “Campus facts states that it costs “$236 per credit hour for in-state undergraduate, $651 per credit hour for out-of-state undergraduate $338 per credit hour for in-state graduate and $844 per credit hour for out-of-state graduate.” Keeping a well qualified staff will truly give Monarchs their money’s worth.” ODU sophomore Genavous Bell feels that housing counts the most, “it’s very pricy for our school to have the housing that we have. The dorms are coed so every unit has a bathroom in them. Some dorm rooms have kitchens and laundry facilities on certain floors. Each room has free cable and the utilities are paid for. If people feel that ODU is over charging for housing, then they’re right. It’s a must they over charge or students will not have the privileges they earn living on campus that some universities never had. ODU has to make sure they over charge students to live on campus.” ODU is funding and will continue to fund any aspect that will make campus worthier than last year and the year before last. The number of students is increasing every year, it’s only appropriate for the campus to increase also.

deductable. Most study abroad programs don’t offer this ability, as they are run through colleges instead of not for profit organizations. Another perk of ISV is the ability to use the trip as class credit. Some trips receive class credit due to their large educational basis. ISV annually accepts 4000 program into its program. It is currently looking for students from Old Dominion, and is holding informational meetings on Thursday, every hour from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Dominion room of Spring Hill Suites Marriot on Hampton Boulevard. For further information about the programs, students can visit, or contact Bianca Jones at

“Dont ask don’t tell” in question by

Christian Ernst News Editor

Last week U.S. District Judge Virginia Phillips brought attention to the May repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell,” policy by ruling the 17-year-old policy unconstitutional. “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” requires the military to discharge members if they are found to be gay but prohibits them from inquiring about sexual orientation. Since the policy came into effect, an estimated 12,500 members have been fired. “The policy doesn’t help military readiness and instead has a ‘direct and deleterious effect’ on armed services,” said Judge Phillips. There is an urgency from those in support of the repeal to begin the process through Congress as the House has already passed its version of the repeal. The Democrats in the Senate would like Congress to review the policy prior to the Nov. 2 elections for fear of Republican opposition, however, that does not seem like the most likely situation. The repeal probably won’t take place until after the Defense Department completes their review of the policy, which consists of surveys of troops and their families, scheduled to end in December. Defense Secretary Robert Gates is in favor of the repeal, but prefers the decision be made after the military review is completed. Although the repeal may not be finalized as soon as many would like, President Barack Obama has previously stated that he would Congress is being pressured to begin the process to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell,” policy.

like to see the policy repealed, but wants Congress to take the initiative in accomplishing that. Even with the president’s support, “don’t

ask, don’t tell,” is a small portion of the military spending bill up for Senate debate. This repeal also includes a proposal for female mil-


itary members to receive abortions at military facilities. Republicans have threatened that they might not review this defense bill because it is too controversial. This threat is unfair to the men and women who are making sacrifices for our country by serving in the military. Supporters of the current policy believe that without “don’t ask, don’t tell,” we are “destabilizing the military to advance a social agenda.” Those in favor of the repeal believe the policy denies military members of their First Amendment rights of free speech and due process. “The ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy doesn’t serve the best interests of our military and doesn’t reflect the best values of our country,” said Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman. “I think making the valid point that our nation wants to fight for the same thing would make enough of an impression to be able to make the repeal,” said ODU Out President, Ryan West. While he is in favor of the repeal, he does take the time to consider the opposition and how this policy, based on discrimination, came into effect. West believes the policy was created out of homophobia and fear of the stereotypical gay man not being manly enough or equal with straight military members. Even though this is the standing policy it is important to remember how these decisions are affecting those who have been discharged. “I have met a few people…it changed their entire career path, it really hits home.” said West.





arts enter tainment Mace & Crown

Five do’s and don’ts of tattoos Erika schaubach Contributin Writer


You walk into a large studio, your heart beating irregularly from the rush of adrenaline. The fluorescent lighting bounces off the clean marble floor and the rubber soles of your shoes squeak slightly as you walk over to the receptionist’s desk. You tell her that you have an appointment and she smiles and tells you wait on the large couch while she checks in with your artist. Your skin tingles with anticipation, and you psych yourself up, trying not to linger on the thought that, soon, needles will be puncturing your skin as ink pools into your pores. Thoughts swarm in your head like bees and a few sting you with doubt. Did you pick the right artist? Will the design transfer well on your skin? Did you do enough research or will this end up one of those shameful tattoos that are not shared in decent company? Such thoughts should not be plaguing your mind and filling you with worry. With a little research and some advice from local artists the only fear you will have before getting your tattoo is how painful the experience will be. 1. Find an artist The first thing to do before adorning ink, is find a skilled tattoo artist. Just remember when it comes to something so permanent as a tattoo, there is no such thing as too much research. Some have the false idea that good artists cannot be found in Hampton Roads. Although many artists can be found in Richmond, many amazing ones can also be found locally as well. Start with local shops. Almost all tattoo artists have their portfolios online so this can be a very useful tool when in the first steps of research. Look for artists that have a style you enjoy, whether it be realistic portraits, abstract comics, or colorful landscapes. Keep in mind, however, that just because an artist does one style of tattooing that does not necessarily mean they are not open to, or not skilled at, other styles. Ocean Mystiques’ Brian Hopson, ex-

plained that, “portfolios are kind of like test driving a car.” When considering this philosophy, clean lines and solid colors are kind of like the purr of an engine or stability of the suspension. “You can look at some portfolios and tell if they’ve been tattooing for two weeks or two years”, said Mike Rickards of Ocean Mystique. When searching for an artist, it is important to know that word of mouth is the best advertisement. Consider it a nice way to examine the artist’s attitude and work, but do not allow it to be the only research you conduct. After all, “word of mouth is great, but keep in mind most people don’t know what makes a fine tattoo,” said Sean Karn of Fuzion Ink. 2. Have an idea (or two) While some shops line their walls with flash, the best tattoos always seem to come from a collaboration of the artist and the customer. The first thing to know when trying to come up with an idea for your tattoo is that it is neither expected nor wise to have a solid idea of what you what. What may seem like a perfect piece on paper may not transfer well onto skin. Bring ideas when you meet with your artist, but consider his wisdom if he modifies them. “Skin is a living breathing thing and over time it changes,” said Mike Wexler of Blue Horseshoe. Artists know, when designing a piece, that skin sags and stretches in age so do not take offense if an artist tells your idea is not the best idea. If you’re not sure what you want, bring a few pieces that you admire, just to give the artist an idea of what you like, and explain that you do not have a concrete idea. Tattoo artists enjoy creative freedom and almost all would love an opportunity to sketch, and tattoo their work onto your skin. 3. Do not sweat the price Tattoos are expensive. Everyone knows this and, yet, some people try to haggle with the artist. Do not do this. Haggling makes you look cheap, rude, and

Follow these steps and you will be able to appreciate your body art more

TATTOO continued on B3

Erika Schaubach Mace & Crown

XVD Longbaords see pg B3

DWEEB fashion

Swinging the night away ODU’s Swing Dance Association is a Fun Way to Get Involved.


Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown

AMERICAINWWII.COM Tuesday night check out the Monarch Swing Dance Association at the Webb in front of the Starbucks.

by Chelsea Deangio Arts & Entertainment Editor

It’s the beginning of the semester and one of the best ways to make friends and start your Old Dominion University experience is to get involved. ODU boasts a variety of clubs and organizations that will meet any of your interests. One of the more unique and fun clubs is the Monarch Swing Dance Association. Their mission, “To get more students swing dancing.” The Swing Dance Association meets every Tuesday from 7-10 p.m. in front of the Starbucks at the Webb Center. No experience is necessary and, it’s free and everyone is welcome to come out. The first half of the meeting is swing dance lessons. Beginners can learn the basics of this lively dance and those with experience can perfect their skills. After the lesson they take a short break to catch their breath and continue for the rest of the night dancing and having a great time. People can’t help but laugh as the upbeat tempos perk students up and make them want to move. The Swing Dance Association is a Lindy Scene, meaning the type of swing they dance is the Lindy Hop. If students aren’t familiar with it, it is one of the more upbeat styles of swing. They feet move to the syncopated beats as their partner spins around in a complete frenzy. Other types of music students can learn with the Swing Dance Club are the Charleston and the Blues. The Charleston is another type of swing dance. It is also lively and has a bit of a jump to it. The Blues’ distinct lazy but intense grind can help but make you sway to its hypnotic rhythms. TJ Wignall, a third year student at ODU and Jessica Starr, a sophomore are the Swing Dance Association’s President and Vice President. Both joined last year and neither of them had any experience. They both decided to go check it out with a friend and they loved it. Wignall enjoys being part of the Swing Dance Association because “It’s one of those physical activities where you have fun in the moment and forget about all the stuff you’re supposed to do.” Plus he made a lot of new friends in the club. Starr said she likes it because, “It is a good form of exercise.” The fast-paced rhythms and fun music make participants forget that with all that dancing you are sweating and getting a great cardio workout. So if you are thinking of joining a club or feel like doing something different on a Tuesday night check out the Monarch Swing Dance Association at the Webb in front of the Starbucks. It’s free and welcome to anyone. All anybody has to do is show up and let the music take control. Be on the lookout for some upcoming events from them. They usually organize a dance near the end of the semester that proves to be a lively and amusing night.

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FALL MOVIE preview top 5 movies to see this fall Latifah Al-Hazza Contributing Writer


“A film is - or should be - more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings.” -Stanley Kubrick New movies hit theater box offices just about every weekend, previews make every movie seem like the one you don’t want to miss, and critics are no help when they state that just about every movie is the ‘best movie you will see this year’. So, how can you decide which movies are worth breaking your bank for? Below is a list of fall’s highly selected motion pictures that you don’t want to pass up. In need of a good laugh? Make a point to see Easy A coming out September 17th. Starring Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes, this high school fantasy film is sure to bring out the best in everyone. After telling a lie thought to be a harmless one, a high school girl finds herself being able to relate to Hester Prynne from “The Scarlet Letter”. This movie has something to say about contemporary society and what it takes to get noticed. Looking for a cute date movie? Life As We Know It is the perfect romantic comedy.

Mace & Crown

Coming out October 8th, Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel must set their strong dislikes for each other aside when their best friends die in a terrible accident and leave a child for the two of them to raise together. Comedy and hilarity abound when two different personality types try to manage under one roof. This one should be worth a few laughs. Have you ever envisioned yourself as a CIA agent? If so, Red should be at the top of your list to see. Hitting theaters October 15th, this action packed movie is sure to be an enthralling and exciting adventure which will make you hold on to the edge of your seat. Starring Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman, these agents turn from being the team’s top agents to the team’s top targets. Find out what happens as mysteries and lies are uncovered.


dering what will happen next. A story about three people; an American who has a special connection to the afterlife, a French woman who has a near death experience, and a Londoner who loses someone close to him, all three share a similarity that will lead them to each other while in search for life’s answers. Don’t miss this thought-provoking film on October 22nd. Whether you prefer thrillers, chic flicks, or a little bit of everything, you can’t go wrong with these selections. So sit back, relax, grab some friends and popcorn, and enjoy the show.

For the viewers that enjoy clinging on to the person next to them and flinching at every horrific scene, Paranormal Activity 2 is a movie you’ll die to see. Premiering October 22nd, the sequel to Paranormal Activity, although filmed on a very small budget using only a camcorder, this movie is going to hit box offices big. Details haven’t been released but it is rumored that the sequel stars a baby and a dog. There is no doubt that this movie will send chills up your spine. Directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Mat Damon, Hereafter is a thriller whose suspense is sure to keep the audience won-

Tattoo from B1 insults the artist. It’s okay to shop around and ask prices but don’t let the price guide your decisions. Curtis Bristol, guest artist of Blue Horseshoe imparts some wisdom when he states that, “people spend fifty thousand dollars on a car they’re going to trade in in a year but won’t pay five hundred dollars for a tattoo they’re going to have their whole life.” While, as a college student, you may not have such an exquisite lifestyle, keep in mind that this tattoo will be on your skin your whole life. Money should not be your largest worry. 4. Do not go to a house party to get your ink Parties seem to have risen in popularity, especially for college and highschool students that do not have the income of a salary job. The idea of someone Erika schaubach Mace & Crown allowing an intoxicated or drunk artist to tattoo him or Owner and artist of Studio Evolve Gabriel Cece her is baffling. Any self- hard at work. respecting artist would not conduct business in such a distracting and un-sanitary environment. Tattoo studios have to abide by certain rules and regulations; a tattoo party has no such rules. If an artist is willing to tattoo you in a house be weary and do not be tempted by the lowered prices. Sailor Jerry, one of the fathers of modern tattooing, stated that “good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good.” Consider this when you receive an invitation to a tattoo party. 5. Do not expect the reality show experience. While reality shows may be fun to watch, television shows have to adhere to a certain time slot. As Studio Evolve’s owner and artist, Gabriel Cece warns, “Don’t expect the reality show experience. Tattoos take longer than in reality shows.” Your tattoo, depending on size and placement, may take hours and multiple sittings. Also, keep in mind that the people who appear on shows know millions of people will be watching their experience. There aren’t too many customers that break down and cry from the searing pain. It is much more painful than publicized and there is no shame if it hurts you more than you thought. People often offer their story to nontattooed people, and all of them seem to downplay the pain. No you will probably not fall asleep in a relaxed state. Instead you may cry or even pass out when getting ink. Tattoos are painful but it is up to you to decide if the a few hours of pain will be worth a lifetime of beautiful art.

Senior Checklist Making the most out of senior year by Alyssa

Odango Staff Writer

When students enter their last year of college and receive the moniker of “Senior,” they start counting down the days until they walk across the stage in May. Senioritis kicks in, and the semesters can’t finish soon enough. Somehow, it seems that four years (or more, depending on the status of some “super-seniors”) have gone by quicker than we thought and soon enough students will be referred to as alumni of Old Dominion University. For many students, it is not until they’re sitting amidst graduating classmates that they start thinking back to their time at ODU and all the things they’ve done, and all the things they never accomplished. It is easy to take advantage of being in college, and when generations pass and stories of college years are shared between children and grandchildren, it should be noted that making up stories of the things you’ve accomplished in college doesn’t quite compare to actually doing it. Here is a list of five things to do before graduating college. These are not restricted to being completed only in one’s last year of college; garnering memories throughout col-


lege to last a lifetime will be appreciated in the future. Join an organization or a club. Senior Diamond Burke said, “I’m going to enjoy as many campus activities as possible.” Remember seeing those booths lined along Webb center and Kaufman mall those first weeks of the semester? Take the time to check out some of the clubs. ODU offers many organizations to its students, and their fields of interests vary. It will be an experience to try out an organization for curiosity’s sake. The outcome may be a mild bruise in time spent, or it may be an opening to a hobby that will stretch beyond college. Take a trip with the school. ODU provides students with plentiful opportunities to travel, whether it be to another city or an entirely different continent. Students may travel for academic purposes, volunteering, or for the fun of traveling. It is a good way of seeing a new place within the ODU life, as well as meeting new people. Also, when traveling with fellow students, there is a sense of pride when this school is endorsed to the strangers met. Claim a spot on campus as your own. Whether it be a small nook in BAL, that tree with the perfect shape of shade, or the one desk in the library with watermarks of initials engraved into the wood, seek out a place of solace or of constant friendly gatherings to call your own. Create memories in that spot.

When returning to ODU years later, it will be interesting going back to the same spot, even if something new replaces its physical structure. The memories will still resurface. Keep that diploma in mind. Senior year means being closer to receiving that diploma. It will be a tremendous feat once that diploma is in hand and you are now a proud owner of a Bachelor in (fill in the blank). However, Senioritis should not impede on reaching that goal. Keeping grades up is crucial in college, and although being cum laude is not the high priority for some students, it does have a nice ring to it. Do the things you’ve always wanted to do. There are many more things that can be done to make senior year special, memorable, and great. Each student’s senior checklist will vary, but the important thing is to go out and do the things in college you’ve always wanted to do. Go see a student-produced play, watch a sports game, buy an ODU shirt in every color available, fall in love, circumnavigate ODU’s campus in its entirety, take a course for the heck of it, or get straight A’s. College is a time to make not only the steps towards moving up in the educational world, but creating memorable experiences for yourself along the way. Burke said, “Give yourself a pat on the back, do everything you ever wanted to in college, and go live your life.” Fellow senior Michael Clarke said, “I am going to party hard, study harder, and graduate with a


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Weezer Remains Carefree with Latest Album The band returns with “Hurley” by Jessica Piland Contributing Writer

Weezer delivers a refreshing alternative album with their eighth studio release, “Hurley.” The cover art in itself is a masterpiece: No words, no pictures of the band, just a picture of “Lost” actor Jorge Garcia (a.k.a. Hurley). Lead singer Rivers Cuomo told, “I just loved this photo of Jorge Garcia -- it just had this amazing vibe. We didn’t want to do a fourth self-titled record and we knew people would refer to it as ‘the Hurley record’ even if we left it without that title, so we just called it ‘Hurley.’ No words are on the cover because all we wanted was his amazing face.” In a world full of rock bands who take themselves way too seriously, it’s nice to see that Weezer hasn’t lost the happygo-lucky attitude for which they were known in the nineties. The opening track, “Memories,” is an upbeat, throwback track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. The flow of the record hits a rough patch with “Time Flies.”

The song is full of nostalgia just like “Memories,” but the lyrics are too contrived (“Time flies when you’re having fun. Time flies when you live on the run.”) to really appreciate the message that has already been delivered with the opening track. Luckily, the next track, “All My Friends Are Insects,” picks things up again with another great song. The lyrics make almost no sense with lines such as “I have a friend and it’s an earthworm. I have a friend and she’s a butterfly. I have a friend and he’s a dragonfly. These are my friends and yeah they’re all insects.” Sure, they make no sense, but they’re fun, and that is exactly how rock and roll should be. Other standout tracks on “Hurley” are “Where’s My Sex” and “Smart Girls,” a song in which Rivers declares how easy it is for him to fall in love with every smart girl he meets. “Trainwrecks” is a powerful, guitar-driven song about a couple who doesn’t have their act together but are madly in love with one another. Also added into the mix is a live cover of Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida.” It’s a pretty good rendition and the band has put their own spin into the eclectic song. “Hurley” ends with a rockedout-remixed version of “represent” from their seventh album Rivers Cuomo and the gang are back with “Hurley,” named for a character on the television show LOST.

“Raditude.” It’s not the best track on the album by far but it does provide a nice, upbeat ending to another great album from Weezer. Hopefully “Hurley” will not be overlooked in the band’s collection years from now because of the goofy album cover. It doesn’t have another standout classic that jumps out at the listener like “Buddy Holly” did on their debut album, but it’s a solid record that’s fun to listen to. “Hurley” is great for anyone just discovering Weezer, but hardcore fans will also appreciate the band returning to its roots and creating another true rock record.

Skater’s Rejoice! XVD Is Open for Business! ODU Students Create a Local Business

RJay Molina Mace & Crown The longboard shop recently re-opened in Norfolk.

RJay Molina Contributing Longboards appear to be all the rage at Old Dominion University and student, Rob Stuart, has made it convenient to acquire one. He and his good friend, Randy Carnell, have fashioned a little shop off of West 44th Street, behind the University Village, that makes his customers feel welcome. In regards to the name of the store, Stuart coolly said that “it’s the first three letters of my license plate.” As students studying mechanical engineering, Stuart and Carnell have put their skills to good use by offering upgrades and free complete customization

for his customers. “We love how we can individualize our boards,” he said. On their website it states that “Every XVD board represents a blank canvas for you to pour your soul into designing and personalizing to your exact wants and needs.” The actual store, XVD Longboard, had its official grand re-opening on September 4th. Stuart acquired his shop “a little over a year ago,” but went on to say that his business really “started in our garage about two years ago.” Stuart and his friends appear to be constantly working on boards. Their workshop is beside the store and the sound of saws and good music are constantly heard. “We try to take things to the next level,” says Stuart. Stuart is particularly proud of the material that he and friends use to make the grips for their boards, “We use Virginia Beach sand. It’s very cool.” The store is modest with three racks of longboards ranging from various sizes. The smaller boards offer maneuverability while the longer boards cover more distance. The price for a longboard can range anywhere from 50 to 200 dollars, depending on one’s preference. A board by itself is cheaper but requires the parts needed to ride it. A full set is where the price starts rolling into the triple digits. However it does not hurt to ask about discounts. Skaters can expect a relaxed environment upon coming into the store. Stuart and his friends treat their customers with the upmost respect and love to answer any questions. They even love to see customers test ride their boards. When asked about how difficult it was to start his business Stuart simply said, “It was easy getting the store started.” The website,, with the tagline “Your Ideas, Our Tech,” offers convenient online shopping and email addresses to send in personal designs for a longbaord. XVD Longboards is the place for beginners to get started and for pros to meet a lively group of people.


“Easy A”, Easily an A by Kaylin Moore Contributing Writer

Aside from some supporting roles in a couple recent teen-driven comedy movies, Emma Stone hasn’t made a major splash in Hollywood…until now. Fans might be asking themselves, “Who is Emma Stone?” Remember the likable and funny redhead from Superbad and Zombieland? Well that same charismatic actress takes on her own lead role in “Easy A”, a sharpwitted comedy that explores the consequences of one teen’s simple mistake and the all too predictable problems that follow. Olive (played by Emma Stone) jokingly leaks a made up story to her best friend (Aly Michalka), saying she went on a date and lost her virginity to some boy at a distant community college. Thanks to the religious antagonist (Amanda Bynes), word of this alleged scandal spreads and the entire high school now views her as a loose “skank” and her reputation of being a nobody is completely ruined. Olive, however, manages to make the most out of this stereotypical situation and helps some of her fellow peers in humorous and surprising ways in light of this reputation. Olive plays up her risqué reputation by parading around her school in a wardrobe that has been branded with the letter ‘A’ on the chest, this being a nod to Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter.

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown Emma Stone stars in this modern take on “The Scarlet Letter.”

Ultimately, as the audience is expecting, Olive conquers this high school predicament after exposing some skeletons in an unlikely character’s closet and attempting to make amends with the people she holds closest to her. “Easy A” is a sarcastically funny movie that echoes typical high school problems teens deal with. Emma Stone, being easy to relate to and playing a character who is intellectually older than many around her, takes the audience back to what it was like to be a teen surrounded by harsh ridicule all while silently pulling you into what is easily one of her funniest performances yet.


. y a d y r e v e . y a ll d g e St u d e e ll o C d li a v quired, just e r n o p u o c No

nt Id.



large 1-Topping Pizza Valid on Pan, Thin ‘N Crispy® or Hand-Tossed Style Pizza.

Delivery • Carryout

757-640-9999 1302 Monticello Ave

Expires 12/31/10. Valid with College Student ID. Not valid with other promotions or offers. Additional charge for extra cheese. Participation, delivery areas and charges may vary. Cash value 1/20¢. © 2010 Pizza Hut, Inc. 0901NP_ODU




9/13/10 11:48 AM


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Not another company, a lifestyle Thomas Kargbo Contributing The fall semester is finally on a roll; the weather is cooling and the leaves are going to change soon. With that said, Fall Fashion is on the way with full force. Last spring, Mace &Crown interviewed ODU’s own growing fashion icon Jarrell Williams. Over his college career; Jarrell used his sporadic creativity in his own designer brand INIT Ignition, and created a following with his T-shirts. Now a Senior, Jarrell has teamed up with his brother in designing DWEEB Lifestyle. DWEEB is making a presence in ODU as well as the Hampton Roads area. M&C: So tell me about the transition from INIT to DWEEB? Jarrell: Well with INIT it was fun and I had a good following, but recently my brother started DWEEB Lifestyle and it just make sense for us to work together on this because we’re family. So basically I woke up one day and thought to myself “I’m not doing INIT anymore”. And I posted it on facebook and my blog and that was it. I’m doing DWEEB now. M&C: I like the collaboration idea of it because there are some famous collaborative brands; like Adidas and D&G. How is it working with your brother though? Jarrell: Understand, that we had our ups and downs; and for the most part it’s cool. We’re honest with each other, like if he has some idea and I don’t like it, I’m going to tell him straight up. Same thing happens to me. But recently we had some financial struggles, so peope thought we were dying out. That’s not the case; I just want to let everybody know we are still here. Like you know we have new shirts coming out Monday September 20th and we are having events like sneaker trades and parties. Yeah we are doing a lot and it’s good to work with my brother. M&C: Ok so explain to me what is DWEEB Lifestyle? Jarrell: DWEEB is an acronym meaning Don’t, Wanna, Ever, End up, Broke. Everybody can relate to it but there’s more to the meaning of Broke other than financially; like educationally, lacking knowledge. It’s about not being ignorant to anything. Like in classes, you read your syllabus before class so nothing would catch you off guard. M&C: then explain the Lifestyle. Jarrell: A lot of people do tee shirt companies just for a company but DWEEB Lifestyle is a lifestyle. Like kind of trying to get everybody in that mind set, that never ending up

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown Old Dominion’s own Jarrell Williams brings the DWEEB lifestyle to campus.

“broke” mindset. M&C: What clothes DWEEB has to offer? Jarrell: More notably we have tee shirts but with our upcoming fall line, we actually doing our first release of sweatshirts, crewneck sweatshirts, cardigans sweaters, and snapback caps. Also more street wear because we are not trying to stay into a specific medium of clothing. M&C: I’m getting a feeling that this has bigger idea behind it, is this more of a movement you are trying to promote? Jarrell: Yeah I’d like to think that. I have a blog where I post pictures, articles and anything that gets my interest; and also people send me a lot of cool things and pictures and I post up the ones I like. And it’s all for the DWEEB Lifestyle. I’m very happy with the project and I want to see how big it can get.

Lander’s list of likes STUFF WHITE PEOPLE LIKE Caitlin Whitaker Contributing Writer


Animals, race cars, and tanning on the beach are amongst some of the things Old Dominion students had answered when asked the question, “What stuff do white people like?” But who knows what white people like more than the profound expert himself, Christian Lander, creator and author of the revolutionary book, “Stuff White People Like.” In his latest book, Lander shares his witty and humorous knowledge of upper-middle class white culture in the form of an observational, survival handbook. The students and faculty of Old Dominion University were privileged to welcome Lander to the stage at the Webb Center on Thursday, September 16, 2010, as he spoke further about the content of his book and how he came about publishing it. Before telling his story, though, he jokes with the crowd as he says, “I haven’t been here all that long, but I thought I’ll do a really quick ODU stuff white people like. Um, flip-flops and long-boards. Goodnight, everybody!” and pretends to walk offstage. He explained how his blog, which was originally created for fun and the laughter of his friends, became popular and ultimately transformed into a best-selling book. During the event, he says, “So I’m having fun writing this. And, you know, at this point as I’m writing, it’s just a goofy, little project for me and my friend, Miles. I’m just trying to make my friends laugh. I had no bigger ambitions than that. And so I’m writing, I’m writing, and I got to about twenty-five posts in about a week and a half. And, I thought to myself, you know what? I’m going to send this to all my friends. I think this project is funny enough. I think it’s good enough…” And, so he did, sending approximately twenty-five e-mails to people he knew that had no power or connection to fame. “They were grad students… Canadians…” he tells the audience. “… They forwarded it on to their friends.” And in result, his blog grew in traffic, reaching up to a hundred-andfifty views a day. Lander states how this is the magic of a site becoming popular. People continued to forward his blog to others they knew, soon leading to a total of a thousand hits a day. Lander shares, “I was working for an ad agency, and the guy next to me was an account manager… and I go, ‘I got this website. I’m getting, like, a thousand hits a day.’ He looks at me. He goes, ‘A thousand hits a day? You need to run some ads on that site! You could make, like, sixty bucks a month!’ Being a good white person, I’m like, ‘That’s a sushi dinner, let’s do this!’” Soon afterwards, he created his website, www., three weeks after the creation of his

original blog from His views steadily grew to over two-hundred, beating C.N.N., then four-hundred, where he found himself interviewed for media outlets such as The Los Angeles Times and The New York Times. He began to receive e-mails from literacy agencies saying, as he quoted, “We want to turn your blog into a book.” In about a month, he was getting contracted by the major talent agencies from Los Angeles, California. “There were five major agencies that pretty much repped every celebrity, writer, director, musician, all of them. There’s William Morris, Endeavor, C.A.A., U.T.A., and I.C.M. By the end of February 2008, four of the five wanted to represent me as a client and the fifth called two weeks too late. So, you literally spend your whole life in L.A., trying to get these people to notice you and it happens by accident. So, I couldn’t believe it.” From January 18, 2008 when he first started his blog to March 31, 2008, he finally had a book deal. On July 1, 2008, his book, “Stuff White People Like,” was published. And on July 14, 2008, the book became a New York Best-Seller. “Six months from something that had started as a joke to make my friends laugh.” As he had shared with the audience, he believed it couldn’t get any bigger, but it did on August 2008 when he was asked to be a guest on The Conan O’Brien Show, leading to more publicity opportunities and the vast popularity of his book and his name. During his visit at Old Dominion, he also shared some of the features that are to be found in his book, “Stuff White People Like,” such as pie charts, lists, and picture diagrams. The book includes a “What’s in that canvas grocery bag?” pie chart, a “How to name a white child” flowchart, a chart on how to win a white argument, and a whiteness test. The book also consists of a Mad Lib, which he explained further as he stated, “If any of you have white friends that travel, you all get the same e-mail about four days later. You just fill in the blanks about getting drunk with someone from Ireland, etc.” But, also, there is the famous list of stuff white people like, which consist of coffee, camping, black music black people don’t listen to anymore, and scarves. Here’s an excerpt of the book of what he wrote about scarves: “97. Scarves: White people’s body temperatures do not operate on logical or consistent levels, and because of this white people are often forced to wear clothing combinations that might seem strange or illogical. One popular example is the performance vest which solves the age old problem of cold chest hot arms. Another common combination is wearing shorts with a sweatshirt which helps bring about comfort when your upper body is chilly but your lower half is sweltering. But without a doubt, the one piece of clothing that helps


to regulate white body temperature in all situations is the scarf. During winter months, it’s no surprise to find white people all bundled up with scarves around their neck – it just makes sense. But even as the weather warms up and the other layers start to fall off, the scarf remains. It is not uncommon to see a white person in jeans, a sweater and a scarf. In fact, it’s not a rare occurrence to see a white person in a t-shirt, jeans, and a scarf. That’s right. A thin cotton t-shirt paired with a scarf to enable maximum temperature control in bars and places with air conditioning But not all white people wear the scarves for temperature reasons. A well made scarf can be an essential part of a white ensemble, allowing for all-important differentiation from other white people wearing the exact same clothes as them. Thus, allowing them to be picked out of the crowd for dating or mocking purposes. “I like the guy in the white American Apparel shirt with the glasses.” “Which one? There are eight.” “The guy with the keffiyeh.” “Oh yeah, you’re right. He does look smarter and more political than the other guys. He’s clearly more sensitive to wind, so he’s probably more sensitive in general. You should totally date him.” When asked, a few Old Dominion students wandering campus answered that they believed mayonnaise, rock/country music, and big trucks to be stuff that white people like. One student even joked that white people like animals, specifically dogs, giving how quick they locked up Michael Vick. But, that will remain in question. Christian Lander is phenomenal for what he has created, though, most people may feel differently. Lander is aware of those who may take his work as racist, but strongly disagrees when called such due to the fact that he is white himself and all that he has written has been based on personal encounters and experiences. He also notes that there is a “Stuff Black People Like” blog, as well, created by black people. A student who attended the event said, “I thought it was very accurate and comical,” whereas, another student who attended disagreed, saying how stereotypes are bad. But, it is all in how one sees the issue. As of the event itself, the energy was positive and everyone seemed to enjoy Lander’s words and presence. A book signing was held afterwards and Lander was open for picture-taking. Copies of Christian Lander’s book, “Stuff White People Like,” are available in Borders, Barnes & Noble, Book Sense, Powell’s, and Amazon.



Mace & Crown

Mace & Crown


spor ts

Rachel Chasin Mace & Crown The women will take on George Mason in Fairfax, VA this Friday at 6pm.

Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown With the loss, the men’s team falls to 3-2 on the season

The Elon Phoenix Rise Above ODU Monarchs for Win ODU Suffer 1-0 Loss at Home By Travis Kennedy The Old Dominion University men’s soccer team experienced their second loss of the season by conceding an early goal to Elon without being able to recover, losing 1-0 on Friday night. The ODU Soccer Complex was a buzz with spectators ready to see their team bounce back from a close game against West Virginia University the week before. The men took to the pitch under the lights after a week of practice; positive and prepared to take on their opponent. With Senior defender Adam Roscioli sidelined because of an injury suffered in the second half of the West Virginia game, it would be critical for the team to make up for his experience and skill both as an anchor of the defense and leader of the team. The Elon Phoenix, a non-conference opponent out of North Carolina, played a tough game from the start, setting the tone early. In the 3rd minute, the pressuring Phoenix proved quick to take advantage of a lack of organization by the Monarchs. Chris Thomas of Elon found himself with the ball at his feet behind the ODU backline and only the goal keeper between him and celebration. Thomas poked the ball past the goalie and lifted the visitors to an early 1-0 lead. The early deficit put the Monarchs in a difficult position. They were already behind, trying to claw their way back into the game. The next 87 minutes of the match left ODU searching for an equalizer. Elon, seemingly comfortable with their secured lead, retreated back for the majority of the game with a new objective: to prevent the newly organized Monarchs from tying the game. Despite valiant efforts from the team, with prolonged bursts of energy that is a tribute to their strength and conditioning, ODU could not finish off their numerous scoring opportunities with a goal. Coach Dawson dissected the problem, “When you go one-nil down, teams can make it very difficult to get a clean look at goal. We tried. We are going to have to change our ways a little bit.” Desperate attempts to thread the ball down the field from player to player, into the right position for a clear shot at goal were made by the Big Blue. However, it was all to no avail. Nothing materialized in way of the ball in the back of the net. Freshman Gideon Asante had five shots and Sophomore Chris Harmon had four, yet each player only had one true attempt that ended on target. The stifling and consistent defense that Elon propped up in front of goal could only be bent, but never broken. Elon’s Senior goal keeper Clint Irwin often made elaborate stretching saves to keep the Monarchs off the score board. When the dust had settled, the Phoenix managed to arise from a cloud of ash left by Old Dominion’s 25 shots. They had dealt with the home team’s onslaught and left the ODU Sports Complex with 10 shots, one goal, and a victory. With the weekend to reflect and practice, ODU searches for a bit more organization defensively and a surer way to finish off the plentiful opportunities they create for themselves.

If only one more minute Lady Monarchs Lose 1-0 to NC State by

Greg Arnold Staff writer

The Old Dominion University Lady Monarchs showed the crowd what it was to give 110 percent in the second half of their game Friday night against the North Carolina State Wolfpack. Their onslaught against NC State’s Junior goalie, Kim Kern, seemed impossible to stop, but somehow she was able to. Old Dominion lost the match to NC State 1-0. The Lady Monarchs (2-2-1) only got off six shots in the first half against NC State (63), but in the second half they turned things around. The Monarchs were able to get off an astounding 11 shots. Monarch Freshman Kate Kelly took two of those shots which both were on goal. Multiple times during the second half ODU’s offense was able to put together a strong attack. As they followed up their shots nicely, they were able to get rebound shots. Kern, however, would not let anything get past her. NC State Sophomore Kara Blosser managed to sneak a goal past ODU Sophomore goalie Brianna Alvarado in the 21st minute of the game. The shot came off a header from Junior Kristtina Argiroff. This was just one of the seven shots Blosser took, three more than any other player on either team. Monarch Junior Victoria Johnson left in the first half with a leg injury. But the junior forward was able to return at the beginning of the second half. She had one shot on goal, but more importantly was able to help ODU maintain control of the ball for most of the game. She constantly overpowered her defender, as many other ODU players were able to do. Something also has to be said of the defense ODU that was played. Prior to this game, NC State had scored 23 goals in only eight games. The Wolfpack have also averaged 17 shots per game, but ODU only allowed 13. Friday night the Lady Monarchs will begin their march against the CAA. They will play George Mason at 6:00 pm in Fairfax.

what’s inside


MONARCH spotlight



Mace & Crown




E Chelsea BOARD John Danielle Christian Stu Garrison Nick Sarah





Monarchs at Sea ODU Sailing Finds Itself on the National Radar by Ben Decowski Contributing Writer Just walking through the small hallway of the Sailing Center gives off a feeling of excellence. The walls are littered with various awards won by years of successful Old Dominion University sailing teams. The team has won 15 national titles, four of them in the last eight years and eight of them largely due to head coach Mitch Brindley. Continuing to the end of the hallway is a door that opens out to the Elizabeth River. This is where students will find their 12th nationally ranked sailing team. Their home is the water. Every day they can be seen dragging their sailboats out of the boathouse and into the river. They practice drills and simulate races in order to prepare themselves for their weekend tournaments which last all day. “We usually have two events a weekend, usually a women’s event and then an open event,” said coach Brindley. On top of all of that, the team has to work out at the Powhatan Sports Complex in order to stay in shape and remain competitive. “They’re working as hard as any other athletes,” stated coach Brindley. Effective sailing requires sailors to use their brain as well as their physical strength. They use their entire body to guide the boats and keep them balanced while they use their mind to map out the best route to the finish line. Finding the best route may be the hardest part of sailing. Sailors have to worry about battling pressure and wind changes as well as take the positions of the other boats into consideration. Taking all of these things into account, it is hard to argue with the head coach about who is working hard. They also are not allowed to be rewarded any scholarship money so the team competes purely for the love of the sport.

The team is made up of mostly freshmen and sophomores, which makes the Monarchs 12th national ranking even more impressive. “We have a big group of freshmen this year. Freshmen always make it exciting, you never know what to expect,” said coach Brindley. On the flip side there are only four seniors on the team. “There are a few I expect a lot out of especially on the women’s side of things, Steph Roble and Morgan Wilson, we count on their involvement and leadership and to set a good example,” said coach Brindley. Brindley said his main goal for the team was to “Work hard and develop all of these women sailors that we have. There’s a big group of female freshmen and if we can get them up to speed and competitive at the national level this year I’ll be happy.” When ranking this year’s team with those of the past, coach Brindley said “We have had some great teams in the past and I’m really proud of the teams that I’ve had over the years and the individual achievements that they have accomplished, but ultimately the most important team right now is this team.” Rankings are not everything though as coach Brindley cautioned “What’s really important is not how you’re ranked, but how you perform,” he continued to say that “Rankings are kind of just window dressing, they’re not really the meat and potatoes, they are the garnish on the side.” Garnish or no garnish, this team seems like the real deal. In the first event of the year, the Riley Cup, ODU finished third and had another boat finish fifth. Two top five finishes has been a great way to kick off the year and continue a history of greatness for the Monarch sailing powerhouse. “I’m really happy with how they’re doing,” said coach Brindley. It is shocking that one of ODU’s best sporting programs is one that is little known, but that can be changed. Coach Brindley has circled a few events on the calendar saying “the big event for the fall season will probably be the International Championship and the Fall Conference Championship.” If any ODU students want to see their school represented on the national level, the Elizabeth River is right behind Whitehurst Hall.






BY THE NUMBERS: Week 2 vs William & Mary


Number of wins the Monarchs has at home thus far this season after winning six games at Foreman Field in the Monarchs inaugural season


Number of turnovers on the evening for the Monarchs. Fortunately the Tribe converted zero points of Monarch turnovers.


Number of field goals missed by William & Mary’s kicker David Miller that kept the Monarchs in the game.


Number of different receivers that Tribe quarterback Mike Callahan hit for at least two receptions.


Number of failed third down conversions the Monarchs had on the game going a woeful 3-16 on third down.


Number of yards the Monarchs had in the third quarter. The Tribe had 169 yards in the third quarter alone.


Number of total yards that running back Jonathan Grimes both on the ground and catching the ball.


Mace & Crown

C3 play, 39 yard drive, the Monarchs took over the ball at the Tribe’s 48 yard line. The first play of ODU’s second drive was a 33-yard pass to redshirt sophomore Marquel Thomas from DeMarco. Now in the Tribe’s red zone for the first time in the game, Demarco hit Crawford two plays in a row for a total of 12 yards. With 5:40 left in the first quarter, four yards to go for a touchdown, Demarco threw a play-action pass to Redshirt Sophomore tight-end Kai Blanco for the first points of the game. The Tribes’ next drive was one filled with penalties allowing them to keep possession, but ending with a missed 31-yard field goal attempt by senior kicker David Miller. Trying to utilize their speed and quickness, the Monarchs’ first play of their third drive was a double reverse to Crawford. Crawford fumbled the ball in his own redzone and William & Mary recovered it on the 6-yard line. With a Walter Payton award candidate in running back Grimes, it seemed almost impossible for the Monarchs’ defense to hold the Tribe from scoring their first touchdown of the game. ODU Defensive end Deron Mayo, came up with a huge sack for a loss of nine yards, which forced the Tribe to attempt their second field goal of the game. Asked to make a 34-yard attempt this time, Miller hit the right cross bar missing his second field goal of the game keeping the Monarchs lead at seven. Failing to take advantage of two missed field goals in a row by the Tribe, ODU punted the ball back to William & Mary. After three consecutive passes to three different receivers for 53 yards, the Tribes’ star running back, Grimes, broke a 30-yard touchdown run to put the Tribe on the scoreboard with 6:23 remaining in the first half. With a tie game, ODU needed to respond before letting an experienced team like William & Mary loose. William & Mary may have been more experienced, but age is nothing but a number; especially to Monarch true-freshman running back Colby Goodwyn who broke a 41-yard run for a touchdown with 3:06 left in the 1st half, ODU went up 14-7. Laying everything on the line, the Monarchs pulled off a successful onside kick to retain the ball with three minutes left in the half. Failing to capitalize, the Monarchs’ were forced to punt to the Tribe with about a minute left in the half. After another scoreless drive, the Monarchs headed into the locker room at half time up 14-7 against a team considered to be mar-

ginally better than them when comparing the odds mentioned. “We were more disappointed in ourselves for not making the plays we know we can make,” Callahan said about the Tribes’ first half performance. Receiving the ball in the second half, the Tribe knew they had to send a message to the Monarchs. One pass to senior receiver Chase Hill was all it took. 55 yards later, the Tribe had tied the ball game less than a minute into the second half. In this ball game, an individual could have taken a bathroom break the rest of the 3rd quarter and not missed anything. ODU’s four possessions of the quarter all ended in punts. If not for All-American punter Jonathan Plisco pinning the Tribe deep in their own territory, the Tribe could’ve ended this game early with the numbers their running and passing game were producing. However, one thing was for sure, Tribe kicker David Miller could not make a field goal to save his life. With one quarter remaining William & Mary’s running back Grimes had rushed 18 times for 108 yards while Callahan had thrown for 265 yards. Seeming to have a non-existent offense, the Monarchs decided to show up for the fourth quarter. After a 17-yard pass to Prentice Gill for a first down, DeMarco took matters into his own hands. Running, scrambling, diving; he did whatever he could for positive yardage. Inconsistency in the redzone is something that is expected from new programs, but unrealistic of the Monarchs. Needing to put some points on the board, ODU settled for a 20yard field goal by Jarod Brown with 9:38 remaining in the ball game. With a 15-play drive like that, not only did the Monarchs outhustle the Tribes’ defense, but hoped to cool off their offense. Nothing could be further from the truth. Having the ball for five minutes and 34 seconds, the William & Mary Tribe offense brought out all their weapons from receivers to running backs. A questionable penalty was assessed against the Monarchs as redshirt Sophomore Cornerback Donald Smith was called for pass interference in the ednzone which landed the Tribe six yards away from their first lead of the game. There’s always a first time for everything. In this particular case, it was fifth year senior tight-end Gareth Hissong’s first career catch. Scoring off a four-yard pass play, it couldn’t have come at a better time. Not many people would trust a kid who has never caught a pass in his college career. “I knew he

Baseball’s Late-Season Pennant Races While the AL seems set, it’s the NL West and NL Wild Card that’s yet to be won by

Kevin Hollister Staff Writer

While the AL seems set, it’s the NL West and NL Wild Card that’s yet to be won With a little more than two weeks left in the season, there are still pennant races to be sorted out around the league. For many National League (NL) teams, making the playoffs is what’s at stake these last few weeks. But in the American League (AL), its home-field advantage in the playoffs that’s on the line. In the AL, barring any monumental collapses (hello, Mets), the Texas Rangers will win the West, the Minnesota Twins the Central, while the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays use the final weeks to decide who’s East champ and who earns the Wildcard. Although the Rangers are virtually eliminated from the AL “best record discussion,” they boast a potent offense that should have AL batting average leader Josh Hamilton back come playoff time. Under the radar, the Twins continue to keep up with the Rays and Yankees for baseball’s best record. Looking at the numbers, come playoff time, home teams win roughly 54 percent of the time. Now, this four percent difference isn’t too significant until you look a bit deeper. While the Rangers are the only AL team that has a losing record away from home (.479), the Twins have the most significant drop-off between home and road records. As of September 16th the Twins boast an AL-best 48-23 record at home, yet play slightly better than .500 baseball away from Target Field (39-35). More significantly, the Twins’ ace, Francisco Liriano is 7-3 at home with a 2.51 Earned Run Average, but, on the road, his ERA inflates to 4.19. The same is true for the two other teams vying for baseball’s best record. At home, Rays’ starters James Shields and Cy Young Award candidate David Price each have an ERA more than a point lower than their road ERA’s. Yankees’ ace and fellow Cy Young Award candidate C.C. Sabathia also

ZIMBIO.COM In the last seven games, Tulowitzki has an on base percentage of .393, a batting average of .346, and has recorded seven RBI’s with six homerins

enjoys home cooking. Pitching at Yankee Stadium, Sabathia allows fewer than three runs per game—but away, he allows nearly four. The Rays have the best shot of clinching home-field advantage throughout the postseason as they wrap-up the season with 10 of their last 17 games against sub-.500 teams (Orioles, Mariners, and Royals), while the Twins and Yankees play quality opponents down the stretch. In the NL, things aren’t so clear-cut. The Philadelphia Phillies and Cincinnati Reds look playoff bound—owning three and eight-game leads in their divisions, respectively. Like the Twins, Rays and Yankees, home-field advantage is what’s on their mind. The Phillies would gain the most by having the NL’s best record, not only because they play .627 baseball at home, but because they will be able to decide the playoff schedule. More than likely, they’ll elect to have three off-days during the five-game, NL Division Series, so they can use a three-man rotation. If this is the case, the Phils would have an NLDS rotation of Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels, and Roy Oswalt all on regular rest. As for the Reds, they quietly took care of business in the NL Central. Although they probably won’t catch the Phils for the NL’s best record, they will be a force come playoff time. With


WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2010 was going to catch it,” Callahan said. With a little less than five minutes left in the game, the Tribe had their first lead of the game while the Monarchs’ had the chance to fight through perseverance. After a 24 yard hook-up to Monarch receiver Marquel Thomas, fate seemed to be in the favor of the Monarchs. Already converting two fourth-down conversions in the game, the Monarchs’ needed one more on fourth and four with 3:03 remaining in the game. Going to Prentice Gill on a simple hitch route, DeMarco’s pass came up short into the grass bouncing into Gill’s lap. When asked about it after the game, DeMarco simply said “It was supposed to be a hitch route and he pushed it a little deep. Just a simple miscommunication between us, we’ll get it right next week.” With the Monarchs only having two timeouts left, the Tribe ran the clock down to 34 seconds before punting it into the back of the endzone for a touchback. With 19,782 on their feet, and 34 seconds left on the clock against their first CAA opponent, DeMarco went to the air after two unsuccessful plays and was intercepted by B.W. Webb with four seconds left. All predictions about a blow-out for the Tribe were wrong, but the final score brought about a victory nonetheless. Some would consider this loss a moral victory for the Monarchs, but to the players, it’s a different story. These are grown men playing this game, not pee-wees. “I’m not into moral victories. We should’ve held them. 7-0 should’ve been enough. We didn’t do our job as a defense,” Monarch captain Craig Wilkins said. Starting off the season 1-2, Monarch fans seemed to have become discouraged about their football team. A loss to these players is also a loss to the heart of every fan at S.B. Ballard stadium. With eight games left in their final season before CAA play, the Monarchs look to cut mistakes, be victorious, and keep their fans interested. Looking into the camera at the post-game press conference, Craig Wilkins ended the night with a message to be heard to Monarch fans all around: “I hope these two losses don’t discourage y’all to come out and support us. We have the best crowd in the FCS, FBS, it doesn’t matter. Our crowd is the best.” Tune into the game Saturday, September 25th at 1 p.m. when the Monarchs travel to Monmouth looking to even their record at 2-2.

the NL’s best defense (.989 fielding percentage), and a solid offense led by Joey Votto that has produced an NL-bests in runs (719), and batting average (.271), the Reds have been able to make up for mediocre pitching that is seventh-worst in the league. The Atlanta Braves are three games out of the East, but hanging onto the NL Wild Card spot by a thread. Their staff of Derek Lowe, Tim Hudson and Tommy Hanson have been keeping them in the hunt, even though the offense has faltered. But their spotty offense may heat up down the stretch as they close out the season facing depleted pitching staffs in the New York Mets, Washington Nationals, and Florida Marlins (all missing their aces due to injury). But the main attraction is out in the Wild West. The San Diego Padres, San Francisco Giants, and Colorado Rockies are all in playoff contention. The Padres are hanging onto a miniscule half-game lead, with the Giants and Rockies both breathing down their neck. If the Braves hang on to the Wild Card, these three teams will have to duke-it-out for the final playoff spot. The Padres will count on their strong pitching led by Mat Latos and Jon Garland (team ERA of 3.37 leads NL) to hang on. But it will be a difficult task as they have nine of their final 17 games against strong opponents in the St. Louis Cardinals, Reds and Giants. Oct. 1 is a game the Giants have circled on their calendar, as the West will more than likely be won in a three-game series at home against the Padres. The Giants play six of their final nine games against the Rockies and Padres. Like the Padres, the Giants wield a strong rotation that is second-best in the NL with a 3.50 combined ERA. “Rocktober” is approaching, and again the Rockies are making another strong late-season playoff push. Led by Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez, the Rockies seem poised to sneak into the postseason—either as a Wild Card or Division champion. However, 10 of their final 16 games are on the road where Gonzalez and Tulowitzki see their batting averages and slugging percentages deflate. Gonzalez bats .392 and slugs .766 at Coors Field, while only hitting .288 and slugging .450 on the road. The same is true for Tulowitzki who bats nearly 40 points better at home than on the road. If the playoffs shape up to be anything like these lateseason races, fans are in for an exciting October.


Mace & Crown



The O-Line The Key to Monarchs’ Football Success by

Matthew McCracken Staff Writer

Whenever you hear about Old Dominion University football, you always know at least two or three players off the top of the head. Thomas Demarco, Reid Evans, and Deron Mayo are some of the names whispered when someone thinks about football. Being the star quarterback of a spread offense, the star receiver of an athletic team, and the star transfer from Hofstra, these three are considered to be the ticket to the Monarchs success. Nothing could be further than the truth. Without an offensive line, a team couldn’t possibly win. Unless it is a flag football team or 7-on-7, these “tickets to ODU’s success” would be null and void. The five starting offensive linemen of ODU do the dirty work people don’t even think about. The only time someone mentions an offensive linemen is when they receive a holding penalty. In Old Dominion’s case, the big guys take their anger out about not being publicized on the other teams. Since the boys of the offensive trenches haven’t given up a sack this season, Demarco has been able to pass for six touchdowns. Also, the O-line created space for three rushing touchdowns. This wouldn’t be possible without off-season dedication and hard work. Redshirt Junior Tobin Cameron, the starting left tackle for the Monarchs, said during the offseason, “all of us communicated, worked on footwork, rearranged line calls, and learned the how to run the system effectively all together.” From first impression, an individual would think these men just eat and lift weights. One shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a football player by its position. “I always work on footwork because it can always get better. During the off-season, I would run pass-sets and run plays,” said Cameron. Most people figure offensive linemen were just big kids who liked contact. Never would one think they’d consider other positions. “I would play running back. I know blocking; I know where the hole is at. I’d break big runs, and score some touchdowns,” Old Dominion’s starting center redshirt Junior Jeremy Hensley said. “I’d play linebacker because that seems to be the position where you just get to smack people,” Cameron added. With humor and personality like this, one can understand why they’re outstanding as a group. “We don’t only play together. We hang out, talk to each other, trust each other,” Hensley said about his fellow O-line. With linebackers, safeties, and corners blitzing from all over, injuries are inevitable to the offensive line. With a lot of injuries looming this season, the offensive line may have some trouble. However, like any other sport, communication

The offensive line created space for three rushing touchdowns

is the key to success. Running low on depth, the big guys up front for the Monarchs understood that better than anybody. “We don’t have very much depth. We have to depend on younger guys to step up and play,” Hensley said. Every team suffers from injuries; therefore, the Monarchs O-line doesn’t get special treatment. “We’re not going to be able to call Jacksonville, Campbell, or William &Mary and say ‘hey, we got some injuries, can you go easy on us?’” Cameron explained. An offensive lineman cannot take over the game individually. It is considered impossible for one guy to block four or more defenders coming full speed. Luckily, the Monarchs Oline understands this and work as a team. When asked about their individual and group goals, Cameron and Hensley gave the same answer, “We don’t want to give up one sack.”

Jake Zimmerman Mace & Crown

With the explosive offense that the Monarchs possess, the O-line is like the cannon. Without them, the ball cannot be shot into the end zone. Big plays would be non-existent, holes wouldn’t open, touchdowns wouldn’t be scored, and field goals wouldn’t be made. When a linemen gets hurt, fans yell that they’re slowing down the offense when really, they are the reason the offense exists. The rest of the Monarchs’ football organization appreciates the O-line, but that isn’t enough. People need to know the truth behind Old Dominion’s success. They may not have the nice stats, the numbers, or the highlights, but without them, football wouldn’t exist. They are the reason Old Dominion has rushed for 317 yards and passed for 607 yards in only two games this season. This group of men is the reason Old Dominion football is successful.

Close loss shouldn’t be cause for red flag Monarchs Showing Against Tribe a Good Thing by

Garrison Cole Sports Editor

In football there aren’t moral victories. Hell, in sports moral victories don’t exist. The image that comes to mind is former Jets Head Coach Herman Edwards, after playing a close game saying in the press conference after saying “We play to win the game.” The Old Dominion University Monarchs should feel disappointed about being unable to capitalize on a huge chance to upset the 12th ranked Tribe of William & Mary losing 21-17. It’s human nature to feel that way. However, taking a closer examination of the two teams pedigrees, the Monarchs should feel encouraged rather than this discouraged. This wasn’t a game the Monarchs were supposed to win on paper. In fact, this wasn’t supposed to be a game at all. This was supposed to be a display of sheer dominance by the Tribe, showing the wet behind the ears Monarchs what it takes to be in the toughest FCS conference week in and week out. Most students although excited for the game, were secretly hoping that by halftime, there was still a reason to stay for the second half. The Monarchs gave the fans that. With smart play calling, an attacking blitzing defense, and the bravado of Head Coach Bobby Wilder to attempt an onside kick after the Monarchs went up 14-7, the Monarchs led the Tribe at the half. This wasn’t Campbell, or Georgetown the Monarchs were leading, this was the Tribe of William

& Mary who just a few years ago pushed Maryland to the brink in College Park no less. Even with the lead at halftime, and the intensity being displayed by the Monarchs, there was still a sense of uneasiness in the stadium, a feeling of ‘when will William & Mary show they are the better team?’ The answer looked to be on the first two plays of the second half. The Tribes do everything back Jonathan Grimes took the second half kickoff back to the Tribe 45 yard line. On the first offensive snap, quarterback Mike Callahan hit a wide open Chase Hill who outran four different Monarchs for a touchdown. Just like that the game was tied, and that fearful feeling of William & Mary starting to dominate was quickly becoming a reality. Except this Monarch team showed something that is not calculated when making predictions or the lines in Vegas: heart. After an abysmal third quarter in which the Monarchs were completely dominated on both sides of the ball, the game was still tied, and the Monarchs were exactly where they had hoped to be with a chance to win the game in the fourth quarter. The Tribe were able to keep ODU out of the end zone as the Monarchs looked to take a touchdown lead. After the Monarchs kicked a field goal to go up three, the Tribe responded by going down and scoring the go-ahead touchdown and the game was decided. Even though the Monarchs had another chance to march down the field and score a winning touchdown there was never a feeling that they would. The Monarchs should hold their heads high. Yes they lost the game, and that stings especially when they had a chance to perhaps win the game. But a four point loss to the 12th ranked team in the FCS at your place is nothing to hang to be ashamed of. In fact it’s something this program can do a lot of between now and the next time they face the Tribe; something to build on.




Loran Hatch

Mace & Crown

Off the Field

M&C: You lead the team with four goals. What are your expectations/goals for yourself? LH: I don’t really have any goals for myself. I guess you could say my main goal is to fulfill my responsibilities for the team. I’ve been lucky getting those goals, but I mean if I’m the one getting the tally or someone else is, it doesn’t matter. Either way it’s still a point for ODU.

Name: Loran Hatch

Birthday: February 9, 1989 Height: 5’8’’

M&C: How long have you been playing field hockey? LH: I’ve been playing field hockey since the seventh grade. Field hockey kind of runs in the family.

Hometown: Green Lane, PA

High School: Upper Perkiomen Class: Senior

M&C: You’re obviously a phenomenal field hockey player, but if you had the chance to be a phenomenal athlete in another sport, what sport would it be? LH: Probably soccer, just because I have horrible footwork.

Major: Biology

Position: Midfield

Parents: Christopher & Kathleen Hatch Siblings: Tabitha Hatch; age 19

Loran Hatch’s college athletic career first began her freshmen year when she made her debut against Connecticut. That same year she was named Colonial Athletic Association Rookie of the Year. She appeared in 19 games and started 15. Fast forward three years later and she’s just as big of a star now, if not bigger than before. The 2010-2011 season will be her final year playing with the Lady Monarch Field Hockey Team and she’s certainly left a trail for those to follow. The Mace & Crown had the opportunity to get the inside scoop on Loran Hatch and the ODU Field Hockey Team. Mace & Crown: What are your thoughts on the season so far? Loran Hatch: As far as the team goes we had really big expectations for the season. Unfortunately we fell a tad short of those expectations, so now we’re trying to shift our focus on the upcoming CAA games. M&C: Your next conquest is against the #1 nationally ranked North Carolina Tar Heels. How are you feeling about the game? Any pressure? LH: I mean there’s always pressure when your playing the defending champs, but everybody on the team is pretty stoked.

The Final Chapter for Roger Federer? G A reg

M&C: If you were driving down the street with your music blasting, what’s the one song you’d be blasting out your car? LH: Probably the new Enrique Iglesias song, “I like It”. I’m really digging that song as of right now. M&C: This is your final year on the team. As a senior in college, what advice would you give to a freshman that’s trying to make the high school team and is just starting her athletic career? LH: Just to believe in yourself no matter what. It’s so important to believe in yourself. You always got to stay positive. Also, practice. If you have some spare time on your hands just pick up a stick and dribble a ball around. It’ll help you out in the long run. M&C: What are your plans for the future after you graduate? LH: I’m not sure yet, I’ll probably take a year off because I want to go to P.A. (physician’s assistant) school, but you have to have volunteer experience to get in.

Chris Harmon Turning Heads on the Pitch


Staff Writer

For those who have followed the last era of tennis many have not known what it was like to have an intriguing final in an important tournament. We became enthralled with the winner of the second place trophy, understanding Roger Federer would be walking away with the championship. We have wondered who will be the second seed as we hold no doubt who will be first. But all this might just be coming to an end. Are we witnessing this super hero of tennis transform into a mere mortal? Even though he did win the first Grand Slam of the 2010 season, the Australian Open, he failed to make the final in the last three. This may not seem like a note of interest unless fans consider the fact that he has only missed the final five times in the 27 Grand Slams that have occurred from his first championship to his last. For those that do not know how dominant Federer has been in his career, here is a list of just a few of his many accomplishments. To start, his first Grand Slam Championship win was Wimbledon 2003. No one could have guessed he would win another 15 championships. This was two more than the previous record holder, Pete Sampras with 14. Federer held the number one ranking in the world for 237 consecutive weeks. Jimmy Connors held this record previously with only 160 weeks. From Wimbledon in 2005 to the US Open in 2007, Federer went to ten consecutive Grand Slam Finals; the record previous to this was seven. He won the US Open five times in a row from 2004 to 2008. His final match of the 2010 US Open, against Novak Djokovic, may be an example of what is to come with the remainder of Federer’s career. This match lasted an astounding three hours and 44 minutes. At the end Federer, like any other human would be, was visibly tired. The one thing that Federer era has going against it is age. At the ripe age of 29 Federer

M&C: What is the average day for you? LH: Well, I planned my schedule out pretty well this semester, so I don’t have any morning classes. Usually I’ll have a few classes before practice, more classes after practice. And sometime in between I find time to eat, hang out with friends, and still get my homework done.

A Star in the Making

Superman becomes a man by


TENNISTHOUGHTS.COM With names like Nadal, Djokovich, Del Porto, the Federer era of dominance might be over

is considered a dinosaur walking around on the ATP tour. Tennis is especially unique in that the younger you start your dominance, say 18 or 19 the longer your window is. That window however, for Federer might be jammed shut as he also running up against the young kids of the sport who like him are trying to make a major splash. With Rafael Nadal winning the last three Grand Slams it seems regaining the number one seed is getting farther and farther away from Federer. Is this the end of the Federer era in tennis? Nadal still has a long way to go before he can be in the discussion of best player of all time, as Federer is considered by many. Perhaps we will enter into an era of competition in Men’s Tennis. Perhaps we are entering the Nadal era. Or maybe, just maybe, we will see Superman fly again.

Motivation, determination and inspiration. Three words that Old Dominion University’s Men’s Soccer player, Chris Harmon thrives on. As the only starting sophomore, Harmon currently leads the team with seven points and three goals. Even before his team at ODU, Harmon led his high school team to the 2008 State Championships. This Pennsylvania native started his love for soccer at the age of five. With three older brothers and a “soccer family,” Harmon was only destined to play soccer. While playing for his high school, Harmon also played for FC Delco, a club team located outside of Philadelphia, Pa., which is where he was playing when he was recruited to ODU. With impressive statistics and awards, Harmon started as a freshman. Although only scoring three goals the whole season, he still felt honored to play. Harmon works hard on the soccer field, but even harder in his studies. Harmon would love to play professional soccer when he gets older, but is still focusing on college first. “It gets busy, but every night after practice I have time to do my homework,” said Harmon, a Health and P.E. major at ODU. “You just have to set aside time and make sure you get things done. You can’t wait until the last minute because you always have something going on.” Harmon is currently the starting midfielder at ODU and also is a forward but switches ever so often, but both positions give him the ability to “attack more.” As the season progresses, Harmon hopes the team makes it to conference championship this year and the next years to come. As Harmon stated enthusiastically, “Hopefully this is the year.” Harmon’s most memorable soccer moment was when he was a kid playing soccer with his three older brothers, Mike, Dan and Matt. “The only reason I probably stuck with soc-


Danielle Buxton Mace & Crown Harmon leads the Monarchs with an impressive seven points thus far this season.

cer is because when we would go outside, my brothers never let me play because I was the youngest. Then they would go inside and that is when I would practice.” Harmon worked especially hard to prove to his brothers and family that he is a great soccer player. His brothers attended his soccer game against Elon University and Harmon and expressed his excitement that they got to see him play. Harmon’s family is his biggest motivation, but what inspires him to play is his love for the game. Every chance he gets, him and his friends will go to the SRC and play. Although Harmon and his teammates do have a good time off the field, there is nothing he would rather be doing than playing soccer. Although this will give some insight on Harmon’s life, it’s another thing to see Harmon on the pitch doing what he does best. His love and his enthusiasm are what separate the young man from the rest, not to mention his talents. With Harmon in the fold the Monarchs future looks to be bright.


Mace & Crown




Need a “feel-good” story?

Mace & Crown

How about one with a puppy? Tom Anderson Staff Writer by

Since when do heart-warming stories accompany the sound of explosions, the itch of sand fleas, and the smell of open sewer systems? Well follow this story, because that’s the environment in which I met Maggie. Maggie has sandy blond hair, great teeth, and a runner’s body. When I first arrived to Baqubah, Iraq in September 2008, she was one of the first acquaintances I made, as she was the “Force Protection Canine” at the small, bombed-out structure that my Army Company occupied in the middle of the city. Found on the Iraqi streets and befriended by Americans when she was a puppy, she was already almost two years old by the time my Company took ownership of her from the previous unit. Maggie instinctively understood that she had two roles. As protector, she always accompanied us soldiers as we left the base and patrolled the city, and her aggressive demeanor kept the other disease-infested dogs away from her human friends. Back at the base she was the comforter, and she always positioned herself in doorways and hallways to maximize the number of soldiers forced to walk by and rub her belly. Maggie was clearly a part of the team. Halfway through the deployment, we closed down the small base and handed it over to the Iraqi Security Forces. With our trucks loaded down with bed frames and Army property, we were rolling out the gate one final time when I realized something was missing. “Who’s got Maggie?” I called out over the radio to the other trucks in the convoy. No one responded, but then I saw Maggie wagging her tail at the gate in front of me. She would not be left behind. I jumped out of the truck, scooped her up, and we were on our way. The new base meant a new way of life for us all. There was a huge dining facility there, and Maggie’s soldier-friends brought back heaping handfuls of her favorite treat, bacon, after every meal. While most dogs get excited when they see their owner grab the leash, at the big base Maggie’s eyes lit up and her tail bounced off the floor whenever I grabbed my rifle. The big base was too far away from where we walked

Maggie served as a constant reminder of “home” for the troops in Iraq.

our patrols, so Maggie had to get used to riding in or, in some cases, on top of the vehicles. When the ramp dropped open at the back of our armored personnel carrier vehicles, Maggie was always the first one to hit the ground running. She loved going on patrol. The deployment continued and Maggie remained ever watchful on patrol and comforting for the soldiers afterwards. Throughout the year she never tired of putting her paws on the street, walking down a muddy alleyway, or nuzzling up to a war-weary soldier. She reminded the soldiers of home and the things they were fighting for. As our tour in the combat zone raced to its finish, the soldiers’ families prepared for their homecomings, and Maggie watched as one-by-one over the course of a week, the Soldiers she had protected and comforted over the past year boarded the plane home. I was one of the last soldiers to leave, and one of the last to say goodbye to Maggie. Her sad eyes

Tom Anderson Mace & Crown

betrayed the fact that she knew exactly what was happening. She was being left behind. The days dragged on and it was soon a long month later, and, thankfully, all but one of the soldiers in my company had been reunited with their families in the United States. Waiting at the airport in Chicago, I greatly anticipated making the last family whole. In a dark-lit corner of the terminal, I opened a small cage marked “LIVE ANIMAL.” Free from dust storms and gunshots, Maggie emerged and wagged her tail nearly as fast as the beating of my heart. Man and man’s best friend were reunited and Maggie was safe and sound. Please visit to read more inspirational stories of dogs rescued from Iraq or to donate to the effort by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) to bring Soldiers’ dogs home.

For crying out loud Colbert and Stewart taking new appraoches

by Christian Ernst News Editor With midterm elections quickly approaching, political analysts always have something to say about one of the candidates. Fox News will rant about democrats, while Harper’s and

MSNBC will take its shots at conservatism. During all of this, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert are kicking back taking shots at both sides, like real journalists should. Colbert and Stewart are both hosting rallies in Washington D.C. on October 30, like you would expect from a candidate, not a journalist. But these rallies have a different theme. Stewart is hosting a “Rally to Restore Sanity,” while Colbert is hosting a “March to Keep Fear Alive.” These rallies will feature punch lines right and left, deliver a year’s worth of political satire in half an hour, and poke fun at the industry as a whole. But, in the same light, people will learn more from what they say then they will from watching CNN for days. Of course, this isn’t true of every person, but on average, especially in the college community, these satirist commentaries provide the information most people need to know about politics.

Many people in journalism like me are worried about blogs taking over the industry and taking my job. Citizen journalists are the new wave, and a noted hazard, but I’m more worried about people like this coming for me. I can take a shot at a politician now and then, like Hilary having to finish up Bill’s business in the Middle East peace talks, but I can in no way compare myself to either one of them. But some people can. And they’re the ones who I’m afraid of. They will be the one writing these witty columns that I attempt at every week here. They are the ones with podcasts and blogs and apps that you will buy on your phone, while I’ll be on the backburner free apps and websites, typing from a desk in my house. And to those people, I salute you. And I salute Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert as well. Because they started this. They took everything you had seen on “Nightly News” and blended it with Johnny Carson and Dave Letterman. They took the approach seen in


most pop culture shows and focused it on news, something that hadn’t before happened in mainstream television. And maybe this rally is the future of political journalism. Maybe hosting the rally will be the new televised debate. Maybe Colbert and Stewart step up again with new ideas. These new ideas may be a little off the wall, with Stewart describing his rally as “A million moderate march, where we take to the streets to send a message to our leaders and our national media that says, ‘We are here! We ... are only here until 6 though, because we have a sitter.” Colbert, speaking on the basis of his rally, said “Now is not the time to take it down a notch. Now is the time for all good men to freak out for freedom.” These rallies show the innovation and humor that these two men provide. Maybe I should just pack up shop and get out of this field, or maybe I should start watching more and modeling my work after them.



Forking ODU Want some honey with that mustard?

Mace & Crown

THE SCOOP! Music News and Reviews MTV VMA’s stir more controversy

by Alyssa

Odango Staff Writer

Mustard is probably my favorite condiment, simply because it is the only one I can stand to eat alone, not that I eat it by itself. Ketchup is too vinegary, and after putting mayonnaise in my hair my 13-year-old self did anything in the name of beauty, I swore off white sandwich spreads. I enjoy any kind of mustard: dijon, regular, and my all-time favorite, honey. It’s awesome on hot dogs, sandwiches and with chicken. Now, chicken is my favorite meat. I believe that it is the most versatile because you can dress a piece of poultry up or down. Chicken has no fashion sense, but when it comes to the sense of taste, it’s a winner. There are endless ways of cooking chicken, and you can eat it for any meal of the day. I can eat chicken every day of the week without even realizing that I am. It’s just so easy to use to make a great meal. Thus, I present to you a recipe of a pairing that my personal palette greatly approves of: honey mustard and garlic chicken. This is an extremely simple and quick recipe, only requiring four ingredients. You could easily argue that using store-bought honey mustard works just as well—and it probably does—but I find that taking the time and effort to incorporate real honey into dijon mustard makes the recipe taste better. I’m an huge fan of cooking that involves making things from scratch. There’s a certain satisfaction knowing you cooked something without the aid of pre-made ingredients. It also makes you sound like a culinary whiz when you say you can make your own honey mustard. Yeah, it’s just mixing honey and mustard together; but still you made it. This recipe comes from “The Healthy College Cookbook” by Alexandra Nimetz, Jason Stanley, and Emeline Starr with Rachel Holcomb. The book has hundreds of recipes that are really easy to make, with healthy tips included. This recipe is pulled from the section entitled “Simple Chicken Dinners.” Need I say more? Honey Mustard and Garlic Chicken Makes 4 servings Ingredients: ¼ cup honey ½ cup Dijon mustard

By Robbie Ciara Staff Writer Here’s The Scoop! – The MTV Awards are once again buried in more controversial fall-out. It seems as though the awards show has gone from a venue that has produced career defining performances to the Maury show of award shows. Russell Brand, Eminem, and of course the always news-worthy Kanye West have been synonymous with VMA fall-out. This year the microscope was on from the Black Eyed Peas. along with rising rap star Nicki Minaj performed their new single “Check It Out” for a pre-show performance. It wasn’t the single that caused a stir but’s decision to go black-face. Along with his charcoal appearance was dressed in a black plastic uniform with a plastic hair cap. Most felt the outfit was more ridiculous than the choice of make-up while others felt that the criticism was unwarranted. In the end, the make-up was all that most could talk about. responded on twitter in this statement: “Just because I wear all black including head mask as expression and emphasize my outfit, it shouldn’t be looked at as racial...”

That’s G

2-0 teams not the one’s thought to be

4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves* 1 garlic clove, cut into slivers Directions: Preheat the oven to 350°F. Mix together the honey and mustard. Make four small cuts in the center of each piece of chicken, then arrange the chicken in a baking dish. Insert a sliver of garlic into each cut. Spread the honey-mustard mixture over each breast.* Bake for 30 minutes, basting the chicken once or twice with any accumulated pan sauce. Turn the oven setting to broil and broil for five minutes, until the tops are crisp (but not burnt). Serve alongside a green salad, or over rice. I prefer mine over brown rice. * The baking time will vary depending on the thickness of the chicken breast halves. The chicken breasts that I used were slightly thicker, and took about 45 minutes to bake. If you’re not sure whether your chicken is cooked or not, cut into the thickest part of the chicken and check for any pinkness. If the chicken is white and clear liquid runs from the cut, the chicken is cooked. * Pour half of the honey-mustard onto the chicken before baking. Make sure both sides of the chicken are coated before baking. Halfway through the baking time, remove the pan from the oven and spread the remaining honey-mustard on both sides and continue baking. If you have any leftovers, you can also slice the chicken and add it into a salad for a Honey mustard chicken salad.


Garrison Cole Sports Editor The best thing about the National Football League is parity. That’s the thing the NFL hangs its hat on the most. Every season a team that was woeful the season before turns it around the year before. This is a fact as much as the sun rising in the east and sets in the west. Through two weeks of the NFL season raise your hand if you thought the Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Bucs, Kansas City Chiefs, and the Miami Dolphins would be one of the teams 2-0 at the start of the season. Don’t worry I’ll wait. Now raise your hand if you thought the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings would be winless after the first two weeks. Again don’t worry I’ll wait. Out of those four undefeated teams only Tampa Bay is a surprise to people who follow football. If you take a look at the other teams they have personnel that lead others to believe they will have staying power for the rest of the season. The Miami Dolphins play in arguably the toughest division in football, the AFC East, and are often overlooked playing in the same division as the New York Jets and New England Patriots. However, they have talent all across the field. They are able to do two things well in order to be successful in the NFL: they


He also added: “Are you guys serious? My outfit set ‘black people back 100 yrs’ -- choose your tweets wisely. No education sets people back, no jobs, bad health.” The night wasn’t without a Kanye West and Taylor Swift moment. The Scoop! talked to a lot of students around campus about Swift’s performance and the majority felt it was sullen and staged. Ouch. No matter what your opinion is about Swift, the internet was buzzing about the single titled “Innocent”. This could be Taylor Swift’s cross-over into doing more contemporary material however, her decision to pre-empt the performance with the Kanye microphone grabbing tirade was more of a turn-off than a musical moment. Shortly following Taylor Swift’s “I forgive you Kanye” moment was the multi-Grammy winner himself donned in a red suit performing his new single “Runaway”. While MTV appears to be in love with the single most people we talked to felt the performance was subpar. It was painfully noticeable that Kanye needed auto-tune immediately. The hook was filled with a-bombs and “scumbags” over a sentimental mid-tempo groove that came across as awkwardly strange. Is Kanye crazy or is the joke on us? In the most disturbing moment of the night was when 64-year old Cher chose to bear all in a throwback of the outfit she wore in the 1989 hit video “Turn Back Time”. She presented Lady Gaga with the coveted Video of the Year Award in the recognizable black seethru dress. Cher also joked: “I have shoes older than the nominees,” Did we mention that she was 64? In the end the lady known for controversy did little on the VMAs but collect moon men. Lady Gaga was the artist of the night with eight VMA awards including the aforementioned Video of the Year award for “Bad Romance.” Video rebroadcasts of the 2010 VMAs can be found on MTV this month.

run the ball well, and they stop the run well. I don’t care if you’re playing little league football, show me a team that does those two things well, and I’ll show you a team that wins. Ricky Williams and Ronnie Brown are a perfect one-two punch to compliment young Chad Henne who only has to be a game manager, and use his weapons which include Brandon Marshall. The Chicago Bears also play in a division in which they are overlooked playing with such names as Favre, and Rodgers, but also boast a quarterback in Jay Cutler who can make all the throws. Cutler’s biggest problem last season was that he was color, or appeared so throwing 26 interceptions which led the NFL. Through two games this season under the tutelage of new offensive Mike Martz, Cutler is taking care of the ball and getting it to weapons like versatile Matt Forte, Devin Hester, and Johnny Knox. If Cutler can continue his strong play, the Bears might emerge as the second team to make it to the playoffs, if the Vikings continue to flounder. The Chiefs are attempting to use the same model as the New England Patriots, or if nothing else the Chiefs are employing the staff the Patriots used to win Super Bowls. They hired former Patriot vice president of football operations, Scott Pioli to be the General Manager of their team, and he has instilled his Patriot ways to the Chiefs and under head coach Todd Haley, the Chiefs have built a team with solid young talent, which include Dwayne Bowe, Jamaal Charles, and Dexter McCluster. In a division that is clearly up for grabs the Chiefs just might be the team that steps up and wins it. The Bucs, who are 2-0, have two things to thank soft schedule, and the improved play of Josh Freeman. Freeman, last year’s first round draft pick is being smart with the ball, and making plays when he has to, and is letting his defense help win the game for him. If this first two weeks of the NFL season are any indication about what is to come, here’s one thing I know: I don’t know as much as I thought I did at the start of the season.


Fall Beauty Report

Mace & Crown


Ray Lewis hits

What color will YOU choose?

Danielle Buxton Photography Editor


by Leslea Kuhrt Staff Writer A lot of people have been asking me what the forecast is for fall make-up. For those of you who need to be in the know, here are a few tips on how to make Fall 2010 the prettiest season yet. Lets start at the top. The most important wardrobe decision is the haircut. It virtually makes the outfit, every time you get dressed. My favorite look of the season has to be the long, free, flowing wavy styles. The punk look (one side short, one side long) is still cool, but we should ditch the designs shaved into the sides of our heads, ladies. Let’s leave that to the dudes. Winter is swiftly approaching and with it, the desire to dye our sun bleached locks a darker shade. The color this season that I am dying to test out is a deep chocolate brown, almost black, but not quite. Black is a very harsh color to work with, and if you get it wrong. You’ll be walking around with a blue-ish, green-ish, grey-ish mess on top of your head. (trust me it happened to me last year.) Brown on the other hand, is softer and much more forgiving. It looks great on all skin tones, from the fairest of the fair to the darkest of the dark. Fall/Winter makeup is always the most fun to play with. The dark lip shades, and fancy eye-shadows equal makeup lovers paradise. I am especially looking forward to black lipstick, yes ladies, black. You may not be quite as adventurous as I, so I will give you some other options. Look for purple shades or deep reds. Try burgundy, but stay away from “mom” shades that make you look older. With dark lipsticks, though, you have to watch your teeth. Darker colors on the lips aren’t always flattering on less than “pure white” teeth; this is the perfect time to crack open the teeth whitener… For eyes it’s all about the drama. Several make-up lines including urban decay, Chanel have come up with the concept of a “sticker” eye shadow. It’s not really a sticker, but it comes on a sticker-like paper and you basically transfer the shadow. They come in a variety of prints, from the basic smoky eye to wilder prints, like leopard or zebra and polka dots. From the paper to your eyes! It makes for an extremely dramatic switch from the basic shadows and liners we’ve seen in the past. And remember. If you are going to play up one feature, leave the rest neutral. No clowns allowed Last but definitely not least, nails. Let’s keep our nails short and round this season, ladies, it looks cleaner and the color stands out more. Colors are still anything goes… from brown to green, yellow to red, matte to neon, and everything in between, we want it all. I, personally, am investing in several shades of grey and one really, high quality red to get me through the fall and winter months. So ladies, what colors will you put together? I look forward to seeing your interpretations of the trends this season!

Monday Night Football brings in the final one or two games that will make a full NFL week complete. One of those games that brought Week 1 to a close was the Baltimore Ravens vs. the New York Jets. There was one play that had everyone talking was the monster hit that Baltimore’s Ray Lewis put on New York’s Dustin Keller. That might have been the hit heard around the U.S. on Monday night. If you look at this SILIVE.COM picture, I bet you will After 15 seasons Ray Lewis is still one of the most dominant linebackcringe on how bad that ers n the NFL. must have hurt. It has to be pretty amazing that with that monster hit, no one said anything about the tackle being dirty. Ray Lewis has been one of the best defensive players in the past decade. For him to be in the league for 15 years and still produce a hard tackle this clean is a product of natural beauty. The tackle was 100% clean. The way Keller is falling in the picture may trigger some other views but Lewis placed the tackle with his shoulder onto the Jets wide receiver. According to the rulebooks, the hit was perfectly legal. From the picture, that tackle may have been the biggest hit that Dustin Keller has taken in his three seasons in the NFL. Lewis and Keller looked like they were in an Oklahoma drill in which Lewis was obviously deemed the winner. (For those who do not know what an Oklahoma drill is when an offensive player goes against a defensive player in a tackling duel.) From the looks of this picture, someone could easily ask if the player was able to stand up after that tackle. This picture also indicates that Keller was hit so hard that the ball just popped out of his hands. I’m not sure about Keller but if I were to get hit that hard then I would be seeing not only Lewis’s face but also that purple jersey in my sleep. Ray Lewis became Dustin Keller’s biggest nightmare and it was accomplished in a matter of two seconds. I can observe from this picture that Lewis was ready to make that tackle. I do not doubt that Keller didn’t see him coming, I doubt that he underestimated how hard he was going to be hit. This picture just makes you want to say ouch and I give up. If I was in Keller’s position and Ray Lewis was about to rock my world, I would have happily waved the white part of my jersey and surrendered. Dustin Keller, you have just been Caught! You were caught being apart of the cleanest and hardest tackle made in week one of the new football season.

Dear Diane


if it is only a couple minutes to catch up just so your partner feels included in what you’re up to. If your schools are in driving distance, and if you have a car, try and find weekends, maybe once a month or so, to visit each other. Take turns on who goes to what campus when and that way your boyfriend or girlfriend can meet your college friends and see what your campus life is all about; doing this will make them feel more at ease when you’re out with friends on the weekends and will take some stress off the relationship. Most importantly, have a serious conversation with your significant other and make sure you’re both willing to equally work at this relationship. If you both are uneasy about investing time and energy into the long distance or one person is more into it than the other, then maybe its best if you don’t continue with the relationship. Remember, it’s definitely not easy.

Diane Dougherty Staff Writer

Dear Diane, My boyfriend and I attend separate colleges and we’re finding it hard to be on the same schedule to catch up with each other. I know with long distance relationships contact with each other as much as possible really helps keep the relationship alive, do you have any tips for me? Desperate for Time Dear Desperate for Time, Coming from experience, it is definitely hard to maintain a long distance relationship without having schedule conflicts. Keep in mind that sometimes you won’t be able to talk to each other every day, but you can’t let that discourage you. There are a couple ways to ensure easier communication when you’re apart. Using “Skype” to video chat with each other, e-mail, or even just a simple quick text message can let your partner know you’re thinking about them. It is definitely never a fun concept when you have to “pencil in” your significant other, but sometimes there is no better way. Go over your class schedules with each other and write down the times you both are available to talk and put it in your school planner or on your desk. During the weekends if you’re not working or out with friends make time for each other even

Dear Diane, I’m on a really tight budget and I’m having a difficult time getting close to the girls in my building because I can’t constantly go out and party or do things with them. I feel like everything around here is so expensive, what should I do? Left Out Dear Left Out, You can’t beat yourself up over money issues that you more than likely have no control over. If you really are strapped for cash and want to go out with people more, try picking up a part time job if it works with your school schedule. Use the money you make there towards your extra curricular activities like going out to movies or bars. Your parents would probably really appreciate the help. If a part time job is not plausible then maybe limit yourself to only going out on nights that there are specials going on like cheap drink specials or cosmic bowling on Saturdays or anything else you find going on in the area. Another way to save money is to suggest ideas yourself about things you can do as a group, such as the free museums like the Nautical Museum in downtown Norfolk and definitely don’t forget all the great free activities going on around ODU’s campus through the Student Activities Council and all of our clubs and intramural sports. Those are definitely great ways to bond with your friends without spending a dime!



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My way or the highway obx: Just Two Hours Drive, but a World Away

by Chelsea Deangio Arts & Entertainment Editor The word vacation means something different to everyone. Some picture a ski chalet in the mountains. For others, it’s a backpacking trip through Europe. Personally, I picture a beach, a hammock, and a fruity drink. So it’s no wonder that many of my quick trips away revolve around beaches. I’ve lived by the ocean my entire life. As a Navy brat, I moved from coast to coast, state to state, adjusting to life the best I could. But the ocean remained constant, a seemingly endless security blanket that stayed the same no matter where I went. Still, I admittedly take for granted its presence in my daily life. It’s hard to believe some people go months – years, sometimes – without seeing the sea. It’s easy to forget how lucky we are to live so close to the ocean. It’s also easy to forget how many other beach communities

surround Hampton Roads. Bored with the Virginia Beach Oceanfront? Head just a few minutes north or south, and you’ll find a new place to relax and unwind. My favorite spot? The Outer Banks in North Carolina. Home to many a Nicholas Sparks novel, this string of barrier islands provides a unique road trip. Bridges and scenic waterways set the tone for a truly picturesque setting. Just a two hour drive from Norfolk, Nags Head is the site of many…. I’m not big on camping, but beach camping is completely different than anything I’ve ever experienced in the mountains. Sand provides a much softer mattress than hard ground, and the sound of the waves is one of the most soothing sounds in the world. And the best part of beach camping: bonfires. Yes, a permit is required, but it’s easy enough to get. After all the paperwork, bonfires are truly one of the coolest parts about the Outer Banks. Romantic and soothing, a beach bonfire under the stars is one of the best ways to spend a summer night. Break out the Smores and the acoustic guitar, and you’re all set for a memorable night. Many people head to the famous Kill Devil Hills, site of the Wright brothers’ first flight. I find the actual sea dunes themselves much more fascinating. Jockey’s Ridge is possibly the coolest state park in the country – and the closest you’ll get to wandering the Sahara without catching a flight to Africa. The dunes are gigantic, and are formidable enough to make you see mirages. Luckily, there really is a beach on the other side. Don’t forget to bring a cardboard box for a

OUTERBANKSLIFE.COM The Outer Banks is a beautiful getaway that’s not too far from Old Dominion.

makeshift sand toboggan! Obviously, there are a ton of great seafood restaurants in the area. After a long day at the beach, try Sam and Omie’s for authentic crab cakes and delicious cocktails. Guests gather around for fishing stories, and you can always do some great people-watching. Sam and Omie’s provides a delicious sliceof-life dining, and really makes you feel like you’re breaking through the tourist mold. Of course, there are other options than

camping and seafood, but in my experience, there’s no better way to spend a weekend. If you’re not up for a night under the stars, there a tons of great rental properties you can get on the cheap – try for the best steals. The nicest part about road tripping so close? The easy drive home. Just a quick drive down some country roads, and you’ll be home before you know it.


Stuart Miller Editor in Chief


“He’s cute, but why does his name have to be Russell? Why can’t he have a sexier name like Darryl or Chauncey?” As I sat outside of the Batten Art & Letters building; people watching before class and yes I’ll admit I do it, I heard three girls having a conversation about this guy’s name and how unattractive it was (sorry if you’re name is actually Russell). It really got me thinking, especially since I myself have an unusual name. Does your name affect whether you’re dateable or not? I mean for starters, who the hell names their kid Stuart? Especially because I’m also Jewish so the nicknames have grown over the years because my friends love that the words “Stu” and “Jew” rhyme. Needless to say, my mother isn’t the biggest fan of those names. But, in a way it somewhat adds character to a person I feel. The nickname does the same thing, so in a sense the way someone pronounces, shortens, elongates, or adds a La- (thanks to the La-Sarah video on com) to their name can tell a lot about a person. When it comes to a name, whether it was given to you on your day of birth or self-proclaimed, it definitely could trigger something in the opposite sex that just says “no thanks”. After posting my original question on Facebook I got mixed responses, but they were all very good answers. Why would you want to date someone with the same name as a sibling or an ex? Besides being creepy I feel like these names would bring back too many memories. Whether they were sweet or sour I personally would want to be with someone whose name didn’t bring up thoughts of arguments

over spending too much little time with a significant other or girlfriend. I don’t think publicizing how awesome you think obnoxious fights over who got the shower first in the morning you are via a made-up middle name is the way to “get the when you lived with your parents. girl”. These people do however provide people the gateway to Either way names have a lasting effect on people based on an continuous jokes and public humiliation every time they post interaction from the past. Have you ever babysat a child that something on Facebook. was a complete brat? You’re going to remember that child’s Think about it. If you went to an employer looking for a job name. Then when it comes to time to name your own children, and they did background research on you, do you really think that name will come up and make you shutter from the horrid when they see John “Cantcontainme” Doe that they are going memories of stepping on legos and playing “52 pick-up” with to call you first for the job? card that are sticky from spilt apple juice. The same thing goes for dating I feel like, but it’s not someQuestions, Comments, Concerns? E-mail Stuart Miller at thing that could make or break a relationship unless the person is adamant about the evil thoughts you leave in their head after meeting them. In those cases just count your losses and move on. However, there are some people who have interesting names that just captivate people as it rolls off the tongue. A name like Antonio Banderas, Angelina Jolie, or Gwen Stefani sound so unique and interesting that they become attracPurpose: Provide ODU students from all majors the opportive to say and hear. Names like Rain, Candi, tunity to mingle with industry professionals and learn about or Destiny, although unique, don’t necessarily give off a “happily ever after” type of reaction career possibilities in these professions: so they are probably not that special someone - Insurance: underwriter, claims adjuster, actuary, sales you’re looking for. So I’d keep it to names that aren’t a “thing” or an “idea”. - Risk manager, loss control specialist There is always the one exception that gets away - Financial planner, Employee benefits specialist with a nickname that is completely idiotic. For example, everyone’s favorite Turnpike Tool - And more Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is the worst ofLast year we had more than 70 students and 70 industry peofender of the self-titled nickname, but let’s face it I don’t have washboard abs or a completely ple from 32 different companies attend the reception. outlandish and drunken outlook on life worthy To attend, e-mail Dr. Michael McShane: enough of a reality show. Even though some people thumb through their thesaurus to find the next synonym to make Sponsored by the Insurance and Financial Services Center them famous a lot of other people are doing it through facebook. - As pointed out by Megan Morrow from our When: Wednesday, Oct. 6 from 5:30 to 7:00 PM in the Webb staff, the name Dave “iwannamakeyourbedrock” Matthew is in no way flattering to a potential Center at ODU

Insurance, Risk Management, and Financial Planning





Mace & Crown


FRIDAY 24: 86° SATURDAY 25: 81° SUNDAY 26: 78°


sundr y

[SUHN-DREE] (look it up)

MACE IN YOUR FACE What tv show are you excited for this fall? SHARON BAKER

Best burrito joint: Chipotle, Moe’s, or Qdoba?

Would you rather hang with the cast of Jersey Shore or Twilight?

More stressful: finals week or the impending doom that is 2010?

Only been to Moe’s



Swimming in Lake Gaston



Qdoba. I’m not from NOVA, so I don’t like Moe’s

Jersey Shore. Snookie, Angelina and I are desined to be together

2012 because I skip finals usually

Not waiting in line to get a drink at the bar

Those stupid horns. Buy a trumpet.

The Event



Finals week

The beach


Jersey Shore

The Taco Shop, Palm Desert California

Jersey Shore


Warm weather


Glee and One Tree Hill

Moe’s but I don’t die for any of them.

Jersey Shore of course


No school


seasoned ODU veteran


More annoying: Vuvuzelas or the BCS?

Jimmy Smit’s Outlaw

financial operation for OSAL


What will you miss most about summer?




Weekly22th Calendar 23 THURSDAY




Coors Light Bobby Wilder Coachs Show 7:00 PM Buffalo Wild Wings - Chesapeake, Va.

Sugarland, $25-49.75 7:00 @ the Virginia Beach Amphitheater The ODU Football Show 10:45 PM - Norfolk, Va. ODU Scholarship Tennis Tournament All Day - Virginia Beach, Va. - Puzzle #5 for September 20, 2010 Across 1- Little devils; 5- Air-filled rubber hoop, become fatigued; 9- Chaplin persona; 14- Apply powder to oneself; 15- Arch type; 16- Rod used to reinforce concrete; 17- Calculus calculation; 18- Blueprint; 19- Writer Jong; 20Disease of the heart muscle; 23- Green prefix; 24- Campaigned; 25- Understands; 29- Profit; 31- According to; 34- Minimum; 35- Ad word; 36- Bartlett’s abbr.; 37- Eye doctor; 40- Apians; 41- Approached; 42- Seizes with teeth; 43- Antiquity, old-style; 44- TV award; 45- Tenfold; 46- Affirmative vote; 47- Beverage commonly drunk in England; 48- County in central England; 56- Conductor Dorati; 57- Fall prey to a banana peel, say; 58- Motion picture; 60- ___ Dame; 61- Game played on horseback; 62- Corm of the taro; 63- So far; 64- Bank deposit?; 65- Cong. meeting; Down 1- Give ___ rest; 2- Painter Chagall; 3- Entreaty; 4- Sign of injury; 5- Themes; 6- Inuit dwelling; 7- Quantity of paper; 8- Start of a counting rhyme; 9- Boring tool; 10- Aired again; 11- Slightly; 12- Speed ratio; 13- Ask for divine guidance; 21- Profundity; 22- Bay window; 25- Sphere; 26- Drive away; 27- Oohed and ___; 28Grounded fleet; 29- Lame; 30- Drug-yielding plant; 31- Writer Loos; 32- One in second, say; 33- Restless; 35- Close with force; 36- Not “fer”; 38- High points; 39- Belief involving sorcery; 44- Grommet; 45- Autocrat; 46- Without ___ in the world; 47- Run of bird-song; 48- Actress Turner; 49- Slaughter of baseball; 50- ___-bitty; 51- Cookbook amts.; 52- “The Time Machine” race; 53- Frozen treats; 54- Travel on; 55- Finishes; 59- Aurora’s counterpart;

- 28th

25 SATURDAY Lori Nix, Photograpy Exhibit ODU Galleries

George Mason 7:00 PM - ODU Soccer Stadium ODU Scholarship Tennis Tournament All Day - Virginia Beach, Va.


ODU Scholarship Tennis Tournament All Day - Virginia Beach, Va.

Daring girls by Miriam Peskowitz 7:00-8:30 - North Café

Daring Girls lecture 7:00 p.m. - Webb Center Bobby Wilder Weekly Press Conference TBA - Norfolk, Va

28 TUESDAY Global Family Cookout 4-8 pm. Kaufman mall

Bobby Wilder Weekly Press Conference TBA - Norfolk, VA


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OUTERBANKSLIFE.COM The Monarch Men’s basketball team receives their rings in front of 18,000+ ODU fans and over 1,000 William & Mary fans still feeling the pain of the CAA Championship loss.

last week’s solution


Issue #3  

This is the third issue of the Mace & Crown Newspaper. September 22nd 2010

Issue #3  

This is the third issue of the Mace & Crown Newspaper. September 22nd 2010