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multEE Project Objectives and Achievements Conference on Energy Savings Data Management, Skopje Berina Delalić 06.07.2017. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 649829.


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Common challenges as staring point About multEE Project Partners Step-by-step development Outputs and wider impact


multEE Project – Objectives and Achievements

Common challenges as starting point Creating, implementing and reporting on EE policies (NEEAPs):

Ministries EE project 3 EE project 2

Agencies, Funds...

EE project 1




A lack of reliable data on energy efficiency measures and their results


Multi-level governance of energy efficiency to be improved

About the project •

Facilitating multi-level governance for energy efficiency - multEE is an H2020 project (2015 – 2017).

multEE aims to improve the consistency and quality of energy efficiency policy planning and implementation through: •

Innovative monitoring and verification schemes,

Improved coordination between different administrative levels.


multEE Consortium


Step-by-step approach •

Two pillars of project:

M&V schemes

Mapping and analysis of existing M&V schemes

Development of BU calculation methodology

Development of innovative IT tool

Coordination mechanisms

Mapping and analysis of existing coordination mechanisms

Identifying areas for improvement

Recommendations for partner countries


Outputs and impacts • •


Experience from EU in M&V and coordination BU methodology (with recommendations for reference values) Policy recommendation for M&V, coordination mechanisms and data collection process Enhanced MVP!

MVP for EU countries • •

SEE countries leading the way, Croatia as a role model, Transfer of knowledge from SEE to EU!


Find out more at -

About the project, partners and objectives, Reports, recommendations, policy brief, MVP manual, video tutorial and test environment, Many other!

Thank you for your attention! Berina Delalić


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