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TVET FIRST NATED BUSINESS Our new NATED books for the 2021 curriculum have received high praise from the screeners. Here are some of their comments:

COMMUNICATION N5 What the screeners said: “The starter activities at the beginning of every module are commendable!” “Key concepts and terms are clearly defined.” “Exam tips and marks give students the necessary focus.”

N5 – A Thorne Student’s Book – 9781430808381 Student’s eBook – 9781430808398 Lecturer’s Guide – 9781430808404

COMPUTER PRACTICE N5 What the screeners said: “This is well explained with great starter activities, notes about what is important, exam tips, and a good section on using basic features to create, edit and manage spreadsheets.” “The summary at the end of each topic makes it easy for students to review what they have learned.” “Summative assessments after each module are a good way for students to revise their work.” “The use of tables helps students to recall information.” “Illustrations are clear and easy to follow.”

N5 – D Sasti & S Sasti Student’s Book: 9781430808954 Student’s eBook: 9781430808961 Lecturer’s Guide: 9781430808947

National Sales Manager: TVET Colleges – Gan Krishna | Cell: 078 804 0592 | Email: Gan.Krishna@macmillaneducation.co.za Sales Representative: TVET Colleges – Jayshil Bhula | Cell: 078 803 9903 | Email: Jayshil.Bhula@macmillaneducation.co.za Customer Services – Gugulethu Skhosana | Tel: 011 731 3337 | Fax: 011 731 3535 | Email: customerservices@macmillaneducation.co.za

FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING N5 What the screeners said: “Sufficient activities are provided for every aspect of the learning content.” “Lesson plan templates in the Lecturer’s Guide support lecturers.” “The transition from the old reporting standards to IFRS is well explained, as are the differences between transfers at selling price and cost price.” “Every module has case studies at the beginning and summative assessments at the end – these are commendable.”

N5 – M Richards & C Esterhuyse Student’s Book: 9781430807964 Student’s eBook: 9781430808978 Lecturer’s Guide: 9781430807971 Workbook: 9781430807971

INFORMATION PROCESSING N5 What the screeners said: “Useful exam tips are included throughout the Student’s Book.” “Helpful summaries and summative assessment are included after each module.” “Print screens make it easier for students to follow.” “Web addresses in the modules guide students to explore further. The YouTube videos are extremely handy!” “The content has been updated to include virtual meetings, etc.”

N5 – E Kruger Student’s Book: 9781430808015 Student’s eBook: 9781430808985 Lecturer’s Guide: 9781430808008

TRAVEL OFFICE PROCEDURES N5 What the screeners said: “All modules are well-presented and are self-explanatory so students can work on their own. The book provides a concrete foundation for developing understanding.” “The supporting information makes it a great resource for self-study where needed.” “There are lots of examples, with matching activities to stimulate learning.” “Exam tips and notes throughout provide reminders and affirmation.” “Entrepreneurship is well introduced with Fig. 1.2 – relevant to our students and captures their attention.”

N5 – M Fourie Student’s Book: 9781430807810 Student’s eBook: 9781430808992 Lecturer’s Guide: 9781430807803 Workbook: 9781430809654

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