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C6 | MACE & CROWN | wednesday 01/26/11

A rivalry loss Lady Monarchs fall short to rival Lady Rams by

Lose balls and 19 turnovers did the Lady Monarchs in.

Lewis held her own inside against the Lady Rams putting up 11 points and grabbing five rebounds.

Brielle Boucher Staff Wrtier

The Lady Monarchs never seem to have a dull moment when they play a game. One of the biggest games was played Thursday night against long time rivals, the VCU Lady Rams. To say the least, this game had the crowd cheering the entire time from beginning to end from all the excitement. While the lady monarchs were 5-0 in the CAA conference standings, this game had to be a crucial one to be played in order to receive a victory. While Tia Lewis led her Monarchs with 11points, and teammate Kquanise Bird following with 11 points, these two players were still not enough for the Lady Monarchs to defeat their rivals and stay on top of the CAA conference standings. The Lady Monarchs fell 63-60. The VCU Rams had a very dominant player, one of the best guards in the CAA conference, that being Sonia Johnson. She led her rams with a high of 19 points and her fellow teammate Courtney Hurt scoring 19 points and leading the game with 16 rebounds. The Lady Monarchs now fall third on the standings with VCU right under them in fourth. The Lady Monarchs had a solid lead for a majority of the first half; however, it slowly went downward from then on. The Lady Monarchs trailed the Lady Rams for majority of the second by a double figure deficit until seven minutes left in the game. Luckily, the monarchs had opportunities to take full advantage of. They

were 20 for 26 of their free throws the first half, and then followed up with a strong second half going 14 for 17. This by far, helped the Lady Monarchs stay in the game. The game had a few turning points in favor of the Lady Monarchs. Cook hit a three pointer to put the Monarchs 5 points behind the Rams with under 5 minutes to go. Then senior Alena Voronina got fouled with 54 seconds left in the game and made both free throws gave the Monarchs a score of 58, and behind only three. The Lady Monarchs had possession with a chance to score and tie the Rams with 11.4 seconds left. Jasmine Parker was the Lady Monarchs go to girl to shoot thegame tying three pointer, but the shot was missed, leaving the score at 63-60 and a Lady Rams victory. Not only is this game important CAA standings wise, or rivalry wise, but Lady Monarchs Coach Wendy Larry is one game shy from her 600th career win. Lady Monarch Shadasia Green was particularly upset she did not get the win for her coach stating: “I am disappointed in myself, especially because myself and coach Wendy are emotionally in touch with each other. Coach gave me this opportunity to attend school and play, so I want to give her that 600th win.” When Coach Wendy Larry walked in the room, all eyes were on her as she sat down looked disappointed. When asked why they lost this game, she replied “We were not as prepared as we should have been. We weren’t executing hard enough throughout the game.” Coach Larry also added “I wish there weren’t numbers so players could go out and just play.” This will be the quote the Lady Monarchs will need to go by in order to get a win over Towson this Sunday and stay in the top three of their standings and get the chance to get that number one spot back.

Jasmine Parker shot well, 2-3 from behind the arc for the Lady Monarchs.

Photos:Christian Ernst Mace & Crown

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