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Matthew, Cameron, Ashlee, and Chase 11/2/10 Period 2 Feature Article

There’s always something that a person thinks about more than once in their life and that is fitness. People are always thinking of how they can lose weight or maintain a healthier life style. It’s not that hard to do. In this article there are three different types of health that will definitely benefit you when it comes to fitness. Thesethree different types of health are with your spirit, your mind, and most of all your body. Your spirit deals with a lot of stress so you have to try and maintain a stress free environment. You should try and keep your mind clear at all times of any type of stressful situation or choice you have to make. You must keep your body intact. You should eat right and never abuseyour body with drugs or unhealthy amounts of alcohol. We have three different kinds of fitness and health. It is very important to keep our bodies in good health. We can do this by eating and exercising right. Sounds simple? It is! It is important to take good care of our bodies so that we may live longer and healthier lives. The main reasons there are so many obese people is becauseof not eating right and the lack of exercise. About 30%percent of Americans are considered obese.A proper diet should include the right amount of foods from all of the groups on the food pyramid. We must also exercise and stretch at least three times a week for at least thirty minutes. Being out of shape can lead to many health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.We must take good care of our bodies and we will live a longer, healthier, and most of all, happier life. Thomas Jefferson once If said, “ the body be feeble, the mind will not be strong.” Mental fitness or health can be seen as the baseof the pyramid when it comes to fitness. If we are not mentally healthy, we will not want to take care of the rest of us. Whether you follow a workout schedule or not, you should still keep your mind healthy and fit. The most important and easiest way to have a healthy mind is to sleep. Sleep relieves the stresseswe have gathered throughout the day. The stresseswe get can cause all sorts of problems. Stresscan causeanything from emotional trauma to bodily harm. Stresscan causeus to not be happy or can even go as far as causing us to have ulcers, which is not fun at all I might add. Another problem one might feel keeps them from being mentally fit is their poor behavior. They do not have the motivation to get up every morning and want to go running or stretch. They find these things boring but, at your

advantage, there is a way to make being fit fun. You have to set goals. Set small goals first, but you should keep a long-term goal in mind. Stretch and jog for only five minutes one morning. Work with your small goal in small increments until you reach your final goal. Your final goal might be running, or walking, a 10k marathon. There are many types of Spiritual workouts from Chi to Yoga. Theseworkouts help maintain spiritual balance. Many people may try yoga to relieve stress after a long day at work or school. Some will try Chi or Martial Arts. You also learn self respect from these workouts. We may look at a situation differently if they know how to breathe and calm down. People who aren’t in tune with their spirit tend to blow up and get frustrated easier. Meditation may also help. A person learns deep breathing exercises. Theseare exercises that help people relax and let go of the everyday world. The spirit can do many things if we let it. The spirit is the center of our bodies. It controls what we think and ultimately what we do. Spirit workouts can make the most stressed person relieved as long as we learn how to breathe and let go. We can do many different workouts dealing with the spirit in our everyday lives. When we’re driving, taking a big test or even getting ready for a big game. Take a step back and do some deep breathing! As we can see, physical fitness is not the only kind of fitness we need to work on. Without spiritual or mental fitness, we may never want to get physically fit in the first place. Motivation and taking a hold on our lives are just as important as working on our body. We must work on all three to live a healthy and happy life.

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