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Golf Apparel Gets Hip by Trish Geran Anyone who plays golf can’t help but notice that the moment you hit the course everyone appears to be wearing very similar attire. The only difference would be the common four colors: red, beige, white or blue. No one stands out. Playing it safe is the name of their game. Introducing new golf apparel that will guarantee to put the bling in your swing, Hip Hop Golf Gear. “How you look and how you feel will definitely help your game. Looking like everybody else will not,” said CEO and founder of Hip Hop Golf Gear, Brian Dale Pearson.

Pearson feels that the men and women who are inspired by Tiger Woods would be excited about his line of clothing. “It’s the perfect match.” Nike and Callaway offer a nice line but Hip Hop offers a lifestyle change. “My apparel is unique. The logo is a capital G with a golf tee running through the middle. It’s bold and strong trimmed in metallic gold or silver. The golf shoes are colorful and the crown on the front of the hat is high and low around the ears. Flex material for that perfect fit is used, which reflect the UV rays. It’s a dry cool hat. For the ladies, our hat has a high opening in the back to pull her hair through. It’s called the ponytail hat and it’s one of our top sellers.”

Hip Hop Golf Gear is worn by well known, reputable people such as business mogul/producer - Russell Simmons, female boxing champion - Lila Ali, Rappers - Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, football greats – Marcus Allen and Eric Dickerson, and comedian/Jamie Foxx Show regular - Alex Thomas. “Alex gave me my start. He’s a great golfer and is acquainted with a lot of people. He wore my signature pieces on stage and in tournaments and received a lot of compliments, which resulted in hundreds of referrals.”

Hip Hop Golf Gear newest member is the host of the new talk show at the Venetian Hotel and Casino, The Chris Broughton Show “Where Hollywood meets The Strip”. Airing begins October 30th. I have designed a special line just for Chris. He will be a great example of how golf wear can be casual, dressy, easily worn from the course to the

streets and still fit in various settings. Golf apparel is classy and displays a high level of living. Why would anyone want to deviate from the best?” Brian said and smiles while lifting his foot to show his mustard leather with brown moose hair, trimmed golf shoes.” Brian is not only an avid golfer but has an extensive background in professional sports, and a family with historical roots in sports.

Brian Pearson played professional baseball for the Minnesota Twins. His Grandfather E.S. Pearson played with the Negro Baseball League, He was a catcher and a man with morals and great discipline, even at the age of 90 he worked on his farm. His Dad is from a family of 12, all of Brian’s uncles played baseball. When he was three, his father placed a broom stick in his hand daring him to hit the tennis ball off the ground. “These values and lessons helped me get through some very difficult moments, without them my life would have taken a different direction and not for the best.” While growing up in Long Beach, California, the boys he played with in the streets were just as obsessed with the game as he was. From sun up and down that’s all they wanted to do was play baseball. They felt it was their way out, a ticket that would provide a better way of life. Brian’s family couldn’t afford to buy a bike so he and the other kids built them piece by piece. Those same types of bikes are now called BMX. “They stole our idea,” Brian laughed and said. “But seriously, it was my first wink of possibly creating a marketable concept.”

When the opportunity presented itself, Brian’s parents moved out of Long Beach to Carson. Despite of the discomfort, he continued to compete with the other boys. He rode his man-made dirt bike, helmet free in competitions and became the best among his peers. He even decided to enter in the World Championships.

He attended college at Cal Poly Pomona. “My last year, I went to training camp at the Jackie Robinson Stadium in Compton. The guys I trained with went on to make names for themselves. Great players like Darryl Strawberry (New York Mets), Chris Brown (San Diego Padres), Lorenzo Gray (Chicago White Sox), and Eric Davis (Cincinnati Reds) were my mentors.” Dale wasn’t drafted but because he kept up with the guys in

camp, he knew he had what it took to make the big leagues. He played four years with the Twins. A freak accident on the field blew out his knee, which ended his career.

Brian then became licensed in real estate and soon after started his own Mortgage and Real Estate company. Since most of his clients played golf, he decided it would only be smart to take up the game. Self-taught in all sports he played, it was nothing to pick up a club and start swinging, practicing everyday. After playing a few games, he noticed how drab the clothing options were and he despised looking like everybody else. “It was kind of depressing to see the same few colors and styles game after game, even when I played on courses in other states. I began to design my own cloths and wear them in charity tournaments not thinking of nothing more than putting a little spice in my game. I began to get lots of requests for what I was wearing and the rest is history.” Hip Hop Golf Gear was founded in 2000.

With Hollywood as his backyard, Brian naturally tried his hand in acting. He played baseball roles in the movies Brewster’s Millions and Naked Gun. He feels Tiger Woods opened the door for changes in golf and the first stop should be the golf apparel. “One thing Hip Hop Gear can guarantee is at least you will look good if you’re shooting a bad game.”

Hip Hop Golf Gear clothing line is available via Internet The headquarters are located in Burbank, California and the main number is 818.974.7640.

Golf Apparel Gets Hip  

Story of Hip Hop Golf Gear

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