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Celebrating 10 Years

We asked around for favorite memories to celebrate MACC’s 10-year anniversary this April. We still want to hear from you! Please email us,, and share with us your favorite memory. Our hope is to compile these special memories in the months ahead for celebrating as a family. Jenny Bossa - My favorite memory was my first Easter Service at MACC in 2013. To stand in God’s presence on the land that will be our future home was a reminder of the beauty and faithfulness of God. Julie Lee - In December 2008, I was home recovering from open-heart surgery, and there was a knock on my door. My daughter opened the door, and there was a gift sitting on the step. For 11 more days, gifts kept showing up. Every year when I take out the items I received I get goose bumps thinking about all of the wonderful women who took time out of their busy lives to bring me a warm, fuzzy feeling during a very difficult time! I have to say that was when I really turned my life to the Lord. I always tried to live my life for Him, but that is when I gave my life to Him. Diane Vreeland - As Jesus loves the little children, so do I. Whether I have met the children through Sunday school, Bible study, MOPS, or through their siblings, it is such a blessing to see the world through their eyes and hearts. I meet the children at a young age, usually in the 2 to 5 year range. In Sunday school when they come in the fall, most are unable to even write their names, by the time they leave in the spring, they cannot only write their names, but they can recognize the Bible, no matter how many different ones I teach from. They know they will find God’s word in any Bible, and it is always true. Many times they bring their Bible to church so you can teach the lesson from their Bible, or so they can fol-

low along with the story. In Bible study, there are times when I can’t understand what they are trying to tell me, but I can clearly understand when they say the word Bible when I hold it up before our lesson. With this age group you always want your lesson to

better understand God as a young kid. At the end of the week, we received prizes if we could say certain verses to our leaders. Overall, VBS is a memory of MACC’s children’s ministry that I will not forget because of the joy I received from it. Debby and Ed Wright - Our favorite memory is the wonderfuly-warm welcome we received on our first visit to MACC. Rob White greeted us and walked with us to the sanctuary. His warmth and welcome brought us back week after week till we made MACC our church home.

be interesting and fun to keep their attention, but also accurate. You find yourself feeling good about the job you have done in preparation as you sit in front of the class ready to start your lesson. Things are going well, and then someone wants to tell you something important. The next thing you know, you are sitting there asking yourself how in the world did your wellprepared lesson get so far off track? These little ones love the Lord, and they will tell you so. If you sit and listen to them, you will find that you may learn more from them than you could ever teach them. Their hearts are pure, their eyes are opened wide in wonder of the world, and as an adult, I don’t always remember that. Jonathan Maggart - At the Christmas Eve candlelight service in 2009, I came to church by myself and Pastor Lew introduced me to someone who I had never met, Erin. Fast-forward 19 months, Erin and I got married and Pastor Lew officiated the wedding. Cal Anderson - Vacation Bible School was one of my fondest memories growing up in the MACC’s children’s ministry. Every day of the VBS week, we had fun and exciting worship songs that encouraged kids in their faith as well as me. One of my favorite parts of VBS was watching the Bible story skits performed by different parents. All the kids and I were able to interact in the story in an enjoyable way that not only got my attention and interest, but also allowed my mind to grow deeper in the knowledge of God. For example, I watched parents do a skit where Moses crossed the Red Sea, and I remember how fun it was because I was splashed with water and how amazing it was because I learned how God helped Moses. Furthermore, I played excitingly-fun games with the other kids and truly enjoyed the leaders and parents. The leaders would encourage me and talk to me throughout the week, helping create a great relationship with me. A really impactful part of VBS was when I learned Bible verses every day that helped me

Donna Cardano - I was in the hospital with a serious unknown illness. I was a ‘friend’ of MACC, but a member at another church. No one from my church family called or paid a visit despite my faithful attendance and participation. One night around 10 p.m., Pastor Lew came to visit me in the hospital. I have been at MACC ever since. Lew and Nancy are the real deal! Anonymous - My favorite memory was teaching Club Craft to elementary-aged kids. I loved finding the right craft to reinforce the lesson, and then watching the kids put their heart into making it. It was great to see how God gifted certain kids in different ways and how they learned God’s truths in different ways. It was an honor to be part of their learning. Dave Dent - I remember February 21, 2004 like it was yesterday. This was the day pastor Lew and I were ordained together into the pastorate. It was a life-changing day for the MACC, I believe. Lydia MacBride - Serving as a camp counselor at the Tanalian Bible Camp in Alaska was an adventure I will never forget that without MACC, wouldn’t

have been possible. It was a blessing to travel and be part of a life-changing ministry that the camp is for youth of Alaska. The time I spent with our little campers learning, playing, discovering, and worshipping brought me to a better understanding of God’s love for all of His beautiful children. I pray that the future of MACC’s family is filled with many adventures discovering our great Father in heaven and sharing our findings with our families, our community, and our world.

The Future is Bright Looking Back and Looking Forward Colossians 4:3, “Pray for us, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ.” It seems like just yesterday that the doors of Mid Atlantic Community Church opened. Now ten years have passed since our first service on April 7, 2004. The dream God planted in our hearts was to reach the community of Crofton for Christ. Our vision was and still is “to be an open door for all people to know Christ.” The first door God opened for us was at Crofton Elementary School. Those doors quickly shut, and in September 2004 God opened the doors at Crofton Middle School for our services. We first looked at this move as an inconvenience, but isn’t it just like God to use our inconvenience for His purpose? In the spring of 2005, we added a second service as the church flourished. We began looking for space where student ministry could meet as well as offices for staff. The doors of the Warehouse were opened and have been our home. At the same time a friend called me about a piece of property on Route 424, only a mile in a half from the middle school. Our dream of having our own campus was about to be launched. One year later we were the proud owners (along with the bank) of forty-two acres of prime real estate, one of the most beautiful sites in all of Anne Arundel County. God is good!

MACC has been on an exciting adventure since 2006 to open another set of doors for us to continue pursuing our vision. A 44,000 square foot building is about to be our new home. Let me say, we are not about buildings, but we are about doors, open doors for more people to come to know Jesus! God placed a vision on my heart to have these new doors open seven days a week to our church family and community. Our goal is to reach people with the message of Jesus through inspiring worship services, sports, the arts, family dinners, Celebrate Recovery, student ministry, children’s ministry, and the list goes on. Every time the hinges on the doors move we have an opportunity to reflect the love of Christ and tell someone about Jesus! As we prepare to celebrate our ten year anniversary please join me in praying for our campus to be finished in a timely manner, sufficient resources to operate and an abundance of volunteers with a heart to serve Christ. I just received word that we will have the keys to the building August 1. Praise God! It is a privilege to serve as your pastor. I love this church… it truly is a place where friends become family, and that’s because of you!

- Pastor Lew Schrumm

Ephesians 2:10 etched into concrete

not exist, but the universal church of Jesus Christ will endure for all eternity. When we develop a biblical picture of who Jesus is, we should stand in awe before his throne. Our prayers should be offered in a reverent fear, for he is awesome. Our songs should be sung with a great praise, for He is worthy. This Jesus, the owner, orchestrator, engineer, and manager of the universe is the one who, in humility, stepped down from His throne into human history and gave His life for our redemption and salvation on the cross at Calvary. Colossians 1:20 describes that “through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace by the blood of his cross.”

A Glorious Resurrection Colossians 1:15-23 At Easter, we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, but who is this Jesus that has been raised? We all have different ideas about who Jesus is, but it is essential to get this right, because the Christian faith and Easter are about Christ, not about us or our own life transformation. In order to understand Easter, we need to understand who Jesus is, which is why this Easter, I want to challenge you to open your Bible and fall more in love with the glorious God that conquered death in a glorious resurrection. In Colossians 1:15-23, we can learn five facts about our amazing Jesus: He is God, creator, ruler, pastor, and risen. This text from Colossians begins with a bold proclamation that Jesus is God. Jesus holds all the power and majesty of God in himself. Jesus is not at all inferior or superior to God the Father or God the Spirit; He is partnered with Them in perfect unity. “He [Jesus] is the image of the invisible God…” (Colossians 1:15, ESV). If we are to know anything about God, we should look to Jesus. As God, He is powerful in and of Himself. He does not need us or anyone else to accomplish His purposes. As God, Jesus is also creator. Colossians 1 continues its description of Jesus to describe His creation. “For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him” (Colossians 1:16, ESV). Everything around us, from the breathtaking beauty of a sunrise and the vast wonders of the galaxies, to the intricacies of an ant’s six legs and every grain of sand on the beach, was personally engineered by Jesus. We can create things from raw materials, but Jesus is the inventor of those materials. He didn’t just create burrito, he created spicy, sour, and sweet. He didn’t just create Mona Lisa, he invented blue and green and red. He didn’t just write music, he conceived the very concept of fast and slow. He exhibited a creativity that far surpasses anything that we could even imagine; he is the most creative being that ever lived. Jesus is the creator, but why did he create? Amazingly and boldly, Colossians 1:16 proclaims that “all things were created through him and for him.” Jesus created for himself. His creation displays his magnificence and it has offered Him praise since the

universe’s inception. Creation was not God’s gift to man, but God’s gift to God. This proclamation encompasses all of creation, including you and I. We were created by Jesus and for Jesus. While he does not need us and is completely sufficient and powerful on His own, He created us to praise Him and to love Him. He is beyond worthy of our everything we have to offer. Are you beginning to see a larger picture of Jesus in your mind? Allow yourself to be amazed by Jesus! He did not just create the universe and then set it into motion, He is now actively ruling over the universe as a perfect manager. Colossians 1 continues to describe that Jesus is ruler; “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together” (Colossians 1:17, ESV). Do you ever find yourself frustrated as the “ruler” of your home, life, or business? Do your kids, employees, or friends ever just frustrate you and wear you down? Have you ever come to the end of your day to find yourself completely spent? Responsibility, leadership, and ownership can take a large toll on us. However, Jesus is in charge of much more than us, namely, everything, and never grows weary, because he is much greater than we are. He is actively holding the universe together. If he decided to let go, or if he ever grew tired and just needed a break, the very fabric of our world would rip apart and civilization would fold in on itself as the earth, no longer bound by gravity, would free-fall through the universe. Jesus’ sovereign rule is essential to our very existence! Thankfully, Jesus never grows weary and never takes a break. He is holding the earth. He is directing our lives. He is in charge, and we should fear him and honor him. Jesus is not only in charge of the universe, but takes particular care over his church, because Jesus is pastor. Pastor Lew and the elders are not really in charge of Mid Atlantic Community Church. They manage the church and care for its people under the authority and ability of Pastor Jesus. He is the leader of every local church around the world. He owns them and runs them. Colossians 1:18 says that “he is the head of the body, the church.” We will never have to worry about the church that Jesus promised to build (Matthew 16:18). In ten thousand years, Mid Atlantic Community Church might

We can only have peace if we know Jesus, and know that he died for our redemption. Perhaps in the most amazing display of his power yet, our God shows that he is even more powerful than death itself, and at Easter we celebrate that Jesus is risen! He is very much alive! True enjoyment in the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus can only come after we understand who this Jesus is. True appreciation of our salvation can only come after we set our eyes on its author and achiever. I invite you to enjoy Colossians 1:15-23 this Easter. Read it slowly and repeatedly. Enjoy and ponder every word of it. Gather your family around it, for in doing so, you will be bringing your family to kneel before the throne of the risen, ruling, almighty, and glorious God: Jesus.

He is risen! He is risen, indeed!

- Written by Doug Hanna, youth leader at MACC and director/writer at

Hope for a Better Tomorrow When a president declares Jesus Christ as Lord over a country, a hope for a better tomorrow is inspired in the hearts of many worldwide. That is what happened in Guatemala and the hearts of many in the global ministry of Celebrate Recovery, including our very own associate pastor and his wife Dave and Cathy Dent. Redemption, forgiveness, and hope for a better tomorrow, that’s what MACC’s associate pastor Dave Dent and his wife, Cathy, witnessed as they shared the love of Christ with Guatemala’s police force in February. About 35 police officers opened up to that hope and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior by the end of the Dent’s trip.

The enemy is alive and having success in the lives of these men and women, but having the support of their president and his direct staff is powerful, Dave said. “We are praying for a glimmer of hope to overtake them all,” said Dave. The CR training was in the form of a five-day seminar, which Dave, an international trainer for CR, served as the main teacher. Cathy served as a facilitator for the women’s small groups. There were approximately 40 women in attendance and many of the women really connected with Cathy, said Dave. Each day was spent digging into the CR ministry curriculum, studying principles, and lessons pertaining to each principle. “Everyday we had a minimum of three testimonies shared,” said Dave. “Each was a powerful testament to the work God was doing in changing lives.” On day two, participants worked through lessons on denial and hope. Before the end of the day, a few men and women came forth with the desire to commit or recommit their lives to Christ.

her on stage and asked his forgiveness for past hurts. Another officer was holding on to so much anger towards another officer that he wanted to kill him, said Dave. This officer also shared his feelings from the stage and asked forgiveness from his fellow officer. At the time of these testimonies, top police department officials had stopped by to check out the conference. It was a powerful testament of how God was using this training to impact and transform the hearts of these men and women. The journey does not end there for the Dents who are in the process of planning a return trip that will train up the over 65 police chaplains on the force. Once this training is complete, the chaplains will be equipped to lead the mission of Celebrate Recovery through small groups at each of the 12 district offices throughout the country. Small groups have already started forming throughout the districts. The Dents’ prayer is to take members of MACC’s own CR team to serve and experience the transforming power of God in Guatemala. The ministry of Celebrate Recovery has become a lifestyle for Dave and Cathy.

“This totally surprised us and blessed what we were doing,” said Dave. The dream of a better tomorrow didn’t just start there, but began springing forth from a seed that was planted in the form of a church in Antigua, Guatemala 10 years earlier. The young church got connected with the Guatemalan national police force and began to provide training and encouragement in teaching life principles to help combat issues that arise due to this high stress and sometimes corrupt job. The Celebrate Recovery ministry was introduced to the church’s training staff, and God’s vision was planted for His healing and redemptive power to be revealed through this program to the people of Guatemala. That is where Dave and Cathy come into this story. As members of the CR International Team, they were contacted to implement and rollout training for the police force in Guatemala. In December of 2013, they met with the national police director general to plan the February trip, which provided CR training for a select group of 300 members of the police force. “We saw a great revival taking place in many of the hearts of those who attended,” said Dave. “We were praying for open hearts.”

Day three was spent working through lessons on spiritual inventory. “This was a big turning point for many as their deep hurts began to be exposed,” said Dave. Many began to share about their past hurts in small groups. As groups ended their time together, each stood embraced arm in arm, and prayed together. The day ended with encouragement from a general and colonel in the Guatemalan army. They shared their excitement in witnessing the great work the Lord was doing. Day four was marked by powerful testimonies. One of Dave and Cathy’s interpreters, a young girl, was asked to share about her past. At 16-years-old, she was kidnapped by the Guatemalan police. When she began serving at the church supporting this conference, she was reluctant and nervous at first to work as a translator. From day one, she began hearing about God’s healing power through forgiveness and started down her very own path of healing. As she finished sharing, a police captain joined her on stage, fell to his knees, and asked her forgiveness of the police who had wronged her. On that same day, an officer asked her partner to join

“God has given us a clear path to freedom in the words Jesus taught,” said Dave. “In 2 Corinthians 1:3-7, God reminds us that He is God of all comfort who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort others with the same comfort we have received from Him.” Dave and Cathy ask that we join them in prayer that God’s plan of redemption for Guatemala will transform this nation, and that other nations will see this transformation and desire to want to know our awesome God as their Lord. -Written by Lydia MacBride, Newsletter Editor, Student Ministry/Office Assistant

Get to Know our Family

Each issue of the newsletter we want you to get to know a member of our church staff and an elder of our church body. We hope you enjoy getting to know each of these important people in our church family. Please keep them in your prayers as they serve and care for the MACC family.

Craig Anonsen, Elder at MACC since 2008

Joe Heinrichs, Associate Pastor at MACC since May 2007 Tell us something random about yourself that people might not know about you? I played minor league football for 3 years. The team I played for was the Calvert County Crusaders Name three of your favorite things. To quote the great Vince Lombardi, “There are three things important to every man in this locker room, his God, his family, and the Green Bay Packers, in that order.” Give us an idea of what a typical work week looks like for you. For me, there is no such thing as a typical work week. My week consists of working with high school and middle school students on Friday and Sunday nights. I mentor at Crofton Middle School and coach at Southern High School. I am also working on the new building project. I am honored to be able to teach at some Sunday services and prepare for those messages. I also help oversee the churches budget and make sure that we are being good stewards of God’s money. I spend time working on new themes for student min-

Beloved Worship - Forever Amen EP Forever Amen is a great 5-song, live, worship album. If you like new renditions of classic hymns, you will really enjoy this album. It brings new life to the songs, while still staying true to what made those songs so great. Beloved Worship’s original songs are full of passion and paint a beautiful landscape of scripture. Their song writing brings a fresh, simple, and focused perspective to community worship. Favorite Tracks: Take The Kingdom, Nothing But The Blood, Come Thou Fount John Mark Mcmillan - Borderland If you think you haven’t heard of Mcmillan before, actually you probably have. He is responsible for writing the song How He

istry study series. On occasion, I have the honor of visiting people in the hospital and preforming weddings and funerals. God has blessed me with a job that I love that changes from week to week. I am honored to do it. Tell us about your family. My wife and I met in middle school, but didn’t start dating until we were out of college. We have been married for 15 amazing years. Our marriage has brought us the blessing of three incredible children. Olivia is our oldest. She is our princess who loves to play lacrosse and listen to music. Justice is next and our artist, who plans on flying jets. Ace is our youngest, and he is our tough, little angel. I am extremely blessed and love spending my time with my family. Here are a few albums that have just been released that I have really been enjoying lately. - Writtien by Brendan MacBride Technical Director and Newsletter Graphics Loves, that is sung in churches all over the world, including here at MACC. This is his fourth studio effort and it comes with a much welcomed departure from his normal style and instrumentation. With vibrant lyrical content, the album explores the concept of a world between worlds. Borderland draws upon influences like Bon Iver, Springsteen, Phil Collins, and Arcade Fire. If you are looking for something new and different, Borderland is for you.

What do you enjoy the most about serving as an elder? Some years ago the Lord laid a question on my heart, ‘who pastors the Pastors?’ It wasn’t until I became an Elder that I realized this is what God was preparing me for. Tell us something random about yourself that people might not know about you? I restored a 1966 Mustang and won some trophies with it. Share about what you do as a career? I am a roofing advisor with Tremco Roofing. I manage the roofing and building envelope maintenance program at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. I also help building owners solve their roofing and building envelope problems by offering products, services, and job oversight. Tell us about your family. I am married to Ann, 28 years this year. My son, Will, his wife, Tiffany, and their daughter (my granddaughter) Kennedy, 5, live in Phoenix, AZ. I have two daughters; Carly, 24, a second grade teacher, who has discovered sky diving, and Leah, 21, a junior at Towson University majoring in communications who loves snow boarding. My family loves the beach, and has been going to Topsail Island, North Carolina with the same family friends for over 20 years. Ann and I like to bicycle and have ridden a couple of century rides. We’ve lived in Crofton for over 22 years. We’ve been attending the MACC since the beginning. Name three of your favorite things. Bicycling, woodworking, and spending time with people (no particular order)

Favorite Tracks: Future / Past, Borderland, Tongues Of Fire Elevation Worship Only King Forever Only King Forever is packed with 14 energetic live worship songs. Elevation Worship is the worship band from Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Their music is in the same vein as bands such as Hillsong United and Jesus Culture. This album boasts tons of great lyrics that get stuck in your head like “sin was strong but Jesus is stron-

ger,” from the song Raised To Life. This is a powerful album full of great guitar melodies and easily singable biblical truths. You will probably be hearing some of the songs off this album on a Sunday morning at MACC very soon. Favorite Tracks: Only King Forever, Glory is Yours, Raised To Life

Jesus understood his mission. He was not driven by the needs of others, though he often stopped to help hurting people. He was not driven by the approval of others, though he cared deeply for the lost and the broken. Ultimately, Jesus was driven by the Spirit. He was driven by his God-given mission. He knew his priorities and did not let the many temptations of a busy life deter Him from His task. For Jesus, that meant itinerant preaching, with devoted times of prayer, on his way to the cross (56.)

Since moving back home to Maryland, I have heard one tag line, one quip, one response that seems to be a mantra for those here in our church family and our community. I believe this phrase is destroying families; it is making the church weak and the kingdom light dim. It is a phrase that, if we could eradicate it from our Reticular Activating Sensor (RAS) and dislodge it from our voice box, we would experience more joy, the church would accomplish greater things than we could ever imagine, desire, or dream. The Kingdom of God would be advanced forcefully rather than timidly. What is the phrase? “Our family is too busy.” After immersing myself and my family back into the busy world of our metropolitan area, I pulled out Kevin De Young’s book, Crazy Busy, to remind me not to make “I’m too busy” my mantra. Kevin is an elder and pastor at his church in Lansing, Michigan, who has written numerous other great books. This one is, “A (mercifully) short book about a really (big) problem.” The first chapter sets up the book with great humility as DeYoung uses himself as an example for the reader to easily relate to. It is that trait which an elder is to establish and display before others (1 Tim. 3), and it is certainly emancipated in this book to allow us to tackle the problem of being busy. That problem he says will steel joy and mask our decaying soul. That alone reveals that this is not just a book on time management. It will help with that and our social media addictions, but what it does so well is gets us to answer and deal with this question, “Why am I so busy?” DeYoung gets us to ask how much of our busyness has to do with our own pride, people pleasing, perfect parenting, proving ones self, possessions, and poor planning, and I might add, sports worship. DeYoung helps us to wrestle with that question and do something about it. Where the book goes beyond the typical self-help book on time management, is that he drives home that this is an issue about Him, about bringing glory to God in all we do. DeYoung reintroduces us back to the idea of rest. Do you remember that term? Do you remember who “He” is? He uses Jesus’ example of how He was able to still keep the main thing the main thing when crowds were pushing in, there was no place or time to sleep, when everyone wanted time with Jesus. How? DeYoung answers:


Calling all heroes, big and small! It’s time to get ready for another exciting week of KiCK, Kids in Christ Kamp! KiCK will be July 14 -18. Kids will experience heroes from the Bible, while learning how they can be a real-life hero today! This summer preschoolers will head to camp in the mornings from 9:30 to 11:30. Elementary-age, K-5th graders (grade just completed,) will head to camp in the evenings from 6 to 8:30. Every age, same week! Online registration opens May 1. You don’t want to miss our early bird special rates! For more information or to find out how to get involved with KiCK, contact

There it is, more of Him, and less of everything else. As a parent and husband, without keeping the main thing the main thing, there is very real potential that I could offer my kids to the god of sports and sacrifice my marriage on the alter of busyness. Without having a shepherd like DeYoung to take us through this subject matter with humor and honesty, this epidemic of business could very well steal our joy forever. Make the time to pick up a copy of Crazy Busy. It truly is “A (mercifully) short book about a (really) big problem.” You’ll find it a short read, well worth adding to your reading list and discipling sojourn. -Written by Bill Craig, Missions, Sports, and Outreach Pastor at MACC

Ready for the Hunt? This year MACC will be participating in and volunteering at the Crofton community egg hunt on Saturday, April 12. The community egg hunt will be held at the Crofton Park on Route 424 and the hunt will begin at noon.

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If you are interested in helping with stuffing eggs or face painting, contact Rain date for the hunt is Saturday, April 19. See you at the hunt!

What’s Coming Up

at xREVOx Student Ministry

Small Groups

Our small groups are always open for students to join. Small groups are a great way to get connected with others and stay connected with Christ. Dive into God’s Word with others your own age and experience how a community of believers can help your walk with Christ grow. Contact Lydia MacBride,, or Joe Heinrichs,, to get connected.

Stay Connected with xREVOx

xREVOx Student Ministry offers a variety of ways to stay connected for parents and students. Parents can receive weekly emails about the ministry, youth group topics, upcoming events, helpful parenting articles, and more. Contact to sign up for the email list. Parents can also join our xREVOx group on Facebook, xREVOx Parents. Students and parents, like xREVOx on Facebook and follow xrevoxstudents on Instagram. Feel free to contact or with any questions.

Impact High School Trip

A group of high school students will be attending Impact, a conference created to reach and inspire teenagers for Christ. This year’s conference will include worship band Rend Collective Experiment from Ireland. You may have heard their song, Build Your Kingdom Here, on the radio this past year. Also, speaker, Jeff Bethke, will be sharing at the conference. Through his spoken word, creative videos, and blog, Jeff Bethke reaches audiences around the world with his passion for God’s grace and love. Impact will take place once again at the Ocean City Convention Center, March 28-30. Space is now very limited. Contact to find out our availability.

High School Seniors Beach Week

High school seniors are invited to celebrate their graduation with us in Ocean City, June 1 - 7. Each year we rent a house on the boardwalk overlooking the beach on 6th Street. Cost of the stay for a week is only $125, which includes breakfasts and dinners. To sign up, contact Don’t miss out on this great deal and a week you will never forget!

at the South East White House in Washington, DC. This non-profit ministry opens up their doors to feed and welcome those in the city to hear and see the love of Jesus Christ. Thank you to those of you who have served with us to team up with the South East White House. God is doing remarkable things through you and MACC to display His love.

MISSIONS 101 We had 80 incredible people show up for our February missions lunch. Each month we have a missions lunch where we hear about what God is doing through missions here at MACC, in our own country, and around the world. Last month the Lals’ visited from India and shared about the incredible opportunities God is presenting them in Delhi, India. Our missions team will be going to India in November to serve with the Lals to work in schools with children, training pastors, and working with women who are learning to become beauticians and hair stylists. We will also be looking at some long-term opportunities on how we might serve the children in the slums of India. We only have one

To find out more information about trips and outreach opportunities, please check out our missions page at, email us at missions@themacc. org or contact Pastor Bill at (410) 451-5110. Please keep our teams and serving opportunities in your prayers.

WORLD RELIGION CLASS We live at the dawn of the most exciting missionary era ever. With 1.5 billion Christians around the globe, you and I have the opportunity to reach the other 4.5 billion people in a way never before possible. Our first world religion class of our ongoing series will be offered in the spring. Dates are to be determined. In our first class, we will look at religious pluralism and Hinduism. Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world. The nine smallest religions combined have fewer adherents than Hinduism. Pluralism sees Christianity as intruding on people’s private affairs. The most vital thing you will take away in our World Religion series is a Christocentric world view that will give you confidence in living out your Christian faith where you are. If you are interested in signing up for the class, email the missions team,, with WRC somewhere in the message line, or call the church office, (410)451-5110. We need to find out how many would be interested, so we know what size class to expect. -Written by Bill Craig, Missions, Sports, and Outreach Pastor at MACC

or two more spaces available for people to go. Your paper work and deposit must be turned in by March 14 if you want to be considered for the trip. We will also have mandatory cross-cultural and language classes every team member must take if they are attending the trip. We’ll be sharing those dates with you very soon, so be on the lookout! We also have a family missions trip this summer, July 8-13. This is open to all ages. We will be going to West Virginia to work with a small but growing church to provide a VBS and block party for their community. We will also be building a picnic shelter for the church to use for ministry outreaches in their community. We will be camping in tents and RV’s together while we are serving there. It’s only two hours away, so its close enough to home and far enough from home to encourage families of all ages to participate. We will be working around the church and community during the day and VBS in the early evening. Everyone will take time together to break bread, worship, share stories, and life together in our evening meetings. On February 24, we had a team of ten serve dinner

If you haven’t signed up to play in our 10th Annual Golf Classic or you haven’t become a sponsor, don’t delay. March is the month you need to sign up! Our Annual Golf Tournament has a long tradition of generating community support and resources to support our sport camps. As a top tier sponsor, your company will be visible to thousands using our fields and church community center for the arts and sports throughout the year. We are looking forward to our most successful year ever, and hope that we can count on you to achieve our goal. Please review the brochure for sponsorship and participation opportunities, which is available on the website. Sign up or become a sponsor by picking up a Sponsor Card, signing up on our website, or contacting Pastor Bill,

SPORTS MINISTRY Our sports ministry has had a great month. We’ve had a great response from people wanting to invest in our sports evangelism program here at the MACC. This month we have confirmed our sports camps locations, our TFL Launch, and begun gathering volunteers and coaches. We already have many teens who are participating in shepherd coaching to ready them to be summer camp coaches. We’ve seen a tremendous turnout of nearly forty people who are wanting to engage with MACC Sports Ministry. We can still use more specific volunteers, such as people who can help with managing our facilities, scheduling our fields, managing Upward Sports, and organizing leagues. If you missed our first Sports 101.1 meeting, please contact Pastor Bill,, to find out what you need to do before our Sports 101.2 meeting. Our camps will be taking place throughout the summer: toddler gym, soccer, and field hockey will be in June; lacrosse, golf, and tennis will be in July; and volley ball and basketball in August. Before we even get to our camps we will have our 10th Annual MACC Golf Classic. All of the money from this tournament provides children with a way to participate that couldn’t otherwise afford to attend a champion-level camp. The proceeds help to fund our entire sports program. A successful tournament changes lives. It provides the balls, goals, and uniforms for our sports evangelism and ministry. You can change a life and help MACC Sports succeed by participating and sponsoring our golf tournament. Pick up a Golf Sponsor Card or go to our website and sign up today. We are looking forward to an incredible year for MACC Sports. -Written by Bill Craig, Missions, Sports, and Outreach Pastor at MACC

Get a Godly Grip on Your Finances!

Financial Peace University (FPU) has helped over two million households go from financial bondage to freedom. The average household saves $2,700 and pays off $5,300 in debt in the first 3 months. Doing a monthly budget as taught in the class, keeps that trend alive with 18% higher savings and 19% faster debt retirement over those who do not budget. Once the budget is humming and you attack your debt, it takes an average of 21 months to pay off everything except the mortgage. Imagine reducing your debt balances every month; freeing up income to accelerate the process; then only having a mortgage; then having no mortgage at all! This is one part of the path to financial freedom God intends for His children so they can, “Look well to the ways of their household,” and catch the vision of, “What could the people of God do for the Kingdom of God if they were debt free?” Towards that vision, MACC is offering two FPU classes starting in March.

Are you  a  survivor  of  physical,   emo3onal  or  sexual  abuse?  

The course takes 9 weeks and both will finish before Memorial Day. The first week’s lesson is a no-obligation introduction. If you decide to continue, materials cost $93. A limited number of scholarships are also available. Contact the church office for more information about scholarships.

When and Where:

Sunday, March 23, 11-12:15 (during the second service) at Crofton Middle School (Child care is provided.) Wednesday, March 26, 7:00-8:30 p.m. at the Warehouse (no child care)

Register Online:


Saturdays at 7 p.m. Childcare provided.

MACC Warehouse,

Celebrate Recovery  is  not  for  “those   other  people.”  It’s  for  you  and  me  

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