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From the Editor To rephrase a well-known saying: a smile a day keeps depression away! When you think of it, it’s amazing what smiling does for wellbeing! I was chatting to a gentleman in St Andrews, who hails originally from Goa, in India. Just in passing he said that he’s addicted to the pleasure of getting people to smile. And how does he go about it? He is charitable, lending a helping hand to all and sundry, and without pretensions or selfconsciousness, just by being a naturally helpful soul, rewarded by the smile he gets. Luckily you don’t often see a really sour face on the streets of St Andrews. But there are people around who are unhappy for a variety of reasons. Let’s do what my friend does, do something to make them smile. Who knows, this might be one way to help our hard-pressed doctors as well: both doers and recipients will feel better. Worth a try, wouldn’t you agree? In the words of Alexander McCall Smith, “Until you hear the whole story, until you dig deeper, and listen... you know only a tiny part of the goodness of the human heart.” Let’s hope the weatherman will lend a hand, too for a change, and give us a wonderful summer. Flora Selwyn


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