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From the Editor I love clouds. Many’s the hour I’ve spent sprawled on my back in a field watching patterns against the blue folding and unfolding, drifting, or scurrying cloud formations, occasionally tinged with rainbows high in the ether. It’s a wonderful way to clear the brain, to let the imagination soar. I’ve discovered there’s even a Cloud Appreciation Society – from a book gifted to me, published in 2007, filled with photos of clouds from many contributors. The cover has ‘a pig with six legs’, and inside there’s quite a convincing fish, golden eagle, etc. Then there’s one entitled, ‘a proud mother greets her daughter after the first day at school’. Now I can’t really see that one, it surely requires a bit of an imaginative effort. It set me thinking about the nature of truth. In these relativistic days, truth appears to be whatever you choose to believe: clouds, shadows of reality. “What is truth? said jesting Pilate; and would not stay for an answer.” Time we all stayed – to listen, to learn. Flora Selwyn


The views expressed elsewhere in this magazine are not necessarily those of the Editor. MAY / JUNE 2009 EDITOR Flora Selwyn Tel: 01334 472375 Email: Designer University of St Andrews Reprographics Unit Printer Trendell Simpson Distributer Elspeth’s of Guardbridge Publisher (address for correspondence) Local Publishing (Fife) Ltd., PO Box 29210, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9YZ. Tel: 01334 472375 Email: SUBSCRIPTIONS St Andrews in Focus is published 6 times a year. Subscriptions for 6 issues are: £12.50 in the UK (post & packing included). Please send cheques to: Local Publishing (Fife) Ltd., PO Box 29210, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9YZ.

Contents FEATURES • “A very privileged life...” • Madras College FP Girls Club • Uniting St Andrews • Hamish – again! • Having it all • A Scottish Lament • Ducks Crossing • Reviews – Pilgrimage – A Hesitant Opening of Parasols • Photo Teaser • Hospital Bloomers • Toonspot

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Shops & Services • Inspired Regeneration • Golf Hotel Winner • The Property Market • Andrew Wright advises • Happy Eating! • Kerachers Fishmongers • Belt-tightening? • Roving Reporter

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ORGANISATIONS • APRS • Early Music • The Sailing Club • University’s G & S Society

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TOWN/gown • Holy Footprint !! • Bosnia & Herzegovina • A best-kept secret • Zoologist extraordinaire • Not the first encounter with Russia

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EVENTS • Ladies Lake • Malcolm Cheape • “Music says it all!” • The Beltaine Fayre • St Andrews Play Club • Selected Events

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Out and About • Madeira – why not?


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Cover – Original photo by Richard Cormack: the water garden, St Andrews Botanic Garden


MAY / JUNE 2009 22 22 pUblIShER (address for correspondence) local publishing (Fife) ltd., po box 29210, St Andrews, Fife, Ky16 9yZ. Tel: 01...

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