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From the Editor Rumours of many shops all closing at once have been much exaggerated! One or two shops have indeed closed, two are moving location within the town, and one has changed hands, but the others are still firmly in place, and intend to remain so, praise be! As Oscar Wilde put it, “The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” I honestly think St Andreans are the most goodnatured people on this earth. Months of road works have been, and will continue to be for some time yet, a severe strain on everybody. Yet there is good humour aplenty; folk still greet each other kindly, still chat amiably in the streets, still smile, drivers remain patient and courteous – I have personally not seen any manifestation of road rage (which could almost be forgiven in the present circumstances!) If means ever justify ends, then I hope the final results of all these present trials and tribulations will prove worthwhile. It would be so nice if even one aim of the Built Environment Forum Scotland (BEFS) will be met – i.e. “A built environment which is understood and valued by the people who use it.” Summer is coming. Let it be a good one! And, not least, warmest congratulations and good wishes to all our new graduates. Flora Selwyn


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Contents FEATURES • Five years on • Mary, 100 years young! • St Andrews Cathedral • Inspired change of use • Crossword • Dorothy Robertson • Reviews: Plants at the Margin Clàsach na Bànrighe – CD • Community Council – Youth • Ask the Curator • The Surreal Deal

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Events • Midsummer at Cambo • Beltaine Fayre • Rose McLeod directs the Play Club • Selected list

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Shops & Services • Bi-Aura therapy • Roving Reporter • Budget 2008 • Young entrepreneurs

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ORGANISATIONS • Beach volleyball • Rail questionnaire results • Lammas memories • Cricket in St Andrews • A plastic bag-free St Andrews

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TOWN/gown • Professor Douglas Lloyd • Student with attitude! • Geoscience with French • Psychology with French • The WoMen Project • Robert Tims retires

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Out and About • Cool Seas Scotland • Hidden Gardens • Tour de Forth • Letter from the Antipodes IV • Toonspot

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NEXT ISSUE – July/August 2008 Copy deadline: strictly 28 MAY All contributions welcome. The Editor reserves the right to publish copy according to available space.


EvEnTS • Midsummer at Cambo 10 • Beltaine Fayre 10 • Rose McLeod directs the Play Club 11 • Selected list 12 FEATURES • Five years on 3 • Ma...

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