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From the Editor I sat staring at the blank screen with an equally blank mind. Then Zoë Smith’s words (page 5) came back to me about the “real people of St Andrews”. Real people? How do you define them? If you go back to the origins of the town it would have been inhabited by the direct descendants of the Picts, who gradually became Christians. Then, there were the fisherfolk, proto-St Andreans living around the harbour area, not mingling too much with those in the growing hamlet on the hill behind them. Over time, there were influxes of people from the west, Irish among them. From the other direction came the Vikings, followed later by thousands of Christian pilgrims from the Continent. Also the English, of course. At present the town comprises a sizeable percentage of incomers, Zoë and myself included, who are happily settled here and consider ourselves as citizens. Walk down the street on any day of the week and you will hear snatches of every language under the sun. Real St Andreans? I guess we’re all mongrels, more or less. Let’s celebrate our strengths, and pull together! Flora Selwyn


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Easter greetings from the Churches A happy memory The Community Council Remembering Old Tom Morris Book Review, The Broken Lyre The Citizenship ceremony Traffic calming, an overview World Class looks ahead Ask the Curator Crossword

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The sun and its influence The Art of James Watterston Herald Student theatre The International Politics Association A Chinese initiative Kate Kennedy Club – ongoing projects


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The St Andrews Chorus Celebrating the 40 Club EastEnders

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COVER – Bombus distinguendus, the Great Yellow Bumblebee, now the UK’s rarest bumblebee (Photo by Dave Goulson, Director of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust)


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