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From the Editor Oh dear, after three proof readings you all discoverd that my family and I gambled on Schiehallion! Well, we did indeed gamble on the weather – and lost (we got a thorough drenching) – but while the sun actually shone brilliantly for a while, we gambolled merrily. Alas, it wasn’t done deliberately to keep you on your toes. To err is human, after all, and I’m gambling on you all being sufficiently divine to forgive. My thanks! Language never fails to fascinate me. How do we do it, and from such a young age? Theories abound, yet the secret remains. As we all know, learning a new language after our first is fraught with difficulties. Mistakes learners make struggling with English may give us a great deal of mirth (see p10), but heaven knows what we ourselves perpetrate in other tongues! One of my adult students, learning French, once announced to a startled dinner party in France that she was about to give birth, compounding the error in her panic by adding, “with my husband”. She meant to say she was going to bed (after a long night, presumably). May you all conquer new heights in 2008! Flora Selwyn

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BOOK REVIEWS • Bound with Love • Fife • The Mating Call of the Racket-tailed Drongo

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Out and About • Guddling Among the Graves • Fife’s Far Frontiers • St Andrews Day at the Botanic Garden • Earthship Fife – sketchmap

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NEXT ISSUE – Mar/Apr 2008 Copy deadline: strictly 28 JANUARY All contributions welcome. The Editor reserves the right to publish copy according to available space. COVER – ‘Cathedral sunrise’ by Robin Waterston


BOOK REVIEWS • BoundwithLove 11 • Fife 11 • The Mating Call of the Racket-tailed Drongo 11 TOWN/GOWN • DiscoverySpaceSchool 16 • LookingAhea...


BOOK REVIEWS • BoundwithLove 11 • Fife 11 • The Mating Call of the Racket-tailed Drongo 11 TOWN/GOWN • DiscoverySpaceSchool 16 • LookingAhea...