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FEATURES Libby Garrison Sloan, the daughter of Maynard Garrison, is a graduate of the University of St Andrews, and now an expert on James Wilson as well – she and her husband are frequent visitors, as the family have a home in the town.

Maynard Garrison on James Wilson of St Andrews: Two Men who Have Had an Impact on US History It all began in and Confederation Congresses. He was one the summer of six men to sign both the Declaration of of 1995, when Independence and the Constitution, and one my father, Maynard Garrison, found a small of the original justices appointed by George pamphlet at the St Andrews Town Hall Sunday Washington to the Supreme Court. Antiques Fair titled James Wilson of St The culmination of this entire project for Andrews: An American Statesman, 1928, by my father, was a special lecture on 26 April, Andrew Bennett. It was the start of a long and 2009 at Montpelier, James Madison’s historic fruitful journey back to academia and American mansion in Virginia. The talk was titled, “James history. Madison and James Wilson: A Little Known The journey for my father included years of Collaboration” and featured Ralph Ketcham, the research, lots of writing, even more re-writing, author of the definitive biography of Madison and many conversations with the leaders of US (America’s fourth president), and my father. history and the keepers of the US Constitution. They discussed Wilson and Madison and their The research resulted in the important work together at Collected Works of James the Constitutional Convention Wilson, an impressive to more than 120 historians, two-volume set comprising scholars, family, and friends. the most comprehensive The lecture lasted about an collection of materials hour and the audience was assembled by and about this enthralled—Ketcham agreed important St Andrean. that the importance of Wilson James Wilson was born on the creation of the US on a farm near St Andrews Constitution was profound in September 1742. He and not to be overlooked. earned a scholarship to the My father professed that University of St Andrews, Wilson never got the credit where he initially studied he deserved for his important Divinity, but soon switched contribution to the founding to Classics, Rhetoric, and of America and it’s about Political Philosophy. After time we learned what really Maynard Garrison and his studies, Wilson spent happened back in the 1700s. Alastair Buchan-Hepburn two years in Edinburgh and The programme was Glasgow pursuing the study followed by a presentation by of the Scottish Enlightenment’s critical thinkers, Sir Alastair Buchan-Hepburn to the Montpelier including Francis Hutcheson, David Hume, Foundation. The gift was an original painting Adam Smith, Thomas Reid, and Sir James by Lady Diana Douglas-Hamilton featuring Stewart, among others. Madison and Wilson together discussing the In 1765, Wilson traveled to Philadelphia, US Constitution. The painting remains on where he began his legal studies. While view at Montpelier. For me, it was a chance building a successful legal practice, he to see my father as a scholar among some of entered politics serving in the Continental America’s most renowned. After hearing about

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Maynard Garrison and Ralph Ketcham

Maynard Garrison, Mary Garrison, Lady Diana Douglas-Hamilton and Alastair Buchan-Hepburn James Wilson for almost fifteen years, I finally understood the magnitude of his words. I sat in the audience as an extremely proud daughter knowing that for my father, this was one of the most significant experiences of his life and an important day for US history. (Photos courtesy Libby Garrison Sloan)


FEATURES 8 Libby Garrison Sloan, the daughter of Maynard Garrison, is a graduate of the University of St Andrews, and now an expert on James...