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PORTFOLIO A Personal Artistic Memoir

Bennett 5/2/14


Number of Pages: 1 Number of Tries: 3 Biggest Challenge: Design & learning to use programs to implement design.

Here I am learning to start using programs such as InDesign CC and Illustrator. This is the first design and, in keeping with critiques, needed to be changed. I realized I had a lot to learn. Little did I know what utter frustration I would suffer at the hands of my computer as if there were a daily battle between me and this entity. Minutes would turn into hours until I would sit facing my nemesis with nothing short of an intent look of sheer disgust. Not because of the work, but because my nemesis and I were not working well together. “So this is how it’s going to be,� I thought. My nemesis stayed silent . . . waiting.

No. 1 2

No. 2

With Designs No. 2 and No. 3, I still didn’t have a handle on InDesign although I was using every self-help feature available. I thought I was decent as far as creativeness goes - as a student you quickly learn your teacher has different views than you. I find those are what make good memories of classes. For Design No. 2, I found out it was a “No No” to have an emblem on the design. So, I redesigned it by removing the emblem. I now present the new version No. 3. As usual, the battle continued between me and my nemesis. But one thing I realized is ... I was growing.

No. 3


Ad Number of Pages: 1 Number of Tries: 4 Biggest Challenge: Implementing my topic choice “Stereostyping” into an acceptable design message. There were many designs, but these two were the beginning and end products. I like to look back to see how I’ve progressed.

No. 1

My idea was people think black cats are bad luck. I wanted to show that they are no different than any other cat with respect that matter. It reminds me of people of all races, we all bleed - so do cats. Holding onto a suspicion can be like holding onto a prejudice ... it can be burdensome. So who says a class project is merely to put out a project? It can also be deep and thought-provoking bringing a message to the viewer like pieces of art bring a message.

No. 2 4

Typesetting Number of Pages: 4 Number of Tries: 5 Biggest Challenge: Aside from layout, complementing fonts, colors, and adherence to grid design as well as focusing on bringing out the best in the pictures I took, I took a very personal interest in this one.

Landscape World Of

Shades of salmon, green and white create an organic cottage.


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Color Profile PORTFOLIO

Number of Pages: 2 Number of Tries: 4 Biggest Challenge: When I went to take the picture of the courthouse, I didn’t know it was under construction, so I had to work with what I had. Looking back, I should have focused in on the building, tried a different angle so as to block out more of the large building on the left.




istock photo

Number of Pages: 2 Number of Tries: 6 Biggest Challenge: Trying to be different with others having the same format as well as trying to follow the traditional press release format. My first attempt was frought with problems with InDesign quirks so much so I thought I had a virus - malware was found. This was attempt No. 2. using Illustrator as well as InDesign.


Ready, Set, Go!

As graduates head out to the employment markets, take a closer look at how graduates of journalism and mass communications programs have ended their studies; with regard their job offers or prospects, and why this is important for today’s graduate. Athens, GA, Aug 9, 2012 -- ( With the emergence of new graduates, Bachelor’s degree recipients in the spring of 2011 were more likely than were graduates a year earlier to leave their studies with at least one job offer. The number of job offers at graduation for 2011 Master’s degree recipients slightly degreased from a year earlier. The job scene for graduates of the nation’s communications programs showed signs of improvement in 2011 and 2012, continuing the trand froma year earlier. But the gains were modest, and 2011 graduates faced job prospects still much more limited than did graduates four years earlier. The 2011 graduates were more likely to report having a job upon graduation, more likely to report having a full-time job, and likely to be working in communication than were graduates a year earlier.

Bachelor’s degree recipients in the spring of 2011 were more likely than were graduates a year earlier to leave their studies with at least one job offer available to them. The number of job offers at graduation for 2011 master’s degree recipients slightly decreased from a year earlier. The job market for

graduates of the nation’s journalism and mass communication programs showed signs of improvement in 2011 and 2012, but the gains were modest. Many historically have ended their studies with at least one job offer or job prospect in hand. CHART 2. AREA OF EMPLOYMENT OR JOB PROSPECT

Chart 1. Top States for Job Prospects


Florida 3.2


Advertising and/ or Public Relations

New York 10.9 news-editorial journalism

California 18.5

location data BY AREA OF STUDY










Source: 2011 Annual Survey of Journalism & Mass Communications Graduates


In many ways I’ve seen where I’ve grown in this program. Though there is much to learn, I know I am ready, and my initial look of sheer disgust on the cover can now be looked at as a look of sheer determination too - not saying I won’t have those frustrating times, but I now know with determination and guidance I can do what I set out to do. Thanks to all for your support!


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E portfolio bennett