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Intelligent and Dependable Winch Solutions


Trusted Solutions MacArtney winch systems are some of the most advanced solutions available

Standardised systems and custom design

and have been trusted by customers worldwide for decades. Our constant focus

Basing winches on MacArtney standard design reduces delivery time and costs

on improving existing designs and developing new solutions ensures that we

and standardises spare parts. However, certain applications call for tailor made

always offer high quality, dependable winch systems for all needs.

systems. MacArtney has supplied individually designed systems to customers across the globe for applications too specific for standard options, including large

We design and supply complete solutions for handling ROVs, towed systems,

traction systems, unique certification requirements, active heave compensated

corers, ploughs, diving systems and a wide range of other applications for

systems and high speed systems with heavy safe working loads.

offshore and underwater use. Our total packages include integrated dynamic cable systems, slip rings, winches, sheaves, launch and recovery systems and

The MacArtney commitment

active heave compensation systems.

Our systems are manufactured in Denmark, facilitating coordinated engineering, design, production, system integration and certification. Our proven systems and

All MacArtney systems are designed, engineered, tested and certified to

components are backed by an international network of our own subsidiaries for

required customer standards.

local access to global support. As a global supplier, the MacArtney Underwater Technology group designs, manufactures, sells and services: • Underwater electrical infrastructure systems • Winch and handling systems • Underwater telemetry systems • Remote technology systems • Underwater instrumentation systems

ISO 9001:2008 QA System

• And we provide quality and project management, HSE and innovation

Launch & Recovery

Remote Technology

Project Management & Engineering





MERMAC ROV Winches MacArtney MERMAC R winches are advanced vehicle handling systems that safely control ROV launch, operation and recovery.

Getting the optimal winch system for a vessel requires exact calculations and

Precise computer control

engineering. Our MERMAC R winches are designed to be dependable, offer

A PLC system controls the winch and can interface with other control

high performance and be easy to use. Employed extensively for work class and

systems and functions. An optional Ethernet connection to a vessel or rig

inspection ROVs, they are available in various standard sizes and can also be

offers remote monitoring, diagnostics, support and even remote control.

custom made. They can be stand alone or combined with launch and recovery systems (LARS) or in moon pool systems (MPHS).

• Certified to DNV’s Standard for Certification no. 2.22 - Lifting Appliances • Can be certified according to ILO 152, DNV 2.7-1 or 2.7-3

The MERMAC R range is available with MacArtney active heave compensation (Mac AHC). AHC systems reduce weather-related down time and make launch and recovery of tethered equipment easier and safer. Our active heave compensation winches are electrically driven for immediate response, accurate control

• High acceleration and speed • Precise active heave compensation (Mac AHC) • Long service and maintenance intervals • Low installation cost • Painted to offshore standards (typical layer 280 µm or NORSOK M-501)

and low noise. With a precise motion reference

• Reliable, compact designs

unit and advanced algorithms, the winch can

• Adjustable cable diameter

immediately compensate for vessel movement caused by waves - even in heavy seas.

• Available from 10 kN SWL and upwards




ROV and handling system a


























• • • • • • • • •

Top side control room w. ROV control system A-frame w. docking head and skid for ROV winch ROV umbilical Slip ring TMS with ROV tether ROV w. tool skid and camera package Termination and spooling of cable System integration and project management FAT, installation, commissioning, SAT and training

Entire solution supplied by MacArtney

A-frame Control room equipment Winch 1950/56-240





Slip ring

















Launch and Recovery Systems MacArtney launch and recovery systems (LARS) provide reliable and fully controllable deployment, operation and recovery of a wide scope of equipment – from small sonar and oceanographic systems to large work class ROVs.

Our hydraulic driven LARS can be designed as portable systems, compact fixed

All systems are designed and built according to DNV’s Standard

systems or as fully integrated winch and handling systems.

for Certification no. 2.22 - Lifting Appliances.

Docking mechanisms and turntable designs can be supplied in a range of

Portable A-frame handling systems

standard designs or tailor made to suit the requirements of the application and

Our compact portable A-frame systems are designed to incorporate

the winch. The A-frame can be mounted on a single skid or as separate units as

our Cormac and oceanographic winches for efficient handling of

preferred. If the winch is hydraulic driven, the power unit for the winch can also

inspection ROVs, side scan sonar, survey equipment, oceanographic

be used to power the LARS.

instrumentation and a wide range of other equipment. They are easy to control and provide the outreach needed for safe launch and recovery. They can be supplied with or without a power unit. We also offer other basic over the side handling systems, including J-frames and davits.

Horizontal A-frame

Articulating A-frame

Container integrated handling system

Portable articulating A-frame handling system

Compact A-frame handling systems

Container integrated

MacArtney compact A-frame systems require minimum

A-frame handling systems

deck space. Systems can be supplied as standard or

MacArtney can offer a range of launch and recovery

tailor made, with or without telescopic arms.

systems with built in umbilical and guide wire winches

Profiling current meter system

Standard systems:

A-frame are designed to DNV’s Standard for Certification

• Articulating A-frame

no. 2.22 - Lifting Appliances. The container frame is

• 45° launch position A-frame

designed to meet DNV 2.7-1 approvals for transportation

• A-frame w. skid for winch • Cormac 5 winch • Slip ring • 3000 m steel armoured cable • Installation of slip ring • Termination and spooling of cable • Profiling current meter • Spare parts for A-frame and winch • Installation, commissioning, SAT and training

• 45° launch position A-frame with telescopic arms

and installation around the world.

Entire solution supplied by MacArtney

integrated into a standard 20’ container. The winch and

• Horizontal launch position A-frame with telescopic arms • Low dip A-frame with telescopic arms

Steel armoured coax cable





n o



m pensa

A-frame Slip ring

Cormac 5 winch

Current meter




MacArtney launch and recovery system with standard A-frame

Deck unit



Moon Pool Handling Systems MacArtney advanced moon pool handling systems (MPHS) provide easy control and handling of entire ROV systems through a vessel moon pool. Cursor winches

Damper system

Cursor winches control the mechanical trolleys that carry tether

Taking good care of the umbilical is vital. To avoid

management systems (TMS) and ROVs through a moon pool. The

snatch loads on the umbilical, MacArtney offers a variety

cursor winch’s steel wire ropes carry the frame through the splash

of vessel and application tailored damper systems for

zone before safely launching and recovering the TMS and ROV.

umbilical protection.

Sheave arrangement

ROV umbilical winch and control

MacArtney offers a wide range of sheave arrangements to aid cable routing.

Choosing MacArtney AHC ROV umbilical winches with

Flag sheaves are sometimes needed to ensure the ROV umbilical runs in a

damper and sheaves as integrated systems offers

straight line over the damper system or through 1 or more sheaves. MacArtney

maximum synergy. In automated mode, control systems

can advise on and supply the optimal sheave set up for cable routing.

can handle the complete launch and recovery process.

Damper system

Cursor winches AHC winch

Flag sheave

Moon pool handling system

Cursor winches

Flag sheave










AHC winch






Damper Damper system system


MERMAC Scientific Winches and Handling Systems MERMAC S electric driven scientific winches are robust and advanced all-steel winches ideal for use with side scan sonar systems, ROV systems, ROTV systems and oceanographic instrumentation systems.

MERMAC S winches combine robustness with controllability. They are supplied

The winches can be adapted to suit various cable diameters through the PLC

with variable speed, tension read-out and control via an integrated load cell. The

controller and encoder and are also available with interchangeable drums.

PLC on the winch controls the level wind, displays paid out length, speed and

Spare drums can be spooled with different cable sizes and swapped as needed

a range of other information and alarms. It can also interface to other control

for fast and easy application changes.

systems. • Certified to DNV’s Standard for Certification no. 2.22 - Lifting Appliances The electric driven level wind is equipped with safety features, including stop switches at each end of the level wind to protect the cable. Optional PC software offer computer control and fully automated profiling capabilities.


MAC 3000/10-13

• Can be designed to 46 CFR 189.35 of Federal Requirements for Wet Weight Handling Gear • Prepared for a Focal electrical/electro-optical slip ring

Oceanographic research system


Oceanographic research system

MacArtney supplies comprehensive winch equipment systems for

• Oceanographic winch w. 5000 m combined fibre optic and electro-mechanical cable • Combined Fibre Optic Rotary Joint and Electrical Slip Ring • Top side control and data acquisition system • C TD system w. 24 position water sampler carousel and optical sensors • NEXUS fibre optic telemetry system • TRIAXUS ROTV w. CTD sensor package • Integration, termination and spooling of cable • FAT, installation, commissioning, SAT and training

complete Scientific Research Vessel Systems (SRVS). Combined with

Entire solution supplied by MacArtney

Traction system

Scientific research vessel systems

our launch and recovery systems, sheaves and other equipment, they offer turnkey solutions for launching and retrieving scientific research

Oceanographic winch

equipment safely and conveniently.

Control room equipment

Traction units can be a key element of research vessel systems. The units can be designed with several winch drum magazines that

5ooo m combined fibre optic and electro-mechanical cable

can be swapped to serve different research equipment deployments. The traction unit motor is a central unit that can provide power for

Slip ring

a number of winches in turn.

Triaxus ROTV Our SRVS equipment encompasses many types of winches for oceanographic use, including traction winches, trawling winches, deep tow winches, deep water coring winches, standard CTD winches, ultra clean CTD winches, hydrographic winches and ROV winches. Sheaves and overboard handling system

NEXUS multiplexer

CTD Water sampler


Cormac Stainless Steel Winches MacArtney’s stainless steel winches are durable, low maintenance models widely used for oceanographic and side scan sonar operations. Cormac Micro and Mini Winches

variable speed motors and remote control units for convenient equipment

Micro Winches and Mini Winches are designed to handle small oceanographic

handling and are prepared for electrical/electro-optical slip rings. The range

instruments. They are available in a range of sizes and with safe working loads

is designed and constructed according to Machinery Directive 2006-42-EC.

of up to 1.5 kN. They have variable speed for complete control and can be

An optional electric driven, encoder controlled level wind and drum enable the

remotely operated.

user to alter cable diameter on the winch and automatically display cable pay out and line speed details.

Cormac winch series

Larger than the Micro and Mini Winches, the Cormac standard range of electric

• Soft start function

oceanographic winches is designed to handle oceanographic instruments,

• Supplied with IP67 rated electrical slip ring

side scan sonar systems and small inspection ROVs. Cormac winches have

• Glass blasted AISI 304 stainless steel • CE marking option

Cormac Mini Winch

Cormac 1 with davit

Cormac 4

Cormac 6

Cormac 2

Side Scan Sonar system • • • • • • • • •

Top side control and data acquisition system Cormac 2 winch Slip ring Cable sheave Steel armoured coax cable Installation of slip ring Termination and spooling of cable Digital Side Scan Sonar system Installation, commissioning, SAT and training

Entire solution supplied by MacArtney

Cable sheave Deck unit Cormac 2 Steel armoured coax cable

Slip ring

Side Scan Sonar


Special Engineering and Design MacArtney delivers a broad range of special winch systems and offers design and engineering support for custom projects. Our special integrated systems are used in military, seismic, civil engineering, nuclear and offshore projects.

Many of our projects involve close cooperation between our engineers and

Arctic winches

the customer to identify technical needs and expectations. We offer expertise

MacArtney supplies a range of arctic winches specially designed for operation

in electrics, hydraulics, mechanics, materials, hydrodynamics, fibre optics,

under extreme weather conditions. Arctic winches can launch a wide range of

electronics and software; all fully supported by extensive test facilities.

applications, from CTD measurements directly from the edge of the ice crust to deep drilling for ice core samples.

Underwater winches

MacArtney underwater winch systems enable flexible oceanographic measuring

Pipe and tunnel inspection traction winches

and monitoring. They can launch and retrieve an extensive range of underwater

MacArtney traction winches for pipe and tunnel inspection are designed for

oceanographic equipment at pre-programmed intervals and defined depths.

neutrally buoyant or soft cable. The special system ensures that all force is taken by the traction winch and not transferred to the cable on the drum. This prevents

These winches are fully programmable. Settings and data are accessed through

layers of cable on the drum being pulled through each other and becoming locked.

a web interface for real time information and control. The system has several integrated features to help ensure that the winch works optimally from the

Military specification winches

sea floor and the winch drum material has been specifically chosen to have an

MacArtney also has experience designing and constructing winches to military

extended lifespan under water.

specifications. We can design systems and supply winches that meet the requirements of most specifications, regulations and standards across the world.

Ice core drilling system. Image provided by Robert Mulvaney, British Antarctic Survey

Seabed mounted profiling system

Arctic CTD measurement

• Underwater winch w. LAN control • Pressure compensated electrical slip ring • Steel armoured cable • Installation of slip ring • Termination and spooling of cable • Profiling sensor package • Syntactic buoy • System design and system integration • FAT, commissioning and training Entire solution supplied by MacArtney

Syntactic buoy Sensor array 7 km pipeline inspection traction system

Steel armoured signal cable

Slip ring

Underwater winches

Underwater winch


Auxiliary Products and Services The MacArtney Group supplies a broad range of auxiliary products for our winch systems. These products have been selected to interact optimally with winch systems. Metering sheave systems

Other auxiliary products include

Our metering sheave systems are ideal for winches without an integrated cable and

• Dynamic cable and umbilical systems with terminations

speed counter. The microprocessor controlled cable status indicator has an LCD

• Subsea stress terminations

display that shows length of cable and line speed. It can be adapted to suit any winch

• Certified junction boxes

or sheave block installation and can be connected to a PC via RS232 or RS422

• Cabled and wireless remote control units

communication ports.

• Subsea 1 bar atmospheric or oil filled junction boxes

Manual driven winches

We also offer

Our range of products includes a variety of manual driven winches primarily

• Complete winch tests

used to store deck cable. The stainless steel frame construction has an

• Tension cable spooling

electro-polish finish and the drum is built from a plastic material for high

• System certification for most marine and offshore applications

resistance to corrosion and very low maintenance. The drum, which can hold

• Cable behaviour analysis

1500 m of ø6 mm (350 m of ø14 mm) cable, is also prepared for a Focal 180

• Full ocean depth pressure testing

electrical/electro-optical slip ring. The winch is also available in an even lighter

• DNV certified ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance

weight, corrosion resistant, high grade aluminium version. Both winches are available with electric drive or hand crank options.















Metering sheave system

Aluminium hand winch

Tension cable spooling

AHC winch testing


Rotary Products MacArtney supplies a wide range of rotary products for all winch applications.

MacArtney supplies, installs and services rotary products from Focal

Rotary products and services include

(MOOG Component Group), supplier of rotary technology products and

• High voltage support

services. Focal standard or tailor made rotary joints are widely used in the

• Single or multi mode fibre pass units

offshore, oceanographic and seismic industries.

• Combined single and multi mode fibre pass units • Fluid rotary joints

Rotary products are often offered as integrated elements to winch systems.

• Pressure compensated rotary units

We can also offer spares and servicing.

• ATEX and IECEx certification • Strategic servicing locations at MacArtney facilities worldwide

Slip ring repair

Electrical and Optical Slip Ring 176/190

Slip ring installed on winch

Fibre optic rotary joint 291

Qualified slip ring service

Electrical slip ring 180

Combined electrical and fibre optic rotary unit 176/242

Fibre optic rotary joint 190


Commissioning, Training, Spares and Service Commissioning

24 hour service

MacArtney can perform commissioning and final tests, including FAT

All our products and services are supported by our 24 hour worldwide service,

(Factory Acceptance Test) and SAT (Sea Acceptance Test). We can also

which is coordinated from our headquarters in Esbjerg, Denmark, and from

assist with installation to help ensure that systems are connected and

other strategic locations around the world for global service coverage.

tested according to specifications. Training

Our winch engineers also provide winch operation personnel with training in basic repairs and general issues, including instruction in mounting spare parts and using the trouble



shooting section of manuals. We also offer more extensive training sessions for operators and supervisors.


San Diego




Esbjerg Kiel



We offer various recommended spares packages, minimum spares packages, extended spares packages or customer specified


spares packages. Electronic components, mechanical components and hydraulic components are packed individually and well marked


to make them easily identifiable when needed.

Worldwide MacArtney locations coordinate global service

On site and class room training

Electronic spares are packed to be weather resistant

Service and assistance

Commissioning and testing

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MacArtney winch systems are some of the most advanced solutions available and have been trusted by customers worldwide for decades. Our cons...