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Upcoming Events Kiwanis Luncheon August 8th 12:00-1:00pm

Kiwanis Luncheon August 15th 12:00-1:00pm

Kiwanis Luncheon August 22th 12:00-1:00pm

Alzheimer's Walk August 24th Elmer Thomas Park

Kiwanis Luncheon August 29th 12:00-1:00pm

Wands for Wildlife Ends August 31st

Key Club meetings every Tuesday after school in the library! 2:35-3:00pm

July's July's Feed Feed the the Need Need

by Makinley Kennedy

Imagine the heat beating down your back and a person chunking boxes of non-perishables into a buggy that you are expected to push down the street to someone’s car. This process is known as Lawton’s Feed the Need, and it is an event MacArthur Key Club has been dedicated to working for a number of years. In early July, St Johns Church reached out to our Key Club asking if we would be willing to work their first annual summer Feed the Need. Previously, we have volunteered at their November Feed which falls right before the Thanksgiving Holiday. The event is held in an area which serves the underprivileged community in Lawton. Key Club’s purpose is to prep the food in bags and boxes so they are ready to be transferred to people’s cars. After this job is complete, our members are tasked with pushing buggies to the attendees sources of transportation— this can range from four door vehicles to rusty bicycles. Over the years, a multitude of Key Clubbers have considered Feed the Need as one of their favorite events. Sophomore Abby Weeden, who attended the first summer Feed the Need, asserts “Working Feed the Need was an eye opening experience for me, it made me realize how blessed I am and how grateful I should be for what I have and being able to help others who don’t have those resources, and that reason made it so much more rewarding. And hanging out with my friends and getting to know other Key Club members.” Senior and Vice President Andrew Celedon believes that the most cherishable aspect of the event is the demographic of people he is able to serve.

He explains, “I enjoyed Summer Feed the Need because people often forget that many of Lawton’s residents are still disadvantaged, even in the summertime. With this program set in place, we are able to provide relief to people of all ages, which is really something remarkable since it is only open for one day. I always get a warm feeling and have a great time after volunteering Feed the Need because I know that I helped someone, whether it be one person or a whole family. It’s an event that feeds the soul.” The summer season is reserved for relaxing by the pool and binge watching Netflix; however, it is truly rewarding when you get to take some time off the couch and dive in and serve others, which is what MacArthur Key Club and the July Feed the Need is all about!

Officer Officer Photos Photos

by Anna Swierkosz

If you saw how our sponsor takes photos of us, you would say she is a little bit “photo crazy.” Getting all the different angles, making sure everyone looks good, and getting us to pose in numerous ways is just a few of the things Mrs. Sauders does to create a fabulous photograph. Although many cringe at the sound of “Let’s take a picture!” because they know we are going to have a hold a smile on our face for ten minutes just to get one good picture, it is all worth it. We have so many memories from the thousands of Key Club photos that have been taken over the years. Taking pictures is also a great way to show off what our Key Club is all about! Some may wonder what Key Club is and what we do, and the photographs taken during our events are a perfect way to showcase our amazing volunteers. The candid ones are always the best, when we are in the moment and have all our attention towards the goal-to serve. I think people really appreciate being able to look back at a memory and see the joy in everyone’s faces. Not only do our sponsors capture wonderful times with their cameras, but our webmasters are great photographers too! Isabel and Elena run the Instagram for our Key Club (go follow @mackeyclub!) so taking pictures is quite literally their job! Our club likes to advertise what we do and with everyone on social media now, Instagram is the perfect way to do it! We recently took our annual officer photos and they turned out great! All the officers met in the school’s parking lot in the afternoon and we carpooled to a bunch of different destinations in town.

If you are really into Instagram or photography, you may even recognize some of our backgrounds in the photos. We went to “The Yellow Wall” in town and, surprisingly, even the top of the hospital parking garage! We drove around town and took photos for about two hours! Taking picture after picture and with pose after pose, we were finally finished. The results were great, and they are now up on our Instagram and our Facebook (find “MacArthur High School Key Club” on facebook!) Thank you to Mrs. Sauders for the photos! Hopefully there will be more photos to come throughout the year as we continue to serve our community!

Officer Officer Bonding Bonding by Anna Swierkosz

It is really important to establish a good connection between officers. You want them to be people you can trust and to mainly just be good friends. Officer bonding is great for becoming closer to other officers. As the leaders of your Key Club, you need to work together as a team to create the best outcomes. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that most members of Key Club do not see. There is actually a lot of work that certain officers have to do. It is nice to be able to rely on your teammates for help. Sometimes the editor job becomes a bit much. Partly because I am a terrible procrastinator, but also because it is surprisingly a lot of work. When I ran for editor, I did not realize there would be so many things to do! As much as I love being creative and making newsletters, I can not get Canva to work for the life of me sometimes! What can I say, I am still a noob and learning how to get into a good routine, but in times of great stress, it is a blessing to be able to have some friends to help you along the way. I think the MacArthur Key Club officers are pretty close friends. Many of them have known each other for years and I believe the friendship everyone has is why we work so well together. Makinley, our president, often writes articles for me to help lessen the load, and it is so kind of her! Having an amazing president is so great, and it is hard to imagine how anyone is going to fill her shoes when she graduates! We bond quite a lot as officers and have socials every once in a while. Our officer photo shoot was a good way to bond, and recently, we had a Chick fil A bonding. On August 1st, after the officers helped out at school orientation, we all had lunch together in the library.

The officers were there and our sponsors too. The Chick fil A was delicious as always by the way! We talked and ate and even did a craft together. With a white crayon, we wrote a word that we wanted to be implemented into our club this school year on a paper plate, and then put colorful tissue paper on top. We then sprayed water on it so the color from the tissue paper would bleed onto the paper plate, but the word in white crayon would still stand out! It was fun to be able to work together with our friends on a fun activity. My word was kindness because I think the club, school, and even the world could do with a bit more kindness. Afterwards our President Makinley gave us gifts for being her wonderful officer. See? Is she not the best?! Having a strong bond between officers is imperative for a great club, and I believe our club is pretty great.

Orientation Orientation by Anna Swierkosz

August has arrived and school is right around the corner! It is so crazy how fast time flies. I feel like I was a freshman just a couple of weeks ago, but in reality, I am going into my junior year of high school! I am quite apprehensive of all the hard work and the ACT and PSAT. This year matters most, but even with all the school work and sports, I am still going to make time for Key Club. Our Key Club got involved at orientation on August 1st and 2nd. We set up a table in the cafeteria along with the other clubs and sports. We had t-shirts for sale and sign up forms for all the new Key Clubbers! There was a great turnout at the table. I think every year, Key Club is one of the more popular tables people go to at orientation. It is quite obvious why. Key Club is the best! We stand for something good, and serving others is so fulfilling that I do not see why someone would not want to join! Both days of orientation were broken up into two shifts. There was 8:00AM10:30AM and 12:00PM-2:30PM. The first day was for seniors and juniors. Seniors came in the morning shift, and being so used to the routine after three years, the morning went by pretty smoothly. Not too many newcomers came by the Key Club table, as most are already committed to their own clubs or sports, but there were plenty who came by to re-join Key Club. Most have been in it all four years and it is so great to see how much they love the club! The next shift was for juniors, AKA me! I filled out the form to be apart of Key Club for another amazing year. Many did the same and we had a good turnout! Some people throughout the day came by and just bought the shirt! Simply because it is just the cutest and also to show support for the club. It is great to have amazing supporters of Key Club at the school.

The next day came around and the sophomores came into school to get ready for the new school year. We had quite a few new Key Clubbers. Often people’s freshman year they forget how important it is to get involved. This year around though, we had many who were excited to be active in Key Club. Some had joined freshman year, but did not come to many events. This year will change though! We hope to have all members active throughout the ENTIRE school year. Next thing you know, it is the afternoon, and it was time...the FRESHMAN. You could practically feel the nervousness in the building. The little freshies coming in to start the four important years of life--highschool. We had plenty who came to join Key Club, and it was pretty rad! It is so awesome how much our school loves Key Club!

Why Why You You Should Should Join Join Key Key Club Club by Anna Swierkosz

If you missed orientation and did not get a chance to pick up one of our flyers, then I can fill you in on ten reasons to join Key Club! “Key Club is a student-led high school service program sponsored by Kiwanis International. From cleaning parks to tutoring kids to fundraising for The Eliminate Project, our members actively care about our communities. Because we are a student-led organization, we also have leadership opportunities ranging from your school club to the international level. Basically, we are a group of super cool and friendly students, and together we can learn so much about our communities and ourselves. If that is not enough to convince you, here are ten reasons to join Key Club.” One: Get service hours in! The officers and advisors of each club actively seek out volunteer events. Two: Make new friends! Spend time with people who have the same passion for service as you do! Three: Leadership skills! Running for office, leading projects, and being involved will make you a better leader. Four: Save a lot of babies! Fundraise for The Eliminate Project to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. Five: K-Family connections! Work with Kiwanis Family members of all ages, from K-Kids to Kiwanis. Six: Super cool conventions! Have a blast going to workshops, dances, and meeting people from all over the PNW! Seven: Good for résumés! Key Club will give you connections and skills that will help impress employers and colleges. Eight: Spirit Battles! Dress up in spirit gear and cheer at rallies, conventions, etc. to show Key Club pride!

Nine: Scholarships! Passions and dedication to service and Key Club can pay off when you are a senior. Some of our very own seniors have received scholarships or money for Key Club related things. Ten: You will not regret it! Honestly. and why not? Step outside your boundaries. Show you care. Make a difference. To any of the MacArthur students reading this, especially freshman!, please consider joining Key Club! You will have a lot of fun while being apart of something special and making a difference in your community. Chances are your friends are already in it too! So that is a bonus! Or, if you want to make some friends, Key Club is a wonderful place to check out. With a similar mindset to serve, most people in Key Club are kind and welcoming. I hope to see some new happy faces at Key Club this year, and remember that it is never too late to join!

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