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contracts totaling US$2 billion were signed at the report that in all, 168 meetings, seminars and first exhibition. related activities were held during the exhibition. Over the years, trade volume grew slowly, Zhou views this year’s participation of reaching US$4 billion in 2008, according to the the Red Arrows as a major breakthrough. “The airshow’s website. Since then, it has increased influence of our show is increasing, just as the rapidly: US$9.3 billion in 2010, US$11.8 billion in strength of the country is growing. There are still 2012, US$23.4 billion in 2014 and US$40 billion obstacles to the sale of Chinese arms imposed in 2016. This exponential rate has coincided by countries in Europe and North America, but with dramatic growth in China’s aviation market this exchange (with the Red Arrows) is a display and its emergence as an exporter of civilian and of good faith. National and military relations military aircraft and related equipment. between China and Britain are good.” The number of exhibitors has risen The next Airshow China will be held 6–11 accordingly, from 500 in 2004 to 600 in 2008, November 2018, and Zhou has high hopes for even then 650 in 2012 and finally 700 in 2014 and 2016. more expanded international relations. “Very Media presence has also increased, from 200 in many countries see the enormous size of the 2008 to 220 in 2012, then 228 in 2012 to 330 in Chinese market and its development potential. For 2014 and finally 419 this year. the next show, I believe that European and North According to the head of the company that American countries will actively send military organises the show, Zhou Zuode, the airshow was teams to perform.” not initially conceived with a mind for profit but as a platform for China’s defence industry. Its J­‑10 FIGHTER JETS CHINA'S BAYI AEROBATIC TEAM main participants were state­‑owned Chinese firms who were fulfilling their social responsibility by supporting the Zhuhai government. As the show expanded and entered the second stage of breaking even, its revenues increased both directly and indirectly. “After all, we are a profit­‑making company. If there were no profit, our team would not be stable. The show brings enormous benefits to Zhuhai, to restaurants, tourism, hotels, transport and telecom firms,” says Zhou. Indeed, the show has become an important event for the city, raising the international profile and status of Zhuhai, especially its aviation industrial park. It is responsible for bringing in more VIPs, business people and tourists than any other city­ ‑wide attraction. During the show, hotels and restaurants are packed and traffic experiences the worst jams of the year. The city also hosts a number of high­ ‑level aviation meetings in conjunction with the show, including the Military Flight Training and the 2nd International Civil Aircraft Flight Test Symposium. Airshow organisers CH­‑ 4 AERIAL VEHICLE NOVEMBER 2016

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