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2.73 MILLION PASSENGERS Passed though Zhuhai Jinwan Airport

including Urumqi in the far west and Harbin in the far north. As of 2015 year end, there were 8 flights a day to Beijing, 12 to Shanghai and 3–5 to Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chongqing, Chengdu and Xiamen. This growth is a result of the rapid development of China’s domestic and international tourism markets as well as the Pearl River Delta’s economic growth. Many tourists choose to enjoy Macao via Zhuhai to save money, crossing the border by day for gambling, shopping and leisure and staying in Zhuhai hotels by night. Zhuhai, a city of 1.63 million, is also developing rapidly. Its per capita income, RMB120,000, is one of the highest in China. Additionally, it is a resort city where people from all over the mainland buy holiday apartments.

In 2015, the city posted a GDP of RMB202 billion yuan, a 10 per cent increase from 2014. With 31.2 million domestic visitors, up 8 per cent, and 4.71 million international visitors, up 2.3 per cent, tourism revenue was RMB21.79 billion and US$962 million, respectively. Zhuhai’s yacht industry has an annual output of more than RMB2 billion and increasingly caters to the domestic market with its growing number of wealthy Chinese. The city boasts a Club Med on Dong’ao island and offers a wide range of water sports. Zhuhai’s government plans to transform the city into a major international yachting centre. All this traffic from vacationers, tourists and yachters – domestic and international alike – contributes to the airport’s expanding market base. NOVEMBER 2016

Macao Magazine November 2016  

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