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RECORD OF THE CHAPAS SINICAS Written in Chinese and Portuguese that were sent to the ministers of the Chinese Emperor. Document signed by Thomas Vaz Ribeiro, 1749

RECEIPT Issued by the Deputy Magistrate of Xiangchan county, Zhang Dehui, to the Procurator of Macao, 1767

“The records also reflect Macao society at that time,” says Lau. “They touch upon the lives of ordinary people, urban construction, industrial and farm production and exchanges between China’s provinces and western countries. They show the development of multi­‑culturalism in Macao over the centuries. For example, interracial romance and marriage between the Portuguese in Macao and foreigners, mainly those from around the South China Sea and further into China, gave rise to an ethnic group called the Macanese who later played an important role in bridging the gap between the East and the West.” NOVEMBER 2016

“Through these [multi­‑cultural] exchanges, Western ideas of science and democracy as well as the Christian ideal of equality were introduced into China. They resulted in changes in Chinese society and later led to civic demand for social and political reform,” which exchanges went both ways. European life was seasoned with a touch of oriental flavour, and Chinese tea cultivation made its way to some territories of Portugal and later to Brazil. Confucianism, with its principles of altruism, social justice and governance with virtue, was brought to Europe and influenced philosophers during the Age of Enlightenment.

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