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RECUPERATION WORK 1st floor of the pharmacy

PHARMACY FAÇADE Located on 80 Rua das Estalagens

DR. SUN’S FOOTPRINTS CRISS­ ‑CROSSING MACAO Macao played an important part in Sun’s life. It was there that his father Sun Dacheng worked as a cobbler in a shoe store for 16 years, from 1829 to 1845. He returned to his hometown of Cuiheng Village in what was then Xiangshan County, 37 kilometres from Macao. There he farmed and married Madame Yang. Their son Sun Yat­‑sen was born 12th of November 1866. In 1879, mother and son passed through Macao on their way to Hong Kong. There they boarded a steamship for Hawaii where Sun received his education in America. He returned to his hometown in 1885 to marry Lu Mu­‑zhen, the daughter of a Chinese merchant in Hawaii. It was a marriage arranged by the two families as was the custom at that time. After graduating from secondary school in Hawaii, Sun went to Hong Kong where he spent five years studying at the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese, of which he was one of the first two graduates in 1892. During his NOVEMBER 2016

Macao Magazine November 2016  

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