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WELL­‑KEPT TREASURE Lily Chan stands next to an oil painting of Our Lady of People, 17th ‑­ 18th century

Lam and Jose Lai, both Bishops of Macao; Domingos Tang, the Archbishop of Guangzhou; and John Tong Hon, Cardinal and Bishop of Hong Kong. It has also been a cradle of sacred music since the mid­‑18th century, and throughout the years, its teaching staff has trained generations of musicians in Macao. In 1931, it established the Colegio Diocesano de S. Jose, which has developed into a local education system from kindergarten to secondary school. The seminary has also been a centre of publishing, one of the earliest in China, in fact. Of its many significant publications are dictionaries translating Chinese into European languages. These dictionaries and textbooks as well as historical documents collected by the seminary are preserved as cultural relics of Macao. NOVEMBER 2016

A DIVERSE SELECTION OF SACRED AND SECULAR ITEMS ON DISPLAY All these different facets and historical roles of the seminary are highlighted in the exhibition, which includes a broad range of artifacts, from musical scores and instruments to artistic icons of Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. Icons of locally­ ‑revered saints are also on display, like that of St. Roch (1295–1327), a Frenchman who cared for patients afflicted with the plague. Unwilling to leave them in their suffering and also afraid he would pass on the disease to other people, St. Roch accepted death as inevitable. But according to legend, a dog visited him every day, bringing him bread, and he survived. It is said that in the early days when Macao was just a settlement, there were frequent

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