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Prime Minister Li is certain that Macao’s future will continue to grow from strength to strength. He is encouraged and optimistic that the city, which is striving to become a world centre of tourism and leisure destination, will reach its goals and looks forward to returning to the region.

The prime minister's visit came at a time when many art centres and exhibitions are proliferating in the city. The exhibition commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sun Yat­‑sen and the reopening of the pharmacy started by the founding father of modern China are points of interest during the month of November. In an exclusive interview with Macao Magazine, Director of the Tourism Office, Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, discusses the growth of one of the economy’s most important sectors – the “Macao” brand ­– detailing how it is being promoted abroad and how the sector can grow in a sustainable manner. The year 2016 closes with the December opening of the Village Mall, a venue dedicated entirely to local artists, which materialises efforts in expanding Macao’s creative industries.

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In this issue, Macao Magazine highlights the most important events of the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang’s October visit to Macao. During his stay, Li inaugurated the Fifth Ministerial Conference of the Forum Macao and announced the support of the central government, detailed in 37 measures, for the Special Administrative Region as well as Portuguese­ ‑speaking member countries of Forum Macao.

Keeping abreast of development in Macao’s neighbouring regions, Macao Magazine reports from Zhuhai about the Airshow China and explores Zhuhai Jinwan Airport, formerly Sanzao Airport, which is rapidly expanding into an international travel hub. These year­ ‑end events showcase Macao as a destination where tourists and locals alike can enjoy the growing city year­ ‑round, as represented in watercolours by artist Lio Man Cheong, highlighted in the Zoom section. GONÇALO CÉSAR DE SÁ EDITOR­‑ IN­‑ CHIEF


Macao Magazine November 2016  

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