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 Need more awareness of Forum Macao’s role among businesspeople from the Portuguese­‑speaking countries to allow an increase in China’s cooperation with them

Abrahão Gourgel Minister of Economy of Angola

 Chinese businessmen are invited to invest in Brazil in areas such as energy, infrastructures, airports, seaports, railway lines and mines that will soon be open for tenders

Marcos Pereira Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade and Services of Brazil

 Priority is the consolidation and sustainability of the economy, diversifying priority sectors, attracting investment and creating stable jobs in downstream activities in the oil industry, agriculture, fisheries, tourism and industry

Estanislau Aleixo da Silva

Minister of State, Coordinator of Economic Affairs and Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries of Timor Leste


Additionally, Macao will be home to the Cultural Exchange Centre, the Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre between China and Portuguese­ ‑speaking countries. As well as the Complex of Commerce and Trade Cooperation for China and Portuguese­ ‑speaking countries, which was inaugurated by the Chinese Premier and prime minister. This complex is intended to provide substantial support for cooperation among Forum Macao members in the areas of trade, investment, conventions and exhibitions, and cultural activities. The Fund for Development Cooperation between China and Portuguese­ ‑speaking countries, currently being operated out of Beijing, will transfer its headquarters to Macao in order to facilitate contact with interested parties. Talks will soon begin with the Macao government regarding how to ensure the fund’s operation and what kind of structure would work locally. The fund’s president Chi Jianxin hopes that the transfer will happen before the end of 2016.

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