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visit that he was impressed by Macao’s ability to attain successive years of fiscal surplus and achieve full employment despite challenges posed by the recent global economic downturn and by the city’s economic restructuring. “[Macao] has a well­‑developed economy, a peaceful society and has improved the livelihood of its residents. This shows the successful implementation of the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ principle.” Pointing to the SAR historical position as the nation’s gateway to the international community, Premier Li acknowledged Macao’s long­‑standing role as a platform for cooperation between China and PSCs, which has helped the city achieve moderate economic diversification. “I believe Macao will be able to develop even better. Macao will play an important role in the nation’s opening up to the world. The central government will continue to support the chief executive and the government of the Macao SAR in administering Macao in accordance with the law. Macao’s future will be even better!” Li stressed.

In addition to these 19 support measures, Premier Li also announced 18 support measures for the Forum for Economic and Trade Cooperation between China and Portuguese­ ‑speaking countries – a total of 37 support measures during his first visit. Premier Li enthusiastically looks forward to returning to Macao soon, he said.

Premier Li announced that by year end, Macao­ ‑registered vehicles will be allowed entry to Hengqin Island in Zhuhai

MEETING WITH THE LOCAL COMMUNITY Premier Li Keqiang (right) and Chief Executive Chui Sai On (left)


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